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January 16, 1926 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-01-16

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.1']761g I!rst I; anda soe~ton
and third place,
ane anher~ vo1 erd on
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Michiga n CdW) Michianos ai pon-
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- ValkerEverett: '2f, elI)O01' okthe - ~ vAS 11zSon, -,J 95, L- - 1-- a !
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frnaetby aei re l~dic t'1 -1coI~ o ~ :-t l OlIf 0 r~ t 1 5(
tUznit r , aep Ej '2(' the ic&( $, db I 52 f o ftai - y pi uSrtIli H5 hu e (,.-t I - e t-I e
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fWres t thn ispliw-a in g the Qies i to t un--flire1) n t o la x av'om : .''ts p6 ___.._-i' ,. ._.. il..ish ~rt
' t te i th0 .'oreit House ina'ev it jl- ..et V11 C oT ei tY.Willo t lt~.1lr O A a i eak t - is :15 of
clear tha ti-Presi ef aolttisIer( d ;the Th ie' ;u02d5saloari e wa I-) mreat' l54 ivi'S I S. aN at-r; on n1 e nW-471ri'v ,a'l
-~ fedea lgt a nis W N t e, Jpo l~icyto hel P 11 d video to !illi("Cth ionK I- olt 11 Iadtmnmo h s4 e,"TePei
t' >ross esia( o Itegisatton - Vrl oe~eos' aniddyou i teW erst
!. to1t~d acnitditia ipte.Ibciea . t-a-ree n beaf
a ia~ Theiacptraud cZ~ili o fflneyeda. n t t}1ens ler .It r-hn--et}1hOuz ver. wr al-
re~sol~oit eques~ the residet to .{.C'? illa~t topaverax pavrs tie e ptene, s , T' <Y sw a. -iliTrishd his
act rand ogavoer; lte t il M1 uh asks t Ythe Io filigpt I tiou o ~-pre! v oltr 1%Cit in.t:l Stis ontys an'tober,;
tresldenl t ea wha 11)to tevr s tps a rtre , i 1 i u l l'S-C gaizal tirlss' t, 7 I'12,- !~I ~-:hd be n W s'
niekv o s a' an g;proer rlya'ing homI ov i n.l o t. i lt drthh e il 5allow- sor K '311(10 U t«I ~. t ('1922, e h uCli
A thmedWite rHouse itionm expila i g fvrets f te diieonc Oiwel Wly~i "l il spe by at 15MCulnk
ce calh ei det7ieeting."1h lienDlt0 and new 'axe-}?10.117:?ill a uto-- Irr-o i fo,(oryd:a'
Atin the s utio, t leNet York.zI Co- n s ot:(' a+ ( i e Tplarti'f ?i s-'t prIO1 taerhton btee Ir-
1.em.7ueIanhe- and oo he Uaoislte st t;
torati oferdua ointrsoution. UEAbusihnds 3tr ansaatdo' eal o
T ouhe autori ed thsce ysiC o iet'- blIL s. 0~~Ii , a-r e ar'uxc il 'tQSi lI(d 14 iSB 0g'
rn p ow r tsmltak h ow eu"whenlie ons fltitatI - -- - t i e situn d a isn as ear~ate iuu thircountry
{- t~l is) ro'I f sesy o-'tot ff:rCh~
j1 -residnt "to'gkesatver sepofre 1a s- citue ranztin. 92 ies. lti he ~haden. 1Odi. to r-
nce xt andospropete to he rprop abet; i Provisionsaofa tre f C 0fleisbilldallon-
aabtittadecarig ta-the aroI~d ~ ~JIL~~~ItL intou] ,di idea --pread11122gnohrantheo
1e to imetheblcrealmth.n"of many, aIndghaeunds of-tht differenecoutix-.
! cite coal miin " Rpbica ep ¢etstwt othe e thirnd nowtaxt- auto wa a'27lAt o Gitfy' n icha Coltis
live frot Pensylaniadialri' ~P-~ w-'~ anouned tIs-~nif~t land s01th t0 ei Soatergiiso h e
forofer'e a jo-tt it retsot ion hiche;Uonb tiu '-m roe l tecsliaf t ie lawth-a{t
woheld ave tt± thei i c dithSeccfe ctt'ha- li' £ie rcessn (l.. t i',1 ,s £°v Y~ taprve.ir ssr in-t ies -a--en iget'
utivet a t, Ibut wdepartiefontbtd ''p ithat.hx'ngiI'd'datmyill't a se in thiccontryI
this, ouldionnecesity hvegto ake iarthusrdliredith s es that iotmany
n!t a cas ualallenotsd fotive course of raftr h 5 eecordsn ci iesdlThw sp e isen t o ashn t oto e
}once towaitoninitlei,,h-proposed Oe;f(is0thercompOr at airecbi eci d anutapr bet we-e
} sustittedeclring tha he an on tt11)h i #'"he'n ls touchti in0l U he O
6 allot'. wl'i.eabroad in A Crnadiasnd ieli
o il ea f !f wihl mi neTR =Ifan- u 10 l th in.-- e n 'C I.ou 12 "l " t(""101250 IC nc hsa
1 e-t tepbi heath. j L U fI aiu~acrtg t . ."oiht m ial nyan Washint .& etniey
ljrlisa, i="faliez~liaiLrereefia-1 illbtn he s't~hrdeto pls- at h.e 12 the ba r>ull einKokMich aelCllsit
tiveris Fnhi~m Tes yli; - i xurrl' Need la ( 21ii i aelt IlmlS 2 E £d -e!.T tirot two Q Ofn' t olh e I{7LO gi I of-tte rha: e
1 heeantltirac it lht i 9 1i kt~cit 1 'Bibth iatree tteinecargi ek o the he wenitlttt.i11)0 i -ktii n
' fel aconernc wih ecetay a-! fir ' rs tral e njoys a. wi the IAn as c1A-4oin thUie in igt~u
nota5an A-ps'ilic gothernlentso-'-dancei andtfl'about 11Ciago. tt is fC'Arthu Griffiths plcyatAPfesor-
t iIi'GTO , an I- a'' l so benot'le lior t 111ipeoahrecotstu a- ooidu otm f tse t a ttndmoal toi
eats o I heWorld ourt ~o ~jtwhiled(0 ~ ne:.s'. hie lf it haps aer c 'is niS 245t'-I i t1112 rewen.
hila-ole can1be al Cnta! w s a1 "il__rvaai_ study ot n e. t isr 'o: trle.;aila a twos
WILLa nesaec ne fot h iumi aoingoi theI - co pof'sorssb- roi 't t
wahe a t- he -L I 'o sc welS k 3ytKOU ' l Crk colege lt the 'iCork tIud also -
be-l '1 $lor h eate eve aa'idtl of ~ ue 4n ~I tyt 'tt~s r t a~ Zt rad-.aS IIose t h TeStansdt
anuaaapialit'lsb lls u- 3tI'itd ld itIn-to tsit i o w idn of the.ndb
..p.ens! i - thettiit'iII and[o-el, cd s u la o n the fa ltof.n
S sfahso se oa hti e lai f aid (SPo x r lf tlO adSil 1 twI
faer ayidr ms11,Adgre le
(2 i15t o he asosfoiattheess i nvaj t os h o rai id? to pattt3id thread2 fin me ta
:danlnr ~t entot Blra, t2~AI1- I nntal11:11iual on u ohietlor ie- h rvrd -Se. nd oral,6
ClJan. "Clatt, Jwho.has a siigt icolearl ct's' r 21to the at'rt, usraed
ethu-cf the World outeotinue tor ah- z7rors +_E - r tt I I-nt a ~ant- Gitec~ 1 fs RVo' -itr7l 3e Iid
lt io ut e o ou lw viIt ora' 11!Iia,. tIriskutt a sofoIrihin(us'y.i~ b
ii d om pesthi s i te n theie a~te..l ill -{; ? 11}4;r m n o 1..-tt.-t, i h at W 3ake2( 'i 'ls oon a sa .,to te h frL a
{Puhey dve tled hp nwthta ulished( X oearly telkge. an
Senaor lensorat.3\; nitII hh ~-i' 'tt'' 1'~hbil on ii t e ox s i t; I Ea - to - sot e a if- o ali
conuhla InlaelsK fmrom ~ teI ( (u'0IiItVh-mwildt-okoe t' be I'1 iirit fromto3501 to
-r rc co>t "=25 t e , i.0 t anell isol '. A tract 0' es w to ill Oa 4h~ c e' - e rd nth 01,1 Nationaal- I jiv''. (' r
up is ag-'tin an titol e i lsb1''Tew Yo~tni'IIt~'(011 r k Ch'tlt1 anI t ae t~ it'altM oruf his0 apor ntment:

,r7E'li I4 of e '111 t'lI a21iItI(ox- 1 sght1 s-'iitg I our j. of the I~tl .i'sty ji lf1,'Ih vff'l +te +y b nn.a1 t,it 0(w-2,10of .°the
al2.2l 4'' a t'.t III.le1 010 t kl' L' RCe sil1t, a it h at th e fe d ertal
I~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~ Pf rdl-i: ~ ~I -' o t.--T is the first year that le di-eslin eove htth tea
I 'ecEeSse,.,-- t;l, : \-iII .1I.- ttta-51 0'our ,';li 1 115 aa-I td ; ei nt lo ld susidize is e om
",?'t t!Bui- ''I~i h our'gats. ndleaQt( :O1us the -'w^ty#^'.hn'trt'rci4air iervt .e againt e nexLga-
°° 'i.'I'. (-00 -x2 'lilt I Of tl'.ulrnhig - I Norhlwestern
I arial 5u C. 'tiatevisiif. org forat l e (lilu .uie't. 1nverity last. night in!fill 'udi-'
il fluor '- ="'u-" ea if IS at-11090 ?le . (iM Pa 'stteirsot, 27 is genera 1 trt nathe Michigan trio was ,adudg-
ii 1)'1 ''}T7i'{ .?C(]If we all tdevoted uim' 'i'it11112of' theonj'stit - Js tatllthe vo-'tor. hProf.IHeny L w--'
o"gyobotea 'e 2:Otd' Ka--''?3atillwiC. ac.'26, - buo, of lbi n Collee, jotged il
IS'r T '11 3idt Ct (1ill F~~il 011flO' I Tia10 r' y t - - P cnfess nIn4tc11,,? as held In Vnietion
" , 1 --- -1-nltteeel.eS riec~l with lh 29th. annual seres of the
pc as, -wou ae ii'n i011potr 121 r d 01- si te.. ICntr'aLeague deisates,
all (A; s.a. d i): ri pau 5- 1 Oc ob of . 1R.iGonberg, '7 J,. Yeatin
Ii - t i 11 .lt 11100 > iV Y r 2,and 3. 1, II.Olo t, ..¢,, ad upL
I l I- 11L1 ofe l7ia 'Ihp t e Ie x
p . ' .--'-X harder! 10,2 iIf L'~u> Pi'0lr 1'lof the 'victorousx team,.
- ll'- '1 iCrslure1t113l kXl (:11 ht ho fthet S I I Te visiting teas as''n+se
g~t ft i4c puel .s s ilE~s or o unJame -t{ig, W iiatKuc i , and liar-
f -e'~-u Ia s- t'at Ia hoc i wat ed, 'dy Raty. Regent. Mauins E, ail- ated
* ~ haiat 011't'i.A il i eah ue Ias (-:aiiuan, after lihe al troucadl
e - - S'y; sit't5U. l ta)1211112g. I hT{ere AiI by ili m C ix n '2 , r*(i tt
11astes 15°l'lstolty claitis Of 4iAll Piies fd c--i-a' Agmea
90W~1- - r Oti y' J~ii xaxd Neesslvry f'u'e ( The AtIhianteam based Its argu-
1=lMr. 'lt.,iaan a ve he ie1 Frthe' Aetl-tI 1 ;snts enlt he following four pits-
a ,u who sxa k.he idle because he _- -- whiere. C'C0v n as a chllege to
Raost vn -"I0'( PpihlstED FORCES REDUjCED4)- t Nrivhe.te n team-'
rit~ -'a t hsave -(, PBut i 11-1 1145014 ithe !- ,.Te'.r is ia need for develop.'
idlfl i' ti;)notOt 1*021 ii t t'ingt' 1 --'uncuj- ,...._. 2a1t of cr t.eomm2ecil avIatCionbe-
It work, asa ceilat'S ituss, 1-luls of Irl.av Associated Press) icausesuchitilideetlpment is necessary
I £ti r ,£n' a t vlce-k02,101 1)10.1o1241 /11 x &ta41I 1 1ml,01, Jan 1, -Until there is 'to our inustrlal and commercial rog-
'. i r..'.^"-^'1'j "1.¢5 :;'"leat '>c atf't iiation g rds thn Iro-s4C,..
~ ~ I -aThe development of our con-
hit(' NP I~i' ' IM - - ~s~< ImeremI a iation tiecessay for a-
f E A'srn a T h n n i a , h«+. , ~ ' $" -' .. pyrz rt' .. - } .ter d~ dl y d ir e c t e d t h r o u g h d e f -
?' Th xia-"ltof < ; li~te vh - eSf pthe bet method It
yste Ciysalirreno o walofldev dilingthe ° raft industry.
y tIrit ale nowJldel,tza a '- 2Y sgi +. . '
'a tottarope :h a IfOi'O~ktlx~ - 2' ~ere 34 duh a develxp nit by means of
? tss'inli n roo 3 of ther i mait- .' asniy wil create pulc -coni-
'' lnfn Te ubec>f as ftrappt_ dece In the Industry ~by enab-
= ils, rt U)j2to i ems. Sze Il~ eague } iing ' prooe wi lx
Ispeech will he "The Conscienti- j - -- c r it t
au 01 bjeclo-t-s to thse World I --- --su ed If the goernment ad.- -
taue and w ill be given under ,".K' ni g I 4) h ett r d - -,p
1)' it ill)i uFh'ses I 2men51in ty u (" rItory lTe-t tsg team on.
iiNlIvK' 1 5 At ~ -Wi. 11011no "the irept -inaan -- -o o tlfc
th~ge.iLat La c - r ssa - ots h ' Ctons of the Miclhgan
'decitded to m. uss toe. fan ithe ihllo' in t
___15,000 men ha'' at g v- lon:,
I ~OCiuefi ii Ia~ I~~ i cusd Iemnet eaq rr- ,c~ -al opinion 1. Thie granting of
eithxer by the mt 1 the'mselves or by ale'-toasn~ ittfits is the en- i cisistfnt with 04)1 .~
I c i-i0let V The da". -'wet thPe problen aisjten te'sprogram, 1 sseni
-ge'eat-:C prod uctioan 0x' N ea l1th -- -a eh T he olr gn relai . rts ..nmr tte- -o f -t . ",he gratifn n--
hl:a 251.11 ti'. sidle 1r>liminishintgthilPl'sag (a'opted a 'iCoution today 1wa. eLu I olcy - -- n
totl amun~t to wealth.i urging the government to remain irni 1cot raged, due to walt- -
A zntll r g's(ttw, ' t--i's the produc-i In its demand th a the Rhineand oc- I past ii) the dv -
tion i of ilth a\ compilared to wealth,. c1Ilaton army be restritted to the - ustri'.
C-'dr urso-Lin. wenwecoie vel of te Germn apre-wear garrl-1 . The grant ---
thle Pr2oducio(ifiinaythinig, all we 8ask; sons,' 'hich numbered45,604 to 50,G00fax Inthe devlo -
i is 0 thesr it'sill give1',us aproft. xi en, ansd that the'-Rhine' m reginti -avaton -vo' - -
101;is piltj1a -,;-:1'cjc>° 'tin-cs 'll,pg in its entirety be licnl 0 -: s as toj, C t tcf4"
that <a e prta< ~ ~ ~ t rpplt ibaeY>u ei s s!conmto th e oiices xit i~lO' sd wit I '4 ThMer-e,-
anh m laare prode'. 1i3 this isthe dei. gning of the treaies aLo- 1mWeans ,of deve'U
ink Issied mnmy Qtill luxuries. Couut.carne and the verbal acords.riac'ed air srvice te
less pee'nuare employed in matitng filth tth re ?X eastnjg In - it
+a(IU'Igu11~'sieiahe: peole !Offcial quarters have htti i ed :Michigan gae the fir't 1wt c ly,;cie
lad necessities .a thild ly hl stam'v'Lg. their suspicion that Prance - is the contetous. Fe pointed to th rvo
' Phi-u also ineft:dins the getting readydcief factor in the Wie e s-' alleg-ad Ins n w i h hasaen place in trais-
for w'iar, 1-tre is s WZlcC riser to ts' disincliuutionol to aecorodate -('ermnan portatiot) due to aircraft, and told
hihghaw poinon .The; kind at' social! wishes and hopes with respect to re-,'lot" railroads and other idustries
s} ;tn Iihhsntfudas°yt- dtloss of allied forces, in Rhieland ;.were uauraed from their infancy to
:;et ridl of war ish asI. teullt' sy stern. ,,ones It. is pointed ouit tlat. bott l gigantic entrprss trough the use
f"Mos pt itPiv Aa~vI~Int. s- ; England and Belgiu'. already have 1 of tesubsidh~y. 'He made it clear that
c ece tieti. bidil iiaysse by the de-
- a a value., whichiforms pro sj , v- -e oreueterr5Os1tv li o att
site a reasert almet a 'tuces, bt I eltptteut f' oiinerctia aviation, bt
I~~~~~~~xx~ he iI lsdtI, th(15dels it - detuat todefe s
tltr'i' i aso lT.} t4UL IeII f ~t- T O!ISCSS s ho~ uld 110 usl 111 5f ht'e ol of
I -'I1'1tao'iiil'X l'0t5('2'1ri05 of the diaer- ILL ~ I Ib~ imeUittdletat.d:
eit ars1- e: I' at 1cieb ngiCs in PESDETI
[ ane fr hel aIersofthI!rt I, The ars t Nortwetern speaker,
= nyfete111 1' fte,-U~~ Re1!T King nadoa a - 'ro point of the fact
! ,' sa 11 r s wh c ,ez t h R B EM I H UN t a: w a. s wi eand bettor e mlolyed , 'lr .cs 1 len a s bII IiIra teIh
r i- dasw aet u hnsb aes capitalist takes ro rid. h "risk is
- tbig110ol ~yt nwwa -'iueiity Represenatu'es To Meet; I taken by the taxpayers, be sid. H
v;; as-e getting.- We ought to bulaQ '~ May Consider Polibtou eplainled thatst'ney coies too easy
erdsg-tstsarsan ltaCt'I when a- subsidy is granted, and rather
lg to a dves'tis'enents. In ito dire--' Housing problems and other oat-- Ethan dlevelpig the industry on its
r esullts and indir'ect results, , it. is I ters of interest both to the CUnver- merits depeds more and more upon,
-las Ia. hb_- ;ity and the fraternitieson fte cans !the goverint f ~ o suppot
I c ssd sR l Ofilat hiEnergy 'ais'ed e li v ill be co .idel ' I at. . inc a* g oubrg, inl refin ig his opponents,
"It is safe to !,ay nat of the JprCrscit of the ofie~ers of the fraternity alumnl+i Ipi'ei u k- n dat-gso
d tergy at ouri diposal, 530 pr ent'I organizations with Presiet Carence] government sbsiy, and told the neg-
{1' :s sle.Itf-we could mansge- our-I Cook little at 2:20 o'clock today in ; tive lpakes that they were ncon-
I20 n1l. istnihi admitting that a subsidy
i s lvs s >Oat ly, we couldllproduce th - ofion- would e .nable the eomerial air ser-
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