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January 20, 1924 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-01-20

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"Dli Waheheit ist v onhanden fur den! a revolutionary starting point and L tl esn tecpct olv.
Wi hnh u esen fulen HeCpittole.L lerzI }Asii n'rtiu
Di Scobiiu m fbedHr -Ernest Renan, "Life of Jesus."
Sie beide gebonren tur einander." ____
(Widomis or he ise ~ .. ~,- Indeed, it would be snore funds- I r s

Beauty is for a feeling hesrt, acter is a symbol and mental abbre-
And both belong to each other). viation for a pecular set of acts, than
to say that acts are a manifestation
'Christianity united the two condi- of character."
tions of great success in this world- -Santayana, "Sense of Beauty."'
FOR Better Foods
T uttle's Lunch, Room
338 Maynard St. South of Majestic
A Rcnarkable Story
Simon of Cyrene,
Dimacharus Splendens
THOMAS HALt. SIIASTIBD, A.-M., X.D., LL.,H., flt-M)., etc.
The author is tar snore familiar with his Palestine and with
t'alestini naculttore than was Geneost tLew W~atlace. Tisis work i,;
a distinct and valuab e addition to the polite literature ot this gen-
eration.--New York Tetegrsph.
A remtarkabte effort of diescript've intag:ialion, displaying wide
historical tonos-Icoge and an understanding of Jewish national char-
atter-The London (England) Times.
I assdsac~ed at the indoustry sod learning wohich hate gone to
the making of this hook. -Fled N. Scott, Professor of Rhetoric, Uni-
versity of Michigan.
It is Gne of tke great story kooms of mrodern tins.----The 'ltct-
d'ist Adtvocate.
Wa h r'sBooks tores
Veryfhiit- its Ilss, Stationery and Office Supplies
State Streeta. siStreet
Pirss li'c?'hone 20



jGENIS piens, homon boobiens, pithecanthropusa
SMary Austin divulges to Bookman erectus, and homo heidelbergenala are
enthusiasts the secret of acquiring all on the same intellectual level. I
genius. Sef-nmade Shakespeares, need a change of diet.
Danes, and Mary Astins. SYMPHONY IN WHITE
L S DtEUX Whenever t har Whistler mention-
Pere Anatole: 1I faut dans Is vie, ed t instantly picture a little man 'sit-
faire Ia part doihasard. Le haard ting up halt the night tryig to think
en definitive, coest Dieu o sonething suitably rude to ay to
Moi: Ou, non pre, et Ia crtoi- some harmless admirer at dinner.
tude? -C'"eatIe Diable, nest-ce pas? I WONDER-
REFUGE -wohat authors think when reviewers
Commo Sene: Te reuge of( tell them what their works mean.
small minds. Can you inagine a Wag- I -if Moart played an entire Concerto
ner, a Rousseau, a Van Gogh, a + by memory at eight years of age.
IWilde with common sense? -what Amy Lowell thinks about
PROCRASTINATION while she puffs a San Felice and
Stewart P. Sherman: Queen Vic-I writes about wal paper and Lavendar
toris hoba her hair. corn fritters.
TRUTIH -if Abrahams Lincoln would not have
I tell aslece) during the third act of made a hit in the title role of the
ithe Moscow Art Players' performance, Oberamsmergau Passion Play.
of "The Lower Depths." -whsat Henry Ford and Arthur Ma-
BLASPtHEMY cen would talk aout if they were
is arry Louis Menken begins to marooned on a desert island.
bore-toe. I woo convinced log ago, .-if Mtorri Got loves Art.
that Prohibition is a prize onr, that --wvhere Il1)0 in 023.
all Anmericans butstMtecken and Na- j BOUGtHT AND. PAD FOR
an ands I are norons, tat all.~rofess- My genius was prostituted in its in-
ors are dtumbhels, that Gttrude fancy. Wen I was eleven I accepted
Atherton's "Blac-k Oxen" is a pric)- s dolar frets the Chicago Tribune for
tacosostnitzet, that the 3 -2 by 4 3-4 a "Bright Sayings of Children."
custard pie should tbe awarded to the'j ETHIER
Alttthodltf preacher at Pocyros. Iowa. Bleroard Staw: Disensodied Mind
for tCte igget piece othinswtsa, hovering menacingty over Pall Mal
that the Lord is against one-piece. ant i hitchapel.
hathinsg suit, that all refornoes FRAGMEfNT
shosuldi he guillotined, thoat Nordis are eDlsieoloi i, potr la rose, ecore
toto danoned arrogant, that honootsa- Cest naitre, et s'efeuiller sossrr.
Danse Motifs
and the Denishawns
''bte classicoldonce is an enaging, Wile sle dancers are temsoelve
and expanding form of emotion. If liomoted Oey are also restricted to a
is floe language of thoc'o'motions. 'great extent, in their inerpretatios
Through the movemenct of fle ance by fle type of audience for whomo
a meaning is impolarted. Ant yet sanoy they are performing. Some spetat-
pbrsons wooshaoeoatcedtelhe Drool- or care only for te artistic, living
sthawns lancerstunf(oldt raea nd0100pictre frsmediby fle artists; others
tootoor, ptotts tanodeccentricity intor tooeto-stacyunoleld io pantomoitoic
slow, smoothtt-runningoo pattomitmet'ttmovoeoents; tndla very feow fo' fle
enoyed it oly frthe to'panooraoftunitderlying thougeht, swhics is fle x-
color tooldsoovemetethfletartists tre-.' esolon of the ieals of the dancers
sent, hardly retalizing o uooderstao'nd- ttemseoves.Satey artists ance oly
ingIthe toootithle tohilosopty,ptro too satholythoir vanity oitho te to-
hoaps, boehind tfheir tpresentationo. sotatortsthey rece-ie, other- too rnij y
Dtifferentt cootoltofies tast' tie tloIfreo of etmovemt.ent asoation001, ands
preferecesofor differnt:Ityos of aovor's'ew to texpresthoght troughs
edtncio-lo thlose orhichithey too i '. " t" o'ttatooof sietfintrptretton0.
w0ill trot intrpret thir ioelos. Ti'lnitg answes tonesco ottOtO-t
quito' oena tuly odepenst on te now.ti tting io-oe','osthing flat oemae~nt
thocyodesire'to express. TheoDeis-'itobe xpreset, to be gien tirth.
shawontscoomptanoyodoes sot liosittelThle dlnes a onorotlizr otbot
to one type, bot elieves fthat tll citiot-io the phytil andtineho spiritual. It is,
tog caotote adapted -to its us.'T'hose fe a aho,fle lngooae or so-
artists extress all of a variety of - -oloor tot te used in inerpretig
nosods, conning fle ganotfrotht"spirittal itels. It can0 te osit to
sprightfly stoolgatytoo fle s omboterooondoletier;most, thighestoedoisumssof pi-
tragic. iuleo n-rlsotc-igioscomomuonictin.
It is difficult too retc-o altlO !Thteltomtotit of acing, espeoilly
audienc-e wittlontoly 00000styleott e- behliot te re.entation of fle Dni-
pression. Statoycantoetoeaedrobyo'stoawntottoners coot te toot-eestool
oweirdeansnovnet or even startlinog oly so bae earl.-iz thttis fo trtis
dancing.,n-Iosoul teser t rob oott1 11i o'y tO is Iooutltioncast soooce-eat
ty otytitg' nooto.'poossivo.1 'r tlitn; rel i_ t. ttorlin,,, fMr. Shaown cos,
reasotn Miss RthlsSt. Desis loos to.'Sloe 1-tooth le tmpstle othe iv ing
tranged1 a0varedrtttOorams. G oo." tuolotiytenth le boty is
.To'el)'oisiootvsso atot sootlarger tto' to-oto tot uooexpressedl emoo,
ranogelot extpressions. boing Aoooo'ri-n l- hca lb iven interprerattiton
ornandotAmooricanotrooined, bo otha ayoytis i th totti 0iolomotoilon,mst-ion
of' floe foreigon trou00pes ow-ioe-loaoto soi otts 'auosto'iloandterne-thfle
fromtooseloto tooI lote inovaoeodte -ole. oroftheemotions.
inthlis coosotry. They are noti ? 'lot P'lsolatower to the needstoft comn-
'toon to tong-es0 tablisfhe--I itro.roo I'stmunicatiootcn etttheunerstoodelbet in
lot extprs-onoaso tre t h ot.00 to-pItroramoo o is RttoSt. Dens,
dance-rs, s-tohvloon boot to tot t Ali% Shawn ndothlercomopaty of
tined t'hetoCrorn,.inIoo peorill,- schi- - i-tooer--. 'her art is person-
le'is.?Not e torlhrs'ititieo]too re t alan ndviul. Tey tdnnot turn
- rI ii -frootoitSoot', Itaoly aSot ain-t, o tal too tre eisatns, lot rather
woomutst lotago ive preenceto re rd each puriolotittso anartist, iing
hir na'rtol ootelotrs. W i too d021PotgsSetot)

Hwto Cre fr
Your Waw r
Ho ' .o bugq a tcth cost g-a seoniceanod
f ear n pfoperly providingr it is giv'cn the prfopef
onre atnd is ot injuffd.
Aoet's worol des Osoldho'e clteInotto-doiled at
-,of every152 toIS mi onths.
tyre aItntr cootototeto Ieteoot. o-rist w'atches~
tol--;trun000iroregoularly or stop.
?1otllsoatcho owilt give is 00.0 0 sning and stotp
t --ttI shoe oil thiclens-, tecauose eitho littte
=i resooirot to coo if-o-ile oslargo- owatchoon
0 cot of is gorester poowe,011ill ep tot roonniog
t realtltoobrition loos eisappeatreot, frequtently
log consieroaisle odamoage.
'111EfLABOII OF A W vTcit
Lialatore -oreln ouloos or ticks 5 timo'es echseotoot
300td -- -- ominuta
:, -. -- 000 -- tt ourt'
-- -- -. 4 2,000 -. -- (lay
-h57, t^ , C,) tycot
^ t.10 tih1 il . ,sot's to-avelioog adistance
o.- ets ( loti oCoFats'
100..0 lt o. oy.:t to on soithoutootienotionS
0-oT t llolL' onrot. iougsog o i ef-
-'to-t 'olre--silo lsot i010ll c. - lo? Itodtl eotatoy
ltooolot:.n mloore altoed-hoot. atchoe'o
T/:a most wortdof ul vnachiosoin the1100orld
SeiziIanderer & rSeyfreid
304 SO Ut/a N6 11


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