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February 27, 1925 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-27

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N OTI('EI NOTICE ~Oiler E-lev en (ourwes At VUniversiity
------- --___ _________________________-Iil Held Woili iiiDougiis
RIEAI)ERIS Ave're earliest Nvithi the latest. 1Lake S1,t iou

_ _ _ _
r -.

Ziwet Resigns

Th~lis ecItiiii of (Classified adlverl is-
Ong is "t llCdtlI by which You mayj

See the newest in the triusical line.


COURSESlt\l ./I, Lt./l-.IIJN 1V1l f
'find Nwlutt you lmi ye lost, ret urn wllat CONN INSTRU.MENT CO.
you bhale #found, Joe infortned f f where1 14 Nickels Arcanle In Boranvt, 1 he Summe session this
to buy what you wallt, .and to s01I
wht ouhae o hipoe II. C Id give PERI SONAL SERVICE, <Ii 'eI will offer 11. courses. In addi-
~ll41 5I th IYi i A1s.rjj1(3. red I. sp('('iali ze ill expert perm anent, wav- im)(o t( he se, howxxever, the bijological
eiledly for your benefit, jug. 5 i?11 i]10nam e l )ul
M. RI~S. STO'(DDARD : ae and here eighit other courises,k
FOR SALE! 707 N. ~.niversity. Phone 2652, chieti' in fieldl work, will be conduct-
- 0(ed; while in the School of Education,
FOR SALE-1921 Forrd touring, <. pflTY OUR Hot T~oasted(I andwiches.f couirses in special methods and dean--i
s-tar'ter', denmount able rims. Also 5 They are delicious. Arbor Foun- jonst rat ion for the teaching of science
tube raio set. Teris. I'hone tII"in secomiaryi'Vschools xwill be offered.
738-W. F~our mem~bers of the University
_____________________________ EXPERT WATCH- REPAIRING saf niiln rfsosC -.Kuf
SALE--Tenor banjo. inquire at Arnold302lat:e Stret itJew-eler 1m1111nand . .B. PliPllck, anm thl Mesrs
61 Torp o.:hoe .3-02 Sout .State j F. G. Gust afson and s. IT. Eler Son
FO AE-ee obedc esPHONE 866 will conduct the 11 courses in hotaniy
an 3cos oplte 8(liForivs Typewriter Repairing WhvJich will be offered at the I'niver-
14 study taibles, 16 straight ocz (All makes) siv.PoeorKufa' cuss
c:hairs and rockers, (rall Brady, -Dealer in Woodstock typewriters,s will b)e those in "Algae, Liverworts,;5-1.Sudtad ndPrbl Adig Gss ndFn,""Mcoyad
___________machines.; Plant Diseases," "Advance Mycology
y Ann Arbor Typewriter E chalige i and Pathfology," andi "Research in
41OR tom ;V7-. Mycology;" while Professor Pollock
-'----'-- "TRY OUR New Way Tboasted Sand- will direct the coursecs in 'Svstemnatie
FOThNP--Aurtee tor o icelyt wiches. Best you ever ate. Arbor Bot any and Field SItudies" "Micro-
ho sk p n, or i ghorfort icly Fountain biology,'' "In vest igation s in the Role
furnished r oom o ih housle-I of Fungi in Soil Biology," andI "Inves-
keeping in modern private homne-- Our moderate prices make it possiblei tigatiosithPyiloyf Mc-
no other; roomers. 311 Gr ee n wooidj for all to have FRESH :SOMEosintePyolg ofMco
Ave. Phmire 12155-R. CROWNv FLOWERS. organisms."
_______________________________________At the Biological station on Douglas
ANWRO LRLC.Clo- cut, w.sLk nAINTED 1122 E. Liberty. Phone 1630Iopnfrheum rotne2ad
SALE1tSLAI)IES EVER'FIYWhEREtI+ to I; 1;ilootery-V4WCuiih Areade close August 14. These are also the1
sell Pic-Wic house fi;cks direct to Ehi ducir Shoes are better. Light dsates for class work at the University1
wearer; no investment ; easily earIn I Ern, snlooth leafthers for Sring are tduiring the Summner session.
$3,.00) weekly; all or Ipart, -ine; lite 'ast erni styles. I havetfliee at Opruiiswl eofie t t
WRITE "T'ODAY. Pickwick ilg only $85() stat ion for research work, either by
-ortWaye,--- indlependIent investigators or biy grad-s
CoSERV[NG MACHIINES an(] the like fix- irate studients. Paul S. Welch of' thet
RE INED) MIDDhLE aged Anh Arbor I 0(1 in good running order by experi-I Zoology dIepartment. is acting direct or.
lady desires lady companion to tour enced St udent. 1 512-W. 1029 ----~--- - -- --
Enlgland, Holland, France,' etc. this I Vaughn. 'I hAVE YOU SUBSCIIIB1I) VYI r'
June and July. Entire e'xpenses !
less than $500. Write box 67 am b llDe m O Ne l P a
Michigan Daily, for interview. be lD '' 'sO N ilP a
G11,I1A1I<1Swanted by week, boe(
Mrs. Ash, 209 S. ing;a ls. i])hone, isb ve Co W e nIto f Ju- ;J
3524. - -____________
WANTED-StusGoddents to see our type- "T'he iai, thEli : the New York play havethe igcht to present life as it. is,
!rtr agan.yodmahneaor 4 ~ ~to bin i_ ts work with a posadthticlds1i.
sale or rent. S A. Moran, 711 N. 1.l( 'I(h~~i'*o ~gu 'el' Professor Campbell then pointedi out
tniversity Ave., Room 2. I.: that trivial plays and those that, are
__________________________________________-D esires nceteEl" males meI of a 1baser emotional aplpleal1oug ht, to;p
IA)ST suspicious o1flue jury, because it is be eliminated. Lil~ewise he salid, if
_______________________________________ highly iridiculous to condlemn thatf profanity offends pleole it shonld be .
IM 1T-hi ,iii#-wrist Swaici; whfilegorild!play," sa i(d1Prof. Oscar ..Campbell, recommniidedl for removal.
ease, hexa~h-oial shljw ;abet Wf'0fl;of thiie Englishi depart ment-4 yesterdlay !\vjf h regarid to thle pe u' oninel of
iHoulev:ard and A reode 'lThe uter. ~is. in connie sting on Newx York's play! su('h a jury, Professor Camphell slaItedc
ii ardl. Ask for " Midy" -at ;(1191. j i'y which was the cuillminiationi ol I hat"actors aricntthlelbest people
L0,ST_-.An Indian blanket oilThiaye-r ona taei"Goo1 1(1 othnk that to ,la l play. . hadience1s11(0
streetif ear H ill a uditlorin. Reward.,O-lsih~ e-sar, rfso a ycp Ie i a .I
(I sn'p i noce;sar, Pro' c~ I hre i((~has never beeninaemt
I 'on 60. 09 ar St - Cain hell went. on, "buI.t if there is a to f'ormn a phiay ju ~, ily bt Iiieve iia,> been I
L OST--smn 11 1 Peeltin gese dog withIi need for it'.1I bhink the jury -will serve Icenisorsh ip1, antli any kin(d of a ceni- o
hiarmness. Reward. Phone 2875-1R.I its,, o rposec, bisca use it, is best to have Iscr udoes f'ooli sh lb jugs, For exaul ple,V
181 SiE. ~University Ave., lw intell igvItn t ciiof thle p rofession 'there was ahute when -host.,; couul (c
- --- ~ltad ,tie p1lays. Thle stage hias to not be played~ in 1% ngland.''

Prof Ai1, -,.,l1ner Ziwet :of the mathe-
ntiicis depat-rmont:, Nwhose resignation
to take(,'eff ct at ilhe end of this year
ns acc'entedi by thle Regents. Profes-
so;' Ziwet 501 veil the University of
Mlich-igan for :17 consecuttive ySris.

London Doctors,
L own, neb. 26-Over 5,000 phy -
sicians in London are out of jobs!
Froni early morning to late night they
tramp the streBets of the city seai ch-
ing for plositionis that wvill pay Ithem
from $10 a week up. Sonic of these
dlocor is take their night's sleep along;
the bank of the Thames, the famous
sit e o1' those who are broke.
Since the lamte war, t remendous ac-
tivit y aniong- British and Irish nmedical
schools has created a surlus o (f both
mnen and womeii phiysicians. Thou-
s=alids of them hav-e to miake the choice
of gr'adualI st arvatlion or abandoning
aprofeossion t1( which they have (devot-
ed years.
under the national health insur-
aice sc-heme in England, millions of
persons1, by laying a small weekly fee
a~re assured of mcdlical attention. Each
iast' en necphlysician has from 500 1(o
16,000 patients on hris list. For each
p ayment the doctor receives an annual
pavicnt of about $2.
Discussion Led
By Stanley High
Stanli]ey HIigh, a ithiol 01f''Revolt: of
YoulithI," led a. d iscussioni grom p \ed-
ni5(1sday nighit at Lame hall c'omposed (If
-} si m.ll- gio (f 51udentIs. The sub-~
ject o1 thle meeting xx-as based upon
quiist ins if thle yoiuthi mov-emient
xvli(-b is taking pla:e 1,11 'olnglout die
lDue to the fact that it was not
Iti mvil in ad vance that Ifigh would be
in A,,irAi-her on Wednesday, the Stv-
deip. ('H i'i st itui associat ion (ould not
iot ify I lie e inus in genleral 01f t~In-
mcl(-('t Hn, 1igh de(scribledia.Iplan of a
no ima studen ts' (convenition to be
hecR a ,bouttle"0 i rst,(of next year for
the liurplose (if dIiscu ssing the3yotIh
miovemniut anld otlier student questions
c-h tich are oi' interest to studlentIs in
evein- college community.
Norian, Olzi a Feb. 2{i.--IProfessors;
wh'io refuse to1 give ''A's" when thex-
arc earned arie scaured in anl editorial
in the Oklahloma Da ily of the 'Cniver-
si y 01 Okiahonia.

Treasurer Roberit. A.Campbell wxill,
he the onl'y University official par-1
t ici pat ug- in the forniald(edicat ion (of
Ohe new Mlasonic temple ,onl Foulri ii
avenlue this afternoon. 7,'10 late
President Marion LeRoy Burton andi
Registrar Arthur Gi.IHall were bothi
to have figured plrominently in todlay's
auspicious program.s
asonic dig;nitaries front all over
the state were scheduled to) arrive in
the city this mlorning and every grandl
body in AMichigan is explected= to have
its representatives here 'by noon. The:
new temple, which. has just been ('011-
ilf'eO( at a,('0st exceeding $3(10,000, is
said to be one of the finest -Masonic
bui 1dm gs in the state. The dledicationi
this afternoon wvill mark unqu('stion-j
ably the outsta nohilg event in loc'al
Mas~onic history,
A-11o1bers of the grand. lodge andI all
other officers will 'assemble at l
O'clOck at lie union. They xvill be
esco~rted to the new temple wvhere the
dedication proper will be madle at 1 :30
rin the lodlge rooms. .Iudge 1-I. Wirt
Newkirk will deliver the dedication
faddress, A reception for Masons and i
their friends will lie held1 from 2: 30
until 5:30.,xwhich, will be followed by
a dedication banquret at 6:3:0 O'clockc.
More than 600 reservations have been
miade for the latter. The Rev. A. W.1
Stalker of the First Methodist church
will be. toatstmaster, and( the invoca-
ti'on will be given by Rev. Herbert A.
Jumzrp of thy Congregational 'church.;I
'Add~resses will be given by H-enry (1
Paumngardner rand George IT. Sandell
burg of this city and Benjaniin .1.
I-:Henderson of.'BTay City.
Standatrdization o1' all ITniversity
equipmenit for which there is gr'eet
(l('na ld, is planned by the buildings
aind -rounds departmnent:, accor'(1 lugto
.'annotuncenment yesterday.I
Ini-so-far as possible, ordlers for new
equipment, such as dlesks, stools, tall-
ies, cases andl the like, will 1)e filled
in accordance with standardIized plans.
The system wvill result in increased'
efficiency, and saving in bothi time and
Coust mulction c'osts, it, is exp~ected.
Urbana, Ill., Feb. 26.-.Fraternitife:
violatingi the. rule confining' initiation
stunts tf1 fraternity grolundls will lose;
"jthe llrivileqe (of holding chapter dlans-
'es for oiie semester.j
Surusc'rille for The 7thichigaui Dily 13

r . cicngT onighi ana Saturday t' ear
and every Wednesday, Friday, and
Saturday nights
Music by
Bill Watkins and his
Granger Eight.

TV HAT'S the big advantage 0f
woven madr as material-no
chance of a shirt's fading out and
losing its luster. But only one ad-
vantage, as madras launders excel-
lently, and holds up after a good
many hours' wearing. These are
original in color.

I )ST--Ehngageint IRii:;. 1vWit- goldl
settiiig. Somewhere on uv~niut s,
Feb. 24. Rexward. Enquire .l ox 0,
Michigan Daily.
LOST--.Man's gold xwrist xvat ch WxithI
initials A. E. B. on the lack - Re-
wvardl. Phione 1519.

LIR A "R Yr GE T by t he library is of famr great('r impel'-
OLD .( W taLIO ce b.ec auseit recordls, rollul abe
OLD O'IOIlpoinit of viewxv (f the lmritIisli comm and-
ifiATr)A er in chief, the later and more cr-uc'ial
i E E L i.JVVJWK campaigns of the Revolutionary War.
C ~ '0 lI-Towes drc~~ t~ I'v book. ada I ? 11 1 II 17, ( ii-, )T I p11f'

LOST-XOnyx pin set inllpearls. Let- ''"" ' . )tI ki Pt).,UkSJIH([Lti-
tee's D. S. A. Finder call 23-AI. i byIy acco'unieiimt of the activities of iEditorilly on thle newly adopted
--- --- jthI ritish army in America duringf "dean's list'' of Amhlerst, the D aily I1-
I OST-Ci rcula r muosai c pin wit hi doveCItthe ye arms 1776 to 1778 has just bleen 1 lini :favors the adopt ion of stichi a
design andl filigree border. Liber-' a('quired l by thle William L. Clement's tlioi.rpi!'da'slst'i
al rewardl. Phone 526-M:' 721 For- ° ibrairy. 'This folio of manuscripts, pantIliosTh"dn'lst's
est Ave. which tells of tihe camp campaigns onj composed of students heaving an aver-
L ong' Island andi the sbeun moves iaghe albove 85 per cuit, who ar(e ex-
REALITY SHOPPES (if General Tlowe and General W'ash- mtdfomterlsro'garfi'ui class
______________________________________ingt on in- Pennsylvania and New Jer- i alts, -
Permanent Waving and Marecoling sey was only 'ecently discovered and
MACK AND CO. I is of considerable historical impor- Urbana, Ill., Feb. 26..---illinois uniP-
3rd Floor Main St. Lance. vtersit y celebrated it s sixty-secondl
______________________________________ -lBefore its discoivery the only orde~i-- birtlInlay hiy entertaining the state leg--
Tree.C expert marcellers. Shingle !ly book of General IHoe's known to isatitoa.Teuvrsyws
trims. Soft xwater used at all times. fare public was one found about 3l0 I founded in 1863, and since then has
DIMiATTIIIA BEAUT SIIOPI'L years ago which covered only the grown to lie the third largest in (lie
(Above Cushing's) year' 1775. The mianuscr ipt sectured country.
'Wha, ialei of a differenceU

' !ti


For One Dal),Sat~urday On/i)




IT H every assurance as to style, fabric and pattern correctness;
these Tuxedos at greatly reduced price, offer' the value of the




309 South M~ain

Don't (elay-Pay your Subscrlption


just a few cents



Sj'yh . +C.$? :'t':v' %'r' '''''$"i L";;vl/,. F i:S?:;:< :;.??."r}ir !r
;rI'"i>; : ;}v f::.: ?"lL} v{.:: ri$'rv ,%ry:: ir.:; : :} ir %% " :;'yr "'i'
.v4: 'fir:"": i:"v.; n. v.- - n:{ :;?Zvi ";";:: ':":,"' %i}
?vF: "Sv:

f .

-~ ~ '~a- -'7 I I I

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