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March 04, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-04

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WEDNESDAY, Al %NRCH 4. 1,925

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Louis W. Kramer
Night Editor'-F. K. SPARROW, JR.,

some sort of farm relief may prove to-
be little short of political dis:ast er. O h
The major share of the blame should rD ,L 7
rest upon the Sixty- Eightli Conre ,ssuAND
which has utterly failed to ac complish I
anywvhere near the amotunt of con-1 j XRLA
strtictive workt which I 'residenit Cool-
idge and the Admin itra irn lt'adE rs; FROM 'ILE: LADIES' GUILD OF THE
have so clearly outlined. A compete N)O MTOIT HRh MRS. RIiICIAII) MANSFIELD
reversal in form on the part of the DULUJTH, MINN I A review, by Robert Henderson.
incoming Congress wriihd be 'a(!decidedI ____ Last summer Mrs. Mansfield gave a
relif. ri ii apron small we send to you I recital of "Richard, III" and "'re
And this is what you're asked to do, Merchant of Venice" in Gloucester,
THE C'OURAG4E 0; OV NUTRY114 Measure your waist-line inch by MascuetbfoeteGocse
The decision of Ann Arbor Demo- t inchPays.hu eribefoeherGloresnan
crt nt utcniae ntefedi And see that thes measure does not
the city elect ions, April 7. despite t(lie pinch, voice andI beautiful diction lent a-
decision of the elect ion hoard ordler-t power and dignity to her interpreta-,
ing that no IDeiocrart ic l)ballots be FrecIsalic oecn o tions; they were of the theatre, arti-I
printedl for the, coming primnaries is a (i on, iil when actors were 'not ashamedj
courageous one. They evidently are And place in the pocket that amount, of asides and an accurate pronuncia- 1
cognizant of the oft -repeated t ruth Then back to us the apron send, gutisedwa not smtigto b d(is-
that monopoly in the political field 'Tle money for a room we'll spend. usd
is dangerous, and consequently are Nevertheless, when the announce-1
makig astad i a semiglyhop- _met was made that, Mrs. Mansfield
makin a sand n asc migly ope- To St. Luke's H-ospital it will ,go, wudpa h ohri isBn
les cotes. I wa suh asprit that IWe 're sure that you would wish it soeld le'scurenmthrodcin ofss rolle
prompted Dean Cooley's race for Sen- j fo.teGooscurans pgh"dyuisoa ThI
ato lat fll gaist verhelimg And for your help, i this you do,
odds. Our hearty thanks we give to you. teewsteqetoteiams
To many Republicani lea ders tbcie sible fear that this grand manner
present state of the opposition in the) A variation on the 01(1 theme, o would hardly jibe with the prosaic
natin a a istnct aus fo alrm.realism of Mr. Beach's middle-class
naton s adisint cuseforalam.I body loves a fat lady. palrIh rmro ore a
The Democratic convention of last * *alr Teteor fcure a
June revealed so much of internal ridiculous: she walked briskly on the I
weakness and strife, and the Niovem-- PUZZLE DEPARTMENT stage as the curtain rose in a (dull
her elections gave such a huge pi- brown dress and kissed her husbandj
rality for Coolidge and D~a we, that1 2 as he came in the door-after that, she
many sang prematurely thre death was the half-pathetic, often heroic
hymnof Dmocacy.Butit ws sl- 1'; I average American mother, tired, tim-
dom a chant of glee. Thining Amer-I orous save in at paramount nervous
ican ofbot patie reliz tb~t ur'(No answers will be considered in crisis, simplly selfsacrificing.
icaenmentofuohnctinestwlien thtrel this office. If you feel that you must Naturally, the supporting cast was
are two stogpxI .ntrefed sendl one, send it to the Recorder, unsually competent, especially Wal(
Ony udr uhco tin astechool of Education.) teir Sherwin as the father the femiale-
party in office incentive to gie it 1 2, secret of success, flapper daughter, and the eldest son,
best services. 1 3. duty of a dollar Ingersoll, but it was Mrs. M'ansfield who held
Inve fti helclstnt~ 1 4, baby's horse, the entire tenor of the performance
ienorgn.Tug MihgnhsI 2 3, vowel sound, to such a high lecvel. Shre is t he type
been a nearly solid Repubican ste 2 4, curve of beauty, of actress that rivets your attention
for years-excelot when Icrrias was I 3 4, exclamation of impatience, eeymmn h so h tg
elected Senator following tre New- i 4 3, at all busy street intersections, whether she is speakdig or not. She
berry rumpus and during hiis terms asI 4 2, when invited by the dean, is such a finished technician that you
Governor--the IDemocratic party con- 3 2, windl around the eaves, say she is not acting at all--simply a
41, song of the weary plowman, beautiful, spirituelle mother; the real
tinues to hold its ctucuses, ts state 1,knoflshnisucasner
conventions, and to run candidates forponistash
local, state, and national offices. "Phis 2 1, place-namne, Gaelic mythology, exact artist that she raises her char-
must continue if the party system of (No c. w. p. is complete without one.) acterization above nM-Pr realism to
goermntist fouih. 1 2 3, tapioca pudding , that inspired insight which is the very
goeneti ofors.1 2 4, legendary hero, isoul of constant art, the literal human
STEUD~E ' 11 i ItSIi' 1 2 3 4, 2-3 of a modern hero. mask of a lieral human personality.
RAFAEL PXTI j Mrs. Mansfield is no longer young-I
Student ownership of cairs, likte***
othe modrn uageis t l) on her own admission she conceded
evey IWe haven't yet been able to work an age of "forty and a httock"-buti
condemned if carried to ext remes. No'I
dput i wa toths ausetha D anthis out ourself, but the manufactureri- she is vibrant with a magnetiser that
dobtiurists oreferred itins his bcomiimh.ents o an ssures us that it has no catchs in it., is at once frail and bournless. Her
the itutionat ichgan n yste- If you send in your solution to the Ed every gesture is charged with a nerv-
I day'sDaily.schol, 1)e sure and sign it with your ous tensity, every mood passes across
Some students unnquestio~nalbly do name andI iAdress, so they'll be able her face with its keen pantomime.I-Icr
I mly uooils to 1l~lto send you the prlize. slight figure, her golden brown hair,
purposes,'' and.lnmany waste much time * * * andabvealher leep, rich voicet
that should ire spent; in studying,- - I lrolem pl y-ly VA E TI E that contains the pathos of a full mra-
A I roble pla-by.VALETINE turity mnake a picture tat is all hurt
the only question beingxwhether 0o' not SeeI ihn mc.urvlldo u tg oa-~oi
these same studlents would study if Sciee:Two tihirtysteonex. mornng, vallea dtonu hsasgbutor Dae
they dlid not have cars to amuse theme. TieTwthrythnetmrig3altatrdtonbsultfrDae
It hold e ecgniedtht. n he Enter three men named Zugg.1' Elen Terry in England. In her workf
gratousie ord mi oflbie5a Lalage: What did you say? there is a whimsical, fleeting humor:
I also used for (juestionalmlcend Irr I Crus: When?I that constantly shows the imprint of!
Smith: When wihat? an overbearing sorrow. - Her re-ap-
that thousands of e ople "waste" whn yu
hours of time h iave ling around the I isirpy:wenyuIa( t pearance on the stageafesomn
conrsd.I hscash~(x-, Din gle: Oh!. years further impresses an obviousI
(A eptycrra1drw ,)adparallel: now at the high-tide of her
the practice is consifle'red to he recre - Elboa steps out.)i years shre becomes the most poignant,
'ronattd 1te mieayi Zugg: Good morning, your honor! personality of otur stage, she is the
Balboa:.Iine, thank you! American Due
sensible one. I iscouragciaent should ***
Mike: how's yoiur Mother fxed for
be given to unessential student owner- s p I WAhI{lIL WHII''SIDE:
shi, utno ul sch (5ot~i'ii~t Gins: She's taken to drinkt again,; A review, by Valentine Davies.
tutions have hpassedl:Shoud bha con- 1Ilink you. akr htsd'slts eil
sideredWalkero Whitesid;,'orelatest eit
siderd. Or comuniy ismoreor llage (rising) : 1 have a box of -moves along well worn tacks, bti
less inatured and isire ady t o t ake me- l nI c.Iisnvrheesefetv."Sal~r''is
s p o n si b ilit y fos'nivsrow nlast iofs.tTv er ea* Ir .
sposiblit fr i~s wn ctons frcr 1Cyrus: (Taking the coffee): What?. a play of moern Japan, andi it in-
is no reason to believe t hat the atto- ('Pie lleiteludes all the traditional dialogue
mobile is any more of a curse to theII which goes with such a piece. cis~5
University than it is to thle worhd!at;t Smh:Iry!(ers obviously written around Mr. White-
lage Lalage : My, how I miss the old sdwotosi oeta utiC
st reet cars. li! edoeo e
-lnge My, how I miss the new casions, even though one could notI
-.Only one-fourth of the members of l . epraiigthtmn ftesee
1 'ssae 0 tit' vithelp realizingonetneseiorhiararmclnsyilof ithre (eterDinls

e "'










Have That I
Favorite Chair
P. B. Harding
24S P. Huron St. 1Ph0ne(138.1-'W



V ar~ty611 CHURCH
What could be nicer than to eat your
meals in the pleasant, home-like surround-
ings at the Varsity Inn? The food is
well cooked and ready to serve, and you
have the added advantage of music
with your meals.



1 i I

_ __

You may not care about the
economy our low prices make
possible, but you can't help
enjoying the excellence of
all the foods that we serve.



When the Sixty-Eighth Congressj
completes its last rites some time be-
fore noon today, an astonishing num-1
her of important bills which have been
under consideration both in the Sen-
ate ant the house will have been!
p~iled1 up without passage in the legis-
lative jam.
Even more significant than the num-
ber f'romn the viewpoint -of, the possi-
ble success of President Coolidge
during the next four years, is the fact
that the great majority of the incas-
uresa upon wich no agreement has
be, echled by the present Congress]
may e cla ssed as , Administration
bills. In fact, the only major propo-
sition sponhsored by the President and!
his advisors, othor than the regular
appropriation measu~res, which has
succ ssftill y run the gauntlet is the
decidedly in adequate andl une'con-
omical p~ostal pay increase bill signed
bythe Pre ident but three days ago.
The administ ration measures which
haebeen1('aught up and carried
along only to be abandoned in the last
mnut1e jam1 include some of the most{
iiilortat- oves which should haveI
bentalken by the present Congress.1



Aric kec s


j : ,





fi .. . ....... '
/ }
r f
_ -
- .. ,
_ ------
-------- a_.
'f l __
--- ; *

.and then h
changed to
B lackstoe




of the- iiwt buffeted hang-overs of the dues yesterday, an indii'at ion that at Zg:-T h us
War periogrtTte gns was given up several (lays least three-fourths of them are nori- L g:Th as usd m od
ago a hopeless, since its opponents Mal.- All: (turning toward the fireplace)
wec~re adrilitttdlhy prepared to stage a--------- --l ~iwi n
lilhinater ich would continue firom lDean Bursley would lprobably pxaia- rGnmipyafrvr er
1h lie moment it should 'oehi-ought up phrase the 01(1axiomn---"1Im the slringj Cyrus: -(Kissing her again) for-j
in the Se;,nate until Itle close of the a student's fancy lightly t i'ns1 to ever, sweet.
sei,=on today. Farm relief legisla- thoughts of cit-s," At this point an attemp~t shouldI
lion wAas dealt an almost certain be1) made to lower the curtain to show
dclca t blow when the Ihouso substitut- - the passing of the rest of the time.
cd l t,,ieIickinson bill for the Admin- CAMPUS OPINION (The local color about the street cars
i.,tration measure. These two bills l Arnonymious, comrnuw icatis will be -wsaddt las h lmio h
ha fe enrtmre oi h atIdisregarded. 'Thle narnie',of coinrni wsadeirulae-h Aun o h
had ftenbeenrefered o inthe ast 'ants will, however, be regarded as road)---
few mont his as Measures xvhlci "must conlfdntiali twon request.*Whnw eltisoeihte
be past'd~.'' expectant Valentine standing by, we
Another victim of' the insidious - VA(IA L ()N'SIDE~tTIj shouted "Crib!"
pract~ice ,ot flibustering is the Me... To the Editor: , His little face fell as he confessed
Fadden P ranch Banking bill, while Mi-. Nelson's coupi i umicat iotoii Ir '['iet'ell 1that's tihe only crib in it.'I
there has:also been very serio~us op- Daily, printed iesterday, was an tin--***
ht; sit ion 'o the C'ramupton bill for the fortunate exposur'e of a t ta l of mindrlienafIo
e 7;t',:1 ~ishmimt' of an independent pro- which is; a mence to tiummanw welfare. Oh I grot stuck in hPoly Sci--
laibtl iefor c ement department. The In hee post -war days w-ntm Tell me why, tell ine why.
forme r wais withdrawn from the floor ( whole wormld is s;uffering from ancient AdnwI'nhr 'egtt ty
of t1", S-mate I st week to mHake wayj prejudices awil foolishl hate's whisk} Can't get away, can't get away.
for iniportanit appropriation measures were arouse'd to their lit-ak by time The class is dull, I'm bored to
andl (u u only have aroused aheat, great conflict, any such lcx(lwiSoil as I tears --
ed aidl,igI by debate hadttlit lbeenMrNes'si to be cozln- B o ut I was three hour's in arreairs,
bro}.up again during the p~ast few university, of course, is pleopiled with I And this was all that I could take;
S o r: lhty;.nesI matr per'fect men anrd women. flt it is a For'- me there's only Whitmore
ralhoty cnteted matersplace when an attempt,111is being naude Lake.
wxll h- wiI sifpoobably be \unsettled are to overcome inim perf ect ions -a.}}m one} * * * A Gauil
ileSmi: approval of the nomnina- of time most imlpor-tant functions, of an T ]here's a gir-l thaI's in sympathy
f iors Charle s 13. Warren as Attoirney education is the cult ivat ion of greater w-v.ith time Cowles Campaign for Light
Ce'er~I.the Isle of Pimnes treaty, thet understanding am(idbr oadrem' syimpathy Verse. Get behind it, men of Mich-
J.--,!:.a;m i Treaty withi Turkey, tihe In-- with other ra('('s. While a cultur'edI igan!
t''rO'i )epam't I~uet bill, the Deficiency man may have prejudices, that is his Mr.i'Jas~on C1owles.
b ll. t he I 1'u }ic Buildings bill,- the misfortune, a mm if he fiinrds it difficult'---- _

border'ed dangerously on hokum.
'T 'he plot concerns itself chiefly with
at cer'tainl Prince Sanetomlmo Ilagane,
the usual cultured oriental-a George
Arliss withotut, unfomtunat ly, at sense
of humnor---who places his dumty to Nip-
pon above all else andi even i'uns the
chance of losinig his wife in order to
serve his country. The c'hanc:e is a
I very slim one, it must be admitted.
but one is inclined to believe tile sin-
(erity with which lie declares that lie
would~ sacifice her.
ST'here is much diplomiatic nt riqueI
in advance, but the climax comies when I.
the Prince offeirs to exchange his
wife's b~ody for a trmeaty which is of!
the uitmost itmplortance t'o his country.
In the final scene he brings his wife
Ito the meeting place---with a dagger
ini her side andi says thlat lie has lived
Iup to is bargain. When ti-e treaty
is'in his poss5ession and the foiled vil-
lains, vhio are time Prussian 'ambassa-
Idor and[ his nephew, have departed, lie
bids his wife remove tihe weapon from
her dress, arid all ends happily.
Thlkcinale is quite gripping and
atones in at large part for the slow
beginning which deals mostly wit hi
shop-worn proverbs, given in pigeon
English, to achieve the effect of the-
centuries of wisdom which all stage
SNip ponese possess. The humor, which
I was brought in on several occasions,
was not up to the rest of tihe play. The
American ambassador- was particular-
ly given to the blandest kind of puns.
On one occasion, for instance, he re-
marked that is attendant was not a
valet but a whole landscape. Thei'e
iwere several others of this calibr'e.

< +:
+ ".
i.i ,x,, ..- J
} ,,/ .
t a ;/
r r ,
r' ' '1 I,
.... . l
- _


t a


c ,,,,r

Real smoker's hospitalitj,
-- whats that?
(From our own Etiquette Book)
Never offer dried-out cigars. Nver
offer "choked-draft" cigars. Neve4'--
offer scatter-ash cigars. Never offer,
cigars merely because they are big and
fat. Remember that size alone doesn't
always mean quality,,,

Hfavana's bs
filler crop in

In making Blacks tone cigars we put,'
quality first. No filler leaf is c 'th .'
than the extremely mild Havana, whichi
we use. No wrapper leaf costs mor6
per pound than the silkySumatra
Blacks tone wrapper. _.
There arebigger cigars if size hat
you seek. But at Blackstone prices it
is impossible to make a larger cigar of
such choice tobaccos. Blackstone wag
a fine cigar 52 years ago. It was eveii
iner 10 years ago. It is atits,ver;



( Years -in your
y 1925

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