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May 13, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-13

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Gtr[?)N ISD7AY, :MAY 13, 1925

(Conti nuied from I tg (i e
subIject:Is vlIii i l.I 1i i *58 i . lti0z X\iii
treait: twiiii. iji ii' otte oil
the Nilo -i i'inl u " niii !- i l )o-
jeci jgn~ j~ n a n
pect and color?, iii: re tii li ni n
neither one (1 io. -- , 1 U 110no
steroptican n I hi e_.'!'!; ' loi' affets !
obtainedi by i t '_i peejal aarains
hI p o )-) I~ . ' i w I :!are rejro tln et ''.> b iei k:ile
degree 01of i . Th v i(i-
Ing a. most i. ,ti'IF etanit!<
presentiftiosi. t A 1 ~tHK;ro hvo
viewIedi Itie K. :.lt' r w o' i':i
dleclare It I ttO-w tO/(hi
(isplayednoa b n ini
his sle t. u*I. te
Eigypti 'an ..i inI; i I1t. Il , ,aV.
ph oto g, 1s iit 1) i: fhe i
Is toi'sam :a; I~in s
Past ifyer)
galist an~(1 :! pto'e to!ti It'x'loi'. It
has beea ill jI(' t;lv- vo' (m'iitt r.y
ini the woird maiiia ti 1 iion:, t.i
hiave 1h((11 khIurlI;1I iriti'Olnhiitiu(tt ioi
of his nn s Ii: 1 o1r.nu . ( )pcr'aIi ng,
lug the lecture, buti r ows hi;; wrd
descript ions upon the cretCinQ(fas the
The ifll'a(:li~e whichi iso~d tIurim,
the l!(e cri st101 (lique. It stanids
llptroxinlat ely lfive feet hip-11, dad is
shuttei's, onle of Avii lih is ilselto
screen the 1it l] of'the pict ures,
while lhe 0th el'Ih tl~sIhe scenes!
propelr inigrgu (isT'oors. lBothiial-
ternating and c rel eeci ie t'url'nt
are Ilise(]. Plilides a :re so prepa red1
ats to show 11 nusua I1depth ii Wi t~con-
ple~te shadows EI7iid(,outlines .
Th~e ruiinls 0 of liitt thescecret
temiples, (he I ollul.s a1nd mumlmies of
centuries aox l eshiownin iithe
first part of(11 'it!rie o011i Ygypf.
Monuments aa ms of n: an1y in-
teresting (ci":es xviii lea I are tie view.(
of India.
'T'ickets to tollight's pI'()ra iii will
be onl sa 1e, afterr 7:*8,1 at 11111 auditor-
Mexico ( i1I y, Aay 1'.- ( l'-1" (il Wiii
liaving Iliade; ('( vra i'a [im A tJo reaich
l~lesi~iit (alte; t 1i1tl him, iAIa ial.
{ u i 61.(1(1gni xv}!, a,, n1t;,e Su i y

Hall Where Hindenburg Was Inaugurated


Former Grid Star 1 New York, May 12.- Doctors attend-
lgJockey Benny Manelli, who wa,,
isit Ann Adrbor njured in a fall at the Jaimaical tracK I
'F'riday, decl'ared tonight thalt the rid er
Irwin C. Uteritz, '24. former Mlichigan 1r1 (1 p'c o'icali~y no10 chance o1firnc:
{baseball captain andI renowned foot- cy
ball player payed a shor't visit 10
friends in Ann Arbor while on his ' T,'i,, r :fly 12 . TQII htlVl d
way to Waterbury, Connecticut, milil opertive5I(s rellld work SundaIy
rwhere lhe will hplaylprofessionla1l base- after 'aIthree w vtcI{:F' .si ke alle..ed;?to.
halthis siiinme2 Ii 'lWFII ('ii eginleered by ('himemo 'ur
Ut eritz has beein coacha ig, recent il111t] s of Shanlghai.
ly, at the 1i~iivers it y of W e'onsi a, -
Nvhere he xwill retuna Eije al11. 'Yoh jo, May 12.--All JIilwiI)bega i
___j_ ISunlday niorning 9a Iii r'e. days'cel( -
I)ON' V4)i(irI ~~ ~~ blation of the silve r veddint 2anal-i
-versary of thle Eiatpevor an ml Empllres..

S- cond s (,:tcr7 freshmnl~
w Ii onei nia is for 'the firs t
se'nct rNvere('of "C"'' graole o1)t
betl e rr elig ible( to try out for
P)Itsl('11 ithe loxvcrl.uin
Ita ff of the 1.926) Michiganeni-
A lpi('a)ntSsh ould lweBrae
in '- r::,n= :t the 1Press h hdling.
a i :- i t0'l00fl !his betxve:
P. M. p 1IIPS, jr.
J L i: I$5 anager.

lhe first Gerplan president electedl by popular vote ,ield Mar'shal Paul von Hi id t Q v ;, -who was sworn
ito office iln thIe Reichist ag chamber ini Belin toda~ly. The cereonion el ~e deoiofci all ii gi t](0icce,
pit li d en bitrg' requiest. Ilie and the chiamber are shown.
/ f'o:; tivarl .chorus, which 'appears Eat hit erihiol st Re athletic ,contest will
la y LI4,f4f ' i e Fiday afternoon concert, May 22. bo provided wvit i tickets as guests of
At tils time Ann Arbor milsic-love:'s1le ltihe in' ySChool of Mudsic.
Al il A peal will also have the opportunity of ! v4 iaci at a new supplementary
1" " hearing LoreCtta Degnran, Contralto0, ;stage7is- be's, , prepar'ed for this
In AP'Lestiva , wxvlo has been ranked by critics ate yea 's Ve3 I ~alI 11a1,4 rovidledla, con-
ielongiltg to that grou p of inpgervssidia !vIa ger seating cap~acity, ac-
which inchludes Schumann1-Ileiluke, cordinag toIthone in charge.
(Continued from Page One) {Hhamer, and Matzenauter. _________--
Other ar tists inicludedi nil the c:ast This year's concert comes as the ofthsprd cto ae u usa Le . .C .A . H ea d II-"
ofti ri~to r uut e-thirty-second 'anniversary of the in- ; Here
ska, Katheryn Mttelsle, Mario Chamlee, F i Workers1~dl,
and .Henri Scott, all of whom are of ;auguration of the Ann Arbor \Uy W t gI"
recognized importance in the operaticI Festival, initiated under the dir'ee- i - --
worldh, and who p~roimise a brilliant t ion of Dr. Albert A. Stanley, tvho z iti, . Vernon , field secretary
anad spirited performlance. 'onltinlue( d asits gulidinlg for'ce unt ili of.. :x ~cir~ oi ege, Chrcago, Ill-

(Two and three button)
CUT with that conserv
atism carefully dressed then
demand, and tailored in ap-
propriate, rich patterns
that stamp them as dis-
$3250 to $4250
Write for !lates of )
Our style memo, book sent free on request


1 - I-
When "any job"
won't do


T HE Insurance COOmpany of North
America needs men who want to
make a real place for themselves in the
business world. It needs men who want
responsibility, with commensurate finan-
cial rewards.
This is the oldest American fire and ma-
rine insurance company whose organiza-
tion and influence extend around the world.
It has desirable openings -- not selling
positions or insurance agencies, but
departmental positions in the home
organization and branch offices.
For information, write to
3rd 6' Walnut Sts.







~ c7. ,c --


hic r=c fir=crr za Writ

fn r" yr "r rc acrtI w1lill

With the eXellt i~uoll fa special Ill s retir lnet oJAur y"'l01 ag, wl l i
program o1' Bach munsic, Thursday the wor'k c~liI under the direct ion of01i
evniMay 2, ienby threo th 'arl V. Moore. lDuring Ithis time Ithe11
1110Sfproinenllllt initer'pretei's of this activity of the Choral Uion L1 as so
compoe's1" works, Edgily Stokes lla- widened that it has become one (If 1tle in
gai', Rhys Morgan,, and Charles Titt- mlost inilpor'tant factors in the succ:ess Fl
mi'an, Ithe other conlcerts are of a ntis- of the series of concerts. It is at,
cell'aneoans nature. The offerings inl-, r Ceent one of the oldest pe(rmanntll
d'ude three s;ynllpholics: Schumann, ; chorl organizations in thle countiry.
No. I[; Ir.Ails, No. 3; T('halikovsky, ' "icketts for' the ent ire cour~se aidiit
iNo. 4 ; and( two) coincertos.., TellaikovY fog' sinigle Concert:; are nlow onl sale
sky, No. 1; ando Sainit-wenus, No. 3; as ; at thle Univei'sity school of' inusic'.
t he ma~lj(IoIochiestral offerings. These (Reseiva tions have alri'ady beenl 11adoe
w'.illI be sulpplemenited by solo nliiln- I for repriesentativyes of more thani fifty
bh rs by 1)o1th vocl Iand instrumental '~ ~ trn itt1l 'iit'
ai'ttiists. F~Iiv it atjis have alIso boon ll t(lilt
Shori o coimposit ions by Bach,l to 'all membihe;.; If the stateleism
I Be'ethtoven, Stra~uss, lMoussorgsky, ture andt their xvives. At the FI+"da l
lI-nraid other ('omlposers have 1 Ov(dln"i C(onct~er't Itle xi: it i Iif'dtIIl('
alao b :'a ~l ' tied in thle range of fthexxbaic1 'tI'iIteintsAnu;I
1± ostii .L pro'gramils.
(Of tie. 'I n ote is the Children's VYtd R, VOTC Is oo M,-l'SEi I I'°

aithe V. Al'. C. A. college, will be
uAnnii AI'hl' 1 tomorro2(w and will
a he lii s, heai(luai't em's at Lane hall.
w xiii in li'viexv ;udents whlo are
11krest ediil Y. 1Al. C. A. work or who
int(o' eed ill takdig work at
le f .tic ( t ioil colleg;e in Chicago.
!I( l a' ; of 1thie solliol' Ci-
2 fitt( i ig c l._s cill Ibold a
i'ew7;l 111' libel ill ,* at 9 o'c'lock
O hi'; 01)111 liFill lroomiI .48 or
tit i'o \\' 1n ii',neering building.
aE hiil i seertt ry will be
tie .i, :tl1wer1il~l ionls to the
A t~l~l2 I lo11 0111 l cas (lutes
('014;te (>t .

. ,: ,
-, .
livir/'+ /: i d"w . +.~. ./ ". wity'".t1 . . ./ ". "~ .s ' .l./'..0 ° . /"°".,,dr".J " .:/ '. '".s' r'.J".d".d'.Psi..L ./'.. ° .f'. f""_..,r".. '"...d!'d". '! .A"'../'_.A'.P' '...P"J"...d..J° I"..sr'.d ".lJl ".. '../" e "../"'1'../".1../' / / .. /" ./. i



d,, 1, ITT

I~~~t '.-IIr__ _
m in.'I


t ., A 'K 'Cl' ""' h ..i N
, ii 5

Some of the World's
Noted Artists with
z m um u mm a u

I 'XD('A

' tti

I _+.I &C
is like getting
ordinary gamebok Ou n
I sories," namely
*ticular about


~uvvd" fii~ 'ris'a0'ris'~.i/i drSad a wFadiat'i w i i"si/~it .d" ~~ E'~wi!~'r0..p "~i . a/ dai/wo'v~'-atii/i/a/ ~rr ,L




{ Iii t )


a check from home.

iame of Ciolf-

An extra-

is like receiving an "A" in a blue

erest is centered in"g
clothes, stockings, etc.

Be pat-

,, 1.
} .
=y ,
.. ..


.. F xh S (AVi' ti


those items. Send them to the
lial 4219


1 1 ,F - a, 1 1l1

11 1 we 1 1 IINII l :: 1 f

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