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January 25, 1925 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 1-25-1925

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 25; ,192:1






Jyuic ndDramar




In Anticipatione

By Marian .Barlow


IAlfred Cortot is coming 'again Iot!
Ann Arbor.' Wednesday, January 28,
ils the date for his reappearance. 11e1
~is heralded with the usual florid criti-1
cal phrases, with a few sincere, con-,
vincing expressions in addition. For
instance, an excerpt from the Michi-'
~gan Daily of the year 1922 reviews the
playing of, this pianist in a concert
given in Ann Arhor at that time, in;
this manner:
"Local concert goers who have long
~followed Ann Arbor's musical events
must have sought vainly to recall
-anything in their experience surpass-
ing Cortot's recital. From the first'

------ ---_ --- ithMs.hn Drew i 896, cut out --
C Ithe role of Julia altogether; but the t
o Cortof S Recital Yu o F t n! Peee o"present arrangement, though based on T e woi ert r
~-ir much !of the original, including ti
F"10" who graduated?'tt ',four, five, 011 -. By Jdnies spb-WI j(fascinating in characters and situa-i Thisrie TplaySt is one of theabl threeig corn-iha to slidai
I I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~edics wrottn in lpglish between the yCak asn'fig(lw nta o oi i
sif r-eone n enrhe It- - is. not rsupi-i~'jni ilat helires-tion, with a cast that is truly great.:(times oalks eand Pinerl WV have had with us for the past were a 1sit disconcerting.
sti uthons , where great and power~fulJ. feet prductioni of "The Rivals" E nda a great cast is not lost on "The wich o ael~ r ' eio -fal hi, rctcal
men have been told arouses o an~l atten- or no ~ -li~'ey I IVe untijthe re cut day. week the nmost rcent example of the IXI ~teofalti, rcial
eduatd.W~~r j ~ juh ntret ivls, prtcopitey Two of 4~a 'he ,'cJ'tooJfor Scan-I artistic movie. From the sai'on: l~ic, v aw the picture i1
perormin pubic ion that it. is being received by ;te:shdows the rest, no one cia- dal" a ri h, vl~' -tewr Ksei fet TeTie ~B~ t~-l I
at h le arge of two n'r. tiref,.' But twelpackedfho uses in nearly every ity ate-jilu h woe ttnio;thr j~niap;Iclard Brnle Sheri!a w~ t"ofnotinerfulsedo produc- t e, umn
uedses, ftl ua eetp1yc~~' *' ~ 5l astats rool parh, coh-dad" sees+t1have ona the=t 'a4ihtk ofnotingels
fle igicant. butteclhnicatl un- ceededl inhcombfiing' a good comedy, -i flrom easy to play, but which keener in wit, , hi4the lattrI oe ntigfnri h ieo cnria?"ieSgiiat ouig atca.;"i eer iscn ideorrnyhigede elieofbesgcen~r'Y.ket t-hra ;cB;talht 6moe"An
earthlyt mo rtalios rea i ht a e t us-, - -allow the actor to put forth the best;( p pu ar.ec 1 "ofi t s r ae'h m rIi t e m ti n p ct r s ca- n toi o T e thailf tof Bag nady willn g
mn- --___ __ -thehs and its deeper hlumuan, appeal. imagined without the additioni of color, IIIdown as the finest movie yet produced,
are at least living upon the same --
TPhis production, in yhichi we find I- Although the haracters in this p lay and color so far has proved 'generallyI by public consent.
green earth with the rest of us, and, udrcniiossmwa iilrMs ik, hmsA-ie adaetecmmnsaetpsof Sei unsatisfactory
PU"~'FTII '-~-~ Fske,, ad IBut what of the other pictures that
to our own. TH A Pi" K ES7I i Cauncey Olcott playing together is dan's time, he has invested them with And in camera tricks too, "The;(do not cost so much but are really
Alfred Cortot receivedI his first piano a t beegnaweet'sritMtheaer, nima such living reality from his own ex- Thief" carries off the palm. Who! fine in a less pretentious way? What
lsosro1hssses Anexceed- T perience, that they become human and didn't go away wondering what made of "The Woman of Paris," that mas-
ingly significant fact. I-- --- later appear in Ann Arbor. ( convincing, even to the peculiar Mrs.,the magic carpet fy, how the invisible terpiece directed by Charles Shapir?
The =widely heralded production of The hart of Mrs. Malaprop, very MIalapop, the nmisguided disciple of cnlowak oldwshimmeraoga tdd r"h ara' ice"oee
----Richard Brinsley Sheridan's "Thei stiff andi proper, is particularly suited clue n htwsbhn rwti h more recently, Forbidden Paradise?
fRivals" with the widely heralded and Ito HisV s. Fiske, and from all reports -Sheridan used for his characters magic rope? Incidentally it seems toThspitrsaeely m. They
-Ithoroughly delightful Nirs. Minnie she plays with-id(istinct success this real people whom he knew; this me that that same magic rope was a haven't any valleys of fire, but they
:Vaddern Fiske as Mrs. 1\akaprop 'pai'; of the stilted old aunt, whlo con- largely accounts for their vividness much better actor than many of the have the elements of real drama.
-will open at the New Detroit opera ; tnally uses the right word in the and consstency. It has even beenl socalled stars of the movie heavens. They aren't fairy tales; they are a-
I -louse to-morrow evening for a week's;wrc:ig place in anr effort to impress' sid that the original for old Sir! No one could ask for more grace or most, painfully true-to-life stories.
-itmun. The- cast' is unusually notable,;everyone with her culture. Thomas Anthony Absolute, - who was'broad- senderness, and it certainly did eery~ They are- nearr the uality of what
-land- will Include' James T. lPow(Irs, A. Wise bec(omes5 austere and conde-, minded only when it suited him, Was thing it was supposed to do. It Must'~~t h toia tgta
T''nWise,- Lola L}sher, and Ceirgete; edn as old Si' Anthony Absolute sheridan's own father's this might- have been a joy to direct it --tha pas nftho 'Amrican stage, that
Coing Theco an has beemi ell who blusters so mruch about his ownlwgll be true, as Sheridan and hi4 'Besides the scenery and the canei can, e cosidered as really meanin-
joyngthe record-breakng populart temper. And none the less interesting fathercol never agree very well, but effects, there was still the story, aj something in thAamti and theatri-
onteroad, and should dr'iaw ciicles, is Sir Lucius Oi'Trigger, personated we have no real proof..charming fairy tale delightfully told. I cal world, than the movies that are
tinanrcially and artistically, around l by ('h; uncey Olcott, who can play the Wu find "The Rivals" highly iter-1 Of course a large portion of the movie-(generally adapted directly from stage
-'othrer attractions., fiery Irishman to perfection. James! estln and geuiney d(one; and with-!' going adult public does not appreciate plays fsome worth. As a matter of
--" The Garrick, ''dark during the past; M. Powers jilays the part of "battling! Mrs. Pislte, Cauncey ,Ocott, Tom1 fairy tales. This was made .particu- fact, one of these pictures, "Forbid-
week opens to-night with Lewis Il]" Acim s, xith all his absurd finery, Ws n'Jms~;Pwr ntelarly plain by the number of people den Paradise," aother of those puzzle
- 'eah' mder'nv comedy, "The C.ose wrhile Lydia Languish, always dream-, cat,' it should sur'pass ven the re- who, instead of accepting the magic titles, waps taken from the play, "The
' Hangs 1High." Normuan Tr'evor and 'ing of sentimental romance, is per- n~irkable resent.ittfon by Joseph Jef-!carpet for what it wds, laughed at it- Czarina";and that Ge man genius,
-' - Mrs. Thcomas'Wliffen are cast in im-'sonated by Lsola Fisher. George M. I feVaofl an4 iMrs. John Drew. because they knew it wasn't real. Ernst Lubtsch, is to e 'thanked for
I portant' roles and the play comes to ('oian's interesting daughter, Geor- H -ow ever, they must be forgivwen for giving ;probably the truest andsncr
sne-Detroit- with a recordI of sucee'ssiul'gett e Cohan, is assigned to the role of i nAVE X'uV SUBSCsRrB tl vi:'t laughing at Pegasus, for his hoofs Iest rdaptatiou that haps been seen.
runs in b)th New York and Chicaigo. -Lucy, the maid. Captain Absolute,I
' who steps from one scrape to anther,,
zis played by Kenneth Thomson,, alI
I youn- actor, lam oas as a leading' E, It ctrica
invenile. With May Collins as Julia,(W ereS'A D ifference-
l e> Fried Eriic as Pailk'and. Percival Vtv-'
coachmnan espectively, the cast is -4-margL
complete. of/ every 'typ, ptronize occainaly, but fo',a regular dietb




I .l-

notes of Vivaldi's "Conicertoj -11a- Thor ("t ccoul' , VMtrCor ?t has dgno
Camera" through a program of satis- nmarvelO us thiings. The number of his
, yngvariety, he revealed himselftto concerts for a single winter has}
bhe a virtuoso of "prodigious attain- zncunted to one unfired and seven.'
meas.Endowed with an all con- lHe has been given' the gold medal of-
quering technical equipment, this side the London Philharmxonic society, t
a of his art never obtruded itself at the which medal has been given to hut i"
'expense of the musical. His touch is one other Fr~nchmnan, Counod. That I'iaiT' o
_; masculine, "miliantly clear and 'in- would seem t:)in~licate since we.mnust,
~finitely poetic. In the forte passages be- honest, that the London, Phi Ivai- ~The fifth idinml edition (if
": his vigor is tremiendous; his pianissi- 'n 'ocey'ws i nipncd
~moshavethe ridscen grae -n bive and -et ycluai. bWe mnaen ia - s0Greenwich 1viltge Follies" tag
!.mo hveth iidscn gic azdtin u -- -ie. e ein 't~xJohn' Murr'ay Anderson is play;
",'mecision of De Pachimann, while his howAever, withoutthe slightest"' dis- 'the Sliibert-Detroit. This rev
maagmen ftn oo saslt--r spect for Cortot, and his undenia-; easily thie-most artistic of' its typ
Sly impeccable. An intellectual bread- bly great power for interpretation, the present edition is reported1
~th and a keen emotional sense co-ordi- In 1922 ('ortgot was greeted hei'e by, New York criic, to lbe espc
-nate these facilities in the most con- a snmall and f'or the most p~art, a non beautifuzl.
vinci, composition of musical con- : co uprehicnding audience. B~ut we live. The Bonstelle Playhouse is in
,tent we have ever heard."; and learn, verily even in Ann Arbor ing Sutton Vane's weird meloni
One distinction in the biography of do we live andl learn. And for those "Outward Bound," foi' a second
';.this musician, standing out among the 'who do not pretend to understand, at and the Majestic Players ar'e of
°-r oeinn y, rhis es earlyast co-anastmtsicftedu aeant yt e.odofdertheirsales spen cens is areightnistiendcaes. ofCoeritot comedyg ofenes.Comanners, o man "Springrng
{We are accustomed to hear of prodi- -should not be unappr'ecated. iihg."
M9Mnfl fl~ewsY . filc.,,f04.Iflta . S , . .a"0.,
95/ d1YYM ,itl,NtH"Wi in n4,4*e°WIir .
Sen hem" in This Wmeek So Tha
-ay eceiveThem Back Eat
t _ The Varsity L,
facilities to hanc
I ' certain that is M
ment which meai
ling and excelle
- 'To really apprec
k'- ~ of this equipmef
will be pleased t(

gzeJ' by
v~pe 1,
biy tile
rencent -!
)fferi mmg
;tcateo -
Clean -

In Slmeridan's play as first preseilt~d,,
Julio. was time leading cl-aracter; but
on finding his play too long for - a!j
ednidy, Sheiridan rew-ote it. omitting
much, of the first (Iraft, andl subordi- I
natiing the part of Julia to that of
Lydia Languisl-. Joseph Jet'ferson,
when he, adanted the comedy for' his
orn use in his f1nmou'; production!I

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., ..


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