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October 21, 1924 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 10-21-1924

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DefaU t fsudsof Suckers Saturday llinois 1her last touchdown in the
Shows Up Flaws of 'Yost- opening minute of the fourth quarter,
]Bel Incidentally grange shot every pass
" which was attempted by the Illinoisj
GRANGE WHOLE STORY ' and seven of the eight attempts were
completed. The ~ass vrgd1
Mihea's cache s today face the eardess.er ed 1
nost difficult: task that ever confront- TIhle Illinois forward pass attack
d a Michigan staff-the rebuildingr of w'gas everything that the Michigan
Michigan's mor~ale~ and incidentally of aerial offensive was not, The Suck-

:1 a.

Owing to a mistake in locatt-
ing the proper/ list of names of'
the men on the Varsity tennis
squad, the story in Saturday
morning's D~aily regarding the
cut made by Captain Crane and
Dr. Angell ivas erroneous. The
final cut will not be made until
the end of this week, and the
list° in the Saturday edition had
no bearing on' the actual cut,
which has not as yet been de-
cided. Practice on the Varsity
courts will be held each after-
noon, as has been the custom
this fall. T]he Daily wishes to
apologize for the mistake, andI
to make it clear that the Satur-
day story did not inclue a list
which necessarily have any re-
semblence to the final one.





icheigan's team bef'ore tne opening erssee u ontnt o Lty Snort;
of the Wisconsin game here this week- i heaves, passed by Grange who darted
end, out to one end, eight or ten yards back
Michigan's defeat 'by the brilliant of the line, and using his double
.Illini eleven, the most crushing defeat threat, shot the ball to Kassel on fourI
~which has been administered to a of the tries and to Britton, and Leon-
Wolverine combination, in the last five, and each *dThce. Michigan tried 15 pass-j
years upset every. expectation. The es, flive of which were completed. I1-
score, 39-.4, gives a good idea of linois seemed perfectly primed to
the way in which the Ill1iit over- meet everything which Michigan used
whelmed Michigan and although it in the aerial game and'time after time
was the famous Grange, elusive as the ball camne down: with no 'one to re-
lightning itself, who really made pos- ceive it. Herb Steger narrowly miss-
sible the smothering of the Wolver- ed giving. his team a touchdown on
ines,. it was", the lack of Michigan's one occasion when after distancing
squad in many vital respects' which the secondary defense he barely failed
prevented the .stopping of Grange and to get under a long pass on. the Illin-
a successful start on the 1924 Con-, ols 20 yard line.
ference footba~ll season. Center of Line Strongj
Hichigan ]Defense WSeatk Nicriganr's team seemned to be de-
Grange, good as he was, should' cidedly off color throughout the per-
have been stopped by the Yostmen. iod of play when Grange was inl the
Time and4 again he was -actually within lineup for Illinos. The cent'er of the~
the grap of a Michigani player at the line held up well on both, the defense
very start of a long run and managed and the offense but the ends of the
to slip away. Michigan's ends were 1 line were weak in both situations.
blocked in and out with equal facility h 'Steger and Miller were the
by 'the Illini" backs, MacElwain and I heart of the Wolverine backfield.
Brittoni, ho formed the interference The other half position was occupied
for Grange.' The tackles too were put by.Stamhman, Herrnstein, Parker, and
out and the Michigan secondary de- Fiedman, but none of them filled the
tense iIght just as well have been on, bill to the "satisfaction of the coaches.;
the sideline as far as stopping the One of the biggest disappointments!,
Illinois machine was concerned1. ! cf the game vas the fact that 10,000
At that,' however, 'Michigan might I or more Michigan supporters attend-I
have pulled through had it not been ing, the game lost their heart with
for Grange. Britton was' always Granges first run and their "support"
ah~ead of Grange to take out the Mich " amounted to practically, nothing dur-
igani ends, and he' did it. 1MaElwain ing the entire game.'Even when Nlich-
Wes alwayrs up front to take out the jig;an mnanagedl to shove the ball over
Mchigan se~hdary, and hie did itj in the second quarter and it looked
most 'successfully, some times getting like a spirited rally, there was none
two Michigan defensive backs,. as hit of the support from the stands that!
cleared the. way, for his redoubtable any team, ' let alone one in the last!
teamimate. But. when, Grange went throes of defeat, needs to keep up its
out: it was a different story. In the spirit. H-ad the Michigan stands letI
second quarter Michigan had the ball loose a volume of sound after Grange's
in 'Illinois territory continually and first touchdown instead of re-wxaining
seemed to regain. some of the spirit , silent as the dead, Oran.'e might have
that Grange';,;four sensational scm'r- bc n' stopped and tho game woe for
ing runs had deprived it of. in the i Michiglan. There was another time in
opening period.' It was. in this period 1tihe gamne when Michigan might havej
than Michigani got' her first score. The 'allied and possibly have knocked the
secbnd Michigan touchdown came short!I haughty Ilhi from their perch. That
l.after Steger kicked off'floigiw:,i h fourth quarter when Mlich-
the last Illinois touchdown in the first jigan made -her second touchdown. The
minutes of the fourth quarter. Steg-J team seemed to realize the sit'uation
er wvas tripped' by an Illinois player! and still have hone for a victory. A
on the Illinois 15 yard line while thwc! hoard of passes were pulled from the
balwas still iin the air. According! bag by Michigan. Grange staved off
to the rules the ball was still in Mick1- a possible Michigan score when afte'r
igan's possession when Steger was Steger had made it firs t down on tihe
fouled and th~e Wolverines were given, Illinois 44 yard line hie intercepted a:
the oval oni the spot where the viola-! pass on the 34 yard line. Illinois wtas
tion ~took place. Michigans captain! penalized on the next play and Brti-
and ' Heath~ made it first down, Steger ' ton kicked to the Michigan' 40 yard
advanced the ball still farther to the line. A long pass Domhoff to Marion
six inh line and Tod Rockwell sneak-' took the ball to the Illinois 42 yard
ed it over. line and after two more passes were
Grange's Shoawing Startling incomplete Parker shot one to Steg-
~The recor-d made by Grange against i or for eight yards and the hall was
M'ichiga~n was one of the most startl- j within a yard of the first down. Then
iLg ever piled up by any gridman Rockwell fumibled on a place kick
snce the start of the game. He did; formation and the Illini took the ball
everything to Michigan that Harley of ! on dlowns.
Ohio and Oss 'of Minnesota did in the Safe Flay Hlurts
lean season of 1919. In all he was ! In the last half of the game Mich-
given the' ball ft times. His total I igan might have done a lot towardI
yardage' was 402, hie made five touche- winning the game if it had not been
downs, four oftthem in 12 minutes of f for "scafe play." Oan numerous occa-
thie first quarter, and it was hie who sions the ball was punted on fourth
psed the ball to Leonard and gave (Continued on Page Seven)



Harr erSquad
1Is Pce o
Meet Satrda
After the, good showing the men
madte in the trials Saturday for the
SBadger race Saturday morning here,
the prospects for a; victory ovrer 'the
strong Wisconsin harriers is much
The first ten to finish were picked
to carry the Maize and Blue colors
in the opening run of the season.
Realizing that they have a hard task
before them in five runs in five weeks
ending with the all important Confer-
ence championship run here on Nov.
22, the men have been working hard
fevery day to make the best poss si-
ble showing against the other veteran
teams of the Conference.
Callahan, Briggs, and Hornberger
finished together in the good time of
22 minutes 8.2 seconds. All three finl-
ishedI strong', not extending them-
selves on the home stretch.

I E WW C: u % .6it e U is aW 1j.b w-.- Xh ;m- #s------ ----Fupsets markedlFSaturdaty's football to win, but the Tiger eleven put up a
--gani-s all over the country, addinrg to spirited resistance and held their
'l~ ie ,iMi li iiesia Saiturd;ay Gives Only Two i t'3 From Fast Season's the list of surprises that have come owvn with the Big Green team.
{Wisconsin Elcven Second Strig Report the way of gridl fars this season. Perhatps the most outstanding East-
I f Conrfidc(e' At Drills I Wisconsin, considered easy meat 'err upset was the clash between Cor-
I ifor Minnesota, fought the Gophers; nell and Rutgers, in wh'ich the latter
H RS AR O T R GU Q A'TU S A o a standstill, and held them to a 7-7I team won, 10-0. This is the second
i 1 tie. The Norrthmen did not score until' straight defeat tile Dobie-coached
I tile! last few minutes of the game. eleven has suffered this year. Wil-
Madison, WVris.. Oct.. 20.-Rejuvenat- i likely to suffer this year from lackpoea(thwrkfteHrmnheistieaCreltam adot
ed y teir7 t 7 ie ithMinesoaof reserve strength. p~~ n h oko h amntefrttm onl emhdls
ed by Coach 7athe7 is wfacingnaebigaroB rothers and Captain Jack Harris' in 25 starts. The victory of Rutgers
atrtheir ingrlorious tie, inBavingeonlatwo men fro was outstaniding. Prospects point to Saturday shows that the Big Red
isoewith Coae the week before, h ny I ahasiffgtbtwe ihgnad'eee sfrfo what it was last
Badgers are priming themselves for latya''eevs nyKehc ieBde' etStidy year, or in fact, what it has been for
the gme wih Micigan atur an Land L cre are returning from t the Purdue forad' Northwestern to ac-i several years.
gam eeresud 1Wiete WithonMinchn ry192
Wisonin oahesarctr- 92areerer il squad.tai cept the short end of a 7-3 score
ig theepoach MitheofwillehavelCapgLain which was a decided shock to the q
keepany int f oe-cnfwho1-agrty, Dolea,and cpeeprobably erH
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~t Chemu 1 h rnso hi la-F~~.sil nicmlt work Purple aggregation, it being their a tig Aicl
or's, they do believe that they have an jdefeat of the season. However, This- ;lo e I'G l
Ioff, as a nucleus to build a team I+ ; ' 1
-even chance against the Michigan arud.I wl b ifiul o e Itehwaite's men are alread y hard at !
team.,aroud. I willbe dificuFinoals ISunday,
ta.work for next Saturday's contest jF n l lcesc eFsKik n eg
The Badgers came out of their first plc uhmna ik n eg with the Michigan Aggies, for whom C ___
Conference encounwhoewerelosthto the teamuthroughthey, have a wholesome respect. Rbr s 2M n
Cnfrecencoudntroutohed bity gauto.Ohio State and Iowa both encoun- "Hastings,'2MandFred
InJrisadcnietothiably From the freshman squad only fiveI teredl unexpected opsionfm Glqver, '27, will meet next Sunday
to Miold their own with any ta lmnwownternrlhve teamsuposdosetip.ohnfr h idiiuaoglmcaminsi
the circuit. Th~ weak defense which j emFupsdt eseus h o h nivda ofcaposi
last week was so disavnaeul returned for practice this spring.,dsdatgolyMnofhetrsfte ohtam1Lc
shw gis hefgtn o ta ayo hesaso h~fohta ukyes were held to a 10-0 count of the University. The 'match will be
taCoc Ma her hd counted oFbOoWsean, w'l h ak played over the Ann Arbor Golf and
had this week so inmprovedl that only t hatvCochfaild ternosholti eyes had a tough time winning from Coarne alGuntry club course, and will be 26
in the final minutes of play, were the F(aefie ortr osho hsLwec college, 13-5. Ollie 1Flee holes.
opesaltopenetrate it for theirfal was the big noise for the iWilcemen, Ttwocnedr.dacdt
At present about 50 men are prac-hadncdt
one and only score. Capt. Jack Harris- scoring all of his team's points. The te ia on y~on hog
showed that lie is a' line plunger of 1 tiangfu ghsawekinWtr Buckeyes have yet to have their goalstogil.Inheem-na, s-
no mnean ability, while L. Harmon mngmaim h qa ilb line crossed. Coach Ingwerson's Iowa
pu-t over sonic flashy open field run- ct(ont prxmtl 0i h team showed its same up-and-dowvn Eg lfae euawieG~e
ifirst exut to be made Thursday. Early jtctcwaaosnheropoensrpa-oPemenAreeenyRatheh.'
j ncing. McAndrews, a track man, in December after the men froin the ticsaantteropnns ly"Temnaeeel aceac
ccamne through with some real play- football' squad have reported, Coach F mng great football for a period, then; are expected to put uip a hligh class
inhsfrtgame, his phenomena.] lapsing into mlediocrity ' exhibition of golf. Hlastings played
jug exceedingly dan- I~~i Mather will cut time squad to twenty C hicago showed go omi i-o h ast em toyasao
Ispeed making himeeceigyd I go omIi i-yyasao
geosatrlehspse h ieo men. ning from Indiana, 25-0. The Hoosiers j when he wvon his "14". His work in
{ geosatrlehspse h ieo The squad will have to be cut toa showed a stiff resistance, but were un
1 scrimmage. Isalnm rtisyasmrend- un the' Medlical school prevented his comn-
IThe Michigan tackle who (draws thein l'uibrti yaamr d able to cope '-with the Stiaggmen, who peting last~ season. He is in good
Ivictual attention is 'demanded of the ,soe ubro xeln u
iassignment against Sehwartze will 'sowdaWubeithxeletu form, having shot a. 32 over 'the Ann
have his hands full trying to keep the coc.Wtsofwepreelme promr.Thtielsrsut1) a Arbor course this fall. Glover has
giant Badg;er lineman from breaking j ntesud1oc ahrwl aeIgood fight is shown by the fact that had considerable experience Ii tour-
up te Mize nd lue ttak. P- Fto put in more time with each, can-
didate who shows promise of devel- thymd 1 is dws toi 'r anaent' play around Detroit,, and is
flaski and Bl1ackmian put up a real ; the M ,aroon eleven.! considered a cornerb Coach Whells.
game at the flank positions, and oapient.1 Nebraska showed an admirable lHe plays .a steady,costetga ,
Co.^ach I'yan is looking to them to : F comeback spirit in defeating Colgacte, and is cool undrer fire, which is a de-
l }reak up the famed Michigan endfiIIP E tITnI11D 3-7. With- losses to Illinois and; cid3ed _asset to his gamnie.
runs. Both are deadly men on punts V IILJIL I l '10 I VUIII Okla hcina behind them, the Corn- The winer of thew title will be p res-
and should prove to' be no end of Ihulskeis carne back a nd trimmed the ,,nted with a. trophy, dlonated l by the
jworry to the Yostmen's safety. 1i l~MA Ihasterners in impi essive style. Cal- Athletic association.
Anticipating a pass attack, the load- I FRISLLJMtI, gate's only touchdown was made by:,________
ger mentor put his charges throughI Eddie Tryon, tile sensational half- Tawa City, Ia., Oct. 2{}.-;7Four novice
a stiff first days practice in the art F llfeha vetigchdts back. Itain ~en slapped the slab of the Iowa
ef breaking up forward passes. The iil (:oulmence work iilmeli ately,4MsorwccHrr ik sT~lm ka etr h nvr
, W)Aiscomisin coach believes that theF;roi-liuig to an announcerment m!'d~ by Icoachiing the } ackfield men, con- city i'ecordi for thle3100 yard breast
lack of" forard heaving in the Michi- j Btcle. rs ~tlxrsly ItinL edtit!; wininigstreak by defeat stroke in the annual fall meet. Chant
g ,an-illini affair' was dub: to. tihe)('acli, yesterday.,~" 740. h=e Tige:rs ara now bcl, o ,a: ,Des~ons led in 1:21, w4ithi
iabsence of Parker from the lineup.,i cciu ti li,<urVliyC ite!ognCatrnd swrg;11}t
__________________________ La st year freshman wrestling ddtl& l>a:,iValyCofr-HgaCatr And llwn l e-
4yer~cc. tci lug the former record.
jnot start until the be giniiw >or the Ii the E:ast, Notre Damce's vi=..tory
second semester, but it ha:s been de,.1:)Ary ndth 14-14 tie b1)>
o"ver0 ;Aredbyth an'] the Dol clstaayton, Ohio, Oec .20.- According
dAWyNh yim iu ffcaL otwjeen Dartmouth! e nd Yale 51t!(tIA 011. to an announ111cement made here, Tom
r w l 4''start work: earlier this year. Cadets
Thoe en eprtig hi smeser 'i x) Iish, in ,b'eating the Cdt,13-7, my Glibbons, St. P'aul heavyweight, and
wil be excused from regular gym- F>~sle htwstldb ieCnoRcetr .Ywl
nasum lase net snie~e. 'l~ p n n of the mnost aggressive dlriv- imeet n a 12 round bout here Oct. 29.
-ing a ttacks evei ' , 4set i in tile East. F Con ray i in the 200 on ls n
'Wrtih only i C men left to conrtine~rglrcassiiicntnuitin ei (. narterback Stuldcreher's clever run- hold~s a kn.-ockout over Siki.
thn tifth m ound the all-k .1mpiluril tel-!nester along With wrestling. Coac' fth ndteyl-aon
in tninaet s rpdl na (n a ltcllen will have his squgad i) play)in of Ctain Womalsd h, learouand
rtstirl.Wn sia ll erii; a' --a f(at ial~,Air n Minnefapolis, Oct. 20.-Owing to the
cliose. 'The following sch' die foir the! three d imes a week. in' Iadn aid~ed flit,1Rockne machine, in g;eieroxis response ofstdn, facul-
i, .t round must be p)lasycd by 'W"edI ''ihe fu~damnemtals of 1 lie sprtwillbetcilyelii.z;(thfis e #llivtry he1m padgolt ndIclfntefulnvrit
'wdY ngt J seilyepiszdtefrte tb"~ll anrd zrh ould e .xrienrce sue- band of 70 piece:, will be able to at-
Lagsre77Jv. seies1G oser. Durs inglthe eld. semestefrr I ' lyallflt rernai~nder of tend boI th the Wisconsin andl Iowa
.R- __in"-. _r -__.evn-,1 era1t1?leets IXi(ii l ft)"hl ad.dd: Coa he ~S ci liue. Dartmouth was ftavored F?-1i this season.

Callahn, a junior kept in trainiing
all sUmmer, and at the presoxt: is fur-
ther advanced than the other men.
aRunning all summer often does more
harm than good but it seems to have
given him speed, which he lacked
last year. 'This is his first year of
Varsity cross country as ie was
forced to quit last year to have, a
minor operatinn.
THomnbeurger and 13rigg-S.are both
sophomores, so tile race Saturday
will be their first in varsity compe-
tition. These two mien turnled in some
real good races last year on the
-Freshnian team andil lornberger, in
the final race tied Hlarry ]Davis' rec--
ord "for ttie course. B'oth ace dc-vel-
opimig fast.s
Reinke, Baker, and Capt. Shene-
field finished (dose in the order
anmed. I teinke reported under weight
and this has handicap.,ped him Vo
sonic extent. lie always runs better
fi a rave than in 'Practice however'.
Paker failed to get: his, numerals last
ye-ar with the Freshman, in cross
country but he wvent out for thle track.
team and showved up well in th-e two
mill, and this year is continuing his
good work: in cross, county. Capt.
Shenefield has always taken more
tine to round into condition than
some of the others, amid no onie is
worrying but thlat "Johnny" will be
up among the leaders when the hard
races start:.


Spi(:el 920-PL vs. Larson 2:11. I
Arthur 425-W vs. McKn~ziht 170)- I
L. Wolf, Law club IL. 14 vs. Cchn
Coeper 2105_P, vs. tiedlder 47=).
Thle following doubles matecbcs must
b played by Thiursday niht:
Alcleani-Conlboy 45l1.Rvs. sang-
horac-i~artner 24 1- ('l1.I
Do ;mg:las-Prstom 3913vs. 1Ichn4iight- I
Don't delay--Pay your Subscription
tod ay.

fo a thme squad to report at once, so
thaat they will be in shape.
A new room reserved for the use of
the yearinlgs in Waterman gymnasiumj
has beeni instituted, and( with the lar.--!
CI.- quarter s, Coach Botchen expects
to double the size of his squad tils
year. Ilie trained 47 -M'en last semest-
London, Eng., Oct. .'O-lI I. An-
is *;son, winner o1f the 920 noon's 220i
ya id swimiig chamrpionshlip o~ f g-
land, has now won all individual Eng-'
list, chiam'pionshiips up)to one :lue,

- - -. -,-

_- - a.® - ---.,..., _ , . .


Mason1, .TUng Iskendarian and Ian-
semi are tile other men to be emntered'
airst Wisconsin Saturday. All these I
mn have' been showing impmrovenment
and a couple weeks, may sece any one
of them displacing one of the leader,-.


, = 1i
1 = '
pptt tt yyz
YV/vuun :: 1

< .::.,
_ _ 1

: .«."
_. _
'y,'1,1 w 4a4


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