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January 27, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1-27-1925

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TUESDAY, JAUARY 27, 1925 ,
-- - - - -7
Night Editor-THOS. P. HENRY, JR.
Once in the dim, dark past Zeus, or
whoever the chief God was, leanedj
over toward his cup bearer and said-.
"Tomorrow I shall .reate the Ape.
Can you think of any objeotions?"
The cup bearer took one step back- I
ward, and allowed his jaw to sag in
astonishment. "What!" he exclaimed.
"Do you mean to tell me that you in-.
tend to people this beautiful earthi
xrl lnvrr dnhnxia F itvni

exceptions have been decent. Therej
has not been in the last two or three
years noticeable drinking except pos- U C
sibly at the house parties following. //IAND
The Daily maintains, as it has through- A LLIE BA IA
out the year, that the conduct of fra- j JOHNY ORAN D R A M A
ternity men in their own house is a JIMY McCAN
matter for the individual organiza- Trhe Inquiring Reporter
tions to worry about. They cannot TOMOR)OW NIGHT: Alfred C01
disgrace the University because they Today's question: Where's the yolk at 8 o'clock in Hill Auditorium.
are too far in the minority. They dis- in a homolecithal egg? * * *
grace only themselves and their fra- Where asked: Natural science audi- THE YPSILANTI PLAYERS
ternities. torium. A review by Robert Henderson.
No one is so gullible as to believe, The answers: The January program of the Yp:
of course, that no one at the Hop will Gerhardt Hoositz, '28.-"I haven't lanti Players, the third production
taste forbidden beverages. But it is got that far yet, myself." their season, included "The Man in 1
certain that the editorial writer of the Ephraim II. Zukermann, '28.-- Bowler Hat" by A. A. Milne, the init
Student Christian association is guil- "What did you say?" performance of "All Souls' Eve"
lible enough to swallow whole the Adolph W. Wahrheit, '27.-"I don't Richard Ford, and "A Matter of Hu
implications of the "scarelines" in the know either." bands" by Ferenc Molnar.
metropolitan newspapers. J-hops * * *1The bill was well-balanced a fa
never have been as bad ad the press In sentimental mood ,we wandered tastic burlesque, a medaeval tragea
yesterday afternoon to the halls of and a sophisticated comedy, the pa
versity of Michigan exists there will the Ann Arbor High School, with were precisely cast, the lighting,
be scandals concerning the actions of vague thoughts of living over again settings, the costumes, above all 1
Its students. The majority of Mich- the old days when we were an under- ingenious direction were fused in
igan men will behave as befits their I graduate in that institution. Like the artistic and thoroughly satisfyi]
position and training at the J-Hop most sentimental alumni, we did not cogram that has become the expe
despite what the Student Christian igr
asoitoTeDiy rayn legraduate. . . . ed standard of these players.
association, The Daily,o anyone else AWe strolled idly through what The "The Man in the Bowler Hat" gair
may preach. The manifesto providesk Authorities used to call The Corni- j famously because of its period co
only additional material for the much- dors. In th old days, Corridors were tumes. At best Milne is but a slig
feared "scarelines." things we were NOT to stroll idly whinsical country squire made gen
through. They were passages where bitter by the iron age he was b<
Its about time for some benevolent ; the student pace was a swift one, in: the more affected ruffles and bi
educational institution to confer the where persiflage was banned. The ties of his Victorian grandparei
honorary degree of M.D. on the mem- Authorities used them to sneak carry him into the sillysweet gener
bers of the latest Washington confer- around in-"pussy-foot" was the word tion his characters demand.
ence who have listed several "cures' we children used, I believe. The oringinal play by Richard Fo
for war. Well, we were strolling along, ad- was promising-save the hackney
miring the many beautiful objects Word--beautifully staged and almo
Michigan should have celebrated d'art the old school had acquired since competently acted. The story te
heri eighty-eighth birthday yesterday our departure. Swell pictures in fuz- the conventional melodramatic tale
for she became a state just that many zy lines of The Nave of Amiens, and a villainous, crusted miser and
years ago. A wasted opportunity for Rheims by Moonlight, and Chartres equally canny brother goading him
another holiday! at 2:30 p. m. Made a pretty nice-look- his suicide, but the fault was not
ing corridor out of ity my its plot nor its melodrama and sure
gcordrotf it, you may be
Isn't it too bad that the Republi- sure. not in the easy, excellent blank ver
cans could not have found out all the Presently a lassie tripped up to us. The sticking-point,lay rather in
latest scandal about Senator Wheeler We smiled at her, hesitating as to characters that just failed to gr
in time to use it for presidential cam- whether to pretend she was an old from puppets to vital people: the a
paign mud. teacher of ours that we remembered is only given to a Gorden Bottoml
with gratitude because she made al- wh has done the same type of thi
with consummate genuis.
CAMPUS OPINION gebra so human somehow-or that wihavenseenathenafo-
Anonymous communications will be we were simply a Distinguished i
disregardd .howe vename of comnuni Stranger. Rather unwisely, we elected foutGloces te ind one inArbor, i
confidenial upon request. the latter role. We must have looked in eermand oncefinlypla
but never more skilfully played tI:
kind of improbable in our corduroy this final time. Mrs. Weidman as'
tiOlE TIELIGION coat. Actress was, lookedandllivedt
To the Editor: It didn't seem to make much differ- art.ess was, lk and smve
Tth.Eitr part. She could talk and smokea

= ! .r Y./'d1dl././tdJ./ d.X./".I^d./.I'd./d./,I",/tddd. l./1"11./d.I 111d1.I:i".I1. "~dd, 'dJddd, "dd.11dd.+Iddd./". ;



.... -

(Both Ends of the Diagonal Walk)

', . /, ll1l. y,

.lJ. d.6ly1l1~./l./,d1l1.lJ.


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erence to this little miss what role
Sooner or later, we are all confront-*
ed with the problem of religion, we were playing. She said: "A gen-
ed wth te prble of eligon. tleman smoking a cigarette and wear-
"Is religion a science?" Mr. Prad- ien hish ingh AnA brd Hig
. . ing his hat in the Ann Arbor High
ham asks. Religion and science are School! You aren't a student here,
entirely different. In the past, re- surely?"
ligion has usurped the functions of s We bowed negatively to the delicate
science. But now that science has
compliment, and removed our hat.
come into its own, religion is notcmpmnadrmvd uht-
"I've never seen anyone smoking in
forced out of existence; it is merely here before," she went on . "You'd
confined to its proper sphere. Ulti- g
1 lbetter go out and take that cigarette
nmately, there must be a compromise with you."
between religion and science, whereby "I had no idea it was against the
each will perform its particular func- rules," I protested mildly.
tion and permit the other to exist . N
p l sOh yes it is, she assured me."o
peacfull by ts sde.one else has ever smoked here."


walk like the demi-monde she impsr-
sonated: she should have been born
in Vienna.
* * *
Ava Comin-Case, pianist, Marian
Struble-Freeman, violinist, and Nora
Crane hunt, contralto, will offer the
following program in the Faculty
Concert Sunday afternoon a 4-1y
o'clock in Hill auditorium
Etude in F minor ...
Nocturne, Op 72, No. 1.......Chopin
Ava Comin-Case
Aria, "Ah! Rendini" from "Mitrane".

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J-Hop Week-End
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aster-bedrooms and study. Tiled bathroom. Full screens

fy you.



with low y anthropoiUf s s .tyour i It is gratifying to see morality at "How extraordinary!" I said. "I.Rossi
purpose, O Zeus, to make Apes the the top of Mr. Pradham's' hierarchy of should think you would be troubled 'Nora Crane Hunt
rulers of the world!" value. He admits design in the world with violations of the rule by straug- Capriccio, Valse .........w:eniawsk
"No," smiled Zeus in all of his wis- when he arranges his hierarchy thus. 'ers all the time." And.nte, from Symphonic Espgnole
dom. "That is not my purpose." ! If there were no design, would it be "Neverbefore," she repeated--"at.An..n..,....m..ym....n .....La
"Then why do you create the Ape, true that virtue brings the greatest least not for five years"Sarasae
instead of some higher being such as, ultimate Mippiness? If there were "You've been very lucky," I suggest-Z Marian Struble-Freeman
for instance, Man?" no design, would the world not be ed, trying somehow to smoothe over White Caps ................ Godowsky
Zeus laughed. "You're a dull clod chaotic? Is it possible that each small the situation. Paradoxical Moods.........Godowsky
indeed, O cup bearer!" he exclaimed., snowflake possesses the inherent pow- "You go right out and take that Marche Militaire.....Schubert-T:usig
And his peals of laughter, reverberat- er to shape itself into a beautiful and cigarette with you," she said, leading Ava Comin-Case
ing down from his heavenly home, I artistic design? Does not the tide me to the stairs. (a) Wayfarers' Night Song..Martin
made the whole planet shake convul- rise and. fall each day? Obviously, On the' top step lay a cigarette - (b) 'Tic Snowing.......... Bemberg
sively, and caused the prehistoric then, there is design in the world. her, still burning. It was not a tbutt; (e) Sheep and Lambs.......homeri
dinosauri to scuttle toward their iAnd, if there is design. ,we look fur- it was an ember. They occur when (,1) Sing To Ma' Sing........homer
nests. then for an All-prevailing Intellect. you are .smoking and someone runs Nora Crane HTunt
"But," pursued the cup bearer, "I When we pick up a watch, it is the into you and knocks the end of your Aceomanist: Grace Ricard;
don't understand." remotest of our thoughts that the cigarette off. She noticed it, and fix-
Zeus settled down to explain him- watch shaped itself. Similarly, it is ed upon it her baleful eye.
self to the cup bearer. "Well, you scarcely feasible that, when we see a "Are tse your Traces?" she asked, Afierexh:uive and exhausting try
see, after you've been a God as long beautiful rose, we think of that rose; stenning on them. outs Friday and Saturday Mr. Quirk
as I have (if you ever become one at as controll:ng the formation of its ( "No," I answered truthfully. I was and Paul Stephenson have selected the
all) you'll begin to realize that even own beautiful self. Whether this Mas-| preparing for an elaborate proof of following cast for lie annual major
the Gods aren't infallible, and that ter Mind be called God or Allah, is. my innocence, but she cut me off. Comedy Club produc ion Sutton Vane's
its best to proceed with things slowly. only a matter of one's traditional be- "Take that cigarette outside ,please,' "Outward Bound," to 1e presentad
If I created Man tomorrow ' April 1 and 'i in the Whitney theatre:
IfIcetd Mnt~ro, he'dj lief. , she said firmly. ...TmPir....Jh asegr
probably be an awfully clumsy con- ! Mr. Odam has been somewhat I did so. But never again will I en- r MmPrior......... John Hassberger
traption. So instead I create the Ape. hersh in criticizing Mr. Pradham for i ter the Ann Arbor High School in the Mrs. Ciden-B.nk ... Lillis Turnsul
Let us be satisfied with the Ape for having no faith in Christianity. Is it role of Distinguished Stranger-or of Mrs. Cliveden-Banks...Lillian Bronscn
the time being; time enough later for not only fair that one who is being in- sentimental alumnus either. Once [lenry..W.......m......arenIill
improvements." fluenced to alter convictions that spurned, the Cowles' are a proud lot. nn . . .............ElizabetharreaH11
"Oh," said the cup bearer, "then mean so much to each individual as I Yes, my lads, a proud lot. Aev .............Pau Staiss
you believe in working with what you religious convictions do, should probe * * * Scrubby.Thompson.......Valentine Vickers
have,1 and in worrying about perfec- to the depths of the new religion be- There has been a good deal of dis- y . .
tion later?" fore adopting it? Mr. Pradham has content with the eclipse. The general "WHITE CARGO"
"Precisely," smiled Zeus. "That is 'robed and has found us lacking. We sense of the campus seems to be that There is coming to the Whtney
what is known as evolution." have a religion based onb rotherly it didn't liveup to its publicity.-Wel. theatre this Saturday evening one of
A number of years later-a number love, and yet we sanction race hatred it would, have taken a pretty fast th"rnet ot rpigeape
of eons, in fact-two men were dis- and war . Mr. Pradham deserves com- eclipse to live up to the publicity this of the popular dirt-to-dirt school now
cussing the League of Nations. I mendation rather than reproof for his one got. We wouldn't have tried to I coining fortunes for its producer,;
Why, the League as it is now con-! sensible view of our weaknesses; we put on an eclipse for love nor money "White Cargo by Leon Gordon. The
stituted can't prevent war," cried one are the ones at fault. with such a lot of hyperritical )op1e play is a little more than a vivid (ama
of the men in disgust. "I refuse to Mr. Pradham is constructive in of- standing around looking on and carp- of the tropics, it is the sweating, stink
support it." fering the state as a substitute for ing. There they all were-on every ing picture of the moral and physical
"My dear fellow," replied his Christianity. But it is doubtful that houseton and in every garret window. disintegration of white men in a black
friend, "have you never heard of the the state would satisfy the needs oftj with photograph negatives in their continent. Still running past hun-
doctrine of evolution?" the human heart. States are govern- hands, carping at the wonder of four dreds of performances in London, New
ed by men,-human beings. Each centuries as if they were at the Ma- York and Chicago, it is the most legi-
"S1CRELINES" AND THE S. C. A. person needs in his life an ideal rep- jestic theater. . ltimate, artistically deserving successes
Saturday the campus was confront-; resentative of perfection, a symbol * * * on the stage today, and stands as a
ed with a manifesto, published by the higher, better, more perfect than We took in Shaw's St. Joan in De- signal achievement of the practical
Student Christian association, plead- mere man. troit the other day, thinking to have theatre advancing.
ing for a "dry" Hop and inferring that We must agree with Mr. Odam that composed a review of it for Mr. Hen-°
many attending this social event in progress has accompanied the spread derson's department, but it appears of John de Stogumber. He rather
the past have been careless of the of Christianity. But not yet should that he doesn't, want a review, Re-i beat out Miss Arthur for first money
good name of Michigan. Whether or we sit contentedly by and twirl our buffed, we merely wish to say that one j in the acting, although she was quite
not there are some individuals pre- thumbs, declaring the Millenium to be of Shaw's characters says "these adequate.
paring to make the event of February# here. Ncr should we abandon Chris- sort." The trial scene was nothing short
6 a "wet" affair it appears that there' tianity. It is not the institution that It is hardly explainable on the of magnificent, although a little of the
was little necessity for the comment. i is t fault- the fauilt lip with no i-ha ~--------.._ . . . -



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M1 1111111111111111II]11III1f~iil11i11i1,if ii1 i1t I t II i t1 t C#f itl l i i i:;!
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