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January 13, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-13

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Published every morning except Monday
during the University year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial

ability to maintain a stable govern-
ment nor the spirit of doing so.
Although in the past when a power- !
ful and a weak nation have agreed to
have their dispute settled by others

The Associated Press is exclusively en- evidence seems to show that the
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise stronger has been more generally up-
credited in this paper and the local news pub- held, the Galles government in Mexi-
Co has signified a willingness to allowj
En tered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, c a
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate The Hague to arbitrate the disputes
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post- arising under the oil and land laws.
m1aster General. aiigudrteoladln as
Subscription by carrier, $3.75; by mail, Such a pronouncement by President1
Offiecs: Ann Arbor Press Building, May- ailes comes as a welcome declara-
nard Street. tion of policy after the maze of charg-
Phones: Editorial, 4925; $usiness 21214. es and counterchares of opposing




-777 jVIS(i AND
As Director in Charge of Raising
the League Fund, we wish to warn the I
men that unless drastic measures are One of the most interesting events
taken, and the complete Fund raised, of the dramatic calendar of the com-
we will be forced to advise the women ing week is the appearance of Ruth
to put forth this proposition: "We St. Denis and Ted Shawn with their
will pay off part of the debt on the American ballet at the Whitney thea-
Union if you will make it co-educa- ter for a single performance on Thurs-
tional, and let us use the tap room." day night, January 20.
* * , The Denishawn dancers have ap-;
neared several times in Ann Arbor,i
Inaugurating ai anive campaign and have been enthusiastically re-
for the raising of the $200,000 needed viewed on the several occasions. For
to complete the quota, we have a sug- the last eighteen months the company
gestion, which if adopted wholeheart- has been touring the orient with ad-
edly by the co-eds and students, ditional performances in European
would put the fund over the top in no cities. This opportunity for detailed
The idea is that every co-ed will re-.I
fuse to eat while out on a date, with
the understanding that the money is
to le sent to the League Fund. Now,
isn't that a fine plan, girls
Only Fund Subscribers To Get Dates
Another little scheme that will help *..,
raise the mone is a littl hard nn the r Yk'.A--

Last day

of Sale


Telephone 4925
Editor.................W. Calvin Patterson
City Editor..................Irwin A. Olian
Frederick Shiin
News Editors.......... Philip C. Brok~s
Women's l ditor M.,.... tMarion Kubik
STports Editor............. Wilton A. Simnpson
Telegraph Editor............MNo ris Zwern
Music and Drama.......Vincent C Wall, r.
Night Editors
Charles Behymer Ellis Merry
Carlton Champe Stanford N. Phelps
o Chamberlin Courtland C. Smith
Jaries Herald Cassam A. Wilson
Assistant City Editors
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Alex Bochnowski Miles Kimball
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William Emerv Morris Quinn
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Robert E. Finch Nelson J. Smith, Jr.
John Friend Sylvia Stone
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A. M. Hinkley Beatrice Greenberg
E. L. Hulse Selma M. Janson
R. A. Meyer Marion Kerr
Harvey Rosenblum Marion L. Reading
William F. Spencer Harriet C. Smith
Harvey Talcott Nance Solomon
Harold Utley Florence Widmaier
Night Editor-CHAS. E. BEHYMER

forces in the petroleum dispute. It
should receive careful consideration
by American oil interests whose prof-
its are involved.
The reign of the radio in American
homes has become rather common-
place. But now Dr. E. F. W. Alex-
anderson has laid before the General:
Electric company and the Radio Cor-
poration of America the details of his
new invention, the television, by
means of which pictures may be sent
through the air and projected on the
screen. And the engineers that at-
tended the meeting were not sceptical,
but asked eagerly for details and ex-
pressed an opinion that it will be
Rather a startling idea this, that
in the near future we may sit in an
easy chair before the fire, just as we
listen today to the radio, and see on
a screen the actions of games, follow
the great king of swat as he puts one
over the fence, and hear the bark of
of the umpire as he throws his hand
in the regular gesture over his right
shoulder with a "Yer out!" -But in
this great day of advance we have
come to expect anything and science
makes all things possible.
In about two weeks the mid-western
police chiefs and prosecuting, attor-
neys will meet in Chicago for the
purpose of discussing crime and the
means of abolishing it. If they escape
the gunmen long enough, they are go-
ing to discuss again the question of
the sale of firearms, and here theE
whole nation will have an interest.
Last year there was a bill intro-
duced into the National Congress to1
prohibit, the sending of firearmsI
through the mails. Combining this
Slaw with a reasonable local vigilance,
the problem could-have been entirely

Further Drastic Reductions
'Today to Clear Sale
Ch o 3
At Both Ends of the Diagon



IUi t 1U1(y 1 U L eel- U1 L1e
men but they'll have to help if this
League building is ever to fill that
big vacant lot over on N. University.
We suggest that the co-eds get
together and agree to have dates
only with men who have sub-
scribed to the Fund. Make them
show a recipt from the League.
* * *
The fellows might make up the
money they spent, by taking the fair
one to the Rae theater, where on


i ; 3


{ s M A §
y. E1. Y" a i r. awi
ate x k , t ;.,,
E sx Nl

The best is hecea est
Made and serviced right -here in Ann Arbor by the maker himself is
undoubtedly ideal It holds more ink-6 to 12 times as much-is a better
writer and most durable of all pens.
315 State St.


solved, but the big ammunition trust,
SZ1TTES EN OR POLITICIAN and the mail order houses, and the
STATSMEt OR PITIanS r senators united against it. This broad-!
the fact that the international re- middplc"a udutdycs
lat pns of the United States are car- minded policy has undoubtedly cost
atd on of thenitedn nSttesare sars- us a thousand lives since last April,
lied on by politicians instead of states- bti a etteD~n neet
but it lhds kept the DuPont interests
men, with few notable exceptions,
has long been realised by representa- dollars odthe sines femail
tives of foreign countries, but until order houses.
the more recent glaring examples of .c
the practice, has received but spas- . . .
oreckon their personal interests higher.
modic consideration in our own coun- thntewlaeo h ain mr
try.than the welfare of the nation, Amer-
ica cannot progress. Here, it seems,
A contributing factor to this situa- is a plain case for governmental ac-
tion is the widespread belief, among tion, and here governmental action
those who speak loudest and know has been again inhibited by narrowI
least about it, that diplomacy or states- interests. The police conference will
manship is concerned exclusively j recommend restrictions, and it is time
with secret negotiations, double-deal-
that we accomplished something,
ing, underhanded practice and outright whether the criminals and their ac-
hypocracy. Such is .not the case. complices, the munitions trust, likes
Statesmanship is not political ma- it or not. Battleships are sent to
neouvering. It is conducting the for- Nicaragua, in order that not one hairj
eign affairs of the country capably, of an American head may be touched
shrewdly, and yet as one gentleman there, but at home we put in the
would deal with another. That is hands of morons weapons capable of
something our officials are not doing. killing t iousands of people a year.
Ambassador Herrick. is an exception.p
Too often'has bluntness been thought'
a virtue, etiquette a non-essential, and ITALIANELIATION
personal consideration a positive vice. The annual report of Italian emi-
One has but to turn to recent negotia- gration shows that in 1926 there were
tions to see this. 40,000 fewer people leaving Italy than
Yet the situation is not wholly hope- the year before. The reduction was
less. The officers of our state depart- mostly due to industrial crisis in oth-
ment have performed missions capa- er European countries, it is believed,
bly and admirably but too often they although increasing prosperity in
have merited attention because they Italy itself also had its share in the
were the exception rather than the total result.I
rule. Such has been the case, is, and Whatever the faults of Mussolini,
will continue to be until the foreign we must admit that he has accomp-j
relations of the United States are car- lished something very definite in Italy
ried on by more statesmen and fewer when he manages to keep Italian im-
politicians, migrants at home. Of course there
is coercion involved, as in everything
STIRRING UP RIOTS Mussolini does, but still he could not
As a result of investigations in Han- keep his nation at home if he (lid not
.ow, the responsibility for the riots offer it something. Industry has
kowthe espnsiblityforthe iot without doubt revived under his ixon I
in that city on Jan. 3, which resulted w
in evacuation of the British conces- rule, and the longer hours may be
ins andathe reoval Bofsh Amcns, harsh, but they are effective.
signs and the removal of Americans, I When we realize that this man Mus-
has been definitely placed upon thej
Cantonese forces. solini at times actually shows signs
The survey conducted by foreigners of ability, as in his internal adninis-
ldsthattie disorders were insti-tration, we regret the more that he is
holds ta{h iodrswr nt-.
gated with the knowledge of the gov- so extremely narrow minded interna-
S l ai tionally. What a pity it is that this'
ernment oficials. and, that nationalist
oconstructive ability could not be giv-
orators and anti-British posters were I
y~crT o tirtha (inan nnirc + 'en to the whole world, rather than

Thursday nights it is only 10c per. 4
Perhaps the co-eds might arrange
with the theaters to bring trade tostudy by Mss St. Denis win roab
their afternoon shows by making the ly mean additional numbers of Nautch
men take them then. The shows could dances and other East Indian num-
pay a certain commission and the hers. i
money would go to the League fund. The workothe
s s * field of dancing is well known. In
fact they have presaged nearly every
SAY-QUIT STALLING movement in the field of the independ-
Dear Hay-Oscar and I promised to ant ballet and have devised various di-
send our donation to your League vertiseinents of interesting numbers.
Building fund today, you know, but One innovation was the ballet without
we have decided to wait until we see music-a peculiarly difficult feat, be-
how the government's little law suit cause of the necessity for presenting
against Couzens and the Dodges and well defined rhythms without the aid
the rest of us come out. Perhaps we 'I of or chestral acomiaitilut. Other
can add a few cents more if success- ventures have been atempted and
ful. were distinctily successful: the Indian
Kernel, dance of Mr. Shawn and his famous
* * "Adagio Pathetiquce; some of the new
HELP NAME THAT STADIUM numbers that have been dceiacd for
Our big contest to find a name for Doris rinmphreys, featured danseuse,
the new stadium over at the State are employing startling motnis.
Street Pedestrian Entrance to the And at eat the leni.ians can al-
Diagonal is swinging right into way way be depended onor.aliterst-
now, and in a day or so we ought to ing program. A well trained dancing
have quite a list of persons out to win goup with pcied tchniue, i-
Sthe prize of two box seats, good for vigorating routines that are not shop-
every sporting event in the new sta- worn, and an ntrely new pers-ctiv
dium. of modern lancing are always sure
s of a good house. And even if people
I have sniggered at Miss St. i)enis'
SUG(GESTED NAMES "Liebestraum" and accused her of u_ I
"Hobbs Stadium" ........D'Artagnan ing isadore Duncan's stuff, the Deni-
"Will Rogers Stadiuim' .......T. Hay shawn ensemble is without doubt the
"The little Stadium" . .Sudo Niim most popular in the country.
"The Rodeo" ........Marquis de Sade a * *
"Doc Lovell's Stadium"..Dicky Bird THE MATINEE MUSh VALE
"A Memorial" ...............Kernel On next Wednesday afternoon at
' * 3:30 o'clock in the Assembly hall of
A SPLENDID PROPOSAL the Union the third prograam of the
Hay'-Why name the new stadium? Matinee .:,usicale will be pres ' ened.
Let's put it to some practical use. The Faculty String Quartet, composed
Perhaps it would be a good idea to of Samuel Lockwood and Angeina
buy a plate entitled "Presented by the Lockwood, violins; Pauline Kaiser,
class of 1927" and hang it on the end. Viola; and Mrs. Janette iFrawser Wieb-
This would save the class the price ieri, Viol On-cello. Mrs. Helen Wright
of a memorial and ought to find many Winington, piaiMst, wil also resnt
supporters among them for they are a several unbers as assisting rtist,.
cheap bunch anyway. If they wanted The program will be announe'!d later.
to give something anyway they could * * *
send our Women's League building T 'lE1M ,ItTzl 'S2i"ti
fund the money they otherwise would "Green F'uit," the new mua iCal
have spent on the memorial. comeny featuring Mitzi, will b) pre-
Kernel. sented by the Messrs. Shubert at the
* * f Cass theater, 1etroit, beginning Sun-
NO TEAR GAS ALLOWED day, January 16, and continuing for ko
Than indefinito run.
"The new stadium will be a refuge Trun.t is an
for students chased by cops and tear
,, adaptation from a Fl-rench comedy
gas in all future theater rushes," Ad- which is now playing in Paris, the
miral Ixzo, of the Horse Marines, an- wor, of revision being done by
nounced yesterday. Gladys Unger. The situations are re-
* * ported to be of the tiype--rchly (el- Ij
We understand that the architect t o te he tyie-r ohye in
.tic hurmor in the manneor of the r1m.-
school will graduate anyone immedi.-
mensely successful 'Oh, ay! " ch
ately, even if lie is a frosh, who can was snitched from thele same source.
prove satisfactorily that there is In fact French comedy adapted for
rhyme, reason or :rclitecture in those presetntatiou as American musical
benehies at the Pedestrian Entrance. comedy is now enjoying an extreme
* * * a , i
As e vogue. (Oh, Please!" is also biilt
And the landscape design profes- around the plot of a French farce.)
sors will pay $I00 reward for the "Green Fruit" is of additional in- F
capture, dead, of the guy who planned terest since it will ioin the ranks of
the thing. As it is now, their profes- "Yours Truly" and "The )Con tant
sional conscience won't let them pass Wife" as shows which have been pro-
the place. sented in TDetroit before their New E
* * * York presentation. The staging is
WawE HAVE A THESIS TO fItrTEle done in the usual Shubert manner,
We always have a lot of trouble ;and is particularly elaborate for mu-
writing a thesis. It isn't the thesis sical comedy. The musical score has
itself that bothers us so much. It's been done by J. Fred Cools fand. aui
just the other things. It is our cus- Rubens, the dance; arranged by Carl


h __________________________________________ __________________________

P, E'E






~- - a

" . ra ". i"'. ". . '". " , ", " .do "..b°". "+d " '"' ':a'°< " J. . d", " s' °"./.1',s " . ".4..t ,°"Yr "./' ,d: .i"./ . P "r ".:A'..0..t".4'", . +". 0"w/ d", '". I "".aC"./"", "., ".d. . "« " .wII

4 :+e nab3 s e a"
ertisin 4,w

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PRFSS Ri ii INfl.

1 a
t P1
A Q p
R ,)
t: a

usea to stir te e Cinese coonies to
used to rear a menace to the world.
the attack. Once started, the disor- Mussolini is a great man in Italy to-
ders were allowed to proceed four he cs p great -
hours before the Cantonese troops, h
throughout the world if his imagina-
reported to be nearby, intervened i
In other words, the Nationalist gov- tion, or his genius, for only a moment !
mildtriher hnvtdshehe Nronnaniin -

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