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January 04, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-04

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TUESDAY. JM~tARY 4. 1927 THF MWJ-IW1AN DAILY - ,WflP5tfl~'~inA was ~

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C", il
MOMWATM 4h1 f. t 7 34106

The University of Minnesota, how-

ISlflNF1IW niersity Applie ever, is in a different position, boast-t
jiV(vel R estrictions ing of almost twice as many m1-en su
T ( SAY(1 6 G oup dents as women students. The Uni-
ON SAQ SYS OW N O Student Gr u S vesity of Michigan fails into the lt
" - !ter class and so there is no dangerof
reports have been made by college! a ruling similar to that made by
Istrctor Finids Womuen Students Are a ,oi e htwme r heae-Nrtwsenunvriy
Interested In JDramattics As aihrtethtwmnaetrae-otwsenuivsty
Field For rT 1ct1Ii ing to hold the lbalanc (f powr at Women students need not feel dis-
ma___nyU colleges. No trthestern univer- h eartened, however, as never be fore
sity have taken steps to protect the ir history have so many oportunities i
° P "OEESIO DIu i r1 ?insTtitutic n from ibeing dominated by been opened to women. They are
! Nc ren. A new law has beeni passed1 gradually successfully competing in
- Included among many popular oc- theca, according to Dean Raymond A.I business and professional fields with
cupations for women is that of drama- Kent, providing that there must be 4501 en, rind equality of the sexes is be-
tdc2. Many women feel the call of the( men for every 350 women. coming more and mre recognized.
fuoHbghts, but comparatively few real-
ize their ambition to play before ap- "
precti ve audiences. David Owen, in-
~ti ucti o of pulic speaking, who has
, e cntly come to the University to (I-
r c t km dramatic work of the depart-
nt, sthed Iin a recen t interview tat ~ ~ a i fu ti Niwr
i'o;t of the women interested in dra- Yb3 s F1
et c ;. with whom he had become e
fouild were interested in thewol
mecre bom the standpoint of teaclh-
Ti"he remarked, "is fortunate
for vory few women become good act-!-
re~ses. Men are generally better, in-
stinctively. However, there are great-,
er opportunities in the professiona
field for women than men, because
thentiauens few great actresses. e s n i lc n
Coninungthe discussion Mr. Owen k
added, "Women who feel the urge 'r le ss n i lf oc i -
strongly enough to surmount all oh- e
sta< cc and attempt to enter the work;
as-pr>'ofSsizonal need characteristics tan i ng Vitamines necess-"
whbich o;dinarily are not thought of a'!
* deslirblo by the average individual. It
Charm and beauty are not terriblyry f r e h a det s
. imrortant. but originality, tenacity and ar
a pushing nature coupled with for- y.o e l h a d y t s
wade' r eesr nodrt ncombat sue ssfully the, great corn- com m only om itted ine. the 3
petiti. n Inch exists in the field" Jl
College graduates in Mr. Owen'-.
competitors in that their minds makes~cnotlv navnaet vrter w n e o t s r n l d
it possible for them to cover up a lotf 0
'wn1 dis gant rfes 1l~ ed in our daily serving tuc rlv eais posinl
dramatics rather than for it, for in i
words, "The road is a hard one to fl
low, the plaudits few, and fame goes
a<; quickly as it appears." Besides be-
ing an uncertain profession its pe-,
_ cuniary returns are for the most pr
Mre wn isl, a a ei!nce on the legitimate stage and the g
close observation he has been ab eto11
make of all sides of the professon 8
lends authenticity to his remarks and 1
eriocan Academy of Dramatic Art, a7
well, and gave up active participation J wt~
in fhe profession to accept a position 6 rr"L
at the University. Ilie is in charge of
the lay Production classes, forme-n
ly undler Prof. R. D. T. Hollister. T
date the classes have presented to the
Bearers" andl a group of three ont: actC
play, Another long play is in active+
rrh arsal and will be presented at an
early date.
Second T ryouits For
Junior Girls' Play
TroStart: Wednesday DRItESSES1


___.... - -_ . _.... - . ._, d... , ,,.._.

K I .
r /





For the brilliant whirl of can oviercrowded J*0-
cia lieas'on, Peacock creates' a strikings'lip per.
Kfreole Kid, with s'Irap and s'addle trim o}
Number :Three Deauville.
When you s'ee Phis s'hoe you will be por'ted on
WHAT IS TO BE injfootwear.
MctpATf1V _ PRICetO



I.i i

, __
. .
r, '
: lye.-
t .;' s
i +
tiZ ry Fl ' . J 66j ..
v 1


Second1 tryouts for the Junior Girls'
play will be held from 4 to 6 o'clock
Wednesday andl Thursday and from 3
to 6 o'clockz Friday of this week, in
Sarnh C,s<well Angell hall. Cards
have been sent to all women who are
to b~e gf\'en this second opportunity tc
try out for the play. Approximately
100 women wvere eliminated in the first
Those who have been chosen by the
central committee to try, out for the
cast ave been called for Wednesday,
4hi l e tryouts for the chorus have been
cailled for the remaining days, accord-
ing;to instructions given on the cards
Cast ti-(outs will be0 required to have
a speaking part in additiion to the sang
anJ1 (ance with which the choruses
will try out. About 25 women will
try wit on Wednesday for the castj
whlile 150 have begin called back for
rc ruses. All tryouts are remested to
bnawith them the cards callhng them?
ba.k'for second tryouts.!
The play committee hopes to con--
plete the tryouts by 61 o'clock Friday.'
T'ryoluts are advised to come early for
h e frft 6owes; wil have a better chance:
to howtheir ability since they will
n L ave to be hurried. Since the
Nul ast, witill inclilde only 100 women
lice competition is expected in t
Trewill 1)e a meeting of Blach,
Qulliterary society, at 7:30 o'clock
euhtin room 204, South Wing.
I'(, rewiU 1)beno meetin~g of the
University 'girls' Glee club today.
Imterclass basketball will 'startsI
'~hrsdyJan. 6, when practices will
g e~ roi 4 to 6 o'clock in Barbour
~'masim.All women who are elig-I
doe foi particip~ation are asked to,
.neot to this practice.:
'hiTna mary lhave a women president
_.: aig o rerorts. in the, personl of
'; unYa t Sen wife of' thp first
sdn mid founder of the Chinese

r rt
r ''
' a:
:; "
, +.:

Hundred's of beautiful new Spring
dresses, all the new high colors, the~
latest of styles and sizes, of 14 up.
Others at $14.95 to $29.95



' '
i v
{ , " i
1 }
' t ,
a t
. r
t J
r' __.


A Sparkling, B£-iilliant Pageant!


ro cks


Beautiful silk and straw combina-
tions, small shapes and all colors.
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interpret party fashions .11 terms of youth.
Quaint basque and boufin t styles-slender types with
graceful flowing dres. Demurely simple, or aglow
with rhinestone, sequins, Leadings and' metallic stitchings.
A Frock of ombre, shaded color,, georgette is stitched
with metallic thread.
Another of col-al chiffonis brilliant with sequins-a
third relies safely upon the r'chness of its black velvet.
These are but three-there are a host of others and
surely among them youll find a frock of your dreams.
A wide range in pastel shades-bright colors and black.








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