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May 13, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-13

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1925)


NON 191I* -12-Irv-



ew.u.... -. , _ , ...,



! / iilA
1 wr .wW.nV


Michigan's tr
hardest test of
(late down atI
morning. It u
that 'Michigan
portignity 'to av
at the hands of
aind Farrell's n
wipe out all of
defeat put upon
It will be sur
not closely cont
made by the m
teams point to
struggles ever
ig comnbination
veteran Illinois
team for the ni
Farrell is work
limit in order 1
All three place;
event will be ho
very possible t]
won by less tha
ent Michigan is
over the Illino
with Brooker
to compete ever
have to be at
take the meet.
A mere Blanc(
athletes is enoi
one that the me
the clashes Illin,
Evans, Shock,
Evans has runt
and the 226 in
Hughes is just
Evans and if hi
he will be in th
in the 220. In
inois has Kinse
:15 and Merigol
2-5 this season.
Yarnell has don
Shoch and Sit
in :51 3-5 andl
good for 1:58.
winner at the
meet, is a cons
sure to take a
events Illinois is
others. Browne]

Go hes1rpa e . * W N ~ for 8 o'clock Thrsday,i
4413 tries can be made either
Y1 trTeual)yS Htim hcue ofathefmeeTh
ftyrpilblni g opriMa 12.- bMichgan s V hsity golf team is now iot daily ov r the Ann Arbor course Tefloigtensmthsm s tree 22ye ackdstroe,
swflnou iginownin om on its longest trip of the and are comingsyle along in good shape. j hIolwn ensmthsms
Exjed fo R4 I vexie . ac aiglc~ ad~ e h ~b~ and i ('well 'score 'T oicaiwns sao.Thle teak), Captain 1-olds- 1rofessr Trueblood states that no' be played off by Wednesday evenin. stares 2 adfe
1'r efn .tr i;inbenhniaped h yltvlouls edr&Kc fany (ive.
Fo eeto sncr of Rufus Christga, (captan l I or tcele's Pirik4d orth, Feley, Lehmran aind (over,; positions on the team are secure and M
[ t S a o ua II l al(,l '3 thn:E ID o ubIle Y - a nm n s h w g p re s m y g i n 7 2 v . Meye r.& :A b b o tt 5 3 1 8 ;oP h sIa I p al e t n
tt_____ an Sas cher, whoobroke abnefeln et.in(ro na igh. es trdy was splent in Lafayette pay"ing the ymepp owungoig to rroepre Poesenyt my1Iici- 70 oland.219y7rvs.Abbot 3&8;Thoms IWedned t 4:1
ROWNLI_ Tftl~ illin histd i at tihe beginning of the rt to h oreadi icii
~.X N LLSTAR e hs ,liriian hais been workesg PLAY AGAIN TODAY oQ h Cus ndi rctcn ani h ohrmtce gintD-8217; Kucuizel &_Harrigan 66:16as. mono] 5, Fatchr hall
ra~e t~aatwil intheout r In he two matches taking place this Itroit neCty College, tune.Chicag and in the Fo & 1ai 9 177t.s iaod4
in tnuth l n h a t f w gi nt es.- -' on er n e o rn y
fte12 ses n atinharo ans vtiMcm-aitle itr i h second scrim bain and work out in preparation for are in line for places on the team. 417; Giens;pan 3582 vs. Rearic tohn unfluon iPag
Urbana next Saturday anahervicoryittheto;Imorro' . match with) the Illini. Hlastingi4s has been on the team al-1 805; Goldberg 964 vs. Fernandez ________________
ill be the first time Ci's e' 'tir~i xpected lto ! ha f he prngseso by ' ea- olowig this the Varsity will re- Iready this year but .was off is game i3146; Segal 3540, vs. Wilcx .21737;
will have had an op- considem ably trenthen the tea, lug Edllft Slaughter's lPicked Heeds, tA . oLfaet.hr a;ac wthIbf hepeett 1 n 4uferdRice ray 7217 vs. Mar hall357
'enge its 1(6-29 teScesls dft l 1ieGphr i' ofdeto -,yetmdyatrno m ot uru ilb lyedIonFriday. The accor411gly. Newman bas not hit lih ml 77 s ais 717,as ,EA W
th Sukrsl , y veri~ire0 ViCt Ones ag."ain7s t. the Wo]- Ferri- field. team will return Ylto :Ann AiTror.Sat- tride .,yet but is expeted tot0 come I ,3657 s. ThomIas 217; Felix 5663 vs. ebers Of tha. be
en are determined to venues.sepetdthtbt o ietho I h utr.i Bruskiek 5617, Briggs 3M18 vs. Levin t~amn that took~ parti
f the stain which that -Tbh , first score of the gam e w as . t i x ece h t oh o h h og h n eue_14 5 ; Fr e lng 9 1 v. L z ru n s o an g t t
made by Cabler, huslvy tackle of the mlatches will be hard fought and es- X,2 reln 2. s aau n hwcl e h
their recordni~ 'III'11H Blues, whe fell n r blocked nut Ieingly close. The Wolverines' i N.Mo.,Mayor __ 5 1671. 11by calling for them
:prising if the meet isI r t1ijf Ros,:oe ammO Douglas , flanIkmuen of the cliaim'is are stronger against Purdue Johnsonm, American league president, i raternity: Sigma Alpha , Mu vs.? trtmural office.
tested.sFormter aktwo I55 is I 'i vici. mars, rutshed the Ied kicker, D oan- than Illinois. However it is hopedf has gone into the dog business. John-1 7eta Beta Tan; Phi Chi vs. Sigma Fshma gou
emberslockof the twowhc bude that Michiigan s team will keep- its h ,on, who I5s eding a few days here "Pi;, Kappa Nu vs. Phi Sigma Delta. chipios can also
one of the bitterest bani I II11 ~mrk over the goal line. The final !slate cleans andl return Saturday with h las entered a partnership with John E medal ttesm
staedbye wod by tw1oL111111ppUocse-w ,adeinth latorenteofior cvitoiee adedtodtsdmde otris pintr ogsmAl ViiptoSwmragise I ______p__s___i
ca , isarriingthes thle garb? when Cowell, star freshman! . The dlate of the all cailpus swim-
cahispiighs -half'barc, carried the ball over the Tl- rest of te quad is wrking DON'T . QI.Ga1Q T YFE TOJ)AY ing meet. has bopen -dfinitely set YOUR VOTE IS COOl
rmet ad CachSteve i Waitr's Tea in Winas BY 1,01 e Sore riatehsteimae ll )ttn -
king his squad to the Frolii "PelIe" Jabloiowskis line__afterhisteammateshad__put__th_______w..____
o ha e i at ts b s.Y ii i ai N i ball on th e one yard l line by co mlp et - j ,
is h ein tisb s.S~ ng n N n practically every ing a semries of forward passes.
tly contestedb and it is t In the final period the two eamus
.hatLLMhN mSeIMPiOVINe which.:openedrthe game ireturniedto,
hat 10 the .me t wilre- _____resu mne hostilities. G lover of time Redls
s in 0e poins.tapre Coach Fisher gave his two regular returned tihe kick off tenm yards be-
is by the critics bumt hurlers, .lablonowski and Walter fr ewsdweWt am,/
workoutckagameayes-Babcock, flashy pilot of the freshman
wnolHicouuabl ina five inning ~neys eleven, calling the signals, thse Reds'
ry Michigan man will terday, and the team that Walter ( started a. march (down tie field, mix-
his best in order to Pitched for won 1 to 0. igfradlass n nbrmt
Both twirlers looked good; Water bring the ball to the 30 yard line.
e at the list of Illinois allowed one hit and struck out three Garber, playing quarterback onm
ugh to convince any- men, th e last three h1e pitched to in Steele's aggregation, kicked the bal
eet will be close. In the fifth inning, Jablonowski was back; well into tie Red territory after
ios will have Hlughes', touched for". three hits and struckI Slaughter's team. hadl lost the ball onI
and Yarnell. Budr out four men, downs. The Reds were unable to I!
the century in :09 4-5 Merrill Baker, who has been un- make an poges hrug im fr
:21 -5 hisseaon.able to catch this season because ofl ward wall of the opposing teams and
about as good as an injured hand was put in the box punted on tie third down. The Reds -SRN LAAC
is game leg is healed for the first time today in many rcvrdtebl nteRd4 a~
trunning for a firstI weeks. Ili the second inning, while line after Garber fumbled tie punt,
the high hurdles Ill- catcing Walter his hand was again Babcock gained 25 yards onl an off'
y who (oes them in hit by a ball, and it will be a few tackle on tie first dlown. Slaughter's
Id who has made :15 weeks before he will be able to catch ta otne oadtega at
. n th'o hrls gi.Ing on the- three yard line. After;
ae around :25 consis-i Captain Dillinan's injuredb hand isthe uncesfliepaya-
inre the88ucocessfwekul huifhiedotoslrpotsfvo-Haof C lo t1. Itig
ttgbthrntie40Progressing nicely. His hand is to ins was called to take thes ball
tri bah un he 40be exanimiedbtie later part of the across, but failed by six imches.
Warder, fourth place ;ably, lie will Iplay Friday and Satur- garblun thed25from line.hi wn
Conference indloor day against Minnesota. iBgosealined oess~ ionfteball
istent runner and is Yesterday the infield of .ablonow- wles aied possessinchof tie ball
point. In the field ski's team was comfposedl of the pick ; and was umnable to recover~ it. Miller
sstronger than in the of the freshian squad. Coosterbaan, of tie freshman squad, started the
11 is one of tie great- wa~s at first base, and lie gave a fav-Bleontemrhfrheecd

May 12. Fn-
at the I'ntr--
Union at time
wevenits will
style, lback(
style anid a.
and breast
style and a
O'clock DIat-
vs. Newark
hthawks V:1.
;e Seven)
in time box-
cir medals
at the In-
get their
) -.TS E I'll

etpole vaJultersiII L1 CUIn h cuty Uan
hai a record of 13 feet for the sea-
son. Hunsely and1 Barnies both do
12 feet 6 inches amnd Seed clears 12
feet even. In the. shot put Kimmnel
and Shively both better 4:3 feet 3r
inches. Sweeney and~ Fell both haveI
broadjumped 23 feet 6 inches this
year. InItime javelin throw Stuttle
has a mark of 1.50 feet 9 iches.
With such _a group of. certain place
winners at his disposal harry Gill is
sure to mnake a stronig showing amnd
thme mresult of the meet will depend al-
most enttirety upon the performiances
of ┬░time ew menbers of time Michigamn
squad, some of whom are just roundb-
lnkg intp o iflt winining forum.

or able exhibi~tioni of play. Loos held
downm the midway cushion. Gilbert,
who hails from Kalamazoo, played
shortstop, and K ubick took care of
the hot corner.



Ohio State .........4
Iowva. ............. 5
Ililimnois............ 4
Northwestern .......2
Pumduest.......... 1



ltouchdbown, when he gained 25 yards'
by displaying some excellenit open
1 field running. Cam the mext play Mil-
flei, comp~letedb a pass from C'owell
Nvhich nettedb 25 mor~e. Another pass,
-Cowell to Wellinig, put time ball on
time oame yard line. Cowell took timeI
,balII over for t lie second t ouchdown
ater saking two ~ti enpts lbhrough l
the line.
('oacm Yost will sendI time men
through amiothem' scrinamle til ,ill-'
tern boim and (anmot her' Ipractic(, ga me
is p~lannedC~ for Thursda y. 'T'here will
he imo scriumimage Fridlayoil accomunt
of lie ba seball garmme at Ferry field.I
Philadlelphia, Pa., May 12.--1For thej
first time sinicetime year 1920. the
Un iver'sity of Pell msylvamiia defeatedof
Cornell in their amnnal t rack umeet.

Including every remaining Suit and Topcoat
now in stock at a reduction of one-third.



E i



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$62 riow $41050

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$48 now $32.,0

Sophoiiore engineers' baseball
teanm will, play today at 4:15 o'-
clock. Report at intramural 1
field, on South State street.
A. 0. FL;INT,





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& Thompson, Inc.


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of a fast game makes it imperative that your]
rl'7pof oa 1 ~ t7YA i Mf;tArri .



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