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January 07, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-07

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PRIfDAY, YANUTIY~) 7, 1927


___ ? ~i~SE____.W


iir rnl~bo iut u iYiuC _ ___ ____ _

'' Fa el" y, ,Jin.,'X A ir I OpE° ; i' Y.i B ' a ii
e'ri ail _ .¢?i l)w rE ' ro

!in1l f tce gamnes of the prelim- M f r.
{~~y3~tbll turnament are to be si
~~aed ilthis afternoon and tomor- 1
r. ,.c n igat IBarbour gymnasium.
Fa xlm s culed for thtis after-.
ar sfollows, League 4, 4 0'-
(VAeia Cheever vs. Zone 14, Al-: "."
~I' t'i Oegavs.Zeta Blau Alpha:;. ~
'i:' Lit ,.)etDelta Delta vs "'
a a Ke ppa Gac a; Saturday mornS-E
an'sare che.duled as foll ows.
J'((~kl s Barbour vs. Delta Leta, .'i.
.ci 3v.PiGmaMu. Those I -, "... A ::' '."
1} .mabepArye4 at ]11o'clock are:..::>;:<s>-
1.lh Omicron Pi, Phi Sig- r: .;::,r:::;"::;::>::s:r
t;"ke.bil",season will start in real-......::. ...... }."... f
i lild,.n.10, when the regular r .....: I:Ni
1?? :1 i2all t Srment begins andwillf;;:;.. r J';.',;;' >;.
"i~ti Ilithoughout the remainder of//....*
ii.lOl eason. This tournament i
to he ondcted in the same manner asE
he ';kevtournament of tihe past sea-
sou~ithat of the League plans. 1
;icnt cxY~uiosing the various lea-
gie r:League 1, Zone 3, Alpha:;
Onici Fr i, Phi Sigma Sigma, Delta
Gama.League 2, Betsy Barbour.1
DeltaZeta.Zone '"16, Phi GaYnmma u.?.Ihhe1~Liie
eae3,Zone 0, Pi Beta Phi, Zone One of the largest garages in thet
'10, Apha Esilon Phi. League 4, Al-. state of Illinois is ownecl and operated
" ; ( an1ma Delta, I'l[den Newberry b 'y a womian. 'When Mrs. Mabel Han-

The importance of acclimating th.e toward individual attention to s-
freshmen to college life was one oft dents," Miss Johnson continuned.""n:
the ihases of particular interest at the' quickly show; which pe.rson is ;at
last conference of the American A sso- college to work and really t~ adt
ciation for the Advancement of Scd-! achieve, and which p~erson is attend-;I
Once, held Dec. 27 throrghi 32, 19[263, at; ing largely as a pastime or 5O:)it' I v -
the University of Pennsylvania and at- ent. As was evlencod by the rerr t',i
tended by Miss Beatrice Johnson, ad- at the convention, the latter class are{
wiser of women. .!mere and more lbeing sif~e~d out t~o;
"In 30 papers given at. the educa- dawdle, elsewhere until they azcre-;1
tion section of the convention, 15 were: discovered. Greater leniency in teach-'
on the results of actual experimenta- Ilig, attendance, and cut andl dried rules:
tion with students, eight were on af- J re being afforded the earnest, diligent fisprann otahr hmey tdn.
es, and seven were general educational Orientation coursos 1,vore agso
treatises,", says Miss Johnson. grought under discussion, andu it wvast
"The majority of papers centered ; brought out that fairly good results1
directly on the student and his lprob- are being ob~tained through themn atr
lems, and this was very encouraging one of the mid-western univ('rsitices.
especially in view of the avalanche of The idea of this cour se is to give thei
ctan proae errors which haved ' omin-' conceptiona of4 sciences, art, and 1litera. -t
ated the field of educational research; ture as a linked whole rather than as
r c nl .'si e of k o l d e Th i ccl yiiFreshm an week, originally the idea. this project thus far has been to g tj
1of Dr. Clarence Cook Little while he instructors who are adequately informr-;
Iwas president of the University o ; ed in these subjects. 'Thteoretically, the
Maine, has been found a very satisfac- freshman gets some idiea from thisc

bin considered. The loan is subject 3 FACULTY WOMEN ,V CLUB
Offe Anoher oan to he same regulations as other funds?
To student W omen deposited with the University. Members of the Faculty Women's
________--club will have a charade party Thurs-
IA revival of feminine interest in In-s day, Jan. 13, at 3 o'clock, in the Mich-
As the second semester approaches, i diani bead trimming, ha inal)ired the I ian Union. Judges have been ap-
?;,a 1y studlents turn Their thoughts to fashionable designers to execute dupli-!pointed to award a prize to the groupf
tin f inancing of this period. Recent- cates of the native belts and necklaces presenting the best charade. Membe rs
;r, The Daily announced a number of wt pearls and other precious3 stones.! are asked to be on time. Tea will be
loan hunds availale .to women on the I_----- ---- served at 4:30 o'clock.
campus. To these another has been I____________________
' d4ded, in memory of Charlotte Alice Marcasite jewelry, those rings and
li iagdon, p~resident of the Women's brooches of highly polished steel that. centuries, are the vogue in England
league in 1924.; were so popular in the 17th and 18th again.
The fund has been established by the _________________________________________
-f,<*. li " 1- _-. 1. 1,__- 1- - --_-, '.---- -

111 Vi 1.ity Womien themnselves in rec-'
ognition of the ideals which Miss Blag-
dlon upheld during her course here.
A total of $571.98 was collected, last'
year and has now been deposited in
the general fund of the University. ,
Several regulations 'have of neces-1
sity been fixed with regard to the;
lc, ning of this sum. No one can bor-
ro~fw more than $200; in addition, the!
money is available only to juniors andl
seniors. The applicant will be judgedj
on a basis of campus activtiies, per-
sonality, and scholarship. Consider-j
ation of all applications will be made
by a, group composed of one represent-+
ative of the office of advisers of wom-}

II _

tory experiment, according to reports course as to what he wants to continue Vie Lea ue, n(i t he chaU 1Uirman of eI U
at the conference, and has been adopt- in. The procedur~e is as yet too n~ew uii
ed by many institutions throughout the to, justify extensive ('oucltxsion,.rycuil
, ! Applications for next year are now
United States. One week before the j Of general interest," Mis John:s)m _____________________
regular registration of upperclassmen, added, "was the paper presented 1wv an
and the formal opening of the univer- educational research wvorker at N alW.
sity, the entering students are brought There they have found that the ioNXe
to the campus and acquainted ,with the students academicalIly are those wh'o ,a
aims andl personnel, as waell as the !do not help snpport themselves in out- SWEETLAN
history, of the institution which they; side work, ors interest t hemuselves iin. E i l
are to attend. This has reduced con- eltra curricular activities. inl otiher
siderably the percentage of failurest words they are the loafers all along
I *d dropping out during the freshiman 'the way."
I___year.__ The House of Quality
f"There seems to be a general trend Subscribe for the Michigan D~aily.-TatdSnwce


Ce'l Lew Wallace
=s~E 4E5 ~~,.)
- r '

resiece, SEigma Kanpa, Alpha Xi
r elt. Leag ue 5, Couzens hail, Al1-
pitaEpslon Iota, Gammua Phi Beta.
Leage 6,Adelia Cheever, Zone 14,
-2pa. hiOega, Zeta Tanl Alpha.!
Lege7, Martha Cook, Kappa Delta,
l ta DetaDelta, Kappa Kappa Gam-
maKapaAlpha Theta. League 8.
ogle 1I .The(ta Phi Alpha, Chi Omega.,
1Th rdIte of the gaines will he an-
tin;unc:d' later.

ascn, of Evansto , Ill., lost her husband
a year ago, sly, entered the buzsiness
.world and now' conies to t he garage
every dlay to go over the books, Of-
ten she dons overalls and helps w it!:
the work of the garage.
'When Mrs. Hansen first commnenced
her work the capacity of the garage
was 1.50 cars. She has just purchased
an adjoining 115 car garage.

to CI)the fs
a ekon St
,:iog anti s "vaor
\x'ad~n i1rW,

ports Class Thr will 'be a meeting of the W. A.
itdoor- Season 1 A. hiking committee at 3 o'clock today
atBarbour ?;ylnnas'zum.
Second "tryouts for cthornzs parts for
ret that there have been the Junior Giris' play- will lbe held Bi
another winter sports 13 to 6 o'clock today in Sarah Caswell
'1 group will be organ- Angell hall.
,;tive class to meet once Theewl eameigo h )a~
rtra on. TeewiThe ane~t fth or
at classr ~zn. he of directors of the Womnen's league at
r" nors casshasa ;9 o'clock tomlorrow in room 110 Lib-
mten who have been hik-!
ug' nd ho re nlyI rac'y. Evcryone is atrs ctito Ibe pres-
ent s'tandt ighoenjane icorlywil
I' leCP tio fo sri~J~be taken immnediately alter tire meet-
ngof the Saturday morn-
include skating, tobag- Announcemuent is mae(f the en-
and hiking. All women gagement of~ Charlotte 1:'[a 11r, '27, to
'e sted in such a class J. Dale Darling, '26A. ais.;lHaller is
to sign on the bulletin{ a menmber of the 'Kappa Alpha Theta
:hely in Barhour gymn sorority, andl Darling is a member of
classwill be in chary , rl ermitage.


are req ee

of Miuth ,Figge t of the ,physical
((nation (departmecnt.. A class is also
loeing rosganizQ d for those who wish(
to take; outdoor sports for regular
g'ns mcredit on Monday and
Medes~ayfrom 9. to 6 o"clock. Those

The wonan teacher in the German
high school is a coniparative rarity.
A recent count show;ed bunt 25 women
in all or tile faculti-s of these institu-
tions. Pust evie that numlber is far

bligto enter suchi a class are ask- larger than before the war, the major-
ed t o C suig Ith Miss Etihel McCormick ity of them-n having (1btal ieci andl been
in B':bour gymnasium accepted as teachetrs silrce 1918.
auhs:,erPIe for the 11ichipin Daly. Thuronbte 1ayAetes

1 '111111{ IIIItl Jtl1I 1 6i~i iiZ IIIHIIIIIIIII(E~i 1R III GI (1[iI 1 6i II iI81I 3I ; " I - "'ms;.
It's a Pleasure to Use and Refreshmentsr
After he ShaegjotoWffle
Ec Shvn Loon212 south MainIl
Leaves the face with that refreshed
- ~~~~and invigorated feeling.__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . I___________ ____________
353 nd 7cco tl s ando 75cnli B ottles.w ise a n n oi s aiIIssIa o oi un ip~u met eu iiiti~ n tn t~idwoii
Eberbach&Scan Co.
200-202 EAST LIBERTY ST. _ a gdIis
January Clearance _
Quilted Robes-
and Negli ces -_
In this clearance we are of- -
yfering exquisite Negligees of _ Wf
I silk crepes, also lovely robes-
-Satin and silks. over soft I -EE
- padding, anid neatly quilted
Pastel shades, hig'a colors -
and black trimmed withs
- bright colors.
Greatly Reduced Prices I _________________
$99 120-$395-$89
Go'odyw-ear's -)
124 South Main St. U
-______ i~Curses O Lau yr Service.
SilkPoge Sip OUr Mangles Do't Mangle"
S l P o g e S ps$2 .8 9 -
Soft-finished silk pongee that launders beau-
tifully and does not cling. Tbrimn tailored
slips with hemstitched bodice top, shadowproof -- -


Count that day lost when you
pass uip the chance to see Bebe
in her finest love and laughter spe-
cial to date. Come and see Bebe
"do" gay Parce with a vengeance!9


.Ais WlA AN


I ®)

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