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October 07, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-10-07

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7, 1925

THEMTC T n -,r n ",-fr




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7 17

1111 1 1111 H l F' A Il 1A I 'Ini 'uitiomt1 Vrieiidships Pointed Out As Best )fay To Avoid Future P " ~[! I

~ouSystem To
Pledges Adopted

- __ ' 1.IU hotl'\o o1I('US Leag ,ue,
(,til19fl, ('luggimig, *Favors iid14.1111t41f1S oB Stunts1ors 'ou. h
c's wh arethecrea ofthei con- tag;ft n' lSecond 'ait a74 4t',i'n 011,.;4tboutr' .
arc u?.of the Uive~rsit y of Michi- Itieare mssnga lttesle,!is 1'i: t f Ii=s t--V t, ,K' a iutsae ave tode noIt
-- - and re etablshin a hrt i thet.0 t1is hope! that tirtilly
TO INTRODUCE FACULTY <,, harts ofthose wmen whthmsvs budC 9MMIVFT EVS (AI "Ij,"o,'i,- {Jttce; zmtelmay be reachled byI
(Ann Arbor for a .,hort visit wth to crop (out some day,'if we can be-1 N httrc'goi wrigtlatl
frieiid, ater spending seven yearsileve what psychology teachs us. " e.. liv tt t ii itS tare no1w isnrin g.
.Dancing anid stunts will occupJy te1i .~~."nad the interior it. of Chin I"Chinese women loar hs SOdiorL'le WO"U~~n Si'.1 I '-V ie I 1te W1lt okn i
pat; o,~gbn h oe' iD hihr a sn oCian- oe oacp nflu einostosh i ihi sztrtl' l4et 1'\ t 7191 ;larger sum,! of titNoney ill bi
Athaleticorin ofaupce fththe, .tinprasenthi ovrmet.Iftey 'at' - the::.1 ~~ea~ ii ~sn
clcirdy, Iabol yma n unUnoihriita rp eehverasit ilgevac, whentheirecsti e? 4 t
1. onhhe campsnoft iChia n. ios it erntinlquestia o to es twadelatth;' h c la iutiet i1y1- 1 L t Iai lenis partoonet wllIle
theticafterocnacon rn 4toNormaie1crr k beals iesaofatheinY.ingCll .ege atied, theianrdlyoe eeedttoIfthe en's a .Loie1 l'i VS V' mY'' I 'Iii .urar< ieu(r.1lpi:) woup as oneio
oclarke, F'2da, cin airbormana adth udsfrwilliil beer av ps rivncwether ,
Colr e ,lon W i(;h w , iere by he. in itso 'ukien rovince, in the d(I:Iuse their influence in our favor. So' t t 'y of laI ,sr-1~ i l th e tfinst to p i et;' Lce n(Itire arnouiif
lagrt-elo h hyia lc-partxncrt of physical education. This You see, in your smallness, you are presCided(I i li'i ' lre '11' c i-i it is lInottiwl igo the ya veai' willtepyia eua toe oeta otref rsdet ~ilanc3 t beltl Thusa;Ot. .Tegop
ionve out durng fivrstwionalsthe ared by the skite of New York, for ishe concluded.ha heersaman of the bazs~ti r:a1 1C ii rlv, e V i anniig a large rummage sale atI
gie<ot aigthis dance anmd las t'i.t 1. t tioi Cii~e WOIHDr. Shepherd says tatter ' erand told rthe o mo .aof the nz t-li hehzy exet to clear cnoughl
this feature coiw rtoniese pro-lirut.nofChn.,wm .
gran llguetsar uredtoDC La kr'on, lDr. Shepherd left' this tremendous need of American univer- of a class sltt ci' tH .tsin;(it I ; tallltiieu 10)1and go over. his
pop.de'tiite I post for general missionary I ity women in China to teach in their late tei mii '2st i le ltli. 2 t t1haell i t ie plede of
prmp. oos.Dean J an l1an:ailonoi ill i'r'U d ;21 xil1", ~ I-ci unedl over to the
A spcia stnt as ben rragedand medical work in the interior of tschos
ChieianaunhsbergoanedAtor lashingtonntoArnaonase ltn-espaOflhb'e OIinil Sl i lvity fo utnd
by Etruria lDoster, '27, and Margaret \ith ' o h tiud fte Afe evngAnAbr sewl he111 ifbxa Intt vI
McNally, '27, to intro1duce the memn-' Cinesre public toward foreign pope- vention of Congregational churches,- fact that all olbel'ca; .-Vld I
I er of he pysicl edication laceshe citedl the incident known to and then to Boston, where s:he hopes "0''I51)dl'i'i1tt~l8111kote~~II4r
ulty and the new executive board of laeticeh ih oe f h. icu oudb"adtr trp Lt~rv't3,
tW. A. A. "Pat" Doster will also tb)etn as the trourble. of May 30th. to geti ocIih oeo hNiru ol ea hs .Jewv Questionnaire
ina 'lg lace1i~i "'A wnumber of Chinese students, who eastern clinics. She will return to A brief oull Ocf lin-mui tpnl -,-,
appear i lg.dnewith wreiJeetelniaovmntt China next ping to continue work p1e( ittd by All s I P hel l -t rn-n.zi;
MoTrchead, '26f . Lucille Walsh, '7,will titts'il fShanghai' in the same field, of the lphysial o('litn 0t l t.a ri OW P,.i . 2i o (Cook wonei have estab-i
have chiarge of the, refreshmients, 3abo~lh...t__at___section______of__ __An item o(if (rst it o l~i t .tlvedi.I ~ i r nc w itrcm in the mnag~'e-t
Louise Briggs, '28, heads the cecora- whmech is alloted to foreigners, Lu~g-1 that the stunt v~ill eg nt -~rn 'o mi ais ahipsaai,
tio A IIK-V ~Y~'I&~LI ~ mangyiuE'17t ut ill W:U~1101' --I All {, f xli tJc aled t lli11)IO mre f-ki
lincommittee, and the favors will lish, Amierican, etc., andl in which ,i.
ble taken care of by Florence Foster, theefrinr aeterongv ill be the first w\V0eii',' fair' tobes;tcit-tt. (11,111 1l3e vaios systems for-
"'7, argaret -oe urdy, '27, lireeField, peetdtee t a ernno-mt indepndent of Chinese rule,! Set lDate Of Tlourney peeitdter.-Vil s'.A le tiolifaile has
. _'7, ,Aleen Miller, '27, and Geraldine ehbtdthi-nhsis yabi'____A lrief (i5Ql. ii 'tolsIVc 1Iii,' mu by -it t 1r131f>ic for ('atch woman in the
Aubry, 27. ~tpaade" said Dr. Shepherd.
Alu nivrsiywmenareinvte t ey deliberately aradled down Yesterday afternoon a meeting of ti-hre ii'inlic'fIho(i licl , i; ,)knill lbc 'stt SI' i)PNry, it l I Ihe'purpose of deter-
Plterst wme ar initd to) ati steetmaine frstreetson ; lofntathel oforeignges wssectionl alls intramuralr e hockeylli hral managerspe wase ,.bilty
attend the party; a special invitationi Iic ws gisttelwadraehldf; te ~to)the couni hI c'sAl; 't t h . , irl; tat -ii to pr e :el eefrua iilg all kinds
is extendled to the entering 'women to thith';sel asgqitenstrtlw ndgae Thl o tepups ee for- II' faiaVan Tu. EI-sic '.litrtwi-s cr slice " lVol 'icartijiRud 111 i t-e house.
comewiho withut teralios inplc undoutthaindavinerthe the nature of the coming hockey tour- telradSmtm li -o 1 tlet ~ iildS ee'
Tis affair' marks the close of the W. '' 'oic ' wtdou adintee nament and to draw places for the tn - ' i~ nl vryeeutv
A. A. membership drive which startedemsmignouteihCiee contest. At this meeting it was de,- Mrs.IHarry Ba lieu, I )etn iii Wtnl oitit 105 ill)theidrme li'iitory, as well as
MondIay. "isadanefeco trowing a sided to play an elimination tourna- of the Uiviersity kt tittil(iofA tsit, aty y liilt tital talent oi' ability.
More than 20 per cent of the wo- I~aent, and as a result of the drawing,,t will be at homIne o t I3lt'tti i t 811 ii'- \V lil i lit: llestiominiaiIe system in
4 men eligible for activenenberlip i. ighe acfit aoin ak"Itie first round will be as follows: ulty imeuwms of I he three musical ;linet, the Wtitcten of01lartha(Cook (ex-f
Isite coutinuedl, And there has ben
trie W. A. A. had paid their yearly Oct. 14, Kappa Kappa Gammma and sororities, Delta Onicron, Sgnlta Al-!iti to tni lt ti house mumna;aemment
dues of $1 last night at the end of a gr eat detal of feeling ever since. - Hlcen Newberry, Chi Omega and Al- pia Iota, 'Fuell ''[ liilK;iliY ts ~it jllt l 111lm n(iiiii far
tiro second dlay of the drive, and re-1 however, the ill will is directed pha Chi Omega; Oct. 16, Zeta Tau Thrsday aft enoons'i at lce li ,)le l 1 <<;(ol a<1, rcr 1) usitteSs-ie basis, ias-
pot rmsvrlof the houses bad agtainst the English and Japanese Alpha and Zone 7, Pi Beta Phi and Ferdon Road. ''lie piii"iitii < (81r:t I .tuchl 85(v('iy oman wj ll heal
not yet ibeen turmned in. A list of all more than the American populaceDlaGmaOc.1,Mrh(Co thesooiiswl 'ei i:Ieis]Il ot,,j iua hng hec-
woe-h ae lgbl spsedi1lvn ttathysestowloeand Graduates, Delta Delta Delta and iBaher. *Iss, ; -- lx a-t titled fan.
the orrdorof m'bur yniasim Ithiose who come-in tile interest of edu-jDlaZt;O.21Aph Omco
tie c ri o f B r o r g m ai mID la Z t; O t 1 l h m c o -and all of those who are not reach-ed I cation. (Pi and Kappa Delta, ,alpha. Epsilon ~-
by the solicitors will have a chance1 I sa nwjac, otiudD.iota amd Outlaws; Oct. 23, Alpha Phi
I otothi . Shepherd, "That the reason for adTeaPit aeoto ee hi cieApa
to atemuiw Cti 's appaandtThetawPhinAlpha.
mnlerhp bten 30 and 5I(nasaprn akadesi The pactice hour for Cli Onega. -
Kappa appa animaSorowseand:30 and,"v
o'clock, tomiorrow, in the gymnasiumi their absolute illiterateness. Only 10 Kapp 1{piaGama, j'je"
In case tie (lies are not paid all i rcn f h niePouaino1 Kappa Delta will be 4 o'clock WVed- ----
aheihoorpitprvosywnChina can readl and write. A system l
inthe asshoco iatwil becancllewon of mash~ education is being worked)I nesday. Alpha Gamma Delta, Adlia
n heannoucemeintwill be pan elt otnowtdt. c-oeain fteCheever, Zeta rau Alpha, and Delta by an effcienRt Ctishi"m Y-VS OU tloU le and orries
' A noucmntwl b ote o utnw wt hrc-peain fteDelta Delta will practice Wednesday p '2MJ Scen~- "~ ENN .
morrw niht n th gynasim 'newspaper's, by which students are
women in each sorority, dormitory, Iscoladaupem iprnd
and Univer sit-y class, who have taken t in the newspapers using only, these Parnz/al Avries
hu&~tlt the active memblershiip. thousand signs, so that the stumdents I______________________ Thle J1 1.J f N ' D LIi
Tepsralvringte i- may have practice in reading."I-__________________
m ign, which is posted in -Barbour Dr. Shepherd finds the Michigan I'THE1'20a. Dil31
gymnasiunm, was nmade by Marian campus greatly changed, she says. I11i24
Welks, '28. During her college dlays she lived in BL E B R
elles, '28. a house that was located where the lB U
Board peetnwmdclbidn s A R S O Chosen For Feeling very strongly the need forHAfl IlR S IO
rnter ouse ortsinternational friendships, Dr. Shep-I
herd commnented, "People are alwaysOfesYut
wishing that there would be no more thOfersYo
p Newly organized is~ an intramuralI wam'. rrhe only way I can see to pre- I th
I-ockey hoar d with K~atherine Wilcox,j vent further hostilities between couin-! CAC0 A j Da
'26, as chairman.it coni~sts of three i tries is ' to establish an understand-;j 1 ( IE1\L
representatives, He len Searight, '27, !ing between them, and that can only jyu wn o b
for the soror ities; Mary Allshouse, b :e done through'tie route of friemt~-!$ or$
'27 for the dormtitories; and Dorothy lines s. O Michigan's campus, with.
Cliine, '26, for the league houses. its wealth; of fomeign students, tee oe nNo1n
This board is to liave complete - is an opportunity for such a bond to,1ITo
charge of 'all interhoiuse contests ini be formed. Those who are letting Save Your DOLLAR. 1
ahockey, ;basketbal1, andl baseball. Its I suchi little differences as language,I
duty is to determine tie policies of peculiarity of dress keep them from l Nickels Arcade ritone 9616inrmal thecs'akgfedsano hseoeg-1
intrmurl ahlcics - iakig fiens aongthee freig- ______________________________________
csr s l7I

Do You Budget
Your Hosiery
1This hosiery question is a


Somehow it

seems you're always buy-
ing hosiery and yet al-
ways needing more. Isn't
that so? Try having a
hosiery budget, and see ,if
that doesn't soive your

___-_____ -----------r-meprocsntative from all Honor council
1i hotuses are requested to meet at 4:15
N O TICES~ o'clock today in the parlor of
IvI., 11~~1LI~)"arbou r gymnasium.
r ITheta Sigma, honorary journalistic
- ,o('icty, will hiold a meeting at° 8 o'-
All women interested in eluicattioni-! clock this evening, in time library
Ial prmob~lemns are urged to ;omtli (l 111 Ioilthe seconid floor of Martha Cook
openlintgmmeet iig 0fthe XViiiEe'sIhl- i building.
ticat iomial cluib at 7: 30 o'clock thisl
evenming in room 103, 'iai)hpam hall.1 Members of the leadership commis-
D~r. Davis will speaik. signi of time University Y. W. C. A. will
--- meet at 12 o'clock this noon at Lane
The h161se p~residenmts and omm 1laitl tavern for luncheon.


Set aside so

much a month for hosiery.
-Then buy less often and
buy RUBY RINGS when
you buy. In this way
your budget will save you
mioney as well as embar-
assment ' from annoying
garter runs.
$1.85 and.$2.50


" i


i a

Main. StoreMain at. Liberty




- --------------cern wewewe were wwweww- -

Leather Goods andl
Genuine- Cowhide Overnight Bags

. i


KARPEN Furniture WE

'Now in progress - special exhibits
of ew designs at reduced prices



v ,


Quaint. Occasional Chairs
Have you wished for a Windsor chair with its quaint
Colonial chairm? Does a corner of your house cr'y out
for time prinim charm of a ladder-back? Or does your
eceptioni hall lack a high-back Louis XIV? Attract-
ive Karpen pieces on sale this week will satisfy your
needs. A new, complete and interesting display.
Wrought Iron Bridge Lanus

Well now, you will
need WalI Pen. Signs
chcs, ol ehs garage
bills and takes down
recipes aliTlost autom~ati-
cally. And when You'
have to write homc for
more cocoanuts,
it's wonder-(
ful how-
good in-
strurnent /
steadies the

. fi: l

4 f
I '

I wals

a65 to $22.50

$.OG aid $16.50'

you need any of these leather goods a moment's reflection
Ia little reasoning will bring you to Goodyear's as your
tsource of supply on a basis of completeness of stocks-
f-rightness-reiability and price.

(8) PileCF.> ti P

/ i litaryr Brushes in Leather Cass
$5.50, to, $10.00

TIoilet Sets

Brief Cases $6 to $8:50



,i ;?

hand. I"s
and sogo
inl g-you

2he d 5aO°t
userful , s'x 4
)cad look-
c1 wear

For Clothes Comfort
and Travel Luxury
Indestructo Trunks
Every convenience and ap.
pontmerntwhich has proven
sane and practical for the
clothes comfort of the trav-
eler--is embodied in an. In-
destructo Trunk.
See these trunks--Models
ranging from $50 to $150

Windsor Side Chair
Windsor Side Rocker
Ladder Back Arm Chair

How much cheer and comfort a
bridIge lanmp camn give to time
IhIimng room or time bedroom-
studly! A- base of heavy wrought
iron amid an attractive parch-
mment shade--a lanip that will
fit in with ainy surrounding!

it right out in the
open- if you aren't
afraid some cheeky
grl' 11 lift it.
$3 tO $ in silver

rthose who mail laundry home. Fibreco Laundripack
kes a sanitary, durable, and, waterproof package, without
Ste of time or annoyance of wrapping. Its light weight
es its cost in postage. Three sizes, grades and styles.

50 to



i or 1

a " Eli


,nTT~fl rTflTtnflf



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