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May 07, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-07

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THURS~DAY, M!AY 7, 1925

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fighting ships. Along the Great Lakes


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Tll'£33Sl)iA, MAY 7, 1925
Night' Eto -EWIN C. MACK .
'llr-' Walone :.a .senior ,who
thought ie 'Ws on the top of the
world. 'lie iMi1; ofe to the University
unkolown, but albitioUs. 'le had gone
through the disappointments and dis-
couragemer.?s of the fresfnan year
without trojble. Hle had entered upon
his s~cond year with all the onf-
dence of a sophomore and had ade-
quately prepared himself for the
smnugly superior existence of an up-,
Hlis las, two years he considered
exceptionally successful. His schol-
astic record was unsurpassed, his so-
cial, position ui-assailable, and his
ppensitie as a campus leader had
been fully developed, le had attain-;i
ed to the unattainable, he had scaled}1
the height of fame, le was nearingi
the pinnacle of his glory, lie needed
only the great world in which to bring
his 111doiu'ed genius to fruition.
The occasion of all this self-glori-
lieat ion was his Swing Out day. To;
imn, the dlay was not only the begin-

coast, a fleet of ten new and speedy V
vessels is to be centered albout the
Detroit territory as soon as th(ey arc
It is significant that Captain XW. V.
E. Jacobs, who is. in commiand of l 'he
offensive camnpaign off the coast near
New York, has ordered the gunners loawei
aboard the fleet at that point to "shoot l etitor' for the
first, and ask questions afterward." department.
If such methods are necessary to .8101) W e have lo(
the u~nlawful commerce in liuor j his copy, and
through foreign ships, it is evidentj remarlis abou
that the United States hass to (leal honorary bim
with more then her own people i1nCti-: running it asi
forcing prohibition. Since this seems Valentine is
to be the case, no measures ar~e too) never been to
drastic. he never will
- why he feels

(l E xi' !r
ntroduce the second com-
e C'onductorship of this
poked carefully through
espy in it no offensive
)t Denizens, national
nor society, so we are
it came.
full of wet hay. lie has

a Denizen
be to one,
that it's

meeting, and
now. That's
necessary to

NOawW V li' Ib'lu

i ,,,, ~

f- # 4-1-

TO N I G1 IT: 31asques pre~smt Three
One-Act Plays ill SaaraaIi (arswcll All-
gell Ihall atf 5:O,o lock. j
A reviewx, by Robert ll end ersoui.
Thhe audiicet, savinug themm egli iiblc'
faculty, was little more than a mob;
of swabian oafs, briniginag clownti Ili
house every odd Itne they could de-I
cipher a. "(liable!"', a "sacre bleu!
Tihe setting was the usual O. S. Davis
lhantasia ini red hlies and yellow
lemons. And the play --
in BaexnBrieux's career when he saw the
stage as a pulpit, wheni he was the
French Margaret Sanger, the French '
John lDewey, the 1Frenchi Calsworthy.
Its thesis deals with the injustice of
the class-conscious educational sys-
tern of his government - a humor as
unioma to France as another group to
America, as mixed marriage to an
In a large measure, "Blanchette"
has served as the foster-father even'
for such'modern realistic tragedies as
"Michael Auclair," "Le Paquebot
Tenacity," and1 La Maison Natale." It
is peculiarly French, both in theme
and treatment; it is more gallic than
Moliere or Sacha Guitry ...





9 - -



I .r

11"M T r: RI IIItl)oke tunl at the organiizationi, 1sup -1
Newspaper publicity giving the de- pose. More of that tomorrow.
tails of crimes or lesser misdemeanors J. Cowles.
is blamed to a great extent for the *
prevalence of general lawlessness at t 1;F A WOOLFOLK GUY
the present time. While there is some 1 erUnl o
doubt as to con'clusive proof for this Thn yo evrs much for the
charge, there has never been anly gaahn nelsIridte u
question in the minds of criminolo- igaahn edeItidte u
right away. All my chums are wildl
gists but. that the publication of~ pun-abuthm utyusolntav
ishments for the disregard of law is abt omthny, butlyoUncsholnb.hv
definitely beneficial. I Last Wednesday afternoon I went l
Up to the present time, officials of on a field trip in Geology. At one
United States Customs Service have ocokw l e ttesho n
been compelled to repress the Ipubli-igoinbgtuk.W drvradl
cation of the work of smugglers. Early gaotngrbuks.tedrvesaidlyer
this week, Brigadier General Lincoln alno bu e ie n wr
C soon in the country, where Mr. Scott,
C. Andrews isstied a: new set of reg- ou rfsoclldahl.Eey
ulations allowing complete publicity orpoesr aldahl.Eey
of the activities of smnugglers whose oe otouand bega wic ikndtofwlkalog
cases have been investigated arid who mound running along the ground. We'
havebeenfoun gulty f an infac-had a long jolly walk until we arrived
tion of the law.I at a kame. Mr. Scott laughed and
Obviously, it would be unwise to iii j said hie though we had "kamne" far
form' the public through the news- i
papers as to the actions of the 'G'ras enough. Ha ha. After a short rest
I we climbed on board the trucks again
toms officials against persons who anirtrejoorhms ie u
were merely suspected of smugglingt happy after the afternoon's fun.
but not yet convicted. But the order WelIgesIhdletrcoenw
which 'gives the newspap~ers access toI With'love from your loving nephew,
the names of men and women whoI Theodore.
make a practice of bringing dianiondi ,
rings, pearl necklaces or other art- A iido )rraClm
icles into the country withxot AKpayingraa olm
the duty on them should act as an (pour ainsi dire)
effect deterrent on future smuggling. New s has reached uts that the Union
____________________Opera will be p7'etty hot this year. ItI
NOBODY KNOWS! seems that Walter Everett and Valen-
The many personswho avebee tine Davies had a little tiff with some
getting so wrought lup about. thi I of the XzaFoian studlents attending the,
tyranny of a few on the campus willf University and they propose to p~ub-
do well ItoVPPistei'todav r oirw lically insult them through the

We Also do
Iligh Class Work in
of nal Kinds
0'17 Packard St. Phone 7415
(Where D. U. R. Stops at State)

otersDay Cads


A M'S'






that they may have a chiance ade-
quately to express their feelings onl
the matter. It is an oft-repeated1
truth that citizens who do not take
the trouble to exercise the franchise
have no cause to criticize lihe govern-~
ment that results This is au, nndonbt
able, on a univers°ity caints as 11, is
in the city, the state, or' the nation.
Dauring the last presidlential elec- k
tion,,js .w~s.quit.e the vogue for news-1
papers in metropolitan centers to deC-
vote much space to urging u pon their
readers the necessity of voting, Thisj
intensive canipaign resulted in an ad-
ditional turnout of a meagre two or
three per cent. It was evident thbat
the people were satisfied with exist-
ing conditions, that there were no;
great issues to rouse tliemi to frenziedj1
political activity.
In view of this it seemns futile for
The Daily to waste any. breath urging r
students to vote on the campuis. We
'can only repeat, that the best way to
defeat this somewhat mythical "gangs
control" is to register today or Fridayf
and go to the polls next week. Per- 1
fhaps your vote will swing the elec-
tion. Who knows?1
Formal dress is to be barred at thej
Architects' May Party. No wonder,I
for that is the official style for prison.

medium of the Opera which has for its
setting Xzalba. The Xzalbians area
said to be drawing uip a formal protest
andi one is making arrangements to
withdraw shortly after next Christ-
muas when the initial performance wvill
be given.

You can pay more than. $9
or $7 for mens footwear,
but why do it when you can
get the latest modis, the finest
imported and domestic lethers
arnd the best workmanship in
John Ward Men's Shoes_ at
those prices? ,
On DisplayjBy
CARTIERS, 34~6 S. State
May 8 and 9
Stores in New 'York, Brooklyn, Newiark
and Philadelphia -W.',Address for Mal
Orders. 191 Hudson dt, New York City
T,(Four Piece)
WITH- knickers a sport
suit--with trousers a sack
suit. In woolens of rare
quality and rich pattern,
the popular all 'round suit.
$3950 and $4250o
Cain .us lloieiy, c04 So. State
L 'dadi omo2zrr. 2

Ilnald Snyder
RBomrst't iiinNail ct f,

Btttlie etrrrsofi e pr'odrution IlAs
A Tlragedy in One Act evening did inot stch z"at. i e, mere
entitled initiauliii ficuit of [Ow '1)1)y it self.
It Seemas TeeWere TwoIrismenTheewere thIe w tor,,, stumb~lling, a1S
And f,'en risli're they nmust, over t lib' l"re ni hi di p1ong'4,
Dia An ('itrl Ithe na sal''ut,'he rolled ''r's"'; t hlere
or was the rill'. "d'r Xwhlo "should be
E11very Subscriber an Operator. spainked for niot event lea'ring his
-- Hello Bill. line,,; and the r( was thle(Ii reot or-
-How are you F*red. ungrateful as it inay seeimi--who, uin-
-- Do you know how to use the Ma- less Iun irmuch mistaken, absolutely
chine Switching Telephone? fuissed thre t errible tragedy of thre
-- W\ell, you obtain the correct num- play's happy endinug thre ironic spec-
tache of thle semis itiv e Hi aichiet temat-
brfo thdietr.ting with tr coum l ry lout.a
-Suppose you wish to call 2-4567. Y Iet for alIl tlmi;, fte pelfoinance
--Then each of the figures must he I was a suces s. I1 t :00( fmrarikly as an
dlialed separately.l expem'irei , anrd rose woi'thIy to tire
- Do you remove the receiver first? name (lem to t \V( of the chia ract erlia-
- Yes, andI listen for -the dial tone- tions- -tire prec'ise accenrt of Germainme
a steady humming sound. Blaer and the really astonishing inter-
-- That indicates that the line is lretatioii of Marguerite Stanfield in
ready to receive an call. the title-role. Somrehow, shte sensedI
-'If the line is 'not busy you will t he tremmendous pathlos of this girl-
hiear the ring signal-a low burr-r-ing p~easant, crudely girasping for thre ideal
of an iutelligensia, who sinks back at
rountd. the final curtaini into the life that time
--- When you have finished talking, social codle inflexibly moulds for her.
hiang uip the receiver'.***
-- Well so long Fred. TESTUDENTS' B E(IT~tlj
- See you later Bill. A review, by Robert Rtarusay.
B~arre Hill is one of the few students

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ning ef the end of his college days but Fresh ail' must 1)e more Oemxrisive 1 Scene: The Mimj is (). K.0 of.te School of Music who has re- I q~yemeo oksntfe nruestj
the symbol of his entrance into bigger than it used to be.' At least the fund Tihe: Jst about any. ceived intelligent instruct ion from
fields where his scope of activity has reached nearly $700. Two boys who can be overheard that. instittion'. A a general rule,
wolIo es iie.towl they take a lovly lyric voice, and
wotl wsnot unltihedwsatal.i euiertn ht(any towildo) andl a kind of sexey, tah tt elwblo iete
It w~s ot. nti hewas ctully n W unerstnd hat the special( gripping drama where Stanley lays bull of' lashan, they take a voice of1
this world lie had thought so much Mother's IDay speaker is to be a Guest. I down his pen, sighs, and sneaks his natural dramatic vlior, and teach itto ik 0
about that he began to feel his own ! +__
d olt out ,of the drawer. whispei the sweet nothingness of D- ap ~t-
iiisignificance. Only then did it be- 1st Martyr: If this bird shoots himself usy. As a resl they sld(omn turn
conic apparent that Swing Out was EDITORIAL COMMENT I at oigto rdemanidomy mone out anything but nice singers. Within
niore the beginning of another fresh- Bac________ k. ROTTEN! AWFUL! YAI- tie nenoty of this witer, they have rC7
man year than the conclusion of a,' F'' BU ~ t IYA- t uired out only one a rtist and le was!'~
JLST A MOMENT, ABOITT THIS I an artistbeassoeonofvin 1 bULIIIJ'
senior ,year, that he must go through 2nd ditto: These suicide ls rin!
t1IRYI in a(lh 'Te ADtotNws W tne laslindhnt ees.lovof vison
the tribulations of the beginner, the Itie whole thing. TERRIBLE! BOO aloeEnm odveo ln i w D
sophomore. the junior before he at- -heI .Ti i'e ssnig laewldinSheanmuseve huls the trigger La Scl.tm'ru pr os fa
seniority.at or.i terupu oerlanyhow and kind of crumples u ~ qal ru mdwneflIepe
ne h eirt.ld amateur status of Paavo Nru Buit'seslmsdormisome-". enrha~yp tin at111(1woicerwill 1p earde
Then lie bowed his head before the is that the runner's manager' is the Buitsesh msedosm-Praptatamvicwllbhadr
str'angeness of it all. I iaca thing. He is coiing to.j in the Metropolitan, for all voices,
Thus ended the first lesson of the I nacl genius of his party and that. a'y:iaie plig ta onro aems ehadbfr
too-pr'oud senior. Itemnnrhmefi o fa se stuff. He is going to live. y'tm odnIlrebco e ok
_________ aIly grasping nature. There seems .y leulldeIs rs eht eifNstofwthatk I
gawd! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT- i Tiii oehtinrien fta lflr~r"r~
.,to be a it te logic ii thiis opinion!2ddto une lewoetIgoter singer.:blid you, he has notI
NO~l( 'ODATC since it is known that Nurmin ice gE'HI-!YROIl the finish yet, niot te techniuie, leie
The re used to be a time when the;ti
tundafozncutnac otehas not etI'mle(io to climb to the top ji7 f1,~
United States could consider herselfI proposal of 'ox Rickard that lie go Eit Maryrrihtandlet._f____sclean__ll away4t ic
inte'o a'iiaini ol fan isolated nation, not only in the i nto professional running from which IRo Pertiraix. golden qualiy of tone, lie has no'1AKING day has gone wy
mteofpriiainiwol fitwas prophesied Ire would drive' learned tie seret of brathr control i and with a thought of appre-
fairs but also in freedom from theun 20,00the first year, an amount con-' Since "The Last Laugh" was over ris transition from full to mezza j eation for Motherprogress has
hun$2000Ilast nigt hswilb igt e-voice, but it will come. VHe krisso~m- banished the batch-of-bread night-;
welcomie intrusions of other peoples. sitlemaby larger than any amiateur 'ighre-this willBread hashcomeeto
OU w" ' imrg tat no othii pupil of tie local iae- ra a oet
The enforcement of laws was os . u wrdfrmnwIuI
C si-Icould possibly make by inflating x- 'ISchool has shown in so ricih sun- ty-Mte'nostati'
Bred to be a problem which had to do pense accounts. I thrne i isawl eieai tiee-times-a-day aid to good liv-
largely with her own citizens. Speaking of amateur athletics, it i ) well 'et m's cd, Irmai int: ig.
Within the past two decades, how- occurs to us that the real hypocrisy ( SENIOR EVETS Iwich will carryy him far if le wants We Deliver. Phone 5501
ever, it has been conclusively den- of the whole busimness doe~s not involve_____ to get there,
onstrated that America no longer can any anomalous position of the athlete'I May 7.-Swing Out le is not a lyric baritone, that va, UMIM ilI111
limit herself to) a considerationi of her but rather that of orga.nmz Ma ionsniras-g.sron in hris singlig gof Schuiiamn'sS je
ti~sa- Myown affair's and he own people. Not sumed to be fostering aiatm a I- May '13-Senior Sing.ef i- Mondra ('lt ; onlyIv ho' slier haut y of *I
only was she irresistibly drawn into, letics. Inwe other words, at i let ic or-' I,
the great Worlod war but also, since I~nztosxii~oh iInnI, May 22.-Senior Bal. Y~ompis' ltme'nicemio ediocrit y of the; i<-u

' (I

4' fin



* Oo0/



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In All Deliveries-
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