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February 27, 1925 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-27

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Material which is to he included in
the Student Directory supplement: be-j
ing; prepar'ed by The Daily must b)e
"nthe hands of the Directory editor
by 5 o'clock tomorrow. It is request-
ed that all information a1s to nlew'
names, additions, andl corrections, be,'
Ftypewritten or printed to insure their
Scorrect appearance in the supplement.'
More than 175 names have been re-,
ceived, the majority of them being in
thbe form of names of new students or
~.of those who have changed their ad-
dresses. The work of tabulating and
A ,lphabetizing will begin as soon as
all corrections are in on Saturday al-
Name ........................
Class and department..........I
Ann.Arbor address.......
Hoe pon...................
If a correction please note the
_Amistake to be corrected....
Mail this coupon to the Direc-
tory 14,itor, The Michigan Daily l
1Press building befoare February

Sege Wew Situation

:: '


Conclave Head


Tcdayl's quion hii: Do you consider
maintaining a straight "A'' record(fo101
I four years t he greatest honor t hat!
! can he won at the U ni versity?
W1here asked : The rhetoric litbrary.
S The answers: Diorothy Mi. Lorig, ;
'28,--"l1 think 1.1he greatest honor that
can be won in the University i, thne
respect of one's lirofessors and t1 be
adiration of one's a ssociates. Tils ' ::;;.;.. ;
cannot be attained by marks alone,'
but by service and sincerity."r
Gordon Van Loan, '27,-"'No, I don't.
Of course it would be a great honor,
h ut, I think there arc other things int
I one's college life that amount to as
much, if nct mnore, than a straight "A" _______________________
record. The friends one forms whil a
I on the campus to my mindI amount to t.evF H deicrgealo
an gneacvtideal oe n yprii-the aircldiocese of Chicago, has been
ig iaciiisoegains many nmnehworr
friends." nae=hoo~r president of the In-
Benita M. Shears, '25,-"Yes, 'pro-I ternational Euchari;tic congress, to
viding that the student takes anl ac- libe held in Chicago in Jitne 1926. A
tive part in student activities.''"iV- ~)cii ,,r 1

1 ] hall will take place Tuesday, March
OTHIR 09Y PHOG3, at the Church of Christ. Dr. C.
1H. Moehlnan, '02, of Rochester, N. Y.,
PlINiiNED "Eu 0 hlas been secured as the speaker fort
~ t~~T 9 0 te evening. The discussion classes
wilstart Mrche 10 and will continue
- for five weel, ' nder the direction of
Plans for Mothers' Day week-end prominent f;.. -- Any student
jto be held May 9 and 10, the latter; who is interested in imse discussion
fbeing the date of national Mothers't classes is invited to attend the ban-
Day, were formulated yesterday after-I quet. Tickets are being sold at Lane
noon at tihe weekly cabinet meeting of1 hall until the day of the banquet. The
the Student Christian association. discussion classes are free to all stu-
Svrlspecial events will be planned dns
by the Student C- dia soiain e.grouips will be organmized, one
It is the purpe. e of the Student of which is open to women and is un-
Christian associa o n to have all or- de~r the leadership of Mrs. 14. S. Mal-
ganizatlons on the campus hold their lory, director of social service in the
annual Mothers' Day week-ends on j Psychopat}, ,' ospital. This class is
the same date. There is no plan at sponsored ori.)yt - 4. V. C. A.
present for such an occasion. Each - _______
organization arranges its own date.j Subscribe for t' iW'1)TLi , "I
!Letters will be sent out from Lane:
hall immediately asking the coopera -___________________
tion of these organizations, it w~s
decided at the meeting yesterday.
The faculty-student mixer March 10
to be given under the joint auspices' ts u iu
of the Union and the Student Chris-:
t an assce iation as also discussed.
Every male faculty member has al- ar J
ready been sent an invitation to the yN~ac ,6
affair. A much larger mixer than the
owe held last year is being planned at? ? ?
preseut, h program has not be~n
settled1 upon definitely.
' A banquet introducing the religious
discussion classes to be held in Lane

i fi ..
r.': ;
"]{{ a.
t e-frx e
... x

The inaui;
ot Iih of office 11
presidlcnt. Ch
States, and C
tPte, i(Iexnt .h
D iscws

BEa~, OD tivo in sue
Clot water service to University Ben groupstaU
luiJlings will be interrupted for short (pressed them
intervals today and again next weep, 1 p~rovin~g of thle
a*while connections are being made for rieti on by the
,the inew water softener which is being a much more
installed at the power plant Ilast.
Officials of the buildings and I Prof. Morris
r1 ~nls department were unable to' d epartment, in
W d .4enite hours for the suspension a~ rus5
lervice dune to the uncertain ntr eIte 1]
tl6 he work, but it is exp~ected that atIreivdb
ain) iiie will it lie necessariy to stop1
t he service entirely for more thn n student~s feltl
htouar. of getting in
The, new water softener which is tudents - and.
snow bieing installed, ,lhas a capacity the things of i
Yof -4,000t gallons per hour, though atofsuetw
the present heaters will only be pro- I welfare of the
vvided for half that capiacity. As the Prof. Jose}7h
"nieed increases other heaters will he P. icalI scienced
added. ed himself asl
y Il buildings of the University, withIiidea, said yeste
Ike exception of the Ijnion, are sup-i is ftundamenta
plj"Jwith water through iUnivers;iiy gest. leail of' g
' 4,41nea. ed if it is pr
shins. I held in houses
Norway recently celebrated its 1,900 The initiative
3'tyears of Christianity on thse little is- hiouses. Ruidert
Wiand of Moster, on the sotuthwestern and~ free exch.:
cot~t where stands the oldest church +beneficial t o bV
',in 'the country. jt ~. It 1may be
_______________-solving the ge
THart, MVich., Feb. 26.--William Mey-! (dent-facultyr
ers, 87 years 01(1, veteran of the Prof. Thom
Crimson war, died at his home near' ical science de
^Ihem yesterday, enthusiastic o
_, ,,. cring a close
Your Subscription is payable now. idents anid facu
t ti ':0 (XIIi Ili - E
! 3:30 x;911,1 FITZIIOY
t'l'I1EN LA DI
7 :04 RAY 1'M1ONI

tomiti tagt"A"rr, the "orid are expected to attend.
- - most students would have little time .
for other ractivities, which I believe hionorary member of the organization.,il
urlation of Calvin Coolidge will mark the first time that the are just as essential as studies to a The other members taken in were: 1
ins ben given to a president of the United States by a former welblne dcto. .V Hle,'5 .I erl,'6
ijef executives are sworni in by the chief justice of the (Tiitdl wW.bA.Warick, .J., '27,--"No, be- T.C. ila ra,0.W Sehes
mief Justice William Howard Traft was the twenty-seventh ;cueh misses the bes t of a ll.. ', ..Eet,'2, W. H. MC-
pr esident and the chieif justice are shown. Icleecretetrl fsses Cracko n, '25, D. N. Reid, '26L, R .
Iamd the finding out. that hle isn't so! McPherson, '2, C. HI. Morgenstern,
;so r u sB n ftmuch, after' al." ('25, 14. Wilson2-D. htJ SREEN SU4LPREMACY (' F~ ANrT D L' ),' 1'MN(
St d n A dF c ltB lefMSCL BAlAIO ur Smith, '25, IR.]< ,.2,Campbell, ---'' A ND SATURDYE
____ Y a uly eie ,i I id : as toa tmaster. li New officers were I JOSEPH " ". C. LINCOLN'So
prmtN NIA E W 7elSE H for the coming year.
iminent faculty men ac- onle of the 4t ays of that miay promote~TNihs ~t $~
it affairs and who have }acoe )OPoopmde'tudn u-WLVLiJ~AU L '. ntXv d. ana g O'
njist odutdsn tween the two. Ilie said, "I think it --ISat Soc to 0504 1
nitrs t conuctdiscs-an excellent plan. It seems to be a Alpha Epsilon Mu, honor arymiscal ! Ole of Ai eicas Fore most Actor 00i
at the houses have cx-,Iwholly feasible and admib ideia." LOWyELL iaSHcERenm Mxvmen
elves as thoroughly ap- I leek'chaBlndn
mllu as it has been cam- I
~ .C.A hi eri ~ Uh* hdS~I~this, week .1J. . laddv o th public A Thrilng, Gripping iDra
to S.111flC.- A. IAI thicsol yeadpameino th[UI Te1as ic id': Wilton Lakiivt'Phoebell. of Comedy and Drama
extensive manner than'ULversityIUSchoolV ofj MusicJ was madeCObant F Robert ad ViYoviFida-nre
3P. Tilley of the English T ERRSREHL Seldom Such a -Vivid - .'"
11 speaking of the plani I -
aid, "I bleieve in them _HITNE THEATRE ~cuiaino ie
k part inS A Ys M RC one last year. rcj{ t he D il)en ft, a dAeie e th y C MlaX IOi , e . I.-- obI
lie samte. It is a means jA
closer touch with the !Flt 1V insonpresident of \Xestern 3
tling about sonm o t e 1RserveE tui \ (ty o1 this c(ity, will,
interest to7 such a group addi e.ss the1.University of Mchiganu y
hto ar'e interested in the t cub 01 Cleveland tolay on the sub- hI.H y e
H. hyde ofthe X01-- nanity, Are You Sow ing Best.Yotr
leartment, has express- Alma Mater ?" J lo s1Ib
heartily ini favor' of the Thyetnwih st ei h
rlly: Iotinkan that Ida fri of a Itn uhon, will be held at
ally .so nd, and hat a ,the At hetc cltb o fthtsiscity . ,iPre si-t
;oodl may lbe accoimplishi- I det(,iots(icusomo h us
d n n s l ' i c .io of h e c u e -,.binove rly m an ag ed , a n d if ; tico n w il l e w ii its ie lti n on to th es0
s 1that really want men.: qhoelne liest~ eeomn
should come l'rom the inp leveland.
these conditions a frank. ___________________________
_ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ L E
ange of ideas would be w illD
1111 studPnts an til l- Read the XW ant4 Ads n ftewao
;en1era problem of s u- - ",+. " "t... ° f.> " .,'Pi
re1alaciosh i p r f 0.0eaea
is 11. Reed of the polit - 1&!' E
el*H't ment is thoroughly;et;in
aver this mnethod of >a
emcoita(ct bt c tul®gpDAYTODAY D OR Its°p S KENiAL~1 8V"YON - Tp 1 ,T PERCY M1ARMON~""'ti
ult-v feeling that this is 14CLAUDJE GILLANGiWATR - DAID TORRENCE
i ~and Others
bA Woman Dtoesn It Have To Je Infellz ent To Get A -TRIGSNA~
Pl7an In Love With Her Just UwurosTesoyo
I mnau .- unting
la/ ;muthern 'beauty
d:.ti dthe jmny
k . I en se trapped.
~RoberG~ignoaiDeddcLQn hi4De
i ~t4~J Crawford Ivers from the fascinating novel,
/ Pauline Frederick Mae Busch CEI;.hMILL~ -~
Conrad Nagel Hunitly Gordon I
%-About People ith Too Muchk.Leasure to Be pOUTIO
M Aonogamous and Not Enough __
-Sincerity to Be Happy .
-011i the Stage-
41"N zrd Of the Banjo"
Victor Record artst

~IQ @icture

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