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December 03, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 12-3-1924

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VOL XXXV. No. 60





.. . _

COLDGE REQUESTSllitscle Shoals
Proposal Again
Faces Congress'


I vashngton, Dc . (ByAT.)
The uscls Shalsprolblem, which
has been the subject of controversy
for years, has become for the time he
ESTIMATE GOVERNMENTAL NEEDS ing the domin;.nt issue before Con-
AT $3,729,5199846.48 gress.
FOR YEAR It comes up by unanimous consent
in the Senate tomorrow for action
PREDICT SURPLUS ad andtoniiht it appeared that the sub-
- ject may be debated for several days.
After the argument has been sent, it
Revenue of Six )IaJor Departments is prol able that -n entirely new pro-
Cut; Only One Increase posal may be submitted with the
Proposed backing of the administration.
President Coolidge is known to fa-
Washington, Dec. 2. (By A. P.)) Re- j vor the appointment of a commission
duction of $59,225,931.72 in the cost to study the whole subject and to sub-
of running the federal government dur- mit a plan of action. It is regarded
ing the fi~scal year of 1926 was asked us highly probable that sufficient
by President Coolidge today in pre- j votes can be mustered to carry out
senting his annual budget to Con- 'is idea.i
gress. Needs of the government are As the situation stands tonight-
estimated at $3,729,519,846.48 for the there will be three outstanding con-I
yTe estimates for the principal ex- tenders seeking the privilege of set-
The tiates for the prxticpal a tling the Muscles Shoals issue. Sena-
penditures for the next fiscal year, as{foMrisofteSneagcuue
compared with estimated expenditures tor Morris, of the Senate agriculture
hs follo committee, is prepared to press the
with the first figure representing the Norris bill, which was reported by the
1926 estimate: committee at the last session.
Budget Statement Senator Underwood, Democrat, Ala-
Public debt (interest) $830,000,000 bama, will lead a fight for a bill he
and $865,000,000. introduced today to fill the breach
Public debt (reduction of princi- caused by the withdrawal of Henry
pal), $484,766,130 and $471,806,401. Ford's offer. Then there will be the
Postoffice department, $637,376,005 administration plan, which probably
and $613,645,195. will be sponsored by Senator Curtis,

Noted Surgeon Will Be First Lecturer Senate Sends $IS0,000,(K0 Deficiency
On Endowed Course Presented Appropriation Bill to
To University Chief Executive
Dr. W. J. Mayo, '83M, one of the Washington, Dec. 2. (By A. P.)----
outstanding surgeons of the world, Congressional machinery functioned
will speak here Friday afternoon at smoothly again today and a fair vol-1
the Natural Science auditorium on tme of work was accomplished the
"The Physiology and Pathology of the hour the two houses were in session. 3
Blood in Relation to Surgery" as the iThe Senate finally put on its way
first lecturer on the endowed course to the president the $180,000,000(he-
ficiency appropriation bill which came
which he presented to the University over from the last session, and which
last June. At their last meeting of the carries the first $120,000,000 necessary.
year, the Board of Regents accepted to get the soldier bonus law into oper-C
Dr. Mayo's gift of $5000 for an en- ation.
dowed lectureship on the subject of ; The House received the first of the
surgery. annual supply bills, that for the in-
In presenting his donation, Dr. Mayo terior department and set aside its
lprovided that the money should be routine procedure to give the measure
used to obtain eminent men to lecture right of way until its passage, prob-
on surgery. He consented to give the ably the end of this week.
first lecture himself and also promised Both Houses received and listened
to send many of his colleagues here to the reading of the President's an-'
so that it would be several years be- nual budget message. Tomorrow they
fore it would be necessary to draw will get the chief executive's annual
pn the fund. His obje mLin creating message as to the state of the union
the course was to. provide a medium which contain his recommendations
so that the medical student might for legislation.
come in contact with distinguished With the opening day bar removed, I
surgeons from all over the world at against the introduction of bills in
different times throughout their the Senate, quite a number of meas-
courses. This is the first endowed ures >were presented there. Chieft
lectureship in the history of the among them was that by Senator
medical school, although several other Underwood, Democrat, Alabama,{
colleges, the most notable of which which would dedicate' Muscles Shoalsj
are Harvard and Dartmouth, have had to the national defense and provide
them. for either government or private
Dr. Mayo is especially renowned for operation for the production of nitro-f
the establishment of his clinic at gen for fertilizer and explosives.
Rochester, Minn. Immediately after Another measure offered by Senator
graduating from here he associated Smoot, Republican, Utah, would ex-
himself with his father and shdrtly tend the life of the American debt
afterwards formed the clinic which funding commission two years from
today employs hundreds of doctors next February 9.' A similar measure,
and which accommodates hundreds was offered yesterday in the House.
patients. ighty-eight. millions of dollars for
The lecture is intended primarily con: ructing new public buildings al-
for students of the medical school but ready authorized hnd also new build-
all others who desire to attend will be ings en sites heretofore acquired
admitted. wouldl ie made available under a bill !
-_ - proposed by Senator Fletcher, Demo- j
crat, Florida.
ii.IiI. SUES TO 11111 JAmong the comparatively few meas-
1res introduced in the House was one
rrby Representative Hudson, Republi-
IWR I Ib I WVcan, Michigan, to repeal the excise
IN NEW 1 taxes on automobiles and motorcycles.

Experience and hardships encoun-
tered during numerous expeditions to
Greenland will be described by Dr.
Lauge Koch, noted Danish explorer,
in a lecture at 4:15 o'clock Tuesday,
December 9, in the Natural Science
auditorium. The definite title of Doc-
tor Koch's address has not been an-
The lecture will be illustrated with
slides which show various views of the
territory he covered in the north
western part of Greenland. In Doctor
Koch's expedition of 1920 he mapped
for the first time the coast line of
this section.
The first trip made into Greenland
by Doctor Koch was with Rasmussen
in 1913. At that time he went as a
subordinate. Later in 1920 the Danish,
government partially financed anoth-
er expedition which he directed.

Koch, Hero Of Many Arctic Trips,
P iil Speak Here Next Tuesday

The London Times in telling of Dr.
Koch's description of his hardships
in Greenland says "The most evil ex-
perience of his life was encountering
a snowstorm which lasted a fortnight,
and prevented the party from hunting
for food. During the final lap of
their journey the expedition had to
eat their dogs. Fortunately a strong
gale blew up and by attaching their
tent to the sledge they were blown
along. In this manner they were able
to reach civilization before starva-
tion overtook them."
It is only when very hard pressed
that men will eat their dogs in the
north country. The explorers become
so attached to the animals that they
will endure great hardships before
they will kill their sledge dogs. Doc-
tor Koch admitted in a recent address
in London that during his life he had

June Knisley Simpson, '25, Will Carry
Leading Role; Production
Starts at :15
"Bonds of Interest," a play of Span-
ish atmosphere by Jacinto Benavente,
will be presented by Masques at 8:15
o'clock tonight at 11111 auditorium.
Prof. Herbert A. Kenyon, of the


Minister of Communications Killed
With Sixty-eight Others in
Street Fighting


eaten 28 dogs. Romance language department, who
is especially familiar with the Span-
ish life of the period featured in the
play, is directing the organization
this year in the absence of Prof. J.
R. Nelson who has had charge of
SPECIALPMasques productions the past few
fThescenery, which was designed by
Noted Violinist Recognized as one of Professor Kenyon, was made by O. C.
Greatest Masters, Comparable Davis, of Detroit, who produced the
Only to Fritz Kreisler ! stagings last year for the Masques'
play, "A Thousand Years Ago." Spec-
WILL APPE AR, FRIDAY ial lighting effects will be introduced.
The costumes have been presonally
selected by Professor Kenyon in Chi-
Jascha Heifitz, the distinguished cago at the Fritz-Schoultz company,
violinist, will appear as the third artist and Mr. and Mrs. Hirshfield of De-
of the present Choral Union series in troit will make up the characters as


War department, $338,551,230 and Republican floor leader. A proposal
$347,153,594. sinilar to the administration plan was
Navy department, $289,783,978 and advanced yesterday in the House in
$313,207,257. a joint resolution introduced by Rep-
Interior department, $267,785,596 resentative Wright, Democrat, Geor-
and $294,319,163. gia.
Treasury department, $168,847,741 When the subject is called up to-
and $180,658,100. morrow, it is planned to offer the
Agricultural department, $140,092,- f Norris bill as a substitute to the House
750 .and $78,047,186. bill authorizing acceptance of Ford's
Commerce department, $.22,741,514 offer. If the Norris bill is received


and $25,842,555.
Justice department, $24,917,822
State department, $16,130,652
$1 0,264,756.
Labor department, $8,335,260
Veterans bureau, $405,700,000
Shipping board, $24,330,000

as a substitute, Senator Underwood I
n is expected to offer his bill as a sub-'
stitute to the Norris bill. This would
and bring the Underwood bill before the
and Senate for the first consideration. ,
and t[

Berlin, Dec. 2.-(By A.P.)-Advices
received by the Esthonia legation here
today report that the Esthonia upris-
ing in Reval yesterday failed with'in
two hours after it had started. The
government claims that the situation
is now well in hand. It was said the
rebellion was evidently well planned
and organized, as the communists si-
multaneously seized the government'
administrative buildings, railroad sta-
tion, parliament, the post office andI
telegraph exchange.,
Nineteen persons on the government
side were kifled in the street fight-
ing it was stated, including minister
of Communications Korn, while prob-
al'ly 50 of the communists lost their
The legation predicts that the gov-
ernment will deal severely with the
50 communist leaders arrested and
with the other now being sought. Mar-
tial law has been proclaimed and Gen-


Hill auditorium, Friday evening, De-
cember 2. Heifitz today is recognized
as one of the great masters of the
violin, comparable only to the more
mature Fritz Kreisler.I
Two years ago when Helfitz ap-
peared in Ann Arbor his routing per-
mitted him to spend several days here,1
so that lie was able to visit many ofI
the departments of the University. He
was especially interested in watching
the gymnasium classes and spent a
great deal of time observing them,
He was also attracted by the library,
the Union, Alumni Memorial hall, and
1 ferry field. The medical depart-
ment and the hospitals came in for,
their share of attention, and in all
his trips about the campus he express-
ed a keen, wholesome understanding

tn previous years.
The lead, the part of Crispin, will
be played by June Knisley Simpson,
'25, who has taken part in many pro-
ductions on the campus as a member
of Comedy club and the play produc-
tions classes. Mary Van Buren, '26,
will play the part of Leander, Kath-
ryn Clarke, '26, will essay the role of
Silvia, the beautiful heroine, and Mar-
garet Effinger, '26, will have the part
of Dona Sereno. -arlequin and Col-
umbine will be played by Frieda
Banks, '27, and Virginia Mac Laren,
''5, respectively, while Margaret Ains-
.worth, '26, will be Senor IPolibhinelle
I and Maude Cary, '25Ed, will be Se-
' nora Polichinelle. The part of the
Innkeeper will be played by Ruth
Kahn, '27, and Pantellon by Minna
iVMiller, '27. Other parts will be play-
ed by Elizabeth Strauss, '26, Betty
-lays, '25, Eleanor Crook, '25, and
Myrene Rich, '27.
Ticket prices will be $1.50 for rows
A-K in the middle sections of the
mr in floor; from row K in the middle
section to the rear of the auditorium,
$1; Rows A-D on the sides, 75 cents;
and from Q to the rear, 50 cents.
fOn the first balconv the first three

Interstate commerce commission,I
$4,913,500 and $4,641,864. UIUl
Tariff commission, $721,5)00 andI
$s83,240.s, Privilege of having, pictures in the
Federal trade commission, $950,000 1925 Michiganensian will be lost by
and $1,010,000. m s all seniors who do not make an ap-
Vocational education board, $8,222$,,pointment and have their picturesi
270an d24 a n r, ,22-,taken this week. The receipt which
White House executive offices, $439$4 .was given by the 'Ensian business of-
Wh0 asndcu44f s$4, fice is not a guarantee that the pic-
96 1 and $441,367. rewlaparn hyaroknd
Senate, $2,559,249 and $2,554,879. tore twill appear in the yearbook and
House, $6,395,751 and $6,405,08 . the pictues will be included if they
District of Columbia, $32,335,827 and ae. not taken before the end of the
$30.354,115. week.
Db~ fi tho grenumnnber of seniors

eral Lainener given plenary power. of college life.
The communists outbreak is thought The program he has especially
to have been a protest demonstration chosen for his Ann Arbor recital is
against the recent trial involving 149 as follows:
of the party members. The commuin- I
ist workers were especially enraged 'Sonata in C minor, No. 1, Op. 45...-.
at the execution of one of the corn-. ..........................Greig
munist members of parliament who (For piano and Violin)
was court martialled because, at the Allegro molto ed appassionata
preceding trial, he addressed an in- Allegro espressivo alla Romanza

Wilfred B. Shaw, '04, executive sec-
retary of the Alumni association and
editor of the Alumnus, official organ


The estimates of six major depart-
ments or other agencies of the gov-t
ernment---interior, navy, war, treas-I

ury, shipping board and veterans bu-
reau--were reduced in the new budget,
while there was only one notable in-
crease-that for the department of
Refunds Cause Reduction
The treasury departmnent's reduc-
tion of $16,810,000 under the total for
the present year was largely account-
ed for by the fact that tax refunds
amounting to ' $16,140,000 resulting
from the 25 per cent reduction voted by 1
Congress at the last session, were
fucluded in the expenditures of the
current year and no like item was'
necessary in the new budget.
Lansing, Dec. 2.-John Baird, state
conservation commissioner has in-I
structed wardens throughout the
state to guard state lands against
Christmas tree thieves.I
Washington, Dec. 2.--Henry M.
Dawes has indicated to President
Coolidge his desire to resign soon as
comptroller of the currency.
T .1
Tickets may still be obtained
for the "All-Campus Publications
Dance" to be held Friday night
at the new Masonic Temple. They
are on sale at the Board in Con-
trol of Student Publications of-
fice in the Press building on4
Maynard street. The price is
The man who owns one if you
are in doubt as to the results of
Daily Classifieds. One man says:
"Take my ad. out! I had only
one to sell and can't get any
- n - 71 A into ,- + . , (;-e"



1ue La Lie g ,eL1111 U LM L v a - '"° -- '" " -° , IUvvv U V
who have not made an appointment of the association, left yesterday for nNHnsru ing remark to the edurt. Alegro animato rows of the middle section are $1;
et it is necessary that these be made a week's meeting m New York City. IL rows 3-5 of the middle sections, 75
it once in order to avoid being un- Mr. Shaw expects to return the first of Mschaud To Giie9H""od Capriccioso......Sant-Saens cents. The sides and all seats from
mhcessful in tie final rush. Many next week. III. row six to the rear of the middle sec-
photographers are already nearly dat- On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Lansing, Mich., ec. 2. (By A. P.)- TStimmung in D minor Joseph Achron tions are 50 cents. All seats in the
d up for the week and the chance of he will attend executive committee In accordance with an agreement......... Lily Boulanger second balcony will be 50 cents.
getting good work done will probably Issessions of the Associated Alumni see- reached with the State Public Utili- i Gustave L. Michaud of the r anc Dance, No. 2...... Brahms-Joachim
be lost by the end of the week. retaries and of the Alumni Magazines ties commission last week, new rates ,agusaveL d iaud of he onPerpetum Mobile ............. Riess
associated. M. Sha is president of of fare on bus lines and the . U as e ent illspeakon
the latter organization. Among the interurbans between Detroit and Mt. Pn , Past,3 Preset and its Pos- Noctur'no in E flat Major ,.. .. ChopinBLNIA D A DES S
rbrltresat 7:30 o'clock NcnextnL ltTaor...CopnIurs-W 99HSSS
uuniversities which are expected to Clemens. Pontiac and Highland Park s it at Tappan hall as the fist Ronde des Lutins...........Bassini
isend representatives are Harvard, and Clawson and -ighland Park were dyt Heifitz's NIGok 1RFFIe
Yale, Princeton, Columbia, North Car- put in effect yesterday. ekte asries of v to iend 7,97,New Yorkdebut, October fnyarivmY
Si Maw an V assnaCr , h By n Dewoit st) Pontiac,including Hispanica. His lecture, in which the I one of the very few great violinists,
MA ESRIMEM O 4awr and Vassar, rom letraitto Pnic eum Istr n eeomn F Pnm and since then his superiority hasj Prof Arthur H. Blanchard,; of the
All the meetings will be held at Col- the city fare, to 3 cents on the street history and development of Panama ant ne hen i. ueit yars highway engineeringdepartment, and
Announcem nt was made last night miunvsty ran40en nthbswiehetrghuwthsde age he was entered in the St. Peter- president of the. National Highway
at the annual football managers' ban- are from Pontiac to the ord plant All membes of La Sociedad His- burg Conservatory of Music, where he Traffic association, delivered an ad-
qutatte nono teappintmentL umau to;Reaion h steemuis 29on enusanwh I mewll mberused, w oibe :luad Agtyar-fhih regnern9eprmnt n
'26 as va"" 2 T e Mt. 1 panica are to be admitted to the ec- became a pupil of the -eminent Leo- dress on "State ees for Commercial
of J. Glenn Donaldson, '26, as var- cents on the bus. whe fare to Mt.thot chg ad btain pold Auer. When nine years old, ie Motor Vehicles, Private and Common
sity foottall manager for 1925. At the Ar naPo tp n C lemens on both bus and rle was 1llihrdygv i is ulcrctli t Carrier," yesterday at the annual
sametim it as nnoucedthatthei nceasedi 50 per cent. their tickets at the talk Thursday gave his first public recital In St. ICn'e, etra tteana
same time it was announced that thei Petersburg and was engaged as solo- meeting of the association in New
following wuold act as assistant man- Due to the fact that Julius Wein- All comnmultatiou tickets in the af- - ist with the Symphony orchestra at York city. Professor Blanchard spoke
egers: Roswell Burrows, '27, John berg, proprietor of Weinberg's Coli- fected territoty were discontinued be- Pavlovsk before an audience of five during the afternoon session, held in
S. Denton, '27, George K. Hutchings, scum, has not yet heard from Ilis in- ginnmg yesterday. Postmaster A Ss thousand people. Later he was heard I the assembly hall of the Automobile
'27, and Carlos D. Kelley, '27. surance company with regard to their The D. U. R. and the Star Motor* in the great music centers throughout club of America. Among the other
It is always the practice to name an settlement with him on the structure, Coach line started yesterday to al- Shop Early Europe and the East, culminating in addresses given, G. C. Dillman, Dep-
alternate assistant manager to act if the meeting which was to have been ternate service on the street cars and spectacular American tiumphs. uty Commissioner -Chief Engineer,
one of the regularly appointed assist- gheld onday to decide what will Ie buses between Pontiac and Detroit. Postmaster General New has u- R. B. H. Michigan State highway department,
ants become ineligible or has to leave done toward providing a place for the The street cars and buses will operate i gently requested that the "shop early" spoke on "Pedestrian Subways Un-
school. Jam'es F. Boyer, '27, has been ecasityaa hour but will be 15 minutes and "mail early" habit be adopted by der State Highways," and Prof. Lewis
narmed to fill this position. e off apart, giving a 15-minute service- the American people moreso this year . W. Mclntyre, of the Uniyersity of
Mr. Weinberg expects to have defi- than ever. Last year the spectacle of Pittsburgh, on "Enforcement of Traf-
Aethe last minute rush was tvoided nfic Regulations by the Utilization of
Salp And Blade nite word from the company within C rit s Play thiough the co-operation of such ad- I 1W' aPTB
1'a few days, but in the uMeanwhile,, houhth o-prain fsuhad1I l}il[ a Police Traffic Bureau."
To Have Smoker nothing can be done on themater, as Practice Starts vertising mediums as the press and U . During the evening meeting, when
'everything hinges oii the question of __ the movies and a similar plan of ad- I Professor Blanchard was chairman of
Sthe insurance adjustment. When he Rehearsals for the original play to vertising will be adopted this year. 1 George W. Baker, '26, chairman of session, the topic of "Solutions of the
Scalp and Blade, an organization of receives word, Weinberg will meet le presented at the University high Last-minute or zero hour has been S. C. A. extension department, yes- Parking Problems in Congested Dis-
men tBuaomo.rY., eveing ad with Coach George Little, who school's Christmas assembly have be- moved up so that all postal employes terday announced a complete reorga- tricts of Municipalities," was discuss-
7:3 smkeUion.Musrrw entegr-t handles minor sports, Harry Tillot- gun under the direction of Miss Edith may eat their Christmas dinner at nization of that department which will ed by the group, Prof. Roger L. Mor--
7:nmnth wi . feausre th program of son, business manager of the Athletic Hoyle, of the social science depart- home. Rural carriers will deliver no enlarge its scope, as well as the scope rison, of the Division of highway en-
tainment will feature the program of inail on Christmas day and clerks of the church student groups doing gineering and highway transport of
the evening. The smoker is to be held association, Groundkeeper Thomas, ment. The production is to be given
prinarily in the interests of the Buf- Professor A. 0. Lee, who is represent- on Dec. 19 by the eighth grade Amer- and carriers in the city offices will deputation work. the University, opening the discussion.
rla y men on the campus, and W. D. ing the Board in Control. This body ican history students. The play is stop work promptly at noon. His committee will consist of re- Following the New York meeting,
ao 9 2 5,hoi in charge of piro- . will attempt to make arrangements the work of Dr. 0. W. Stephenson, head i presentatives from each church group, Professor Blanchard will attend the
ceedings u,ges that all men students either for the repairing of the Coli- of the social science department, and Belta SigmasPisthree of vhon will also be on the ad- annual convention of the i-ighway
fromdig rgtat ciy l prent stdnscsum in time for the hockey season., Miss H-oyle. A frontier Christmas in I Isoycucl etWrmn 2,Rsac or fteNtoa
from that city be present.or to provide for so other rink. Ann Arbor nearly 100 years ago To A ward Keys Allan Morton, .'25, and Rowan Fas- search council, in Washington, D. C.,
The only question in case the Coli- furnishes the background for the ac-' ° quelle, '26, will comprise the, latter Dec. 4 and 5. On Thursday he will
W arnings Will Be seum can be repaired, is whether the tion. Delta Sigma Pi, professional busi- group. The other members of the present a report on the "Factors for
JV ile Te work can be done in time for this ness fraternity, has announced the of- committee are Edwin Davis, '26, Rob- Forecasting Future Traffic and a Sat-
M ailed This Week)year's schedule. Graduate students in the School of fer of a key, to be awarded annually ert Fisher, '25, Norman Johnson, '25, uration Point in the Utilization of
w,,,.-.f, m mawill m no d it te edu c - t rio' ,.,.,i- ~t ,,r. ei the Thomas Pryor. '26. and John Moore, Motor Vehicles," and on Friday will

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