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February 20, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-20

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' 4 V i- - , this and let Mitchell's ascendancy (ili e transformed it from an institution
a natural death. of learning that was traveling an easy
________________road, into one of the distinctly ag-
FAri g ~ i;x : { 'ear-i siIAKEand forward looking centers
( it~"14t~t-tlu~lain The report that the faculty of Newi-' of higher learning in the western
U (jnference dtca 'comb College (in Louisiana) fared efiser
-badly in a so-called intelligence test Under care andI leadership such as
given to' them by the students is no President l3iirton provided, the uni-
1 .Assuccatcd Press is exclusive-cul rumnyaant h ra ess a
il it,, tnt use lor republication of all news agmn gainst te real ests, s v(M'boyund to add materially
lispatches credited to it or not otherwise investigation will show. t h ubr fissulnt n n
ciredited in this paper and the local news pub- Acrintoteoesstre, thecenemlargely s. tquntityand qua-
lished therein. Acrigt h essois h raelreyteqatt n ul
type of question in the examination it fiseqimn n material re-
Entered at the postoffice at Anti Arbor, amnsee ytestr~lents wsiyo t
Iichigan, as second class matter. Special rate amnstrdbtte;a sources. All of which was cause for'
ipostage granted by Third Assistant Post- ("Who is Al Jolson?" Others were 1oi aifcin.Btti oto
:lstr tenertloi atsaton u hi oto
h-, -.; pior, zlrr Nt *.5O; by mail, "Who is Grover Cleveland Bergdol?"pors huhvaubeadesn
May- ~ ~ "What is brilliantine?" From all ac- tial :7,,s by no means the greatest
LA- i~, .~ and c 'Xl ; counts that are available, the exam:- tigD.Bro civda n
,d, _a t,,r.thng D. aronacieedatAn
--- --- ---nation was no intelligence test at all, Arbor. At a time when the young!
but an inquiry as to how many of the mnodadyugwmnodo
EIMTBIAA S~rrfaculty went to musical comedies and, America were in the first throes of al
Yid , spd 4 11-I S nd 1V.- how mtany read the advlertisements in
~general post-war mental and moralj
- NAGI - the Saturday Evening Post. rajsmna iewe h m
l , .WANE The present tendency to call anypuetoqsinalsadrsad
Plior.............iG.C~ri oii-rtest of general information an "intel- alpicpe a atclryaue
N . -- - -R ltK.,"ama_-hgnce test" crn only work hIaIiI to Dir. Burton kept a sympathetic, but
Cityhditr..... iin H ° "wlth such fool-proof devices as the Army fimadcmadnghn'ro h
CereX.[ai aodA~Alpha test. the Pinet test, and others c-petbd.H sddsrto n
r m 1 luy Vi~R .Srrw i.ta aebe wre ~ S s th- tcthibt hli eme anded and he enforced
,.,..tO kel' c7r '-n --itdedct er,.A p a xl cage 'Zonnd standards of conduct, and hef
of -AI Jo-son is n.more neii;rarv t
Suiu btr .,Jbii5 l -.l1o lJloni omr ncsayt n , rl v advanced the standards of
,3hiia,,.%)i B Idrsu intelligence than the ability to pass' schonlarship. There were occasions
'HI-~ a I~wr...-\ -.. ntJ. " fW~ one of the tests Mr. Edison was turn-whnbemtoseued ayav
A~sK~ants ing out a e.Ivears ago. ~ne rsi
IoiePlylecS.Ramnsay semeedasi to some of the young'
l~l nonJ~a low Reg oaReichran
LeA ent ~ Ri.leed--- ------- neon' e to whom they were applied, but
: ~. Ed ie Schraudrr !'ITLOWLT BIT'T 'RF1T V3"'they neJiver were more severe than theI

The fourth concert in the Extra
Concert series will be given Monday
evening, February 22, in Hill audi-
torium. The Detroit Symphony or-
chestra under the dlirection of Ossip
jGabrilowitsch with Guy Maier, head
of the pianoforte department of the
jUniversity School of Music, Lee Pat-
ftison and Arthur Shattuck will offer
a symphonic program. A particularly
interesting feature of the recital willj
be the Triple Concerto by Bach for
piano and orchestra.
The complete program will include'
the following numbers:
Funeral Music from Act III of
"Gotterdammerung" .... Wi.a-ner
(In Memoriam-Dr. Marion Lceoy)!
CSeventh Symphony in A major,
Op. 92............... Beethoven
I Poco sostenute: vivace
r II Allegretto
t III Presto assai mono presto
IV Allegro con brioj
Concerto in C major, for Three

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11i11lj ""': ""(! i .t' l a l -'t;:1s wort) a
durl(3 ( (?1111[. ,i
~'<iit!1-. ae h I <r..rte a' a.. r ,rl c
4 SI il 'i I . i li'h r l~ l

err 2ci by considerations of justice and
f, : r J}<r wich pre lzuded the nocsi-
!)'li:d- of any reasonable complaint.
Dr, Burton enjoyed the genuine r'~
rwt.Y~ 'i ad admriration of the pupils at}
nA m_ rbor w.ho had solid respect for,
-- or-ls a nd cornsel. admonition and'
cil(-i raga ment. an-, Knew that in himt I
they possessed a sound guide, sincerely!
and continuously watchful of their

Pia nos andi Orchestra ... .Bach
I Allegro
II Adagio
III Allegro
Messrs. Maier. Pattison and Shattuck



24 Hour Service '

Ll "

Suite "Peer Gynt," No. 1 ,Op.
46 ....................... Grieg
I Morning Mood
II Aase's Death


_ loJS MNGE int ry being orelegt tato the po-
D. t ltion of the old frigate ^s a. factor in
Advr~oo'............., naval opecrations and that the big fac-
Ail........----------------. E ti tors in a modern navy are fast aiixil<
Adrcio~~-------------. r~.s iarv cruisers, rubuieurines, and af'litya
-- - ~ Il~ (I l'~kr'developed nav-al air service. Acrordl
Iti I. 1.oi.................lon +n~iing to their idea the world powers
Asrit~tts roug ht uineer the provisions of the
JA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ v pAr'I X.L ~ins
W. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7- h ra-ixs. } hirg~on conf'erence made conees
, a -uii i.I- ewrnann -in mernly to save moneyv on the.
Cn. fi e, r.r.ornas Olmnstead
1 ~,,t 1) . Nyan eatml p-f uction of an antiquated instrii-.
N, ozelzweig :
Norman Eeling Margaret Sandberg a.nt of warfare. As proof the aug-
W - .,nker I.K.Meonfeld r-c0 construction of other naval
L. 'f.I i -; Taylor u-oit7 by .Japan. Frane. ,andCrt
S- ~Britain is pointed to. 1
On the other hand there is a large
group who, admitting that the super-
dreadnought's supremacy is passing,
JII~AYFP~kARY20, 925 believe that the nations participating
1 - ()t1MAN R. THAL in this first conference were sincere
. - - .-----.-.-..--._- in an attempt to forestall another race
IN AM OFTin naval construction. The naval dis-
armame'nt conference is considered
Vei vF~ ;) ra 1 4'hae eve(r been mem- thus to he only the first of a number
01-401 lii' -abia-t of sn ieieto imzilar gatherings which eventually;
t i ,1SI l' v~rl-tse presence w\ill result in complete elimination of
in ~i~ a~stbod x'asabslutlyhuge armaments of all kinds. Men
nece :ar. Nr ar Secetaies eek like President Coolidge prefer to see
tid \ilbur, the respective heads of some spirit beside that of economy in
h -ar and navy 'departmnents'. any the move made under the leadership
-n to th-is rule, in spite of the of ilarding and Hughes.
1~ ~ i cin .ai1 ~ avs to infer this in
Ii i-, ~ti nC o -mte le abiet t It is this latter group in all na-
r , f h cabnet f ions w:ho are hack of the present
ji"1 0 -(:1-al illiam Mitchell. mrx ohn. ac~nrAZ fcinrn

i 11t 'e t^. In consequence, Ann Arbor i I Anitra's Dance
today has a student body which in the IV In the Hall of the Mountain ,
zia tter of general scholarship. and King.
charalP-ter compares favorably with Concerto Pathetique for Two
any in the United States. Its morale : Pianos and Orchestra. .... Liszt
hould be a matter for statewide Orchestra by Lee Pattison
pride. Messrs. Maier, Pattison andi Sattuck.
But tle man who after years of hard ***
stuidy and preparation as a student, as THE FRENCH PLAY'
a. teacher, and as the head of other Le Cercle Francais has selected for!
ins tituitions of learning accomplished .its annual French Play, to be pre-1
an almost phenomenal work at Ann; sented Wednesday evening, May G, in
Arbor and became one of the fore- Sarah Caswell Angell hall. Eugene !
nost, if not actually the foremost ed- Brieux's "Blanchette," a drama of the{
! cator and university administrator Vi rench educational system and one
inAmerica, and who in consequence of the author's earliest works. In a;
was called upon from every direction large measure this selection is a rad,
to inspire and counsel, did not per- ical dleparture fronm their usual pro-
form bis work except at great cost to ductions, generally one of the com-
himself.- edies of Moliere. The reason for such
Dr. Burton gave unsparingly of hisf a decision is to present a different
thought, of his energy, of his sym-r conception of the French stage some-
pathy and cef his clear, logical and per- thing hesides the classic tradition ofI
suasive eloquence, until when his rug-( "Phedre" and Racine, the broad farce
ged physique and his apparently lim- of Moliere, or the risqueo comedy of
itless vitality became taxed to the the Guitrys.
ploint of strain; and when illness "Blanchette," instead, is in lBricux'.
overtook him, the reserve which ought most highly developed "slice of life"
to have served him was impaired. We manner with its middle-class pr'o])-
think there is a real sense-" in which lems and middle-class morality. The
-Dr. Burton sacrificed his life for the heroine is a peasant girl who trains
Tjjvrvthy o-f Mihizan. and foir the 1Iherself to become a tea:cher only to

Ju triw nf 'DrrnU-
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-2-althI te 1w S lii'Ary Air Serv- onfel-epe tis im to deal directly general cause of education and hu- find as the play opens that there is
w," o isilnd3iit th e limitationofauxia. Li r1nisof aneither aplaefrhr1ce
<,,t :iu tL' (-irlt icplndt f l'ivn fmnadvancement, acefrhrin the'lce
El -pI~d ~ i te ar~my for his, wot-d fleets. The President muade clear Tribute to the services and to the ' nor in her primitive home. The final
5111Or-F~aaSK- - at nefi 1-eroiinbot position in this regard duiring tiie rmom-y of President Burton should solution is unravelled in the author's
tI -:-. ire(-((o) ;1 i lcin of natal arplropIria- by no means end with mere expres-( famous methodic, propagandist style.
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ae 1>i -ti ooft-e-; Xitl rlon.Ininating 3 l percent of' the ioens of grief.,The state has a defi-, Tryouts are to be held daily begin-
1 i lt- -I~s- IIn Ihe irSeric lis oz-sI pcficn reeonv'riled by Navy nito duty to perform. Dr. Burton hadf ning Monday afternoon at four oclock
["it Oin 510,11~ tP~~i;ta- t~It : ii td:-.l li-; attitudae is the only sonsi- bigr plans for the further development in Le Cercle Francais rooms in the
I aSa ra'Ik t--ives ;tigtion t INaone .-id indicates that the admiin- anti betterment, of the University of south wing of University hall, and are
, lr on wants, this country to leadl Michig an. Some of these plans may o pen to all eligible students proficient%
tii (~ S:-a om- l '' V]1 h world to peace rather than follow; have s eemeid very ambitious as they in rnh
'Ai (i 111i u an niedinijy after the- it to war. In line with this general i- re expounded from time to time;***
t(,b :~~,i4Ajnuotscarges, Ma-: attitude it is being ;rumored thaat but thiey w~ere-they are-sound and "OPEN ALL INIGIT"1
nit(ert~ ,oliu . ~n-o.chef f henegotiations are actually uinder way logical. Michiigan will convict itselft A review, by Jason Cowles.
S u~--- ''---C o I amy amite for a, naval conference in the near' of 1ingratitude and blindness if for any Th present attraction at the Ma-s
I it In {t (} Sal id'1 not done' fuitureQreason they now are allowed to go by jestic theatre is the best movie that
} i.:ul-lLSdL ci Ti. il i e I'-- "Tnd-eiib ctd suChalimiitation is the "dcefault. The regents, the legislature hsbetertisyear, brignone -
t ti-r _:-t n. GnealThnnuThe var fact that somie and th'e people are bound in honor to a l.I smlsadmlsaed o
ciit ei Tihe-, i-a1<- siu i the lli ~i (I4 - ki1 f'u x" usfor a reinew del 0 ry.von. teprizewinning Sabatini pntre,
i'l, \C' (I(-Ia; n Alaso 'Xl. Pai-i0-l . nn indictes _______________"The Sea Hawk," although is. -was C
-fh<>t( h fl.. A'Si'V(- ii lltLt a«n ass(clnb1)a , O )BIONWIX'. , LT II FEILLOWSHIIPS jwritten by a man who certainly had
- a--trt- i ;t c it -cll.-'rat1(dt:- co.,r if ta.ble and I curs -The Yale News. no thought of picture rights at the
I,--S if i~ -l l- iotd a~ t omo rbes u hsms The announcement of the founding time.
IPAaI -il iasht anr defense. ut -cm orno i scess is Iiu iof tet elosisfrBritish stu- Tesoy riial yPaul Mo-
not come utlsics spractically twnyflohisfr1Tesroigalyb
at ttagl t r eneral Staff had; assured. The failure of such a con--; dents by the Commonwealth Fund, rand, and pretty faithfully followed
li' Iit-nel any such program over to! ferenee would be a calamity of ter- 1 reciprocating the gift of Cecil Rhodes by the adapter, is of a single night in...
I,' irihie nroportion. eradicating entirelv some years ago, marks a distinct ad- Pai~is-the last evening of a six-day
Vimlul's i-ei~a in-- thi avy an good feeling which has already ' iance in the friendly relations of theseI bicycle race. The whole show is very
-Ilaa -;IveSTosur-.-;thte news ot; been engendered among the nations two great nations, one of which at, light and fast. Adolphe Mejou wears
~!~ (l icn,-jf obtrcution1 of one of ;which are partie tohe present least is Anglo-Saxon. The introduc- his elegant evening clothes through-
h' o- a1 I--- ~;,- bombing planes Washington treaty. The problem of; tion of such plans as this is not out the night, and does his neat boule-
Ii- A -8-iniC, as forcibly, de- naval disarmament, like the debt cil erely to be mentioned and passed I vardier stuff in a cafe. Opposite the
-it--o.1-uiL4o h net- nation, has all the potentialifies of a over in a few words. The- future of polished Menjou are Viola Dana and
Oclg ~i;I- r uh-Vio di scovered lit-- dispuite if handled in the wron wy, - England and America cannot be fore- a girl named Jetta Goudal. Miss Gou-
I I 1i~ilt-harge. While even' I remains for Pr'esidenut Coolidge toI seen, bat it can perhaps be safely dal quite shames her more famous
Iii i~'i5 B~l)" t',iveme.nts of both provide the essential slow and can- said that the bound of mutual under- rival in all the important virtues of
tin--~nu oni-a vy were kept secret tions leadershin in its solution, standing that will arise from the es- looks, grace, charm, originality. imia-
iI ij-'n iar, practically every-i, - tlisiniig of such scholarships will Igination-and apparently, youth, A
P n- i reat importance in the de- -- not easily be broken. There is no i Young man whose last name is Gr-if-
I ;r~tof the national defenses' OMEN EDITORTIAL ~MFTI better assurance of friendly relations I fith also does the best drunk scene I-
eni-1' cd of the world conflict' than tile comprehension of the other; have ever viewed in tihe movies.
t r , openi to the scrutiny of the I-t-ype, gained through personal contact. ( "Open All Night" is full of ihnagina-
-- fl.r T n 1,his matter the evi- MARION LEIIOV BUTON. Aside from extensive, traveling, the tion, especially in detail. Part of the
cm iir's to the substantiation of; -The Detroit Free Press. ;-iose association of university life credit goes to M. Morand, part to the
V - - ilbur's position. Tire most untimely death of Dar. can best accomplish this end. director who has devised some very
I - ivAivof the threats of the I Marion Leroy Burton, president of the I In aid of these scholarships twenty- clever incidents-and doubtless a
- -'etsries, how;ever. may be seen I Tniversity of Michigan, brings acute1 six ini'ersitic s, have opened their good deal to Menjou, Miss Goudal, and
lt-it^j considered that General I sorrow and regret miingled with a doors to young men and womnens of Griffith; if I could only tip a waiter
^' eel's tenure of the position of I sense of heavy calamity. The city ofIl character and ability who- shall be like Menjou..
^'-istant chief of the Air Service ex- Ann Arbor, the state of Michigan, the picked by the British Committee of
;sines w ithin the next month. He him-I entire country have lost a man they Award. An opportunity is offered to as is best typified by the youth of the
-'elf admitted on one occasion since: could by no means afford to lose,.a< these appointees to select the univerI nation. We hope that the visitors may
bis astounding revelations that he was man who was performing a great aind --itdes which they wish t-o attend, with, compare the two systemrs of teaching.
satisfied in the knowledge that heI vital work for education and for the stipulation that not more than Ours is far from perfect and sugges-
h ad grouised considerable interest in ! youth, and yet, who seemned, in spi'te; three will be sent to the sanme unliver- tion for its betterment would he wel- I
the nee'ds of the Air Service. In ac- I of the largeness of his actuail achieve'- city tntcht year. coined. Perhaps the newcomer to olinr
Pom r lisbin'g this, he has at least in- ment, to be only at the commencement British and American systems of ed- universities will hing a fresh point,
cured proper attention to the devel- 'of a career. Up to the time of his ill- I ucation rare far from being homologous, of view which will aid us as much a
nnment of the Air Service in the nHess, President Burton appear(ed se1 Both possess their good traits and we may aid them.as
future. vigorous, so full of energy that the their weak ones. Our universities

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