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December 05, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-12-05

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Barbour Gymnasium Scene Of Symphonic League
Opein Of CruAnBaar To Aid Hospital


Speclal Invitation Given Men
Attend Sophomore Circus
At Gymnasium
Large crowds attended the open
performances of the Sophomore cire
yesterday at Sarah Caswell Ang
hall. Men are especially invited to
tend the performances this morn
and afternoon, for which tickets m


be obtained at the door.
Elephants, music, peanuts, gay Spa
ish shawls, clowns-this is the eff
which met the eyes of those watchi
the circus given for the first time y
terday afternoon and last night. T
more performances will be givent
day, one at 11 o'clock and one at 2
One of the outstanding features
the circus was the 18 piece ba
which played "Varsity", "The Victor
and other Michigan songs in a ma
ner imitative of the University ba
although the personnel of the sop]
more orchestra consisted only of t
saxophones, one trumpet, one sn
_ drum, two kettle covers, and twe
kazoos. The uniforms of the ba
were of maize and blue material a
each woman wore a small peaked c
and a blue cape lined with maize. T
drum major with her high hat, a
decorated maize and blue baton i
'The Victors".
The Spanish dance was given as
short pantomime with a tragic en
jng. Susan Storke, '27, and Aur
Fowler, '27, starred in the act, a
sisted by four other couples. Mi
Storke took the role of the hero, Mi
Fowler the heroine, and Gertru
Benham, '27, was the villain.
The finale of the performance co
sisted of the entire cast of the circu
as they h'ad appeared by acts, and,i
addition to these, three women dres
ed in the fashion of 1870.
People of Egypt are buying twi
as many autos as they did a year ag

More than $30 was realized from the
To Large Sales In All Uooths ShoW Symphonic league bazaar, held last
Success Of First Day Tuesday in the School of Music. This
For Bazaar money will be donated to the hospital
-- for use in the play room. Last year,
ing Booths at the Women's league and victrola records and a variety of toys
Gus Interchurch bazaar were depleted of re purchased for the children.
At the annual Christmas party of
;ell a great deal of their treasure yester-~ the league, there will be a Christmas
at- day afternoon and night as the crowds tree and small toys distributed as
ing of people sorted out Christmas gifts gifts to the members. After the party
ay of one kind and another. Barbour these toys will be collected and taken
a gymnasium was the scene of bustling to the hospital for the sick children.,
sales women and eager 1)uyers.
an- The women of the University hadi ou est F r
ect their articles displayed on the tables gorei
[ng across the back of the gymnasium and Student Entered
es- part of those along the east side. The
wo church women of Ann Arbor display- Is Chinese G Yirll
to- ed baked goods, fancy work, and pot-
:30 tery on the other tables. Many beau- x
tiful and useful gifts were on sale. "Do they think we are terrible be-
of The candy and salted nuts booth at- cause we don't ever wear hats-not
nd tracted as much attention as any even to church?" asked Su Lin Chen,
s", other with its delicious home made the little Chinese girl who entered
an- candy and freshly salted nuts done up the University this fall as the young-
nd, in attractive gift packages wrapped in est foreign student that has ever been
ho glazed paper. Delicate organdie tea accepted. "We cannot get used to
wo aprons, novelty luncheoni and bridge wearing hats here even if it is proper
are sets were on sale at another table. -it is never, never done in China ex-
lve Indian baskets and blankets were cept by old ladies."
nd sold and there was an assortment of Su Lin, with her hair in a long braid1
nd brass candle sticks and bowls at one down her back, and very likely with a
ap of the booths. The flower booth was Chinese doll tucked in some handy
he 'in the hall to the right of the en- corner of her room, is taking the reg-1
and f trance.. ular course prescribed for freshmen
ed The tea room was filled to its although she has only been in America.
capacity at luncheon and dinner time for a year and has studied English
a and many people visited it during the only slightly in her native high school.
d- afternoon for tea. Women dressed in She thinks English a very difficult
el bright colored blouses and black trou- subject but not quite as hard as
s- sers served them. Entertainment was French, one of the courses she is now
ss furnished by several women who play- takng.s
ss ed the piano. F
de Five cents a dance will be the Bsd
charge for those attending the dance BERLIN.-One sentence of death
n- which is being conducted in connec- and five sentences to terms of impris-
s, tion with the bazaar from 4 to 6 onment were pronounced at Schwerin
in o'clock this afternoon in Sarah' Cas- after a secret trial of six members of a
s- well Angell hall. A good orchestra is secret extreme Nationalist organiza-
promised, and both men and women
are urged to be there.
ced ___ _ ____ __ _C1l 1 1611 111 11 Illil1111111111111111111111

Makeup Workers
D Needed For Play
nT RMakeup workers will be needed for
the Junior Girls' play and it will be
necessary to use women who are not
Enterhi Women Attend Meeticigs otherwise engaged in play activities.
held For Explanations Aid 1Dis- Any one who is interested in this
cussions Of Ciuiapius i4robleis work who does not intend to tryout
or who is not on a committee is eli-
CONSISTS OF 18 TALKS gible to this work and should call
Charlene Shiland.
Closing the third year of her lee-
ture series to entering women, Miss pressed in the Y. W. C. A., Dr. Mar-1
Jean Hamilton, dean of women, re- garet Bell for athletics, Professor R.
ports that 87 per cent fulfilled the W. Cowden for literary organizations,
requirements of the course, eight per Miss Amy Loomis for dramatics, Miss
cent failed to attend at all, and five Norma Bicknell, '26, president of the
per cent failed to complete require- Women's league, for executive, Miss
ments Nora Crane hunt for music, and Miss1
The total of 1028 students for whom Hamilton for debating.
the lectures were given was made up Delegates from each campus organi-
of 926 women entered in February, zation were asked to be present andI
nurses who had entered in February to discuss their organizations with
and June, women who entered in any women new on the campus who
September, and 102 delinquents from showed especial interest. Discussions
1924. ' considered some of the problems
The series comprised 18 meetings which University women are coping-
l held during four weeks between Sept. with, such as student government,
29 and' Oct. 22. Miss Hamilton met time budgets, responsibilities of good
five groups a week lecturing or lead- citizenship, and character values.
ing discussion on campus organiza-
tion. Her purpose in giving the LONDON.-Departing from a 40
course is to acquaint women who year policy, the London County coun-
come to the University for the first cil granted 17 music halls which have
time, whether freshmen or upper- not had bars, licenses to sell liquor
classmen, with the institution, and to along with their competitor theaters.
advise them early in their college life
of the resources at hand that they I
may relate themselves to their spe- CHICKEN, DUCK and
cific interests.
Her first lecture sketched briefly STEAK DINNERS
the history of the University, the stu-I
dents relation to the Womnen's league, Served every day.
and her responsibility as a citizen.
The second lecture presented a sur- Dancing Parties and
vey of the major extra curricula ac- Banquets.
tivities on campus. This year a new
plan was tried and proved successful. IHIOTEL LYON !
Representatives were asked to speak
for campus interests: Miss Ruth SOUTH LYONS
Deemer for religious interests as ex-

Because there seems to be general
misunderstanding about the date
when signing-out slips are due in the
dean of women, the last date for
handing in the slips has been set as
the fifth of the month instead of the
tenth as previously.
In November almost half of the
slips came in after the eighth, while
out of the slips due from 108 houses,
19 houses handed them in after the
tenth. This month 72 houses have
handed their slips in by the third, and
it is urgently requested that the re-
maining 36 send theirs in to the office
of the dean of women immediately.
The signing-out slips should include5
the record for the entire month, that
is, November slips now due should
carry only the signing-out from Nov.
1 to Nov. 30 inclusive.
Short of the nose ring of the black
African "beauty," society women are
reverting to barbaric styles in jewelry
and personal adornment. Diamond
arrow armlets, which convey the il-
lusion that the bare flesh has been
pierced by the. arrow, are the latest
creation in the present craze for "sav-
age" ornaments.

To Sponsor


Leadership Group

Play production in the high schools
will be explained by Prof. R. D. T.
Hollister of the public speaking de-
partment in his talk before the lead-
ership group of the Y. W. C. A; at
7:15 o'clock Tuesday, Dec. 8, at Lane
Program planning for women's
club work will be hiscussed during
the second hour of the meeting which
I will be conducted by Ruthe Lowber,

Women Pledged
Sigma Alpha


Sigma Alpha Iota, national honor-
ary musical sorority, pledged the fol
lowing women recently: Frances
Gsorsline, '26, Belva Tibbals, S of M;
Kate Keith Ficld, S of M; Emily
Woodward, '27; Josephine Hicks, S
of M; Anna Lloyd, '27; Edith Mary
Woodward, S of M; Alice Louise
Pouch, '28; Florence Griffith, '26;
Louise Walsworth, S of M; Mary
Louise Goodman, '27; Gladys Schroed-
er, '27.
LONDON.- The Bank of England
today raised its official minimum dis-
count rate to 5 per cent, an increase
of 1' per cent.

"The Smallest Lamp Shop
in the World"
Will Open
621 East Liberty St.


!1!!!!!!!!!l111!!I!!!!!!!6!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ,

. mw



PAYX IUII iLfl 41~I1IlvA i.vl~Y.


"'famed for

a _ t1

Christmas Is Near

s« '
ti ~
'' ^ .
3x :
i :
1 ' S
tR :
tfi .
y -
%F. a':
R 'V
L' i
. ;5;


cooked Choco ,
and Bonbons,

Hard Candies 40lb.
Over Sixty Kinds

Lovely models in metallic, faille,
satin, gold lace, velvet and felt,
suitable for street, dance and even-
ing wear. Boutonnieres for coats.
Flowers for dresses. Curtain drop
veils for hats and fancy kerchiefs
and scarfs. a
h I{{I{II 1 {I tll {I{{{{!111{111{I1{11111{{11{111@{{{{{{11{11!11{{1111{11111{{!{{{1{{{i{1 I

A variety of fancy gift
packed with your assortment.

boxes for your
$1.25 up.

selection and

Novelties for the Christmas tree, chocolate Santa Claus,
deer, dogs, cats and many toys.
* Parcel Post Mailing Service.*

715 N. University Place
On the Campus






At the Women's League Bazaar
Meat Ioaf with Tomato Sauce -or Beef Tenderloin with Sauce
Potato Chips -
P CChicken a la King Potato Chips Roast Pork with Curried Apples
_ Mashed Potatoes Pears
head Lettuce with Thousand Pineapple Saad hotaRolls Jam
Island Drssingot RollslsJJm
HIl rssing Hot Rolls Jam Ice Cream and Cake
hot olls JamIce Ice Cream Cake or s
Ice Ice Cream Cake r C
Tea Coffee Milk Tea Coffee Milk French Pastry,-
Tea Coffee Milk
Barbour Gym
Courtesy of War Book Store
-01111#1111111 U# 1!11111111!#1 #1 1 lil i 1111 11111111llI ltllllillllll111111111111111141 441141 1 £1111111414111111#11 11111111111 ##111111
HE gifts in Goodyear's Prices here during this
have been bought by Christmas season are just as
people of good taste. they are during all seasons
They have been bought for --right prices, fair prices.
people of good taste.
These gifts-hundreds and And these gifts, selected for
thousands of them-are wor- you by people who are ex-
thy of going'as your emis- pert judges of merchandise,
saries Christmas morning. are sold you by people who
They are worthy of rcpre- are pleasant and understand-
senting your feeling for ing. -.
someone else.
And every one of these gifts, No wonder you are making
you may. be assured, is right Goodyear's your Christmas
in price, store


Fine owa


from New York -
Shops !


More new Pumps for Street
with or without Buckles
Very Fashionable




Jr %.
--^-^ ...

The "Renee"
A street pump in
patent or dull,
medium weight


Direct from New York where our buyers are
now shopping for you-these adorable little millin-
ery creations have come!
Smart silks and combinations to brighten De-
cember campus costumes! Clever dress hats to
accompany you home for the holidays! Colors to
/acompanyyouhom fo th hoidas!tolosrt

Quilted Satin Slippers, All Colors


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