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March 08, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-08

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lteg 1iIni i n 3t uit


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Night Editor-GEORGE W. DAVIS
Thie many persons who.have a pro-
found admiration for Dean Mortimer
E. Cooley as a scholar, as a Univer-
sity administrator, and as a promi-
nent citizen of the nation last fall
welcomed his advent into political
competition. it was certain even
though his first. canmpaign alight not
be a success because of the strength
of Republicanism in this state that
his would be a fine influence in the
Democratic party and in politics in
.Such a belief was confred by the
Dean's part in the Democratic state
convention here during the 'past week
His keynote speech was a master-
piece, almost erasing the bad impres-
sion conveyed by the speakers at the
opening banquet. He suggested the
only possible path by which his party
can retrieve its lost fortunes in thisI
commonwealth. IDemocrats and Re-
pulblicans are almost equally guilty of
demagoguery, the only difference be-

This is perhaps not the, place or the I. r
time to discuss the qzualificat ions of a*
president, or the peculiar combination ,R
of traits and abilities, . which would 1
enable a man to hold that imnl)ortant'
position. It is only sufficient to say ClI' I1IXA
that Hughes was not cutdowed w it h the LVL lT
poiial ev sa('ify, is e ahilif y t ,t h\Ie You rem ember we said we were go-
men antto eventsmtorhis'ownnqnel.,Wthe
willingness to yield, all of which gtote emcasianu.Wl,
would have brought himt closer to the we not, only weint, but we stayed
position which he sought. It is not as throuzgh the whole thing - violently,
a politician that H ughes will be r4-Sve s01'prsla ~afr s
mnembered, or his loss felt. It will be;,.
in the council chambers of the nation 'ieglecu ag e og
only~~~~~~ thttee ii et' bot M ary I lad A Little Lamb, andl
his ecular ifts whih wre sid~I one )]bout, a Bee that wvent B~z l3z, and
ais onlartoginfluence ic [veenh Iwe ere just, getting down to a little
gathered about hini, will be missed. good stecady eating; when up to usI
His was not a chiar;acter to builld abouzt, came HIorat io Abbott, postnaster of !

himself, a vast' group of ardenat sup-
porters; he was not the type to catch
the imagination of: the peoplie and
sway them by his pierso~nality. Thie
American people will not know that
he has gone. They seldom realize
anything. But those who are close to
the helm, will realize the difference,

IAnn Arbor, And chairmian of the some-I
tiling or other for the Democratic
party. Ilie put hiis arm around our
shouldler and said "Jasey old boy, we
want to get a little pep at this meet-
ing 01(1 man, and I just wondered old
boy if you'dl mind leadling a few
Ali! Ali! Would we ind'.i! We led

'fTIS AFTERNOON : The Facully
1(Concert w~h tCharles Sk~ilton InI a
lectureC-rc(ital onl"Indian 3Music," zas-
sisted by Edward Kuniz, ill IlfIl audi-
toriumiiamt 1:1") o'clock.,
! \Mr. Charles Skilton, who with E:,d-
Sward Kurtz, violinist, will five a lee-
ture-recital on "Indian Music" this
afternoon at 4:15 o'clock in 1111 audi-
torium, will offer the following pro-
From. an Indian Lodge. . . . MacDowell'
An Indian Idyl .......... Macl~owell
The Chattering Squaw ...... Loomis
Kickapoo Social Dance ...... Skilton
Deer Dance .......... Skilton-Preyer
War Dance........... Skilton-Preyer'
Violin and Piano
Two sketches............. Lieurance
Song of the Canon .......... Cadman
To the Warriors .......... Burleigh
Sun Dance ......... Burleigh
Chicken Dance .......... Susan Dyer
I Sioux Flute Sereniade ........ Skilton
I Shawnee Indian Hunting D~ance.. '
The bill of one-act plays, to be of-
fered Thursday evening, March 12,I
in University hall as the- first produtc-
tion this semester of Professor H-ol-
lister's Play Production classes, will
include the following cast:
'The Maker of D~reanms'
B3y Oliphant D~own
Pierrot.............. Florence Nelson
Pierrette............... Merel Parks
The M'vanufacturer....... Helen Adler
"The Subject ion of Kezia"
byv Mrs. Hlavelock Ellis



I - -_________________________________ --- --





IM i


oThe Annual Sale,

ing force from the governance, of the at cheer once, wheni we were about
nation. I tw~elve years ol(--anti never since..
To the people, he mean t lifttle; to ***
scholars, to studen ts, hie meant much, AlvXah Cummins, VDeocrat, said that
for he combined in one personality, I Governor Groesbeck was so ignorant
the gifts of scholarship, the fruits of of En1glish idiom as to emblarrass him
learning, which single him out from (Mir. Cuminins). To use Mr. Cumimins'
the rest. His amiazingly brilliant own words "Governor Groesbeckj
mind will always fa scinate those who don't even use good English."
set the gifts of the mind above those I *"*.*
of the heart. I JROLLIS' DIL Y NOVEIL EE
It. wasn't as though Jini had (lone
ADITl"[iNG DEFE'hATf anything wrong, nor yet that he was
Circumstantial evidence and testi!-; justified in his actions. He was just
mony undoubtedly have an important a big, simple fellow, content to live in
place to play in the settlement of peace as long as the world let him be.!
many disputes but nothing can be t One day Jim happened to wander
more effective than concrete proof. j info the village store, wvhere as was his
For the p~ast few weeks the Coni- wont to whittle in his idle hours and
gressional aircraft investigation cons- keeps his feet warm in the cold wint-
mittee, has been listening to t11e opinl-I er dlays.
ions both of the supporter's and of the "hello Jinn," hailed the storekeep-
opponents of Brigadier General Wit- er.
liam Mitchell in his contention that "Mellow yourself," responded Jim
present methods of land1 defense can- althoughi, we must admit, somewhat

Cl) ;

not protect thv, country from hostile
Friday night (lencrulithlell was
host to a. numlber of the meynbers of
Congress andl high officials of the
Arwy and Navy. In a dtemionstration~
by Langley Field aviators, (''oast Ar-
tillery gunners failed to score a single
hit in 39 shots and five powerful
searchlights could not locate any one
of the Martin bombers flying in the
darkness overhead. fdlit(chell's op-
ponents had to admit their defeat.
Yesterday the St udent. (ouncil re-~
minded us of the approaching end ofj
the school year lby announcing the
dates for the celebration of the pars-
ing of seniors into the realm of thec
alumni andi the t ermina tion of tile
period of probation for fresh awnCT.

inily. Hie was poliing aimlessly about Kezia..........Edith Alvin
in tile kindling wood, seeking a middl- Joe, her husband . . ..Alfred Browning
ing sized piece suitable for carving. .Matthew, a neighbor . .Arthur Farrell
Ilie found it. "The Far-Away Princess"
"Doing a little whittling Jim?" by Herman Sudermann
questioned the storekeeper, the while Frau Lindemann, the inn owner..
placing the sawdust box more con-.............Ielen Adler
veniently. Rosa, the waitress ...... Merel Parks
"Yes. I'm whittling a. little (loll for Fritz Strubel, a student ........
lnly boy seven years 01(1" mused Jim. ................ Milton Green
"I b's such a nice little boy........Frau Von Halldorf ..Ludema Williams
Then the s'orekeeper stared. Jim'sj Liddy, her daughter. .Marion Barlow
thumb was bleeding, and the big whit- Milly, dier sick daughter....
tier had stopped working Virginia iNcLaren
"Cut your thumb, Jim," he askedi s0-I Frau Von Brook ..Florence Nelson
licitously. I The Princess Von Geldern ......
j"Cut it clear off," answered Jim .Rwn Benson
compllacently The Servant of' the Princess....
"'roo ba(I, ;Jin.," ;. Lora Belle Corson
"Yes ... Now I wont, be able to***
finish the little (loll for my boy, and hfMME
lie's sucb a n ice boy... ." remark- Mimes will hold a business meeting


m - / -m





ot Books


ModaMarch 9


tDominant in thle minds of all memn- Ied Jim, as the warm tears commen
hers of the various ('lasses of 1 925 are to glisten on bis blond cheek.
thoughts of the future., doubts con- -11%. F. B
cerning success in life. 't'he'y have **
passed through all the taesof Ifni- POEM
versity life, arid realize the uuicer- The da vs of' spring are almost. h(
tainties in store for them. Oni the , The birds. will ston return.
other hand are the first; year nun. But, that which muost of all I fear
confident that college life will niev'er Is old sot's painful burn.
terminate, happy in the('thought a of 01(1 Lowell saidl in his famous rhy
three years of undisturbed bliss. Th'le "Oh1 what is so rare as a da~y
solemn Swiugout ce'remonies, and the ,ue'
festive Cap Night are worthy y 'mibols ; tend he was right, for that's the ti:
of this feeling which has been tradi-; When all, the world's in tune.
tional since universities beg-an. S) o h rs t eb

iced{ this afternoon at three o'clock in the
Mimes theatre. The three programs
to he presented immediately after

Wonderful Bargains offered in Fiction,




spriing vacation will lie discussed, as
well as the 1926 U~nion Opera.
Thiero will also be a business mneet-
ing of C'omedy Club Tuesday a fteor-
noon at four o'clock in Newberry hall.
Committee appointments will he as-
signed and full arrangements com-
pileted for the production of Sutton
Vane's "Outwartd Bound," to he pre-
sented April 1 and 3 in the Whitney

Tables at

25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00

Non-Fiction, Juveniles, Open
Publisher's Remainders


; Tremendous reductions on

mug' that. the wild utterances of the _______________-spr5~iouit, theatre.a
former have a tinge of the proverbial With a. new rifle and pistol club or- And trees wil conic 0111 green. ***
sor grapes. ganized, do you suppose the campus And winter will be0 put to rout I THlE RISING' TI1E OF COLORI
As Dean Co'oley said: I will be safe? Before :spring's gentle spleen. I Following,, in all seriousness, as
"Political- parties have argued 1 -- Ii. C'. W. clever a picture as they have ever
their claim for preference in the I ,, presentet, Avery Hlopwood's "issl
language of laudation for one and CAMPUS OPINION te.,f:Buber"-amn Gift al
blame for the other. This meth- Anonymous conmmunications will Ibe Iws osaeta h omha-igotl aeaxCteiso
odl of campaigning gets nowhere. disregarded. The name o cinuni t o tteta te0mha- ing oula Dae aux Cineiaso
~ants will, however, be regarded as ed "Tlie Up With iUs" which wvas I aptwee!teetnable man-
Manty who are well qualified keep confiential IIL")i refluost. rne nyu clm rdyadagemnent of the local theatre is pre-
out; of politics because of this -""rretedngn youro columnpoFriday and
whlic h you creditedI to Mr. Bradfieldsetn angrrvipoibyd-
mud-slinging." IiADEAD IS I t porcdlat onh I rgrta hvetautly connected with the non-coint-
Suhawrigall political forces To The Editor: ~tee~tt1te i h ~iaeh parable "Plantation Days" that turn-
ma wl he. if Democrats wish a Prof. :Preston .;lo :on who a short PubliciLNegvrYorkatipsyrlastiseasonJayoIig
return to power, they should get more time ago sent The Dlaily a mzost inter- P Iulic J colun"OiaSaconbtinto ~ayIwit h the hoydlen genuflectionable Flor-
.1 ous'scolmn OnSecndThought."
men of "I hrtl t. Cooiley's sort in their esting epistle caf self. ri ;ht couaess iime eete il a Sii m Mills.
thoroughly concerning the tibiegwalieSand Time
r'nann;d r1ta r.tupoji toghyoncrigte.hnstean h ihJe 'Em in " a nd it was signed "E., Naturalily, the local company tdoes
constructive progmimiatn as( Daily hold nearecst to their ieartfs lhas , not carry Miss Mills, but here is tihe
far asos :>itle unfounded criticism of again spoken. -e has placed his i. 1 point: a negro musical comedy, even
opponent.. 14ch a course would ral- matchless oratory be, ide f that of ti. I * * a fair to flat negro musical coniedy is
Iymn oteparty's spoto eaour attoi~cin t infinitely superior to time average
election day., :If the' Mlicig;an tlearat a 5 ould [ 'i, IL ' wierve h er ln a
confine the)bulb of th i a +Ia >x to Ji'aMseyPa sense that vivid, acromnatic, acrobatic,
Ch res Wv £. ns IJughes is one t oa-ti of the (rroeshil: (sit'.) ma - ; M s h v .It m ne g adfatheI "''Caxvd,-kid,-ain't-you-never-Iwomm-com-
iOherlt If;aisaradoxes asmanetof hthe t'thieyuld ofathiuort , faa aefIl lcin ('h(, item one suit of antique armor, 'nn'' spirit that often turns the 1pros- -
t chie ctit('y wouldis l . iel e p'rlitemoesldn anladitmoeent jazz nmania into tti.e most char-
brilliant to lac President, yet brilliantj ciple s (it the' Czar Alex gaiq, wichl I dlark closet, for fluhe various charact- acrtteristic, irre'sitable virtue of the
enough 1(o hold aposition, subordinateoare simplJ~y tb-f eillimm 'Ii.ly p'diticalest iei n fo hc hyIAmerican stage.
to min, far his, inferior in mental expediency are bouni ltogo'hotu may mxake ther mysterious entrances
qualities. TFie United States has seen principles of Ama~erica a Rei~uliitans antd exits at tihe prioier. tinme. Also I For Any Showv at t f$Ma hj
many such., V~ihu Root might be said will last foi'.,onicottimei to c()tmie.must have desk with various pseudo I Sliny blue-green curtail with band
to hxave been~a too baig a man to holdl I '1Would like to answer I lse uio'uiii -I Muderous weapons on it. to arouseofgltaiy aclih)t'heen
the presidemcy; 'James G. Blaine,1 ings ut temred in the Union last night' suspension of audiencee, such as paper' average man's neck COMes to. The1
when all the stain of "Rum, Roman- by a few pilaimn statements whichb I cutter, ink bottle tiud blotter.1 baton or beam up1onl which thecuti
Ism, and Rebellion" has been blotted believe would bie baclked mmlIfat ay I For' a FrettchItForce is laced by means of rope, ust bo
rawyfu'ot ium, stands as the figure; time by a lar:ge ma~joJit y of Ainu'rica a Se t itust 1)e flanked onl practically, plainly visible froum anywhere, in timei
of ;n!ii 1roic sta tesnman, admirably citizens. Thme pagan. inuii'ori list ic Iall sides; by hedtroomnts, containing h touse. Also a red flood light fmlonm the
adapt il to bold time portfolio of state, League of Nations wlnose potici{,ii"; e double beds. Most. of tihe wail spacoe Igtsd n ,bu lo ih rt
anal ontoilte foreign affairs of tihe, 6dterinined :rccom'ding to tihe wxvhi uoh'1shiould b e taken utp by various doom's time left side, giving the effect of one
country but.t'fa' Ioo~brillita.nt a elan totI a few powers is decad as fri'rtas lavini which may lead to alhmmost anyplace I looking t hrough those trick lenses
be lii'&sid('llt . any real intdepenidont. inifluencme'in t he1as, the auienclce rarely gets them.Im tiuat they gave out one night last year
('hariles l+vans hIugihes triidt to get 'world. Granting for the ; akoe of a rgu- straig ht anyway. Needs a piano to at time samte theatre.
I lie ti r,,t. posit ion in thle land, and lie mont that it has dotaon 50 l0 ile good adod at imosphere amid various vases for -VAL ENTINE1.
tried hard, hut thle qualities which in Europe it is certainly niot for this1 the female members of the cast to* * *k
]IIOAO' himn whatlie is are not qualities country. The is sue is as death as I uirl at. any othei' member' of the cast. (Signied)


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