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May 03, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-03

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(Coninud frm Pge Oe.) by trikng ut Jste andforing Benson, Wolverine veteran mounds Wleii~hv o l ace
(Cotined romPae Oe.) by triin ou Jetesandfocin maman, has n he sdrawnt o thel assignmentn Al 3attoe
Paxton,, who drew a pass from 1 Jordlan to groundl~ to Haggerty. ThseaoWihPfctt
Jabby'to open the fourth inning got ; Michigan ailed in its attempt to fcth Unvriy o Wsosin I'i S core:l ~Vti er
rally in the last of the ninth . Kin- nine in the second Conference game
Idan made a spectacular back hand tomorrow afternoon on erry field.
an too tecondon KiMdrmani'sousaific atch of Ryrhohrn's bounder and Dill- Since the defeat by Illinois yester- MEET OHIO MONDAY
gerty to Wilson, but his scoring lman, after getting a pass, was out at da, h Wlerneilonthe
chance slipped when Giles took Sim- second on. Pucklewartzes grounder dateWleieMxiig note~ icigan's Varsity tennis team a(]-
onich's fly, retiring the side. The' to short stop. Wilson, the last man! game with their acks to the wall, for
Michgan attes agin filedto uncpu knocked a high foul which fell a defeat will virtually eliminate them I d another victory to its string ,ys-
tion well in r Michigan's half. fie otRrholm- into the love of the.Ilios achr from, the championship race. terday morning when they defeated
wa uJsst imncDlmnjMichigan AB. R H P0 A B Judging by ,tle appearance ofI the University of Indiana netmen, 6-0.
wsout e oS woth ilas P Feswertherewasni1leaIlanditcenplay
flied otto orth, and Steger wsGiles, 2b .....4 0 1 2 2 .0 Fisher'stmen insTheealini contest,
fanned. The .'fth was also lacking Bacmian, of........3 0 0 1 0 0 the Wolverine pitching ha ae was fast and clean throughout. By
in action. a~deke grounded hard to] Haggerty, 3).......4 0 o i1 5 2 ( turn for, the better, and wth all the
Giles who fielded pefctytajrRrholn, rf........4 0 .o0 0 0 9 errors .Worked out of their systemsi virtue of their shutout score the Wo-
fan~ adJses. flied to Steger. I Dllian, :s ........3i 0 0 2 3 1 i the last fray, the Michigan met veies lprotected their string, of vic-
Wflsnd ithe ig n an at bat Steger, If ..........2 0 0 2 0 0 shouldl are wvell in the Wisconsin torious matches, having won every
Wils ~ Mhga Whon,lb....3o01300gm and thus bring their average j.m atch I layed o farnbyhy perfect scores.
rolled to the pitchrer, and Cherry Wlo,1 300gm
made a hard di ' down the thirdi Cherry, c....1..... 0 2 5 1 0 to -500 I Against M. A. C. Captain Crane, Jer-
base line, his second hit of the game. .aIloiiowski, p .....3~ 0 0 1 3 1! Wiconsin is not as formidale as; ome, Elliott, Vose, and Kickbam
Ile was caught at second however lFroOeiil, It......t0 0 0 0 0 .the Illini team as Illinois (eeated wo their single muatches, while Jer-
when Jabby groundedl to short. and I ('k1'wartZ .1 ., . 0 0 0p' 0 0 the Badgers in a loosely pla~ydI con-ioie and Crane. and Vose and Kick-
tihe latter went out in the same way I test 10 to 4 while the Suckers were; baumu added wlins ihe donbles. Due
when Giles also grounded to short 30 0 3 27 14 41 fortunate in winning from Michigan a to rin only four single matces were
In, the sixth inning after .Jordan's "Batted for Froemnke in 9th inning. 1 1 to (0 last Satrd~ay.! played against Marquette the Wol-
scratchli ht and errors by Jabby and Illinios AD 1R1lH P0 A E T 7he Badger lineup will probablyI veine r acqueteers taking all of these.
Wlg~ a ienIlni t o r tth,>1 2 0 0 2 2 '0'b composedl of the following play- ;(Captain Crane, Jrome, icaun,
score, Michigan went out in order' Paxton, If........., 0 0 0 0 0 I cisagninlftfel:ndlad ~ Vos played for Michigan.
onbe more. Bachman was called out Kilidenialtl, p ......3 0 0 0 3 0 off man, Captain Ellingson at second,; In yest erday's match .Pul Jeromre.
Ifaggerty's bjunt was takcen by the : Marolis, rf ........4 0 0 2' 0 .0 Tn ra hrWeada hr ,lying number one man for the Var-
pit~lier, and Rtyrholm flied to center. Simonich. lb).......3 0 0 S 0 0; and in the clean up1 position, and 'it y. exprin~Icd little diifiulty in
T ,le "lucky seventh" proved to1be Godeke, e...,..3 0 0 7 0 0; Steeni at fi'st. Larson will "play cen- IdfaigRs fInin,6162
ju t'as replete with action as it was Major, f ..........3 0 0 4 0 0 ter field with Edwards next to hiimf111n the second set, the Hoosier got
devoid of results. Sinionich was Jstes, 55........ 4 0 30i the right garen, unless the latter i~iwiy to a flying start anl had Jer-
given Jaby's' third pass of the af- Jordan, 2).........4 1 1 3 1 0: is aled on to pitch. .annsen may, ome 2- in the early stages of the
terloll utWascaghtwhn Dll work as either n outfielder o- on the <,amie, btt Jione fought back ad~
man took G odeke's groundler andI~ i 29 1 1 27 9 0 line of first defese. I kept his opponent fromt further scr-
threw to Ciles. Mvajor then grounded Stolen bases: Wilson, Godeke. It s roabl Sre(10lldothe jin g'. Jeromie's srve' and hard ret urn
to Dillman and thte lt ter's error pull 1 Bases ont balls off Jablonowski 5, off hurling for the Badgers, as Causen, trrives featured the p)ay.
butn ont first, Godeke going to second Kinderman 4. Struck out by Jablo- t,. reirfio~~~ ay.woke Captain Cane ani Siefstcleri
on1 the same play. The Illinois rally nowcski 5, by Kiderman 5.rPased ivgait-iitaIOho State Saturday.t on the prettiest II asmatchi ofbi tn l.t~sbl, hry Wl tof;Jbonw-- onn, rn inig36,75 ie
flied ;to Steger' and Cherry went toI ski. Winning pitcher, Kinderman. T f 'he Iniana racqieeel had things his
the edge 'of the stands for a sprectac-, timpir'es, Green andl Crawford. 1 Ih )OI1AIL OICEI own way ii the first set winning in
ntihy ~catch of ,oidan's high foul. easy fashion. In the so(n set the
M~aci stated its half withTDill- nI All n rnI otal ienrprtI - I oosir again got away to a lead.
wiUi Ibeing calIedlout on strikes and f IvLIII.'iform)y .3 p clock1.Monday o Hbut Cran tied up at 5 aill. In the -E'See ligott ot.Toi 1," , ;: sot rcieo cetn fte gm htCaete ~esoewn
passes tha n tt Wilson and Cherry I fni ir'rr ftWscosn 1asball ae. Coseb t o nath lpoint four cinhes before the
on first, Wilson, having stolen to Iniifl'dt~t ~foper w;ill be int charge. Ii Michigan lae li1)led( acoss the
second bag between passes. The tj TAD) WIEMAN. I two necessary adl points. With the
MichIigan raliiy also failed to produce 4 f______I-'?aine tied. Crane110struck'h his winning
however when Tabby grounded to 1,Micigan's Varsity golf. teami
irotc.ot o1)eed the 1925 season with a decl - w
In the eighth Worth was out ag- Iie victory b5y defeating the Ohio
gerty to Wilson, Paxton struck out, St ate golfers, 2 1, in a (tial match
an Iin(T rman took first onl Hag- prlayed over the Ann Arbor golf-
gerty 'ii econid error. Kinderma ii got . 0 yste(uda y.I
to second on a passe'd ball but was ; Mihiga i won all four of the sin---
ot 'at thirdl when Ilaggerty took i ,lIs matches, played durinog the E p
Mrg olis' grounder' and tagged hiii i otning 5session, While in the four- T he C ustom
In Mihigat's half Oiles struck out, 5011105s, playedl in, the afternoon, the;
n alilmattgrounided out, Worth to buickey~e golfers managed to take .one
Simcni ',and( Ilaggerty flied out to iHint. Twelve points were awarded.T f l r S i
ce nter field., In t he nith 'it looked for each session.
like miore Illinois scoring, SiuuI' lli The. Wolverine tem cnsisted of
grounded out, Dillman to Wilsoni, but Cap~l~t. Mode oldswort, 'Fred Feeley, . The rnc' riis o' a usm taloed
tlodelre got a p)5ass an stole. secoInd. Fr ed Glover (end Paige Lehmnan,sutaeo anjttth mn
Matjor thlenoget another pas anidl1oth ' playing in the order named, . whale
aldvanucedl a base ont abby's wil the Ohio State teami played in the , iho . 1aecs a real interest in his
pit.cr. Jabby l led hiit self out. ofa following odle Capt., Oiff0X(d King, ,.ppearance ivl! wear no other.
thue sam iore heIhad put ,himself ini! Clifford ing, Ray Riceeand lRay Esnil oagoapaac
- Fischer. The best m~et for Michigan Esnilt od apaac
____________________were Capt. I-oldsworth and Fret is a perfect it. You get a per-
)Feeley, the former making a 75 In the .e i nacstm tioe ut
morning 'and a 71 in the afternoon, si il octa
k=while :the latter mae a. 71 end a 72.- Marquardtsatwlmoetn
-Fred Grlovei- also.showed god, form, - please })ou.
having a 74 andl $0. Of thee Buckeye
I ean., ('apt. Gifford King and Ray
C AS IMSEII A1JFischer- showed up best, ie, 'the
Th'e first c lass hard baseball 'games .Youngest treniber of the team, exhib- A ur 3f.i zr lrita~ u
arc scheduled for Tuesday, M\ay 5.-- ited some fine playing.
soph engineers vs. senior Bits t 3:15 ! Custom Tailors
o'clock; medics vs. Junior engineers, Marseilles, May 2. - Col. Thleod~re 0 AT IET T
at 4:30 o'clock .Equiptment is fiii nish- Roosevelt and his, brother erm~t.68ES IET T
ed b~y the depaltent. av-e sailedl.for Bombay aboard the
Wednesday's gamles are: 4 :00 o'- i steamer azmak on their Indian i
clock , s6phl its vs. senior engineers. hunting expedition.
All men participating in the Intra- READ) TJE CLSSIFIEI) ADS,_______________________________________


stride and put across two neat games
to take the set 5-7. In the last set,i
Michigan won easily 6,-.
Kirckbaum took care of Rothrack Vei
in nice fashion, winning both sets,
6-2, 6-2. The Michigan number three'
man played an even smooth game -
only exerting himself when necessary
to take his match.I
Vose also won with little difficulty,
6-3, 6-0. Forced to fight in the frst
set to hold his lead, lie cam e back in t e s c n o w n b o e s o e
In the (doubles Captain Ci-ane and with
Jei-ome defeated Russ and6( Seiden-
sticker, 6-1, 6-1, wvhile Vose and(
Krickbauni won, 6-2, 6-1.
The Michigan squad will leave this
morning for Columnbus where they
wlli meet the Ohio team Monday in
a niatch consisting of five single and
five ilou~le miatches. Paul Jerome
will play number one man for th~e
Varsity, andl will meet ';hapiro of
Ohio State, who last year defeat-d
Captain Rorick. Caption Crane will
play number two; Krickbauni, three;
Vose, "four; 'and Elliott will make thle
fifth man., In the (doubles, the regular
piring will "hold.,.Jerome playing withIi
C'aptainl Crane, and Vose pairing with!1
Kriskbau m:iC

Starrting night..-May 3
Inesday Mat inee' -Saturd ay ill inee
e MiraIe Play"of the American Stage!'
from 58 weeks at the Studebaker Theatre, Chicago.
Anne Nichols' Laughing Success


Ir ishl Rose"

Seats Now On Sale at the Box Office

d Tlhe Dally

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S up plies for 1Evety

B ~ran clh of Sport

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University Ave.

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mural all-campus tennis and horse-
shoe tournamens should ctall at the.I
Intramural otffie and give theii- new1
telephone number.j
Entries in Independent biaseb~all
close Friday, May 8. All managersl
should eitnter their teams at once.!s
Dressng Cses 1
fo r veln tii ;~,cnaiig I
toilt neessaiesflC~tlV ~iC'~ ;i
D r-ess ds itnjCaest-f-
ponti.~,-Ie saolgour l-ater ag ts

0.0 ~4#222i S21,. ;.in..


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1014105 S.MAIN ST.--ANN ARBOR, MICH.--330 S. STATE




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