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October 18, 1925 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-10-18

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VOL. XXXVI. No. 24








NS it l ' E, I LN' E

Harva'rd Presldenl Amto g 'len Froul
131 G'olleges and Unziv1ersities
ffho WIVII 'e Present
T Represenit a ives from 31 colleges
and univerite have accepted the
inxitation of the ilniver:;ity to be pres-
ent at th-e itiaugurat ion of President
Clarence Cool; Little on Nov. 2. In-
stitutions in the East as well as those
of the widdlewest will be represented
when the new President is inducted
into office.
Pres. A. Lawrence Lowell of Ilar-
vard university is among those whose
acceptances were received yesterday,
morning. Other representatives from
c a_,;ern institutions are Dean Chris-
tian GauS)S of Princeton university,
Chancellor Jahn G. IDowman of Pitts-
burg university, Prof. Larue Van
Tyn k cf C (ibi ni.nivoe sit. Dan

Nlihwester.......2 0 0 .000
J io is . ...........1 0 0 .000
Indhicago .......... 01 10 1.000
Wisconsin . . .. ...0 1 0 .000
Minnesota ....0 0 0 .000
Purdue . .. . ....0 0 0 .000
Second Number of Oratorical
Series October 27
Featuring Colonel Laurence Driggs,
'99, founder and president of the
American Flying club, the second lec-
ture of the regular season program
of* the Oratorical association will be
held in Hill auditorium Oct. 27. The
first lecture will be given on Oct. 24
by Captain Roald Amundsen, Arctic C

(, y Associated Press)
Yake tadiuml, New York, Oct. 17, 1 U A K I
Areimy conquered Notre Inme toda yr r:'."" .'
. r-yaiird )lun by 4nIg;e for T ouchdownl
270,Iesore a colorful crowd of Gast Ar -
000. Thle veter an cadet elevenI, withlDfat
Hlarry Wilson mid tiny He witf.
leading a a si=i ttackL >, ottlayed ( }ri
l c r(een and in( _pI tit.nced lHoosier ;K UTSCIF's WA STAR
E o e :; 'ct t j i A , s o l l; toto ulch d o w n s ill the sec o )d (plarter ( Ry A ssociated P ress) l
an ltwo mol-( in tiht finadpriod. IW TOt 1roa eet
It w-m theo first time th Arm-of ld linni., 12-10 ill a ramia c;I nlshr
11mnilled N'otrl ^Dame :,ine 1016, anid b r eodbraighm o-
was 1h otdcsv rup h ng crowd of 30.000.sp ectafors lin thet
cadet s ev('r ha"e Scored over tile In -onsaiu oa,
dianal~ tcam. It was um t som rl( t'he ;anme sfar td and fihed with
Notre blamehas sukstaIllined ince its 'two tremarkaol laysI~,r <ll. pain Iar-
defeat at the hands of N\ebraska IIn old Gtrange, of Illinois cooped up thle
1023 and narked th,, dcwnfall of theoeigkcolan ae 0yrs
jHoosiers, fromlthe nat inal (champ+Iion
ship 1; e;iht thy hold last year. i
After a, Seot'f' r Make Confierence Record ( y n
1(,,5 flless i t pe rod,
Army's "Pennsootbslarrecordhwasr.
In the Second qfuart(.r, Wilson scorin gTn otalreodws
the first Icluchdownioil a three yard aetci hntoCne-
buck through the line after Ilewilt. 1ak r
hadl (ashed and phlnged 34 yards in
flee plays. 'Thle sccond Loulchdownl downs ~ial he otset of their re- '

i'O [EHINES l[ 0E R
EVEN B0 C G P 1 6
Siy Joseph Kruger
.\T. }IO':, Oct. 17.----1k%,higan hurdled its first real obstacle in the
patthat l< ad to the Western Conference football championship 'by de-
t the .Iron ; Badger eleven, 21 to 0, at Camp Randall fiefd here
to~taylbfre fhe largest crowd that h1-s ever attended a Wisconsin game.
l e Maize and Blue lost no time in taking the lead when Ben Fried-
rwne Woolverine star forward passer, hurled the ball to Bruice Gregory,
4 nd I e scrappy Michigan halfback ran 45 yards for a touchdown, aided
1)':- ome brilliant blocking. Friedman then kicked the goal.
Cn file very next play Leo H-irmon kicked off to Friedman; who,
cacn;,, thne ball 01 his own 10 yard yard line, made the most spectacular



Play of the afternoon, when he raced
00 yards for thze second score. Dur-
ing his run, the Wolverine pilot suc-
ceeded in slipping out of, the grasp
of several Badger tacklers, reversing
fis field and then running across the
goal line. Friedman also kicked the
Oosterbaan Scores
Michigan scored her third touch-
down in the second quarter, when
Oosterbaan grabbed Friedman's pass

The Honymoon xpress" Falls
Gr' sund lill "Mform Near



France" Fenton Bernard of Smith col-# Colonel Drikgs hais become interna- Icame shor tly "ft er wn Baxter tookse Iv gm-._____-c pay just as h
1e;7e, Pres. George Daniel Olds of tionally known as an aviation expert. short pass fromt Hatrding over the nT ESF R EDD W rem
A9mherst college, Actin~ President Ii. His balk will deal with soite p articu- line, following a drive from n Army'seevnh
S. JBoardlman of the University of gar phase of aircraft, the definite sub- ~f yard glie. heretofore- down.
Maine and Prof. Wayne J. Atwell of jest not yet being announced. Nore Damn ;eldomn threatened - - --(y Associated Press) After 1
the University of Buffalo. In securing a elate from Colonel and was never inside Army's 25 yard A h S ' t1 iEEfIM, W. Va., Oct. 17.--Less game, th
Driggs, officers of the association felt line. The Hoosiers ;;cored only seven fra t u n min thesfsscut oo1 miles from where the giant running ;
312.d-West Representatives ta(hywr rign a oAn is onadforo hs eeo ond of play. 'Then witi h th ;core mindca met with disaster on Sept.susn
Tsoe who have acceptednsitton re - Arbor who would be very popular passes while another was due to an 10-6 against hambrek anwtlley e kCapltan Rob Brown ; evch fasom,4 lnscnet
enngmwstr iniuinsa with the student body. The aviation, Army penalty. avnaeo ra ntesa Cp Robert :1rown, lear of tlt ate yesterday were set upon by the methods.
as follows: Pres. H. L Fiemnan of expert is a Michigan man himself, - -.--.-_._I nid ;tated a stieady m -ht h e"wboverines played 7 Stelar defensive 'lemnents and three men killed when Molend
Adrian College, Dean -V. II. M-hvnggautd rmteUnvriylrns goal. game aganst W'iscon i}ysera, mti of the planes, "The Honeymoon ubak
Cracken of the Detroit College of D u l e nn Cn19.Iewsboni a a.owboy :ick Kutsh. counicl:r" holding the ren;.r of flth-;lind a tint G'xres," rs, ocat.teBd
Mdinan ugyPrsArhrFollowing his graduation from the I O f Locarn Pact"S"" h oerwe ocd of three
Andrews of Grand liapids Junior Col- awasyyh wn t ewYrkadol t :3 yard ruin, dash ing to the I men On olsues he opened the hols, e netoBlngFedthi go
lege, Pres. Kenyon L. Butterfeld ofI lin:enyadlnwhrCiiglfo ln'atlnep tg:; engaged in the practice of law, later I Shoffn B SlossOn fasrinton, where the planes hopped directly i
M\ichigan State college, Dean War-I becoming attorney general. 1 By brougheirini topewesh; K4tschnaged Towar
ren Es. Bow of Detroit Teachers' col~ H---s-edthe avter oniln ,,e n+ xt play for a tou rF c '"" o"'o-0, n 1trad
loge, hies. henry Merritt Wriston of (France in 1914-1316-1918 as an avia r car eet ray hedw u t aaitoytMCene down at hangin Field, Mounds- Badgers,
Larececolee ndPres Strattonto xet protocol which was signed at Lo- the crowd u lr with exci<:tert
Larnec!eea e. o ineprwhen he was the guest carno, Switzerlxnd Fhridahas' , m s obh also booted two fild Foals, r ee Tegru o lae ere on
D. Brooks of the University of MVis~ of the Allied powers. Following the dubeH e d e a had prleipated in the air races at in both
dbl ignificrance, in the o pinion off tend ritOn Seored on by the Lar1
suurf- signing of the armistice, he examined; mr9itch ell Field, New York, and were broke up
Ohrduarswowl rs-the German aviation fields in an of- ,nW lssn ftehs oNlr1mm Capita' Levy on their way to inerior stations, fly- baly.
e ilu re.Wtr ilSttficial capacity. Colonel Driggs }Lastm _L_-_n-- ing by way of Washngton. mon pun
ofNrhetr nvriy rf -written several books on the suject any pn ,tnh lont rv s nc;Amte P(s) The pilot and two Dayton news-on the M
.1 Praeger of Kalamazoo college, of aviation, onle of his most popular) p a proves the effiiency l1C1, r!w'F, t . We q - lnpaper attaches were killed when "he trnd
Chancellor. . .Lindley of the Un- works being the "Go great kqueswtionae setleday mdwict, Of acapital levy with former Pr. Iioemo xrs"fl erNwwn o
vclsit:y of Kansas, Prof. William Me- Aviation" published in 1920. C mier IHerrio as i, chant in and fin.. 3alem, Pa., a little town in the cokefuiea
Cracken of Western State Normal r - U|i U tt qnc mini Lr Calltux opposing it, regions. rJust what happened has not line, Le
schol, P on ay .colflege.Dea m- yof . frma i erngenof dill_- _dominated todays sssion of the rad- been de rmined, but that their plane Captain
mranuel Misoay legDa I Gave W'inning ! ' i iecal so ialis,~ congress an1 although gnu,; have found it difficult to fly be- Michgan
James King of Olivt coleePe. (lomtatcnotes through ambassadors" (%'1,UVf F S, Ohio, Oct. 17. - OhioStttn criysfetotbltam ovoetct;tknA.Irittpcaue fthbdwahristetdpruiy
E. C. Warner of Central Michigan Ply o Y st"d hesad.Ih£evlai ' 1f0rnm itojhei egwy umbedCoumbaby sor of9-l eaedto avhteamjostixfth. lyhlirs acwtatrixothrswye Dyl H
Nra scolDen Edward W rmn setrne te cco vebed(ruhmb asor -
W.mlshol en w1 , Say Dr. Lave wld lseave only te uieclStaesbefore a cod of apprximaey 4,Iparty lined 111 bh-hind hnt-against 1he forced down near the scene of the rcvr
Ch'ubb of Ohio university, Prof. R( faitlilrtn owr 00i h Oi taimtoa. Uance nter. M. C~ailax held a rnsh- toward t
James M. White of the University oofI and Russia as tne import"ntnpowers'Th 0m0nikilled whro seargurn- toray.
Illinois, an DeanHermanG Jam "s I taught Yosty'zt that forward pats not members of that body in :Tho lhe gamne was considered one of miley herac.O"frn't [hmeeildwreGogILora1
. o. Nebaka.Play that is gong to beat Wisconsin1 opniun of Professor Slosson. it is the mot important mitersectionatl
Ofthe mer s y enobas a today" Dr. Tom Lovell said yesterday mrore outstanding than would he tpe contets today. lith' Ohio forward aptid t ne h rsn i-N . n ttoe tWlu rgto h
Ohr r inn e- morning "It was four or five years 'adlierence of either of the other two, pass attack worked wflh clock like O cumstances. Ilfi, ayton; Vrue Timmerman, 24, ors narr
arhers Fpran odn wohDerott ago, I think in 1920, that I went downf "sice the United States at least has precision, with the dashing Elmer "ecno ev u ogesHa htgahrfrteDyo hnG
cepted aebrn d fDtot m u ai ya ne Hr ndJraadMarcC.
o he field and showed Yost that no quarrel with other nations and Marek as the special star. The Buck- ltp b~d~:acp a. lv sn. 1ri. ln Iinil n MuieC
Thomas I7. Johnson, estate; superin- .- rtey." gielnred M. lierriL. "We d-1 ifuton. 2:, avsafion editor for the Pls
t~eden ofs!;ool ' FankS Roygersh bstply teconstitutes no uch po;ive menacca cye, conshd;;en ly outplayed tHe eat- pa.I stebs lyi h!Y3Pl
. dn o nt llrn .tges nd . a :ife frm wealth, not fti a npa per. All were married !and Isition to
JeseL~nch iiasne holder fi game. to world peac as would a chauvinist 1 rncrs.
Ues yc i imnw o r. Lovell then demonstrated how GermranyWhile Rlussia lack:; the in-----demarnd a sezrcme of wealth, not in t lav. families. foot's t
th elwhpo rate art pat the ,shepaywrs.I1etitlmntg of low deniagogy, !)tite~ Those who witnessed the crash saidlne
. UnitedplyStates Ile took the papa of01dustri power which nowadays muskt - lne
Ulniversit y, I ie ttsRpee ,can - e o l I love for the It public and thuat as the plane passed over New ,maize a
tative Earl C. M ielhener of Adrian, e c a i u n n d shw re ow te junderlie any srilue; m ilitary mnace. -t ] 1,g.¢ pth(m ni o ypm t en in s ee ed to be in ag in r
Dr. Sul i, atehalhcmms 10idsan o to cth nnnloin in the d ]rhration, trouble. A Lew mnutes later, they to sor
I ynr, Snatr Hav y(.1Pnnyyanhe bl nd how to run to a score o lyC ossBels 00 G i ftn-' n" a cr"" . fthsI it~,pthe pilot appeared to be ma~ backs w
Mrs. Penney, C. M\. Burton, city ]cis-E it 1 congr:.a tmoso tomorrow to hrlp us findt anoett i gn for it landing, the planelbLeo Har
loriaof Detroit, Dr. George N.urFil- after eciiit.H rv r T a 91 - k OFH " the doctor went on, a -- ---- i "formnula which v ,illmarc oera in took a nose dive and fell to the the goal
lei, state historian, Judge Arthur J. ''Antthingk, tepaytat s--- ! Mrc than 2,500 personhs saw Ltt',the il)( rll of tita 1 talparty.' round. Fire enveloped the wreckage four ya
Ttl fDroT.EJosn fmade his team the best in the counrtry, CA 1IYfID,I, Mass.. Oc. 17.-Tar Viscvnsi-4liciem football came sil- - simultaneous with the impat and On th
L nrmingFrank F. Rogers of Laus-- --. he will not even give me rt pass Co vardl's plunging backfiel was inref- igramrd play by play on fle d ri ipr:ons who rushed to the scene ex-ashh
-ng A=nd r a Mrs. Rum-fAn that field down there. I have't been fective against a stone wal line today; graph it hill auditorium yestnrday ,ine h ode ftemn covering
AbMan un nd r.Rm-on thc field since the day 1: taught himi and Holy Cros defeated the (rimsonr afternoon. Ovr( d. - ,gn lin
stae gfeloit.,adlhr .Sih that play, and I'm not going to tha( 7-8. Each teamn scored il the sean: ells were led Im eal he Yale Is Defeated tera
stt elgs.field until Yost gives me a )ass." period and the winning margin .,a could riot be pictured on the glss . Leo Ha
-~ "rowley's successful kick for the eox- foot ball field were announced to fal-lv tro rs By Pennsylvania the goal
Minnesot Will COLGATETIED Y A M 'AYIE1Ti? tra poin'. ^ passngmachine which)thethe semblance of realty. Dai L~11UTNOi.7 a: and Mi
MIEN SUB ,SCORE:S 'TOUCHDOWNi" faled to work kept Harvard from', N. Raid, '261., was the announcer andi n ep it, on thauina,;iet- l
BuldAu itri scoring i tfin saperiod. i staff of eigt amen achat-ge of John N nvriy Wie
PHILADEL:PIIA, Oct. 17.-Lafay- --- -I; S-l^- ll. Bennett, '27., received and pots bAt Iumblnlh cn n ft c c ed f PennHyVENaOct.m1.-Unvekty(NeW lyed
MINE POLS in Oc 1--ette uncovered a foptball star in I n AilTN 1SlSFGT tsaed the results. b 0lee oa fe 2yast eetfrte
That Minanesota wvill have its million] Iley Moore, sub quarter back, t o mat ch T O 6-6 T I E %U11N E R R A SI A N+--- - wS or He ru >c ttr. Ind, YVale on t he grid iron 16 to 13. A leadping th
dollar audlitoriurn and that students the runs of Eddie Tryon, and the ( --- I n a T- n * O n soditonhofe-v ldu nte is w eid e carriers
of t e U ie st il p y t er f l!Maroons fought to a 7-7 tic with Col-j LINCOLN, Ncb., Oct. 17.-The Uni-1a s o e sil. ol h w r ma;v ' i ed up in rfile gafst t ho e riB ds es i l B w
amount of stadium-aunitorium pledg- gate on Franklin field today. A, versify of Wtiashrgton huskies and' zias. bat setri tarsme :ria t- ru.,h. It was the first defeat suf tackle,
as I ct reto ,is te cnsnu rowd of 25,000 saw the game. Both 1Nehr aska fought to a tG-6 tic, h i e . e y Y l in theiry as.s;o
of omspisioyndasmsagina scoreg ofrsccanpusootba1 ---h --r_-°- (C
lf pnina ngasr f musattacks afternoon. Both toams displayed a
leaders who held a joint meeting here -pwrfP441.--R ND AAD ST D N SPAR D

e crossed over the final line.
aagain kicked goal, his
consecutive goal after touch-
the first two plays of the
e teams changed to an end
attack but could not get re-
id for the remainder of the
again switched to the aerial
a and Stamman, Michigan
,were successful in piercing'
er line repeatedly for gains
to five yards but both spoiled
,od work by costly fumbles
in front of the enemy's goal.
d the end of the second quar-
again in the third, the
after passing frantically,
the verge of touchdowns, but
cases Giljiert of Michigan
the important passes.
"in the second half, Leo Harr
ated the ball out of bounds
Michigan 8 yard line. Gilbert
the punt against a strong
his own 35 yard line. After
,tempts to gain through the
o Harmon threw a pass to
Polaski who was downed on
,s 9 yard line."With an op-
y to score in front of him
armon fumbled the ball but
+d and attempted to run
he side line and was thrown
5 ard 'loss. Another pass
the ball to within 15 yards
Volverine goal.line, thre Badg-
owly missing a first down.
lbert punted out of danger.
31cigan Line Holds
i again placed his team in po-
score, when he grabbed Cro-
hrow on Michigan's 12 yard
But the Badgers found the
nd Blue line impregnable and
sorted to the overhead attack
e. However the Michigan
ere alert, Friedman catching
mon's pass directly in front of
Iposts and advancing the ball
Le next play Molenda fumbled
it the line, Leo Harmon re-
the ball. Again the Michi-
e halted the Badger backs in
:tempts to gain by line bucks.
rmon then threw a pass over
1 ie, the ball being grounded
chigan gaining possession of
teir own 24 yard line.
the entire Michigan line
brilliantly in opening holes'
Wolverine backs and in stop-
'e advances of the Badger ball
, the work of Captain Bob
at center, Tom Edwards at
and Benny Oosterbaan at end
ut during the contest.
ontinued on Page Six)
/ A"' d'l't! 'l

.Y . 1 l l~ .
W .ith approximatcly 75 per cent of .c
the tio(tal number of. installments paidl
uL , t i tt1 1 m orporation has coe
amount t: ded by students, faculty z
andaum. The building committee i
is ready alit anxious to go alread
with the work as soon as the balance
is collected.
WASINGTON, Oct. 17.-A contin-
ued increase in employment during
, f :tnmber was reported today by the
1)( 1)rkient of Labor.
Ourea&he r Mard
L Yo

MTP CIEFMENS, Mich. Oct. 17.-;-- - ------ CIRCA GO, Oct. l 7.--Chicago tdefeat-
Selfridge field will get permanent L\ANSII'(, Oc t. 17. Iftntsers will ced Ntorth",e:tc rn 6-0 before <a crowzd o"
biuildings as soon as other Armiy! not be alloyed to takle deer out of the : E000 It3 th saw l obrczt Curley. di-
hosts named for appropriations in they slate in automiobiles this year, a~c- minutive 1ilaroon gtiartcr1a , boast
new government budget, in the opin- cordaing to John Baird, director of two 11(+t goal lxomi the 22 an{
ion of Rep. Louis Cramnton, of Lapeer. conservation. yRard Hmill i te 1h Ad pwriod. Ghica o


-- °-_.

College Football Scores

cOntest omded.
set injured in flee frst period and as-
si ted froml the field. T'I Purple
could .ot poll >irct~e the Ch!,l Lo lhn
aid roost oi' their l sswr n

Navy T e,10-10
I i 3 ;lls 1,, ' l h o i rom i i ? a :Mtate and Indiana games an-{-
c d to be (Av the approach of the band BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 17.--Prince-
f, r,+ fay wi ellc an iir rl oved manner. ' ton tied the Navy eleven 10-10 in
y S~aving his many innovations untilt the annual contest between the two
'S pi eco Uo1rst foreign game, the new drum- teams at the Baltimore stadium today.
3 f1 ibw m rr ttir liI;r displayed several improve-) before 54,000 spectators.
"0 V'11 s tt f, f . n leading the band. Over. and i Princeton took a lead in the first
t it aove the goal-posts, the baton period when Ewing boote~d over a
f fr~w hf i,1 rain, t-wirled when the band reached the drop kick from the 42 yard line, but
H hr nend of the field. . the Navy tied the count before th'e
f t' t tar c o ,f ,< te ##after the game, members of the end of the period when Hamilton
tir~f f t .; <nx wen 1 t E}tzhndl gathered at the Park hotel forl duplicated the feat with a kick from
n~~ r o aminet, with the officials of Wis- the 26 yard line.
Y #i t~h nd r follow- ozsns r usica1 organizations as The Tigers assumed the lead agar.
cad))v l, , : r;1flil ; ;.1r " ed ver. their guests. A contest was held to in the second quarter when Caulkins

Iowa 12, Illinois 10.
Chicago G, Northwestern 0.
Pennyn*i a 1-, Vae "3
Army 27, Notre Dania 0.
I-noi Cross 7. Harvard i.ft

Michi;:an Slate 1G. (enter 13.
Washington t>, Noraska G.
"yaue 11, Ind""""" ".
alimic,;ata 32 W lia h i.
Ohio Stafe 9, Cohumbia 0.

"7 ~ ',i r7., -r . Yx t. .i' +i, t + . .! +-..17.,., fi ft r.n I

;..+,,.,,.,,.,+,,a ,. .r.,,.., a,..,.,,., ,a Yc..,N .,...

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