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January 06, 1926 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-01-06

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PAGE SIX I-IF NAiTC1-CAM U'1TT V gST it"""" 5'EIe""" .5'.0s15 A


(Continued from Page Five)
Booth No, 25--Lawyers' Club
Patrons-Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Shass--
aker, Toledo, 0. Guests-Misses Ade-
line Clark, Ann Arbor; Dorothoy Nova-
toy, Detroit; Marie Aisdersois, Grand
Rapids; Eleanor Horny, Detroit;
Louise Master, Toledo, 0.; Elsie Cro-
mler, .Detroit; Carol D~ixoii, Dundee;
Adelaiide Furlasw, Detroit; Julia
Brown, Detroit; Louise Trunser, Lyoiss,'
Coln.; Jeainnette Fisler, Dansor;Ian-
et Bates, Traverse City; Jane Porter,
Detroit; Evelyii Simithi, Detrsit; Iluas
H-eselsweet, Brandul Rapis; Hitta
Segell, Detroit; Mrs. A. Rosbin,
Booth No. 20---Signia teltsatappa,
Gaimima Eta Gamsisa
Patrons-Mr. aoil Mrs. Del tratte,
Ann Arbos'; Mr. C. L. Winter, Giaust
Rtapids. Bssests--Misseo tsatbelle Odle,
Detroit; Irnia Van Dallen, Detroit;
Helen Scyrimgeour, Detroit; Masrie
Btist, Detroit; Jane Ellisos, Phladouel-
pia, Pa.; Dorothy Kelly, Clevelaiiis
0.; Eleanors'Raisney, ltsrisussgtiaiu
Adelise OBreni, Wyansdotte- Florenuce
Prible, Sagiiiasv; Kathseinesue Mure,
Escanaba; Jaiina Liiik, Los Anigeles,
Cal.; Phyllis Ward, Evanston, Itt.
Elizabeth Sage, Wausingtois D..
Mildred Heathseriiigton, Mainhe City;
Jean Gilbert, Toledo, D. Dotty Par-
ing, Toledo, 0.; Marjorie Guirstn, Its
troit; Paulinie J. 'White, GlencesIll.
Katherine Tears, Cleveland, 0.;tRuth-
E. McCornmack, Otter Lake;Ilorothsy
D~owney, St. Charles; Lueille Perrin,
Algonac; Dorothy Bradley, Armoada;
Virginia Whipple, Jackons;Metsnis.1
Eddy, Lorasins,D.; Lucille Istbell.0Jack-

T'he Gypsy Girl

tng, Saginawv; Prof. and Mrs. Sher-
tsek, Anus Arbor; Mr. and Mrs. Fredz
Lillis, Ain Arbor. Guests-Misses El-
tess Selsuris, Toledto, 0.; Lois Jaqlues
Reeves, Toledos, 0.; Bleatrice Cowvans,
D etroit; Ruts L. Hamiilton, SMt. Clesis-
es; I tis BeeittDetsrsit;'iini-
trest tesse(tst lDe trsit; Dorothy Keens,
Dttsro(it; tutitt torsdit Fkhsasrt,hIst.;
tI.ss s-lu's It - ssa,ss Least S.Isas.,
Its iss ets It.tSmissthI I iithast]l'ark;
Disirsthss GossctsiD, s eteey, Cal.; Stary
I-Elsits Killsss''AssssArbssr- Vera
KsisisbunItlilsslsdae; Grace''s. (lask,
Isaazo Maryiss/)( 'tLsoussise Ksistey, Anni
A, Iss7i'
BotssstsNo. --PisKapspsa
Iarn-r slumsrs'its F Itur-
rs, It rssoitssssstanh Ms. I..N.IFist-
ser C'outersviltes tusts'._'itargairs'
IFisis, thicaso, 5111 Hln'ss I' issller.
Coopes'rsv ie; -st-srset ers ', lDe--
Istrit;SadtielasskisoChaslttes': et-



We sell Cakes and Individual Butter Scotch Pies
for some parties
Behind Hill Auditorium Dial 3941


Bosothi Nio.27-Sigia Altphsaiis
Patrons-M r. asnd Mrs. George Dtis
Detroit; Mr. ansI Mrs. Julius Stsris
Dletroit. Guest.s- Misses Esthel tin-s
siss, Bugfalio, N. Y.; Ruth Stein, Cl'ee
lanit,B.; Mortenise RilerSlseveland,
0.; Sarah Israel, Birmsinghasis Ala.
Lillian Simansky, Meominee; Lilliansi
Tenentionm,Davesnport, lIs;'sauce
Solomon, Detroit; Bernice SegalEr-
eleth, Minnu.; Lillian Klein, Clevelanud
0.; Elsie Freemsasn, Detroit; Judith
Breitensbachs, Detroit; I'sthuer Sces-
inger, Detroit; Hlen Ease Steisubart-
or, Cincinnati, 0.; tHeless 1HirschChii
sags, Ill.; Aimuee Marks, Paduceahtoy.
Booth Nu. 2t --Ni Psi P'hi
Patrons-Dr. and Itrs. '.It. Parker,
Detroit; Dr. asnd Mrs.I'.It.ILes,

hsl sie sria ll Ili -'sulges I aph n,= llrubu tllt11ssusillllllllillfiilift111l~l{ll~1111klil"
1I t S adCssie' I dliiiiiiDetroit, os-
elsine MorsseyIDetrot; Elizabeths - F ASI __COMFORtT --ASSURANCE
'sll-u s rtes' PruIll11 esnisse Shiel
puss st Owossoo;Ileless Steers An -isA_____________________________
DBosthlso.i iguseisuPihiBy VARSITY SERVICE
I lr11-Ii oh iadu sl.'its rencIsv
S. IThisse.t ue t sMi sb'ises 'its et-
I ~is as-us's'':.r-o hi's tetroit; ladss'Re-illy, Delirsit;
iSnya, hblu dner,-owho.istl-eag-aretSCehuupier, IDetroit; Lucielle-
illsr c I iii ii i n bui ne," s . s euIe AsisiArbous; Meceudes OBrDies,
thus 20t1 anul U nin rwi ch 'u isrbuss RathsShethesid, Chaslotte
wil b" I r h ls imetlbs 'iMasin Csaitt, IBay City; Doris Cuisu-
ttersuiu' - Ibs'riiti a- bus-- ' hu~insB ay -15City;Essiy PutnamS iag-
ina;slus hla Fuel, Ypsianti ;Esmily
~ .~ u~ ill Nh 'it w bsan, lastisugs ; Lucille I'Hegel
Besrnices'nl'ionui Annl iAisbor;Dos Bot uN . 33-Katptau Nns
otbs Stlbark ils 's-isuer b us) E se Burns Patrs -i Ms.nsit Srs. IE.S. Rosens- _-
Is liii Ann lbArb Isre le C eribiig, baumii Kalaasi~zoo. Guests---Miisses / 7/1
Fort 5' 5,Id Gana S~ e Luile SMa'sDetroit; EvelynuPi red = 1 t7 ~
Jasmestownis, N. n it L '. i urasu IDeroit; Berthsa 'ieiss, Detroit - slib
C'hieago, I1It,; miss btudaslut st i u tsi l izhabeths Fschs, IDetroit; Zelsa Lessi
Sb'. 'it-rse lirs- 'itss C-iou issu- bl-issis Detroi; Annsa rasisey, Detroit, Id-%
buh H rlt "SuinawLubth Lambert, IDetroit; Sarjorie
BlaekCevelasud, B.; Minette odtey -
DusBot N'sus~ 1 s l issRho lChi Clevelasdub .;B eatricse GBodmuuan, 1 An-
Parni Ibud \a.ftvr . Abr ull StIJohs.us rs LnoaSnw
C'huicago, 1I ll iarguuerte MilleJald, BoothlsNo 34-Phi Sigmsa Delta
soul Ned tu h dIuarst, asngiathr P tros -Mrs t. ansI Mrs. Arthur S
isle Pttberoneumus- ehus i li-loss turdstDetroit ; Mris. 'iWilliamu N'iilkoff,
of.L ous l aret ikrYugtwO ussMse a-_7 etroibt iii KIlsusli .i, 'i ro r t iuss I se Lvisosi 'foledo, 0.;EselleSher -N o Chance ,D .eserves ihis
Lora Belle ('-ns nEao n a su'mer, Yougstown, .; Charlotte Mis- i=
Mada Rk hre Rier 'Ilcrs dl, oldoO.;Hena aplnChi!=Popularity 2l;ut Just the
Dessry Jacson;s Ads i aibsIii 1k(ii % Dec- c sago, Ill; Augusta odberg, tat-
troset;iainii ' 11515 5Lsismouth, Ky;Bronette Goldberg Tot _ A bility to Follow a Fewe
Rotts oore tis ror.' is tlsseso O;B erlnice N. Ferrer, OnmahaS
Neb.; Sylvia Bettes, Ceveando. Simple Ruls, About Dress =
BoothiolliNi. C-P'ii31uDla 1 ;Aninitte Kleins , Tolesdo, .; oalso
Patron isSr. andsu s . r .),F-. ull- (Cotnuuedt onsPage Seven)
___________________________________Which includes an inclination =
= for the right taste in turnish-
-OAS I ings--a connection with a good
rt tailor and modern laundry =
ahausa =,,~ methods. And least of these is
Frall not your laundry work hecause
a rough edge or an improperly =
get saln vet pressed shirt will spoil an othet-
racquainted _wsandaat vnig
aI particularly -ws laateeig
Ft the best for the The service at the Varsity guar-
ings of Iife :-HOP:_ antees
f = Ease,_
1/ / Comfort=
-iHI MA= and Assurance
/_;t'r-!~/-</~l/ for any occasion.°
The Candy = Why not, then, insist on this
z=of quality service ?
x d and prestige
1 ~Phone 4219_
:- ~DRUG CO. _-
Three Dependable Stores = [ _
Serbed Mlichigan and Her Students LIBERTY AT FIFTH
tar Thirty-eight Years

We Hale

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