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October 16, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 10-16-1924

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VOL~. XXXV. No. 21





n0,fl " naaI~rCrowd Gathers At Teap Room fIC MrlOr e Students
GVIIII 1UIYIVII~~As Pep Meet Spirit Continues IfI AE ol~nieSrk
I I E NTO TH N9 1,.15.--Students who remainedl to-
iL DAcodof student football en- later vo.unt.cr entertainment was THAa80 a[ Clemson College, Souterolihe
HU E , US thusiasts that packed the Michigan called upon. George Colburn, '2, re- O R iu OYA r alkout which yesterday dmnse
sootorhvi al fvoinsrn trn uicvO R Union tap room to its capacity held'windtoh the f'miemui"flj~b student body to one-half, voted
asecond pepP meetinrg last night after I ed2 to a1ro-tik3n7aco to remain at the collge
th vctriusdemonstration as IBillf dance by Julius H. Sachs,. '27, added unlModywhnteruesae
SPECIALS SENATE COM~IMITTEEI auditorium. M~arching behind the ,JtGi-IEDSAC OEE oha hii opans
INETGTSS-iA3G F Ln h color and pep to the meeting. Cheeds INold 8eboad efue o gan
INET~rE IAW F bntefrenzie l mob of students (piAN[)ng6 ShutdetheNb81rd efuse toNDran
prolongeusedteMihge ninwlr the wr ocdt rally until students MI1NUTEFS the request of the students for more
(lynamic pep and fighting spirit, vee oice odeatfo-ak f- and lbettr food, a matron for the
TO STUDY DETAILS kindled at the monster rally of the This was the first of series of gen- DELAYED TWICE iirom udrnttmetfal
thr___ ea, n d was b msall w d b r teu tl i r l g tt thrs" a doep me t-iainin g students decided, that they
Three PoliticalI Parties Will Submtit theatenedthbap ms n rder fings that are being planned for the Gant Dirigible Lanis at J4akelurst would immediately leave the institu-
Statemlents On Expeniditures teUint4 om cainb evening before every football gamens ~2~sciiyoug i titn
Yetra onn; ILo.tino n tcitsMusic, donated for the ocaio.b this season. Music and stunts will be 32___Aboard____
Recip hodes' orchestra furnished the furnished but volunteer entertainment
Chicago, Ill., Oct. 15. (By A. P.)-1 drawing power for the ga thering but j will also be called upon.LaeusNwJryOt1.(B LAIlP h1D I
Aboard inquiry into contributions LA. )e ZR-3 slumbJere toniht,! ii LIIIIIGOVERNS~
A.RIREPE.)--Thcr~ed t3 in eLahrtgt n epniuesi h atoamrs
idential campaign will be put under saey rdldinteWaehrt iI11
way here tomnorrowr by a special coin-UV!I0l NlEDIU ILIJ0ILIUVII fII ItJ (I omec after a memorable flight across 6 T I E S 0 *'"I irso h ..Snteo hc h tatsoen ( H N N 0 H T I
Senator E. Borali, Repu blican, Idaho, -If I
icairman. tmebeaueofmim FIUw I DANCES1LA BOR EX CUTIES Her German crew and her four Tttt ~itO
Whleth clmite ascald .iAmerican passengers slumbered also Tlu oSatLs Leg O Voyage
chargle ofismerRbertu.sLof - Ah e emn ic - nYrnlCllg omrPenlrOesTiniiciayThe dirigible which has set a new AcrsC~(5 otinet This
Chre fSnao obr. .Lb i i,.recordI for sustained flight, appae Morning
Agreemnt et achedoil Nrmal Cllege Fornone theerworse Pforamtheryeffort. Se
lotte, the Independent presidentialt Paity Issue By Burton And CampaignWihAtcOn oetewrsfrteefrtSe
candidate, that the Republicans are !WlnyPrme swayed crooningly to and fro to the GALFS BLOW IN WEST
riigahg"suhfn"frue____tn ofsfcraigtl.H'in doubtful states, Senator Borah said - luminous sides shimmered under the( Santiago, Oct. Oct. 15. (By A. P.)-
after a conference with his collegues; TO ARREST VIOLATORS R CS LABORFAILURE beas of a moon that penetrated her IAll hands on the naval dirigible
that the inquiry would be directedt glass domed hangar.I Shenandoah are eagerly awaiting
first at, the, actual receipts and ex- University students who are caught London,Oc.1.(yA P.)-Former But the humans whom she had car-' tonigt's weather reports on the
orgnitioshereliaoDeotcat-attending closed college parties of the Premier Baldwin opened his cam- reed so far sheltered beneath her pro- nor th vest, which will tell them wheth-
ic and Independent. Michigan State Normal college at lpai gn for Parliament today by ad- tcigbl-hywrreeedad rornth ratsytrvlrwl
dringalremeigi ue' wearied. They had traveled 5,066 ast loose tomorrow morning in the
Representatives from each of these Ypsilanti will be arrested, and afterdrsigalgemtngnQun' miles under hazardous circumstances ast leg of her outward bound tran- +
organizations have beenP asked, he their release their names will be Hall during which lie 'ridiculed what and they bad (one it in a single con- ( scontinental voyage from Lakehurst,
said, to submit detailed statements turned over to the University disci- Ihe characterized as the Labor gov- tinuous flight 'of 81 hours and 16 !New Jersey, to Camp Lewis Wash-
on campaign finances up to this time. { ement universal panacea of national niminutes.j ington. 1
These will he studied carefully lby pline committee for further action, an ainlcnrlt e hswsteofca eod s1Glsboigfo 4t oeta
according to an agreement reached ownershipannainlcnrltse Thswsteofca reodas1Gesbwngrm54omrehn
the comnittee before anr effort will lewe rsdn Mro .Bro tig rgt computed by Dr. H-ugo Eckner, cor- I 6) miles an hour reported from the}
be made to determine the full scope ofteUnvriy n reietI mander of the dirigible and ei dn ro nd ahignse bad
of the investigation and whether ito th UnvriyaPednt Mr. Baldwin described the Labor ofteZpplnit res iad e arytdynaldtopeetby
is to be pusued at places other than mnsesa cepjcs fpltcI ~shakethopismolmetCo- -
Carntle phoM e onny erYsatinyes-mnsesa cepjcs fpltcCommander J. H. Klein, Jr., of Lk h piimo iu.Cm
Chicago. a natlpon ovrainT always full of enthusiasm but never husil-onae tanoenflgtuander Zarhary Lansdowne, the dir-
Senator Borah said that Frank P. I letr ewe h ~T rs densoing anything. be pictured IlrenierTedh 'e rprtdthtsh ef( igible caimmander.A
Walsh, of Kansas city, who has been ltesbewefhetopesdnsMrcDnald as beiiig overbore n1Te sl'ndl germanythat she5 A.f t ha' aryhaywahr h
deetdbu3nto aoltet ro- n thecprrsto eekwsstatedFriedrichshafen, Grcnomm:5 .f Tander aidlyiv etrin the ar
seduringbytSeetpasta twottweekse-hopeless in thelhands of the extreenie-M. on Sunday. Octobertok12, the time
Th orsodnewssatdM nSnaOtbr1 h iesent his charges to the committee Ij socialist wing of his party and pr- bigon'or tofGen ih loose circles on" the weather chart,
calld e d sso ar-when a University student assumed d(ited that the Labor admlrinistration I"butingone hur cst ofGreewich
wld bxlr ;-e so theetgini the name of a Normal student and Iae ol copihayhn ni She touchd earth here at 9:52 AM I " buti will get better an the wi be
lnavvel been Concluded. Mr. Walsh is attended a (ance which was open onlyi it "killed its old moan of the sea." eastern standard time today. Dr. am Le wisbeteen t aloo ne blow a
e kpecte(1 to 1)e onlhand for the initial Idetos nrmaicolleescitudens h i- Mr. lBaldwin 's speech constitutedtie ckrwaauhiyfo the state nmd the head of another." ! 0r
t e sion of thle committee.detsnm addsciio were sc I general theme of the Conservative and Imonit that the mileage was 5,066. "Aanrte"hcoiudaltleC
______cured by members of the Ypsilanti I lberal sspeakeors in the ~canipaign Thus the averagea speed for the; A ay-atedle ild litlusIinpl
faculty and forwarded to PresidentI while on the other hxad, the speeches whole distance was approximately t paience excirciscd nowwilpyuina
13 n ta yt~o _la~cd te materin te , ?,I the long run. We have had ..onic re- in
mrton, ~~~~~~of the Latborites nmostly 0dwelt n wha' 2.",,miles Pe" rle a pierx -od ntis1rpadweacgigt
[ PER TOI DISCUSS- handsre]s a who Bric or 11 placedd< thehlypct e-iI mattereofte.Bitsh1-3 od o hinri the aegon t
esttep i an i s ho l t ve al o l "t e u ho y p ct enm t a e aeI: t e rt shI3 carry it on safely to tle end and at soi
etigwccn the Liberals and the Conserva- (uring her westward flight of 3,200 th same time let the people along OSM RE AE Tewe-edteYslnisho1 v
fie oke abroto oe , mlsars h tatct 0 or the way see what whe look like. D- Il
ave another Closed dance, and moreI Minister of Health WheatleywhoI made in 1919. was 29.63 miles pe ae siigfce llelrentan-t
FA O S M DE AEIthan a dozen University student enI- ! ' per oher lamy o~r. o te32pssner n ied ang ch~e dls ifetan-th
Twos igrd,,( acoerftheaisng mphases ofl)Dgnewil te irgibeLeo-eth
One (of those studentsksaf Cauoht byu, e rhier cdmthedballointedmout. The u,
pol(-_,ob-Fanks faa~ous murdrOe Nr ofegsuentsfias auhanby ing0on tie situation todlay, saidI e L R-3 had his story to tell when he i Zlt-3 lie recalled had made several th
case will be discussed lby Dr. Arnold I-rthede Normalprmcolleoydeiofficialsithn and hand-st
of ed over to the police, who locked hi rega~e omr peir Loddsmakdwti h aeus efforts to get away across the At-
Jacoby, otficial psychiatrist o.Do- u orte -iht(llaf as ~ Gorge's declaration of war on Labor h angar today But the most complete atcbfr h fnll-sedof.>t
troit's criminal courts, and by Prof. toPrsie0 "7is a public announrcement that Labor? of thrin all was the story told by the
JonB at,0 h a col tIforwarded t rsietBurton, and th"ge
Jolri . ait, f te Lw chol a sei tiao yUnvriycould not be bought. The minister ,dary-log of Cap>t .eor~ e W. Steele rovesi tdb niest
tine October meeting of the Washiten- atoite.ja(ldel that, poltics nowadcays was a prospective comnmander of the dii*~ i-'ftr rIN UB I hflu
aw County Medical society which is. conflict, not between nmen but be- i uile, lDLbI LUV ! I i3I
t1)ledat:0o'lcths -IPresident MKenny said that lie is teensystemsl e dec Herrelatfor- jI on Ote1.0 th 'tu
in'1 at thle Michigan Union. eveO- anxious to promote a friendly feel- in r prenmir Asquith (would neeall atfstrorth figt, .cr t YEAL YXIUIJ1
ing etwentth twostatoinsitutonshishtilnsuchingnui' to onviceR..SI009I1LI9 LIof
1)r". Jacoby will discuss the case n. d thait. Ann 1Arb ors men are twe lcome hi rtrcligeut-ocnic surged at the gates ot the air dome frmOheAt
frmtesandpoint of a psychiatrist opnprisbttaxveypc1a5ntacaiio.atn friends that conservative Lieral; that le was lost in the crush; hrow --hIfo
givng spe iatio~n to the n ,topatwa nt acolti n the big bag failed to rise because of More than 700 students availed
gvneseilt md--means will be used to prevent their Sonic of the Liberal newspapers ,.t~~ ~ ~ fo
-cal aspect as well as tihe medical - attedn'toegvnecuieyframosphercic conditions; how tie 1themseve o tire service oferedby
bearing of the trial, Na tdnts.ie xluieyfrare becoming anxious over the iimpli- tkowspspndfr-w asI h ~euhcncu o rcrn a-
Profsso Watefro th stamd-_______ Icatonsof tme act whch ive th an gave a complete detailed account sent voters ballots, it was announced
xitofteawilrvethcaeSpeakersfo the Laborites the chance 1_ysteda._mrethaaee_ Dl
don -Itorpeet ac of the trip,yetra.Frmethnawkte
comingof h atw, s will reviewt rpreen the caeaor t as a union of_____________ club has had blank applications at
at the trial with tie theories of crimm OuR UV IS IIJJapitialistic interests against Labor. I ;the disposal of'the students. These t
iimal proseccution nnnwTms esppr reteetem fIf~llDIapplications after being ntarize,
I )nlortance, of the Liberal party pro- II
TO~fID ~ ervmmgitscomlet inepedene I ~ i LUB MAKS Iwill be sent to the clerks of the var-
_ PL___NSIFOR nESI ballots. The time and place for no- 1 of
fourUformer stufents ofth oi l r IPI; El SMEIF tarizing these ballots will be ai-
P ii ffjJ departument arc holding gradute IPE I -lw FOTIN - ozcr ltr hesrieiso :
SILUJIL t~ttI1U~ UU~ £thi yer inothr isti- SEGBEB FOB II5[ M m ibers of the Round-Upi club held tended entirely free by tie Repubi-' am:
' their frtsoe f h era :21cncu."T
At the meeting of the Comn I Frank Vreeland, who last year was o'clock last night in room 318 of thei As a result of work (one on this N
counmcil of the city of Ann Arbor nextI an instructor in the department here Uin h fiesi hrefrteIcnvass, the following men have been
Monday night it is expected that a I was awarded a $1200 fellowship for Footprints of dinosaurs, amphibians, appointed~ to the executive oard of 1 h
speialeletio wll e oderd t Igrauat stdy ~itheNew Yor iand insects, which roamned this earthi coming season are: Edward Riedle,I the Republican club, as announced by tU
selelec t o n wal ei oreedtheho1al of socdyial Wok. Mise Ryo I 15,OQO,000 years ago are shownm on 25, president; Jack Tlford, vice- {HIarold Marks, '26, chairmaim of the m
fourth ward. Due to the death of C.I Calton, a graduate student at Mich- twelve slabs which have just been president; Edwin McLean, secretary; executive board: Lee nsel, '26; Ray- IC
T. Donnelly ted of A. D. Groves, both I anr in 1323-24, holds a similar fellow-'I placed oni exhibition' in the geology Jahck Titus, treasurer. Speakers of the mond W. Davis, '26; Harold Freeborn,; th
aI~ermn o th forthwar, tat shp a th same chol, nd issUnamuseumn of the Natural Science build- I evening were Prof. It. S. Swinton, of '126; Robert D. Martin, '26; Charles tt
ditrict is without representation on 'urdie has recently received a like I ing. 1-eretofore only one specimeni the highway engineering departnment, E. Daugherty, '27; Joe Joseph, '26L; i cc
+,,., wnrl M,,q1V( P1(in- stu ied under the 1 I showing footprints was aim exhibit and president Iiedlle. Refreshments Carl F. Anderson,26; and Keritar

The rgula eletionwilloccu be-"' Iand these now ones are considered were served to members and guests. Ken 2.'i
T ho re u laci et ection w il can be - fellow ship last year also. I v ryvaluable addition to the plus- I P o e s r S i tn ie l o d t e h o l in o m n h ve b e p
for slficintnaiveca b gven MgsJant edmn ha bMiss vryJanetor-SinRedriflondd hehasfolwbeennenhaap-enap m
and there will also be no time for the p)inted to a $600 fellowship for work eun history o the club, for the benefit o pointed to the woman's executive m
caucus to be held before Nov. 4, so it7 at Simmnons college. Miss Redumond The new slabs were secured through the new nmen present, and outlined ac- l committee, as announced by Marjorie 11
is hogh tatth secalelctonwas graduated here last June. an exchange with Amherst college. E tivities for the year, which consistI Sweet, '25d, chairman of the corn- aM
istougttat__epecallecionThe originally cm fronith triassic of smokers and dances held at variousmite Elzbh Kned, '7
will 1)0 called for sometime late in red sanlstoimeof the onnectiutrive
N\ovember. re atotene of thencicoutioner times. President Riedle welcomed the H Ielen M rtin, 5 ahrn rf
the region was a great flood river custo m to hold at least one fomnal rih 6 lna lare,2;Jdt
San Francis co, Oct. 15.-Friends of ESIH lLISH FLL V JIJ vleyEustanjxlandthti wst e fihs e, 26;iuandarEmiy, 25Hudieth
Jinmmy O'Connell, Giant player who ┬▒ r ELGINpiain and animals crossing it left im- dance each year, besides the others '27.
pressIU U t I LI I i on f t e r f e ii b d e . w i h m y b i h r fo m l o n o-fe e a d f t e P il 511Stories of flight and chase, hasty j m al. The date for the next snmoker of I
throw a game, believe that his action meals, and of rest periods can beI the club was set as Thursday evening, t"d'C.A fI
might be due to a head injury suffer-? read in these remains. Suncracks T Sol Loc3kieromsm At } 'H
ed in 1922, w hean he was hit on the Two $500 fellowships have recently whichbindicat inteneosnlght ripl of the Union.St l
head by a pitched hail.bemesalseinteScolfR- marks which show the direction of AIala l
___________________ligion to e awarded to graduate stu- wn ndcretladIC nsd rr c ty Ce
the wn n urnadimpress ionsCo s er ac lyNry2,0lcksatW emnyti
dents. One ot thorn has been given of rain drops indicating passing Nal ,0 okr tWtra
TO G O OT T 0jfor the year to Miss Esther Cline, strsal.elo icdnstcurn Promotion Pro blemn1 ymnasiumn have been rented for this ti
TO G R N T T OI'25, who is studying religious educa- i h nrai ol.Alti a- year. There are 3,000 lockers in all, It
All of us have the desire, the onlyi tion under supervision of a, conmittee pee iloso er go.I Dsuso fte cdni eur-thus leaving quite a number to be us
{ composed of Deani A. H. loyd, Prof I ents for appointment to and pro- still taken. In order to obtain a I c
thing remaining is to get the where- Leroy Wateruman, Prof. C. 0. Davis, AlhI pmotoim of imembers of the faculty took locker the student must go to tie P
wihl.Ta ses.I o edand Prof. J. B. Edmlonson. Al haN u To Htold up miost of time time of time Deans in treasurer's office at University hal(s
A ICandidates for the other scholar-De ae lioi tthi wekycfeemeysedy ndpyiesu f$2or hchh f
-e at Ton2k,.gh 6- their w,klyconfrene yetera ill hy$4.e rr~n nlthr friv.emm1 a sli ln m)o which he ex-tt n h Pn:tilit., f'i'_ il egie asipwic e X

Last ighZZ00Mihian mecn L~~;I
Sadwomen- gathered liti ill I NEW CHEERS GIVEN
atuditoriuam iand cheered thm
-evshoarse for a Michigani Day ---
at Illinois Saturday. Everyone Block 11 Explained by Conmiable;
there pledged himself to stand Blue Amnd Yellow Cards To Be Used
with the :Michigan team In Vic- Instead of Flags
tory amnd defeat. Today the
hearts of 11,000 students are with IDsloycern eoeteIln
thle terun as they start on their osutory eering sbaef oreer
journey of conquest. isppmeig a aldt re
There Swill be thousands of last night, broke into a thunderous
them at the Field House at 8 :4 I roar upon the appearance of the Var-
o'clock tomilghut. They will giveI sity band playing "The Victors." The
of their physicaal strength to let I 'thousands of Michigan rooters assemn-
the boys kniow they are behindII
them. A greater force, however, tI bled in Hill auditorium gave expres-
which the teaauin must feel, is the I sion to long pent up emotions by
spirit of comradeship iii a mu- singing with such volume that the
tual undertaking for the glory of f walls fairly re-echoed the words of
11ichigan-to fight for victory, ( "The Victors."
but to conquer i victory or de- I Lyman Glasgow,' 25, head Varsity
feat. cheerleader introduced the audience to
The team, the student body,I several new yells which will be used
amnd the alumni, aire one In their r at Urbana on Saturday. "Skyrocket"
wish for victory. They commuence and "Yea Michigan" are niunmes which
their invasion of Illinois tonmor-I have been attached to the new yells.
row. Upwards of 10,000 Michii- Irwin. Deister, '25, chairman of the
ganders will be on hand Satur-I meeting, introduced Coach George
day to ciheer eleven mencm of Mich-j Little, the first speaker on the pro-
!gait, worthy to represent thamt granm. Coach Little made a plea to
greatest of -all uulversities, -Theni the student body to support t he teami
-MIIGAN WILL RULE THE I and their University regardless of
WEST! victory or defeat.
Captain Herbert Steger, '25, of the
Varsity football team,' emphasized the
imuportant psychological effect that 10I
UTHOITT O LETURE - prcent support by the student b~ody
UTHOiTY O LETURE will have upon the eleven Michigan
r t nmen who will take the field Saturday
Te block "M" will be formed at the
j gamne on Saturday was explained in
Dr. H. C. Cooper, scientific' direct- detail by Alfred B. Connable, '25, pres-
r of the firm of Bauer and Bl1ack, ident of the Student council, the next
hicago, will lecture on "Pharmacy speaker on the program. Large yellow
id First Aid" at 8 o'clock tonight andl blue placards will be employed in
t the -Natural Sciencex auditorium, the formation of the "AlI" instead of.
Dr. Cooper, who has been a profes- the usual flags. The cards will be
r of physical chemistry at the Uni- tilted back and forth upon the direc-
rsity of Syracuse, and at the Col- tion of the cheerleaders in order to
,g of the city of New York, was give a bolder relief to the "M."
is translator of Hollenman's "Or- Prof. William A. Frayer of the his-
anic Chemistry" which is widely tory department then took' the floor
sed in colleges and universitiesI and announced that lie was on the
troulzou thecounry.point of realizing a life long ambition,
rohioutecthe wcoun o spryl.i- that of leading a Michigan yell. The
Thi letur wil b ofspeialin-professor then donned a cheerleaders
,rest to scientific students, but tihe coat amid led the crowd in a roaring
eneral public and student body are cheer 'for Michigan, Michigan, Michi-
tvited. Time lecture will be illustrat- gan-My Michigan. The new yell
I with lantern slides and motion pie- composed by Professor Frayer will
grs., be used at Illinois.
Immediately following the lecture "There is a tendency at Michigan
-Dlr. Cooper, the P~rescott club will j to be sattisfiedl with good but we

ild its first umeeting of thme year inf
)oom 300 of tme chenmistry building
r- the purpose of electing officers.
T 0 Y O D r. I. M . K olthoff, of th e U n iversity U r c t o l n , a r v d i n
rbor last night and will speak at(
1.5 o'clock today in thme chemistry
rphitheater. His subject will be
'lhe Use of Different Electrodes in
eutralization Reactions."
Dr. Kolthoff, who was broughtl
ere under tme joint auspices of thel
Iiversity and the University of
ichigan section of the American
heroical society, is making a tour of
e country and has been giving lec-
res at a number of universities and
Iloges. H~e has published a large
mount of research work aldng the
nes of theory of indicators, electro-
ietnic mmethods of analysis, and
zethods for-elminating errors in vol-
netric analysis. He intends to ne-
.an in Ann Arbor 'until Monday.
Faculty menmbers of the University;
ave beein asked to turn in their bi-i
nnial reports on scholarly publica-I

houldl at all tiimes strive' for the
b~est iin all lines of endeavor," said
the professor.
F~red Lawton, '11, well known author
of "Varsity," then gave a spirited ad-
dress that was interrupted time and
again by the cheers of the crowd.
Excitement reigned -supreme during
JUawton's talk and Michigan yells
splIit the air with volume and fervor
that gives great promise' for Sat-.
The mieeting was concluded with.
the singing of the -"Yellow and the
Blue." A request was made at the
meetinig for cars to drive the team to
Milan where they will take a Wabash
train for Urbana. Anyone who will
be able to offer his services in this
respect is requested to call Harry Til-
lotsonm at the offices of the Athletic
association this morning. Time start
for ilanwill be made at 8:45 o'clock

Prof. Wmn. A. Prayer, of the history
department, veteran of twenty-two
trips through Europe, will address
the Cosmopolitan club at its meeting
in Lane hall at 8 tomorrow night.
Professor Prayer has conducted sev-
eral tours through Europe, and in
his talk will point out and suggest
attractions of the continent which
Iwould be most interesting to the tray-
eler. His talk will be illustrated with
several lantern slides.
One of the objects of the lecture
will be to help the foreign students,
who largely conmpose the club, in de-
ciding how- to go and where in Eu-
rope slmvould th-ey be able to do so on
their return to their native lands
from their school ceyeers.
1The lecture will be followed by an

ions which they have written be-'
ween July 1, 1922, and Jun~e 3, 1924,
oDean Alfred H. Lloyd of t* g'd
Lte school. These reports will be in-
Iuded in the annual report of the
resideont which will be published
)metime during the later part of the
Deani Lloyd urges the faculty to give

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