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January 25, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1-25-1925

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, ZUND Y, '.T_1NU -.,1R 35;.1935

le eors i£ NA Astern C onference Edi i~r;
The Associated Press is exclusively en.
titled to the use for republication. of all news
dispatches credited to it or not, otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished tiherein.
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
1fchi. an. as second class matter. Special rate
)f1p(-t 'I e ';gar'ted' by Third- Assistant -Post-
.nast I Cnem al.
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is nn Aror Vrress Rnldihg. May-
, ard ire
ws io.
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Wvillard B Crosby 'federicli It. Shillito
Valentine L. D~av~ies C. Arthur- Stevetit,
James W. f!ernarnberg Mkarjory ;w,-et
joseph O. Gartner Herman Wise
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Advetisng ~II.A. .11.rl-
J~d ct ,,l-'................I c. 70 1',A
(~~~~~~FSitn =:~hi------------I .'

-~The appeal -for progressive Chris-, C A M PIJS'OPIM ON!4
noonymceus communicatiorns _ will be mJu s ic
y tianity, made by Dr. Harry Emerson E~ea~e.Tenae fcmui
odikFianihbeoea - asts will, hove-er,. be regarded as AND
.l u di ence, should have evoked a D R A M A
sympathetic response. His auditors CH1I1STIANITY
were mostly people whose educatio.a To the Editor: T'N-A- ~IR~
s has broadened their viewpoint to such ' Upon reading M4r. Pradhan's theme, GETRTIAI I3ESI
an extent that they look for somiething "Religion," -under Campus Opinion, a I4
-more than theological dogma in re- - dlay or so ago, I felt that he set forth Here is what Alexander Woolcott,
C .ionv(-toii th t sh wed a -decded apostle and palpitating disciple of -
thaIthas been said wit soinotru't hk-o mfudtio.T fc, Mrs. Fiske, says of her production of
thtif Christ: wle e to z t tiZn zt -ca rt ; "Thg, Rivals" opening at the New De- I
today he -would not re:cognize tle re- { }.: r Ft.: troit ;Opera I-ouse tomorrow evening:t
- - liion taught in hiTi nam e, eo, f 4K h. A'r to I l T,y= ;q 1c1term.,4tinip ,s being "'rmth met he)'s.M
hrsrae ro- i cr-oiginal t,.,cb(- ,;< vnUt., and - ,ncciitplete, t.t -say.rntiths I~a,-} .-
- -ivc'iii1' ~01--OPtV P o F ng~fben~ ~hu~i'- lier areincm-' Iaprop assures that intricate hussy,
n g
.<Ii t, :.r> c. lEr-aIu'bc J ale 01>oeiLydia Languish, that 'there is nothizng
tt t- ctl, ret hd~,ic(-r 'nc i - Kvo WIthot tAN Y', so easy in the world as to forget, i
1>r ,< td 1,, )rt 1 <acit z o h d theA' xfst1 a-person' chooses to set ahout it' un-" ~~dut i
ng tpe eied of his m, ni tY Con r s ,-oxct in p z,-synbQlic fen. Itil the mormen~t when, her cloak:
e :rtk . So-called "flrd".m itn z i tnF ix t e i nr t =' giapn throw n anfcetyaround her with
eneklect all that is basic in religion .7risti;azity. Diastuctiveness is un-- a gesture' usually reserved for the -
to argue concerning man-mawde insti- wrrc~ene -with2Beot a dgoit conbattlementsofll sinorel,,she startsfr
tutidns. strutvees.Bfoegoig furtheri the duel crying'La the way',s sir,
There is no question in the z:indsF allow me to assure the writer and I will precede you,' Mrs. Fiske's
of most thinking people that the stand that I ant not in the leastj present adventure in The Rival;' is
'of Dr. Fosdick and the other "mod-, fanzatical nor am I narrow minded; in an evening of complete merriment. -
n s rnists" is the hope of Chri~ienIty. F; fact I rather Ipride myself upon being And you should see her bouncing
,r It will inject the necessary life into,- liberal, hut not to the point where gaily through a country dance with
a creed which has been the develop- - reasonableness is sacrificed. I such squires at Tom Wise, ChaunceyI
ment of the ages. Religion, like life.' Is or has Christianity been a fail- Olcott and James T. Powers, all en-
is' an evolutionary process, varying ntre? Mr. Prahn believes 'that it! crusted in the periwigs antd- furbelows
with the temperament of the acm.IH has. Very well, let him account for of long ago.
Christianity does not adapt itself to the benefits that humanity has re- "The present eventful revival of
modern conceptions, its influence in ceived directly or indirectly- at theI Sheridan's first comedy, which started
the affairs of man is doomed. hvnds .-of, and in the name of Chris -, an indefinite tour of our land at Pitts-
tianity. What of the heathen nations i-burgh. in -November, must hlave been
AN ECl-IPSED -rPN f VT:,- ZSr -; Ihat struggled for centuries under a1 vaguely stirring as. a project in =Mr y.
The reactionncof: th~e tudent body burdenizoaf Qircin 'Jcofnd destructive1 Fiske's mind for many years. At least;
- customs and ignorance? Has not the role of. Mrs. M11alaprop, the weatherf
yetra ooeo h raetse-Christianity entered and released beaten she-dragon,' had long amtused
tacles'seen in the last half cent ury isthuad ofipsne itlec? her. Two devotees of hers knew that,'
highly interesting. While one of the Has not Christianitk cl'othed, :fed, andI as long ago as 1919, when they nmet for
most unusual heavenly phenomnend' educated!? Has not'Christia nity sttiven thme first time in a "New York side
'that can be. seen by the naked eye for and broughlit about :understanding] street and wired her of their meeting,
to a very great degree? Has it been adding hastily: 'No casualties.' To
1 ,as hatng r -plafi a vast majority- ofT
an uncertain Christianity? NO ! Do wich re-ass rance they received this a
1 ho ca~l n~v- e-> - ciber relen and an and- wonidn give their "strength, tlgahcijnto ern h
- li t ftfuh1: ignore"nf of the event, or careers, arnd their very lives for a' signature 'Mrs. Malaprop:' GENTLE
!ScUr lg oabout with its thIiou ghts cause that they deem uncertain? Yet! MEN. GENTLEMEN. NO HONOR INi
atpott broken fingernails anc' breakfast- that is precisely what has been done 1 THE PRESENCE OF LADIES!"
or si-iiir petty bnsines. S ome of by t.hous,7inds in the past and is being***
sh ne~i ter . dP vid ar, d(o- e(ldo by as many at present. Men an J THE SECOND SEIESTER
rocsu of B-one of the TPr i rz ity bild-IN~tiomen of character, wealth, and the And here is a schedule of the att-a c-
- iI,rr:, ca itair a. slightly closer - ie most tempting of futures before them tions youi will, may, or must attend
hu~alt he a t in:- ~oritV sretisfied Ih is.-. have turned aside for the sake of their dur'ng the remuainder of the year:I
'vec it) h a j:-Tonged alancee0IoR ~belief, and yet Mr. Pradhan has -said'-;*Wednesday, January 28-Alfred;
- is t c 1,tl z at t-T r,,that. Christianity is uncertain. Mi- ,Cortot in Hill Auditorium, the fifthm
T1Tl-c ermc fodfr ho 1t.ins9 have given their lives in their number cf the Choral Union series.
(4f all1 grou-)s .of hiuman bleings wvho r( alization- of what Christianity has' Saturday, February 7--The final
ilalithis earth, it does not seorn idone. ft. ,ceems highlf;4mprobable: that, performiance of ':"Tickled To Death"
t.ou muTchz to tulie that the st dehnt. this should be done fop a mereun- at 2:30 o'clock in 'the Whitney thea-
b~ody of and acti=-e Tnivcr~it- c'1"~il~-iing pr Ipc ilel amtalking. of tre.
evicegrete - ipri. i tbng t ' cl ChristiiY tt that has -ac-. Friday, February I-Sophie Braslau
C!,3 ; haton Fsi1-111 2n. ocasio tl,_.tc 1z itd, tt"t zt evi eists in Hill auditoriuam, the sixth number'
wtl-I te frr' to-,atproilye l-aV--u ndrstamiding of lme Choral Union series.
- :-Po sTt lelit. ;I challenge the «vtite-r- Mondlay, February 23-7The D~etrot
_ re : i Ar rsum , in} th'i'-to le1)h9 ep t"qb«-cnvin-cingly whatf'else other, i9ymphzonv Orchestra in Hill td
terul- em tobadietcn tin t j ivca rgitaot torin, the foursJ number of the Ex-
I f i s t ibttorof theostatemrnt f +at yman-, rin- u e.tsthat we try0 ,the tra Concert series.;
La e civd:nt~~ sta dte of % : asa "1 ei d~foi--existing evils. Wednesday, February: 25--Three
In'a' z t siif'e that we -ai'e t loss to. un- one-act plays by Masques in Sarah
the mon e~gnto vwr intrim~rS}a nd jots-at hat he/;means by-w tim-t' el nel 41
m cti ;, in their owvn- petty- ~i'e,a.i1, z -et ain-Iv his rtheme was not Wednesday, March 4-Mimnes p~ro-I
yeio e~tt tanagratv'er;~- 'vn t- t in that r~gard. Accepting gram in the, Minies theatre.

,r'.I". 1,./". '.d. '"l./",11 ": 1~'. . .t"l./. 1~,t1. .E"~1l!1lJY./1, "1,d11.t'. :P1. .. . ". ~. ,1. . "d1. .~"', : . ""~. 1./.lOl..s".~". " !.,




c c
_ _ .c 1

GR 'S.

-. (Both Enids of thet blatqanM Walk)

.. I1-


t Sy

%"'q/ '/ "." "./'". ", w '' '' '« 'ofd'"..P ".,. ". .ya". d".. +!^,t"#".. . d"..A"./."d.1. '".. , ".I',+ S'/.7r"


Not Whether °You Shall - :IHVING WABMOITS1, 0,C
But Whih ComptQnany CIR&LUAI'rN AND R dEI TF1
" NORTHWESTE4NR1I:,O f ~Orhoeds
a IMN. UivesityAve Phone 2652
Phone $9-Mo*Read the Wa n tAd s

Fior Exams.
ider''s Ma sterpen
Neve ails


i i



Occass ion
Week End
J-Ho p

1 11

3318 Maynard


_- I

P i. %Y.A ,Arold W. . J11ollins
N ornlan tfreehling agrtFSa ndberg
W. . Ihtaaer Ji. Sel clfeifd
FJohnson S 5'"r(is -.rm
?L. U. Kramer 1k. Taylor'
K i, Vlrarner
ST-NDAY, JANUARY :25, 1925
Night EditorF GEORGE W. DAVIS-
- -, AGGIE"I
I% -yestet day morning'"s etitn roh
in ,-- ---l.
-- -1.111tuon~ ~ - editor f 011{
i4-1 ) I I E -
Tn thee Pot-. -1 x, gl fi Ir.,:-11,'ffti-


01 4rratngement wi1th

- - I






- h A, 77:

1. '..

Written and Stageu by Lcon Gordou
"'The Best Play of the Season"....,....,.,....NY. TIribuneb
"A Cloudburst of Sensationaljszp -......N....... .I1 Y. Herald,,..
"Great., :No Other 'WAords Will Do. .........:..N; Y, ews -
"Stronger, More Logical Than ,Rain".............N., Y, Telegram ,
luall Orders Now. - -All1Satfs Reserved.
Lover Floor, $.75i---Balc oiy $1.10, $1.95, $ 120

laa-he i7- lsort of sc i' '.l uw t t , as rmeaninhg government, Nwe FThi~rsdayi-, .March 12-Play P*roduc7
- rcadr is and general actsi ?t of the onder just wliri it arose. The; act tiOA -pay in University hall. .


orof - .C. tee'1em t -h-in id.:is thA -it tiros(-before Christianity. It. Monday, March 16-The Detroit'
ver~ity ro I .Ctees'ns-u--u-nuid
be litle m'ore'htianhad a trial longer tpan lattert but' Symphiony OrcheStrA in Hill auditor-
be lite-"r ta asnimnal' -ih'snve r-;hi bio- i mthe fifth nufmber of the Extra
argm-nton itersid o te ds---Son e Michigan legislator with- a - would.,isstie its rf'ghtful. place in the ; Concert series.
cussion. - combined sense of humor tand ju--tic" of uedamarcn - -eJuio
Toqoedietyfrmteletrai tb ffai rs o e if- its place was theITusaMrh 1-he Jno
Toqoed rclfo h lte.mghtb prevailed upon to introv~huc"' one that Christianity now occupies. Girls' Play, "Castles in Spain" in the!
"A vastly different type of student at- a bill in the state legislature similar !twudb nvtbe fw r~ Whitney theatre.I
tens tis chol hanthetyp fondto the one recently brought up in the back~ history 'we find that the state1 Wednesday, March 18-"Castles in
at Michigan." Going a step further, New York body demanding that laun- hscopd it;oe ie m San nteWinytet&
ifthslete s o etaena aco-dries be held to account for all lost again, and yet crowded Christianity Thursday, Mai ,h 19-"Castles in
plete analysis, the students attending ' shirts.
M. A C.may bedivded ntosixhas returned, even when its extinc- Spain" in the Whitney theatre. !
clase acoring tothefolowngtion seenmed probable. Why should a Friday, March 20-"Castles in
clases ccoring to he flloing At last there is a combine being or-; sweeping accusation be made one and Spain" in the Whitney theatre.
courses: agriculture,, engineering,!- ganized against capitalists. Because of noh teRusa a ras StraMrh2-Csls i
home economics, forestry, veterinary the announcement of such a move oftepretsaeadtemsjo-San nteWinytete
meicn, nd te eenly ade among British distillers, it is fe-'red portune time necessary but failure Wednesday; March' 25-Thr'ee one-,
course in the arts and sciences. It is that bootleg prices in time United wsteieial eut obleeatpasb aqe nSrhGs
immediately evident that three of . States may be boosted, How, terrilel! ta oer-tpacn'eutfo well Angell" hall,
these courses, or exactly fifty per;____________________ta oenUoi a eutfo
cent, may F state monopoly of body and soul isr Thursday, March 26-The Univer-
ccmy b pursued at the Univer- -~~ ----------- - asr.Tesaehsafnto tst leCu ocr nHl ui
sity while only agriculture, veterinary 1Fabsurd. s'hCOMstNTe- has a function ibusithe-churchl(orcrncirt on)Htorium. -
medicine, and home- economics, stu=- E IOI LC IE T-i."re.,_u lecirc o eiln
die fr he otntalfareran hi F - I las one that is eiclually important, }One Wednesday,;.. April 1-The Coinedy
wif, repeulartoth istitutio tiuin is necessary to the other. -Cu ly OtadBud by Sut
wn ife nrepcliaragto p the nstittn I THEITEED) AT VASSAR t I say it. History proves it. I ton Vane in the Whitney theatre.
I ' --TheDetrit Fre Prss. Mr.Pradhian regards the world sIFiaArl3"uwr on
has pointed out that, in the fall reg- - Ph eri rePes oeo h vrero vrlns
4 a machine. Perhaps he can answeri by Suttoni Vane in the Whitney thea-
isrtolf h rsntsho.er, Sm fth vrerso.oe'
the following three questions: WHO ' tre.-
more engineers entered M. A. C. than colleges have long been inclined to IMAEIT? -I9 --RUNS IT? WHIAT Wednesday, April 8-Play Pm'oduc-
all agricultural students combined, preen a bit when co-educational, ins- IS -T t IGFR eacp r inpa nUiest al
an oroer ha henw ors nstitutions are mentioned, and hint P radlhan's theories of Newton and Wedniesday, April 29-Mimes pro--
science and the arts was third "with ;that really the atmosphere and en- other scientists lout that is Insufficient gramn in the Mimes theatre.
agriculture a second by a scant mar- - vironment in their secluded, sheltered,? to pro0ve that there i~ no God, WhatI Friday, May 1-Play ProductionF
gin." In other words, students in en-: and. carefully hedged institutions arej if the world is made of gaseous nebula. play in University hall.§
;sneering make up by far the largest'I the only proper atmosphere anti en- Wher~e ddi oefoNtigi Wednesday, May -~e Fec
enrollment in any one course, while, ;vironment for really nice, select girls md u fntig sti peeIpa nSrhCselAgh al
if those included in the newer group: with a sense of refinement and withi a chaotic mass wi" vth a chaotic plan? - Thursday, May 14-Play Production
of tudntsin he rtsandscir~cs -an ambition for the "higher things,"' Mr.- Pradhian would believe so. What I play in Uiniversity hail.
he added to tile total of engineers, the: whatever tlhat expression means. oi rge ad utrNo ehv WednesdayMy2-Tm is a
oo I-iutrhtsarletfrb-FConsequently, as the young women n ro htsc stecs.A Festival concert in Hill auditoriunm.
tti'itl c :~ :vneI m~ns-it> thmselvesmightapt ithe'slttamtr of fact all evidence points lint Thursday, May 21-Thme second May
[a cwra(ieI~' snt~n v~r- akik nth ;t o te asa u-time opposite direction. Festival concert in Hill auditorium.
Ii0O. imag E;)- r i 1gh school grad-. dergrads for more lenient rules re- ncnlso iht a htI FiaMy2-Tm hr ~
:i stte wboaren,loheUng- ste - - - ci-havetteritI- to -meet r.tPraea'-oonfourth 4;.May festival concerts in Hill
l~rcl~ctin. he Tnssttement bY approximiately forty,-fie omio" gou I am not lvo ing auditorium.
ile" r"t ~f he tht heyotff r~ fo cr argumnmt lut merely pointing" ou1 Saturclay, 'May 23-The fifth and
a Itio p ilitr ofalnriean ts for Acii- ,nais more os ajed~s'1 -
to-1 t~nltI Cd -fl-, ~ ~ lts - ,to cnvya t-on s1ih- ay Festival concerts ini Hill!
C tt<flC collegesi d on 'Pt ,et } ts wroniI;!'. We, the tsince It destoY audioim
. ;, .ellt -C, eftt ~the lat-ie f 'iii ~tim vnwtotjs ~ieadofr o~gIWednesday, May 27--Three tone-act
e'- il- ht'1 c ? idr4ton resemln n mt'i-ae onstrudive: -- ,-, plays -byq>Masques in Sarah Caswell
eliminated from the discussion over; tract. If the Vassa~r-girls -cwant to I - ,- --- . dn,' ell --
th us "m eand smudge illp their p~retty ___
tlion takes on the purely =senti-iment i.-vcaals tnd-roonmt anti get sgt:FJIOI.Ccl; alm"6P'tilhlst for you! iSir OSS1PF GA3RILOWITSCHI
significance. On the one hand is the let them puff their'dear little bobbeed Wn~iinp Orpen, an .,1Englishr artist4 be- Owing.to, pt~ssure of work in con- ,
gruietoeti h etra fo ed f.lieve., that "both men andl women are., nection with his dutties as conductor1
"mainly agriculturists, who can think, The doctors say that Pie chief evil gr ill ore beautiful every day be- I( of tihe Detroit Symphony Orchestra,
of nothing else than the old name": result of snioking among women is cause there is a. steady rise in virtue." Mr. Ossip Glabrilowitsch has found it
anid' on the other hand is the group the effect upon the children thtey bear p ut then, lie's an Englishman and an neesr omkI hnei h
represented by Mr. Boehringer to ianyhow, and as thle roducitc (of won- -~~- ,a t in info.-.of L,. 1.-.-l J-...







El a " I


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