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May 30, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-30

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Pulished every morning except Monday
during the Univeraity year by the Board in
Contro, of Student Publications.
Members of 'Western Conference Editorial
The A'sociated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
cryedited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished therein.
Entered at the posteffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
of postage granted' by Third Assistant Post-
mter Gneal. ~
Subcritio lircarrier, $3:5o ,, iaj l
bfie:Anb Arbor 'resq Buil~ding, Way,.

._. .



The past year has offered nothing r
so wonderful, nothing so unusual,'S ED R L
that we can go into rhapsodies overlR okL
it,-it has just been an ordinary year. I
Yet even th'e ordinary year holds 4 'l
much that is worthwhile and attrac- AS
We do not claim that the past yeihthsisuaeinrdcete
is without precedent in the annals of
the University, nor do we contend young fellow who will fill our shoes
that the class of '25 is the greatest next year. It is a meacoY task;
ever, hut we 'do b~elieve that the past' but we can think of few persons on
year has been full of the best that1 the campus that we would rathewr
this or any other university can offer,) have fill our shoes than this heart
an h tt e g a u tn l s; i h~qu41 of 'any , that hits ever Rleft these boy. W e ,have looked over his{ open= t
walls. ling paragraphs and they are so fast]
~Of course fles wcr te busual. tlz it we fe 1 very much. like, W. ,J.j

Book Notes
"Initiaion," by George Si
Harcourt Brace. $2.04).


MANN'S~o.L° ~

$;uen _GAR RICK Wed.rMt. - - 50c to 52.5
Studnt-TranfercolSat. Mat. _ 5 0c toj $2.tlo
Li ___ The' Miracle Play of Amerce
TRUNKS A SPECIALTY ttAbe N' NCH's Irish Rose'"

"P1rofessor," by Stanley Johnison.
Hlarcourt Brace. Z.{l0. I
I had thought to review these t~vo
books as a pair of typical college
novels. I believed- that I wVould( be,
able to say the same thing, about!
each of them with perfect justice, and
that I would1 thus ,save The D~aily a
great -deal of space, and myself a
great :deal. of time anid labor.. But I
find, now that I have read betb books,' t
tehat' itwould iha~ve beefln eaierto e


Straws anld Pamamas
at Reasonable Prices
We Also do
High Class Work in
Panrama Hats
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Kenneth t.. Keller Norman R. Thal
Edwin C. Mack
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KC. K. Klein I. J. Wineman
W. L. Mullins
SATURDAY, MAY 20; 1925 !
~Night'-ditor-SMITH IiH: CADY 1JR.;
The Big Foss-"Phil" Wagner. '
The "Opinion" Publisher-John
The Diplomat - "Fighting Bob"
The King of Sports-"Bill" Stone-
The Big Bssette-"Fat" Moran.I
The Punk Punster-"Jason" Moore.
The Stately :Re-Pen ce r,-"an(,
Moore (No relation to "Jason").
The Energy Conserver-"Fred"
With this issue the entering
staff bids them all adieu and
good luck.
Grave, reverend seniors they are
today, but what will they be tomor-
row. The leaders of the University
today; will they be the leaders of the
world tomorrow? The world lies be-t
fore them, open; they must start at
the bottom of tlie proverbial ladder,-.1
if they ever hope to reach the top.l
We. watch them leave with a sigh
of regret,-these men and women1
who have been so vital a part of the
University for the past four years.I
And yet we are glad to see them go,,
because we know that they are just
that much farther along the road to
life, the life of reality.f
Four, five, six, seven, and evenF
eight years ago the University took I
these graduating seniors under her
protecting wing. Now they are aboutF
to leave andl start out for themselves.
They go out, as they came in, withp
the best wishes of the entire Univer-n
The beggar will soon be on horse-w
back; the Regents have granted thed
Board in Control of Athletics permis- t
sion to devote a part of its income It
from the registration fees to the1q
maintenance and traveling expenses1-
of the University Band.IIg
The 'financing of the Band has long
been a sore spot on the side of the i
student body,-while our athletic T
plant and teams have been runningS
'with perfect precision, the Band, an T
integral part of our athletic organi- s
zation, was forced to hold tag days T
and Band Bounces in order to exist. i s
Now the band has a firm financial T
status, and we hope to see it take its,

_nwVu~lV1 C r ~ iift bbqr of~ things acconp ishtk this Bryan Introducing ;. the ;:Four ,Mar hview them separately They are as
.: nte a fbuhig tau-'rohr.t put it in a new way, as .
ties enrlofntalld kindsacivb- tM ythesel thhim.n.,gscldof -Mr.nig t. tesof lr.inShiiteteye isngtho youngerly ofsClitheinU ndoethrw oodnd rSo dandardd
3T.JsnCO'ies. tw me(alesinaltrrwy,
not ntite th ter toany specal fit reading the above bit of pa- and his book ies themoeisul.nlsE c ypwitersr wy)-1
distincetion. But 192.4-2.> has stood
out in one particular-the number of thos, we feel like one of the Marks I-hero has a boyhood which is dreamy
excetioal lan whih wre ro-brothers-Harpo, the dumb one. and thoughtful, and yet athletic too._z
exceptionaliplanshhichiwerefpro- of.John Malleson has a good (eal of the
posed, and which will undoubtedly be jIntassuming.d-athe'highliofficeimof= Th- Macine you will Even-
n carried out in the future. [managing editor of this department, Hle has gangs, and is a good ba]- tualy Carry. Sold on easy
n we feel pdeeposese ofyrnoonsieim player, and as a girl.Ilie is electedl terms to suit every student's :
Arer hritylma and inadequacy. We feel "that it caspeieti ihsho.pctok
like much of an accomplishment, but cls peien n tyscol.wpck -o..
whe weconidr tat heproosa iis hardly possible to fill Mr. Cowles' Then he goes to Indiana university.'
shoes. We have a feeling that we There he falls in with writers and
must come before the reality, and shall have to take several steps be- dreamy rhetoric instructors, and the
that the best tings only come after!lr the shoes will begin to walk. House Thinker at .his fraternity. Mr.
lon ad creul onideatonthseThey are very large shoes, indeed Shively, like other college novelists, I- A. C.L' STIMSOJ N
so-called accomplishments take on a Nevertheless, it will be our en-l is somewhat naive about Fraternity j:SecndFlo
more material form.a evrintm fitr oa Thinkers' They are always described-
I evri h uuet tla6aty But the thing which "has both',atl, hmln floswthfnr : 38SUe TT T
on a lbrave trugghe at 'aktalsamlig elos it;fn 38hOUeSTTAST-
mared the year 1924-25 wa s the pass- +eyges and an aloof manner. This one!
In~ o oftht mn ho adtakn heShoes moving) We may even 'be 01 is the same.lie advises young Mal- 7itlliIlllttllItll IllilIFtII111FlI~hli
in o o tatma"wh hd akn he:bold as to try to kick at things wit~ih l-oiin his cryptic way. -4
University in the hollow of his hand!
them, occasionally. We hope that Malleson goes to the war as an! } 'Z1 ,
and lifted it out of the common, outI this may be done withouit acrifiing ambulance driver. There are a lot of
of the ordinary, into a world whichl any of their plish. The shoes will gory descriptions of deaths and oper- Re d h X at d
was ecuiary it ow. ~ill e tere but we fear that their ations~-the goriest and most impres-
We must continue the building of:sive hvsenay er.rleeo
tht ratsrutre bterad ngc wl ntwag so merrily. thinks the war is a badl thing. Men
thatllingatc structure, a betterbe (lone
more magnificent Michigan' that - kligec1te solntb oe
Marion LeRoy Burton started as Before going any further, we wish Ile is wounded, comes home, goes into
President. We must develop those to make one point clear. It concerns the law, wins his girl back again.
eathth chrheadke itefwtaceti cots whh But most of the book is built
:r dea tht h chrisedandkee ! tsef wth cetai cotes whcharound the boy's father, and his'
:them alive, both in the University M.Cwe rnafwwekIg.I
II and in ourselves.i said contest he offered a prize of ten1 philosophy. The portrait of the
n I dollars to the winner of the competi- father' is done in an emarrassingly
- tion for the next conductor. The can- autobiographical way. Harry Melle-
CAMPUS OPINION I didates were, on the whole, every ex- son is a lawyer who always defends
Aconymous communications will be cellent and we are sorry to see that( the people who have the least chance.
dirans will, however, e regarded as uch tryouts as Valentine and the Ie is 8a11 atheist. H-e is rat her aloof -
confidential unon request. LIatin fellow, whose name eludes us, itral -fo i ie-hnJh
failed, but it was the only way out. decided to go to war:
" i-Is fatherglne nofmhi
FACTS AND FIGURES You 'see Jason did not want to go paeroe anesilntfourhos
To the Editor: t ack on his word, and had hre award- !the room, stopped before his son, andI
In connection with the controversy edI it to one of the contestants,, e shot out a lan hand. in that curious
carie o inyor olmnsreenlywould obviously have to do th i instant the son almost chuckled to see
carred o inyourcolmns ece t h'ierefore, we were, given the poi- the cuffs turned back, as always.
with regard to the drive for funds toI tion. ' Good enough, John,' Mr. Mate-
. ai Cetra P~tropan tudetsI Ison said, quietly. Only the terrific
ai CntalEuoea sudnte are a dark horse, as it were, a! pressure of his and revealedl his
should ike to call' attention to the ;bolt 'from the bhiue.- ° Bt regardless o -feeling r l .
subjoined statement., and figures; the mianner'in which we ,rea~hd tis., . And the motor i brave.,
which would seem to be not entirely high position, you are going to have The verbiage is a little too god for h
Irrelevant. In the January, 1925, is- to suiffer uts for some time, in the fu- the matter in some lplaces Too, h ee
sue of the "Bulletin the international Cire. There will be no more coumnm ancy. _nd Mj$ldvey's fanily mat-
Univrsiy Iforatio Ofice" 'tes reep in 0io much. Wh n he
Unvesiy nfrmtin ffce"'pu-done b~y anyone who~ can think up a r'ie i etbok twl aet
lished by the League of Nations Coin- nome' de plume. Nor does this mean bes d ziffet boi ilhv oe
mittee on Intellectual; several pages that we will not, Wel~one contribu-
S tud ent R elief for the college year ja new , phrase. 'To quote 'the great horse of another color, It is a n ,ultra-ae d v t d o a r port n E u p an; i ns Th r t m r 6 to c n 'M . J n on s " of s r" s aSIt0
1923-1924 made to the Conference of 1 Otis: "Al smalcntributions will be enlightened ook,; very modern, and
the World's Student Chiristian federgratefully Teh d n arge Ones very blase. With some of Mr. Shive-
ation by Conrad Hoffman Jr. solicited " .'ly. s sympathy his work might be i-
In tireotocustefollowing PAVS IIOt) E EIN1A4S-A dv. roved.
sinfietstatement: "h extensive In order to ge.h ulmaigo You have read aot thle song the
signficnt theget theful m~nin ofwheels of a train sing: I am going to
earmarking of funds practised by the the title of this column, you must un- Schenectady'-r somethling that is in I
contributing countries during the derstan~d that this is thre last issue your mind s you riide. The wheels
past year (i.e. 1923-1924) had divertedI of The Daly for the year, and conse- of Mr. Johnson's ook click out, on
most of the money raised to two or! nently 'the last issue of the column, every page: The hero is a cheese, Clo
three budget items, notably Germany as this department has not yet hero is a cheese! And the book
and Russia, and left relatively little; reached a position in which in may makes him out a very -sour 'fellow. C
for other itm ntIheigt. Com act entirely independently of the rest Impossibly sour, I'think.
1iaio ftesrn e buge .l o-ofteper Professor Parkhurst is ead of the
parion f te Cans udgt aloc- ofthm paer.Englishm depatmhent in what appears
tions with the sunms actually distrib- * to be a rather small (c-educational
uted will quickly reveal what hap- The selection of Mr. Smith for reg- college. But le is so many different
pened. istrar of the University by the Re-i kinds of a wet enny that mim hof u pr
The Crans budget.apprpriatedfr et hw prso niiews r ono' bestr oe t
Geran............$50000.00dom. Itis.crtainly fmore nsatisfac- ifrce. Ieois sthe iknd aof a professor
Russia .. ............ rwoejy e .$175,000.00 toi~ rythim a 'inan named Zirzinbacher wh nosbig spoken to by a lt.
-of students; he is the kind who enjoys
IRefuzgee students ii the 'cr even Jagozrilinsky.alin pke obytePrsdnti
Kingdom of the Serbs, i Another remarkabe feature of such binspit;b the kidPhog esitoefotbll
Croats, and Slovenes ..... $ 6,000.001 a highly original naive tr' a regis- games in 'a ,oud sport outfit and taz.
Poland ............ .... . .$ 10,000.00 1 trar is that it is very hard; to rhyme zes the opposing team; he is a lan-
Austria ........ ....$ 10,000.00( with anything; if ever they want a guage scholai who swipes ideas from
Refugee studIents in Ger,- limerick on him for the Gridiron ban- other people; he is the kind who
many ..................$p 10,000.001 quet, thiey'll have a tough time. The shows ff in' hiS classes atthe tex
Amounts actually received were: best we. can suggest, follows: ce~ fhssudstdns ei h
Germny............... $252,000.001I There was a young fellow named kind who likestolcueaWre';
clubs-and an infinite number f oth-'
Russia .. .. .. .........$307,960.00 1 Smith er kinds of fools.
Refugee students in the t Whose father was also? named The book: is rally not so much of a
Kingdom of the Serbs, 'Smith portrait after all. Section after se-
Croats, and Slovenes...$ 11,380.00 1 Hismoher oknwPton is ctstimplyodvoted to singlu
Poland....... ....$ 2000 Was not honored so Pukcrtinsm new and Owngavor-
Austria ............. .....$ 3,000.00 Until she became Mrs. Smith able light. The specific o)servation,
Refugee studnts in (icr-* **I
Refugeestudens iitre i py repoterout hereotissome
many.. .. ... ...$ ,14.00 sheide ofhavng he andplay trea prensyteru-buThetotalspie-
oayn..............$ 8100'the ideas of hvigrtre an td attempt to slow the tragic side of theII U L RiiII
"The Geneva Hleadquarters. fully onteseso h irr s ii an s life, buzt the author is in too I
tionebete ednrorfdiecpietas recently, is an excellent one. I uc of a hurry. to get back and sc'of
tin ewendoorad eipenas rownsou the wiprn n at hint to much with it. He ends by

wvell as the many advantages of such coughing, and whlen it plays really mnai'rying him to the Bosto-ish daugh-
direct c'ontact. It hoehwvr fortisimo, one can almost study. ter of an old scholar.
that if E. S. It. is to continue, the con-, ti o a-hth elce h
tributing countries wilprvdeae Not that we mean to imply that "sadder side of Parkhurst's life. The
will p pe- oovudthelabae-to maP was neVerlhimself -, always
cuate uneau'marked sums to enable smn e.g. o(elbayt tage-conscious and acting. At times'
Headquarters to meet all budget obhi- I study-tie were meeting someone he was seriouis 0titwVartly, at times~
gations." (p. 45) ourselves:... .............bantering. Put When he carne' to say
** * wvhat be meant, he could never do it.
From the tables I take the follow-I The dots above are used by special HgDitibton121124 .goes , out with a co-eth, kids her1
Potal sum dstributedii arrangement with -the Music and along, prepare.' to skishr isus
Swiss Francs .......... $10,351,603.95 Drama depai'tment. insng ieunasbantterig w it-and
sToermany.........2,2471m.1n We must be 5omewbltre near the it. There, if Mr. Johnson had been
1AJ~~ 'it ~ jJ~3 IL'.i~ . ~.) ~' ~ L~~I- , ,. 11dft'y je na

Victor Dance., ecords,
J'aring's iPcnns )hiiaiis.'"
Hortvard Latin and His
IBcnja~nin TFrank~lin Hotl Orchestra
Enjoy Your Vacation with a
Victor Portal e-Style 35,
ANcn' Records Once a W~eek~--Every Weele--Friday,

T'o Germany (Foreign that we must pull outrselv es' to- missed an opportunity.f
tudents) ................ 45,598.35 gether for the conclusion. Thme best I. r. ,Jason ("ovules.
Total Germany......... 2,270,315.56 that we may wish you is that this
R u s s i a (Non-American column will give you something to No matter how hard we work now,



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