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January 15, 1927 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-15

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~SH RUNNER Pnunirri ~1AIIMMI fl

., >, ,. b. ., a....

% a ni eG I N Ga l e k ( n A c e m n t O f D ar k n e s s
SAnd 01 hier Peculiar Features i r< :
subjI'ects O f Probe
CHICAGO., Jan 14. --A quiet invest!- i
gation 0o the World Ser ies ot 1922 is
unr~ way, it w ' dil'Cosed at thei a
office of ComimLsioner Kenesaw N1,
Landlis= here: today. The series was
-played betoveon the New York; Ciants
and the New York Y'i kees. The
Giants won in five games,
*The most, peculiar feature of lile
series was tha secondi gaine, which
t 'wenit 10 innings to a 3-to-3 tie, when
it was called by Umpire George H-ilde-
brand "on account of dartknesr.- More
than 36,000 ;spectators viilently pro-
tesried, #,ie ,umpire's decisioa, assert-
Aug that there was s suficient light to
finish tile game.
Landis awarded the $1210,000 ratez
receipts of -that game to charity fol-
lowing the fans' protest.
The series wvas marked by poor.
judgment onl the part of tile Yankee
team and by exceptionally fine pitch- IFamousS
ing'by the Giant slab mnen. The quror of
Yanks wvent into the series an even hiere on his
choice t~o winl, but caine out badlly triah to
r punished. definhirely c'2
Landis refused to comment on his will compII)
investig;ation, and will not divn.gc his, here during
plans until hie has somiething definite ( Becatrsee
to make public. n ig tuie Vi
The pitchers in the series who cal- Swedish go'
lapsed noticeably were Joe Bush and lowed to coi
Carl Mays. Bush dropped two games cent A. A.
but newspapers commented, at the igni athetic
time that it was "bad breaks" and not 1128 Olymi
pitching lost for him. The Swed
Mays ways a big dlisappointment to wouIl be al.
~-Yankee fa~s. Hie blew up in the fifth would be al
inning of one game when the Giants and seemed
s trotted four men across the plate. It indoor. He
was not until the eighth inning, how- and wants to
ever, that he was taken out. do0 so before
There was a great deal of comment Ileaded uin
on the, series regarding the poorheedrn
showing of the Yankees. Babe Ruth expects tob
failed to do any st9rtling work withan wiln
his bat, and other players seemed club his eas
°equally impotent before the .Giant IWide, who
hurlers, tiring, revea'
______________________ability accid
Many Swimmers To easily oti
- Attempt Marathon cer. His c
/Contest To 'Catalina
(By Associated Press)_
AVALON, Santa Catalina Island,
Jan. 14.-Daring and confidence taken
into account, the women entries inr
William Wrigley's $40,000 ocean mar-
athon which is scheduled to start here
tomorrow morning, have as much of
a chance to swim the 22-mile gap be-
tween Catalina Island and the main-
land as the men. Y
Mrs. Lottie Moore' Schoemmell of%
New York has complete .confidence in
her ability to negotiate the cold wa- Yj"
ters and carry off the $15,000 to be q
given to the first woman who spans 4
the channel. A fast swimmer, and ac- i x~
fcustomed to cold water, Mrs. Schoem-
mell is one of the favorites among the ______
20 women entries. She recently swam
the Delaware river when it was fleck-
ed with ice cakes, in 10 minutes and
3 seconds. ~I
The entry =list has been augmentedM
now to include 153 contestants. Of i Corner
a these 130 registered here. Mail en- 1.ithir W.c
tries have added 23 to the original Pre
total. ParlerC
When it comes to daring, miss Ltot- Miiser
tie Mayer 'of Chidcago; Miss Ethel Mis
Hertle, 19-year-old New York girl, 1:0Mr
and Mrs. Vallery Mahr Schrammf of 10: e A0-
San Diego, stand high. The latter 12:00-Stud(
two are the smallest entrants ill the (Wesi ey
race, Miss Hlertle weighing 130 pounids 6:00--Stud(
and Mrs. Schramm 125. by Re
,Miss Clarabelle Barrett, New Ro- trot,

chelle, N. wY., school teacher, is an- 7:30-Wesl
other of the feminine favirites in the Rev. P
race. HeIr stroke is slow but consis- ject: "i
tent. In her unsuccessful attempt
last year to cross the English chan-
nel, Miss Eiarr°ett was in the water
more than 24 hours. UNITA
IN "'TEST FIGHT" Sidney S.4
(By Associated Press) i
NE!W YORK, Jan. 14.-Jack Demp-
'sey has yielded to the demand of Tex Ma
1,Rickcard that he submit his title come- "'IWt 3ietl
back hopes to at least one test fight,~
according to the former champion's
eastern representative, Leonard Sachs. Can(
"Dempsey will sign with Rickard,"'
said Sachs, in announcing the de
thr oted king had abandoned his atti- "'Stuart S
tude of opposition to any bout other
than a return match with Gene T.un.- 1 Profess
jiey. Spachs said Jack, would get iD "Life fee
,,hape to take on the survivor; of Rick.
ard's eliminatiorn series, involving;_____
Jack Sharkey,, Jimmy Maloney, Paul
B3erlenb4ach, Paoiino Uzcudun and pos-I
sibly Jack Delaney.
Although Rickard has held sev- B'
eral conferences with Delaney's man-'
ager, Pete. Reilly, terms have not yet 11111]
1)een reached for Delaney's -participa-
tion in the race for the nett heavy- ( i .; :. I'ati
weight clrmpionship battle.
Rickard .will insist that tile next
c(hallenger agree to conditions under at
which the Madison Square Garden I Si

fi a 'T'h~eta IPi won the 1 teflate -
IX lw) w i32'T 1,""I~iliV 7k"'I
.: ;::::.:in tile fi mdl romid o1 the .,..- ;of ;. -
+::';":::":::" '. ...5:s wich b was he~il JyG tcr(iyl:: ie"- ,
::.:.... in the Union poo , ad ASg' '
Alpha AMu captured thevwaernpa
tif from Theta Chi.
IX iia U s 3i1, rjun2ne )' _'2i3-
bonom S by a scor Ce oF 2 1--I. The h1
222 'iOt'1 ethV eades re'(2 I '
'i'l ate (10 ia n'vWater po r') sna x;
r < a _t T°ihtit the aame ", win-ing Q-0
K f a - 'she work of \V. S lr fo,'0r the tfrn
rt'' and l) Powpx hcotherr-:,for T ,,el t ii
A eire the ouf sta andl loa1 e at, .i'S of tI h'
Imo : g me.


, }''fit + gN 1..".J
h. R .t 3 . ri Y . " d C.S' e -F 5'. t73i
D 'd le Y a "- o ? sr .
w '

T .5ils -
' U

r~antumx*- o-+mas mra+--- -- 'siee " , w-aa', w ar n', , - -' ,,. rrt ', ra- -sv.,'n e:r~u .'. ~ .r '.r .,_ Sr

LOST- A small elelntea I lia ;itltii. 1
with filegree. Reward. 1316 God(-
des-665} 80-1-8


LOST --'liree 'y i1 ak 1~uhr
key fola-so-(al
1'M.~vi iui~ut~l ?:P...rR +atnaYYn "..'..~V'~wnCMM^. e i

rn, near cam p ui, by ,I pa h41u I, 4"ior ol
NV)-vi(1ftSwo like good
ii ~ ~ I A I ''lE 0know we cde-
t' bcietween9:10 andl 11:30 P . Al.
RIBEC 'll'INN, Dial4481. r
c-T}} es.-TPhurs. -St.



"ilii. Wde
Swedish runner and con-:
the piet, P ,avo Nurni,.

gri Al>'.~r'.'s42to 5 r.iy'-
T)'t it\ornev :gan <s 'h av jynight
t Waterman gymTnasiumT . S,-,Yia Al-
1Tw; h se-reorend fcr f-h ' i- v'sinfr-i

f _
I 4"
" ," f.SS
I t
1 {
:":) :{LS"
" 41{'
t _ "iti1:
L" ".4t" ..L.t
A few months ago Sybii -aiaer tiva s if'i perfect: health and raiiked
among the greatest women sN'iznmei s in the, United
lesic es being

~:(1 'ai.-ni ,PU)1) jpt ''i'tntlrlL- ?n%. Tenneubaur;
Xi.'li': i rj "or ; a' pj Penn" riedmian led, Rho ewinners'
Ite ?1 UflY (1( 0tX i't- rorers wi'th five field goals each
Inc \'ilfC. IThe Delta Sigm'a Phil-Kappa. Slvgma
01 the tact tha1<3t le is .makl-ceies asailth motlslc
rat Itthe cejeii"t, of t~ii( 'u a ,esl h ms ~s1
F C tunenI, idewil beiii foe ght g~ame thus far in the tourney.
mT °iud hc (ipitCal fr-Tlhreovertime periods were ucces-
U.~~~~~~ ''in bnig l arty before the Delta S;gma Phli net-
I; liva s~i ns m iAl cft er ci's te-,nosed out the Kappa. Sigma.
nuitet b)y a two point margin, 19 to
{125.1 sta1r stated ijidit 17
L lasta mtih btoie i'. Results of other games Thursday
alie to get into { oauuitlon, eight. were as follows: Phi Rho Sig-
in doubt about ccmifi ng ma 11. Phi Mu Delta, 5; Phi Chii 18,
shas never run onl boar~d, . a 4deta Taul 11; Delta Tau Delta
ro assure himself Ithat hie can 1=i, Alpha Sigma Phi 13; Sigma 'Phi
making an li2ijit C plans. }~ Delta Upsilon 4; Theta rleltla Chi
lat lie will gladly conipet 22, Phi Kappa Tau 2; Phi Lambda
-the out1door seasotn. le Fa ppa 2?., Triangle 5.
be0 here about six .nnul~sj Beta Theta Pi 10, Psi Omega 5;
Bake the Newark Athletic Sigina Phi Epsilon 15, Phi Kappa Al-
stern headquarters.
io like Ntn'mi is quite re-j summer when.lie defeated Nurmi in a
alid that lie discovered his: two mile race, breaking Shrubb's rec-
dcntally while taking an!1(1r which had stood -for 22 years. His
lfor teaching school, li-e ime for the distance was 9:01..4.
istance4l all his rivals and V ide is 31 years old, stands five feet
ecided on an athletic ctlr- and eight inches in height; and weighs
fforts v ere cljm axed last 1 25. j
Vhen you want a nice, Juicy Steak, stop at the
And be convinced.'
The Ann Arbor Restaurant
215 South Main St.f

int Michael

as the chamnpion of b~ackstroke exnert3. Now, h-o ever, :;he TCzc
Reese hospital, Chicago, in a very son'ous Condlition.

YOR S8.LE --Shepherd puppy, ..two -
m'fonth,,,0o(d, intelligent, companion-1 ___________________________
- --~ NOTICE-A small phonograph for
FORt SAL..--I n uind coat. Excel-: your roomi, $15. Three months to
lenA ('condition. For niediuni iarge! pay. University Music House. 80-81
man. Very chf ap. Call 21908. I-______;'_____________
79-_80-8I1 NOTICt'-For conceni .ence, sp~eedI and
-~ TPEWITES--Al mkes sol, -5atsf ,ctiou, visit TI'ojno skis Bar-
i YP-r iIE.S-Almaes ol, b 'r Shop. tiues-thur-fri
jranit d, exchanged, cleaned, repair-:
e(. Lark'est and best stock to be oh- N() TIClE-yping;, thieses neatly andl
tained anywhere. 0.- D. MORRILL,! quickly typed, at popular prices.
17 Nickels Arcade. Authorized deal-; Phone 4345. HI
onar ' hn 61,L .Sih&Cr DANCING Every Saturday night, Dix-
Fn ypewvritei , n J"L. bora. 5 miles out Broadway on
IFOR SALE.-- Liatest model R'emingt~on new Plymnouth paved road. tri-sat-tf
Portale ;iO. A' few used macline.,W carry a. full line ofJhso
a so. Phlatne 1Inia 8~ 489. fC'andies. City .Pharmacy.
tues-thur-sat-tf ;78-79-SO
C~< 1tS'II NOTICE-We repair all musical in-
struments at Schaeberle and Son
One of those easy. riding, light upkeepI Music Hoz se. tf?
Franklin, closed car's. A-i condi-
tion. New paint and A-i tires and; NOTICE-Student Tailor Shope 721 N.
battei'y.. Dial 8950 or evenings 5267,I University, across from hill .Audi-
for demonstration. tf torium. Re-opened under new
Imanagement. Cleaning, pressing
FOIL RENT and alterimi . Ladies'. work especi-
ally. Phone 8040. c-tf
FOR RENT-Lai'ge single roomi near ANN ARBOR CARPET Clea'ning
canipus, for student. secondl semes- Wors Rut a hnmnoond Phnn'a

(lplia 8; Clii Psi 15. Dcl a, Alpha Epsilon, tourneoy on Mtonday lip 3i.Onl1Tuc-
10 ; Phi Xappa Sigma 2~, Sigma Chii 0; day nighit.,till the c la ::s teams, iii-
Nu'1 Sig;nia Num r 1, Sigma Pi '3 ; Phi! eluding the C;nio)n frcsh ien gr'oups
Beta D)elta 8, Phi :Kappa 7; Lambda! and f'reshmian addisory teanis, will en-
Chi Alpha 25, Pi Lambda Phi 4 ; Ti. gage in regularly schleduled contests.
Delta Phi 21, Sid nia Zeta 5.
# Because of the Michigan-lliineisl MADISON, Wis.-Wisconsin basket-
lasketball, game, there will be no! ball, wrestling, hockey and swimming
games played in the interfraternity team will see ac'tion this week-end.

We're Near the Campus
And we are stocked with CANDY
and TOBACCO to fill all your needs,
Varsity ,Laundry Agency.
Williams St. across from Congregational Church

r '1


* =
r.er r vi **. s.. . rrr a.


ter'. 1321 Volland. Call 5436.
FOR RENT-613 Hill, 0one door off
State, large warn double room.Rea-
soniable. Next ~semiester. Dial 7003.
FOR RENT--Desirable 'front room ;
near campus. No other roomers in I'
house. e Dial 8233. 80-81-82
FOR RENT---Room in private familyj
for second semester. Single or dou-j
ble. 1114 Prospect. Phone 9185.'
FOR RE-NT-A desirab~le room, law,I
medical or dental student preferred. f
521 Monroe St. Dial 2-1002. 80-81-821
ROOMS 'FOR RENT-Beautiful lam'ge
suite and double rooms in fine home.
5 blocks from canipus. Phone 6521.
208 N. Division. 79-80-811
FOR RENT-Attractive suite on first
floor, two or three men, four blocks
west of campus, for secoiid semester.
325 E. Jefferson St. 78-79-SO
FOR RENT-First floor room with
pr'ivate bath. No other roomers Jn
house. Dial 5046. 502 E. Ann St.
FOR RENT-Six room house. 825 Syl-
van Ave. Available for second se-
mester'. Feb. 1 or 15. Box 150 or call
8641. 76-77-78-79-80-81 1
WANTED-Gaare near Madison and
Thompson. Box 153, Michigan
Daily. -80-81-82
WANTED-Suite of rooms for 2 stu-
dents I'roin now until beginning of
secondl semester'. Must be near l
campus. Phone 5618-Welfeld.
WVANTED- Are you troubled with
your, mathematics? For tutoring
call 5767. Evenings. 80-81-821


n.u. . uatzt uuGU.

NOTICE-Complete line of Radios,
and Loud Speakers. Authorized
Radiola dealer. Schaeberle and
Son Music House,' 110 So. Main St.
l tf
To see best of 50 lines clothing drop
card to 1103 E. Washington. Phone
6365 evenings. 22 to $30. i
Our rapid turnover insures a fresh
stock and you secure the =best qual-
ity at a moderate price. 0. D. MOR-
RILL, 17 Nickels Arcade, Phone
6615. Dealer: L. C. Smith & 'Corona
Typewriters, Inc. t
NOTICE-Pianos and Victrolas for
rent. Schaeberle and Son Music
House, 110 So. Main St. tf
onable prices, tailored or ready-
made. We have a wonderful vari-
ety of patterns. Repairing also a
specialty. Beautiful fabrics foir your
winter overcoat.
109 E. Washington
Phone 5069
c Wed-Fri-Sat
Ann Arbor Mimeographing shop-214
Detroit St. Let us do your mlm~fo-
graphing and typewriting. First-
class work. Quick service. Lowest
prices. Dial 8683.
NOTICE-Big discount on all Framed
Pictures and mirrors. Sale of remun-
ant frames. J. B. Saunders. Ex-
ceptional Framing. 306 So. State.
HEALTH Begins when you phone'
J8428. C. M. Gibson, Chiropractor, 35
jWuerth Arcade. tues-thurs-sat-tf
NOTICE-Hats cleaned and blocked.
All kinds of shoes cleaned, dyed and
repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed.
ANN ARBOR SHOP, 625 E. Liberty.


State and Wash. Sts.
staalkei, D). I., Minister
'* i1hniiAssociate
and1( Studenat WDrector.
sMargaret Stair,
[Udenit i)irecl or.
nijg wvorshiph. Sermon:
crt Biblet nue classes at
:y I-all.
dent Foruml conducted(
Aihold Niebullr of De-
leyan Guild lecture by
Piihold Niebullr. Sub-
1 Ar TAgin;al ire Realsm."

R. ]Edward Sayles, Minister
Hloward R. Chlapnman, Minister for
10 :45-Morning worship. Mr. Sayles
will speak on: "Jesus Only."
12:00-Church Bible School.
Student classes meet at same
hour in Guild house, across
the street. Dr. Waterman and
Mr. Chapman, teachers.
5: 30-Student friendship hour at
Guild .House.
6: 30-Student devotional meeting.
Everyone welcome to these
evening gatherings.

Corner Huron and Division Sts.
Merle Ii. Anderson, Minister
Leivis C. Relmann
" Mrs. Nellie B. Cadwell
Secretaries for Students.
9:30-Student class led by Prof.
A. It. Moor'is of the Rhetoric
department. Subject: "1'rs
tlan Education," by Dr. Silas
Evans, president of Ripon
College, Wis.
12:00-Open For'um for students.
Dr. Evans will speak.'
5:30-Social hour and supper.
6:30-Young People's Meeting.

Herbert A. Jump, Minister
Helen Ram say, Student Dire Qtcyr
10:45-"Pi'agress -and Proibition."
5:30-Student supper amid group
discussion hour. Douglas
Grallam of Detroit. "A Law-
e'er Frees His Mind."
8 :00-Motion picture service. Mr.
lumip will preach. "Iniside
News from Mlexico.°" Special
feature filni, McCutcheon's
novel, "Beverly of Graustark."




, vmin H~uron ,its.
Robins, Phi.D., Mkinister

10:45 A. M.
laiistle iewC of
adleliglit Supper



409 South Division St.
10: 30 A. M.--Regular morning ser-
vice, subject: "L1ife:"
11:45 A. M.-Sunday school follow-
ing the morning service.
7:45-Wednesday evening testi-
nmonial meeting.
The Reading room, 10 and 11
State Savings Bank building, is
open daily from 12 to 5 o'clock,
except Sundays and legal holidays.



Fourth Ave. near Packard St.
G. A. -Nemann, 31inister
9:00 A. M.-Bible school.
10:00 A. M.-kegular mhorning wor-
ship. Pastor's subject: "Pray.
in~g for Our Daily Bread."
11:00 A. M.-German service.
6:30 P. M.-Young People's League

Dilvision and Catherine Streets
Second Sundhty After the
Rev. Henry Lewis, R~ector
Rev. Titonuas iL. Harris, Assistant
j8:00 A. M.-Holy Communion (the
9:00 A. M. -Holy Communion
(Har'ris Hall).
I 10:00 A. M.-Student Study Circle
(Harris Hall).
r11:00 A. M.-M\-orning prayer and
S sermon 1)3 the Rev. Norman B.
j Nash of the Episcopal T'heo-
logical Seminary, Cambridge,
3:00 P. '.--Student and Adult
confirmation class (Harris

Quick Noonday
_ Hot Specials 'Toasted Sandwiches .
- - Betsy R~oss Shop
Ask for

6.30 P. M.
i~IaiI dAtrci
sor 0. J. Campbell
els like a real fight."
-WNilliam J ames.



ja B'rlt


. :377")

iYashinugton St. and Fifeth Aie.
F. C. Steihorn, Pastor
9 : (10 A. M.-Bible study hour.
10:13 -0A. M.-Service with sermon



Corner Ifill and Tappan
IRenneth B. Bowven, Pastor
10:30-Mor'ning worship.j

( issouri Synod)
ThlWll and West Huron Streetts
C. A. IIAUER, Minister.
9:00 A. il.-German ser'vice.


Camivas Boards
Artists' Brushes

'Water Colors





i I

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