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January 12, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-01-12

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Published every mnorning except Monday
ring the Univcrsity y-ar by the_ Board in
mtr of of Student Publications.

colleges have all types of students and
without doubt some of them fall under
Mr. White's description. Nevertheless,
American students of the rresent day
are generaly believed to be far more
democratic andl fair minded that were
their brothers of thirty or more years
a go.





Diaries and Desk Calendars

To the Editor:



ItI< rs of Western Conference Editorialz It is a well known fact that as ageSoehn targthouh y
As ci:ail.n. creeps on only the shining, beautifllSmtigse~,rgttruhm
- - -- elisodes of our youth stand out and being,
The Associaed Press is exclusi ely en-Thobnpligwnd usfen,
pilled to the u-_ for republication of all news Jthis11 is probably at #the root of much of Trbig usnwn'osfeig
dispatch es erc"litod to it or not otherwise tbe' criticism of modernl youth thatj Awoken by the startling seeing
credsited in thsPaper anti the local newvs pub av' Of Love your, eyes were not conceal-
lishcd thceeja.domnes from men wMohv left thei
_______-y h pro a bhn.Eseilying,
Enrt ered at tii postoffice at Ann Arbor, yo-ftl )rolfI e~tt7 i}' al Of Love your liD§s were e'er denying,
Itfichig, ,n, as seenutd Mass matter. SpeCial rate' is this evident 'and Unjust When the
Lf 'otg ru~ yThird Assistant 1'<,t- rtcs s1 Of .Love your thoughts were oft' tie-
master crJtacral. isso general as to na..e no fig
,thy. rijItUon by carrier, $3.50; by masil,I specific and practical -ways in which l
Af,< <nn Arbor Press Building, My h xsigstainmyb ee
ect. he siu~~~on ma be eloved, 't is now, your heartys Vie-
2414andx76M; t~idied. A reasonable attempt at an un-
tess, derstanding of the relation of, present
- ------~-I Conquering shams which once were
tigned cotrimun-tions, not exceeding 300 daJmveentoad ioluecest
~'uwill be v published in The~ Daily' at modern~f youth would be of great mla- gloIou-
th ':rtocf the Editor. Upon reqet I love you!E
the id ,nity of commlunic ants will be re- tra i in correcting any ex:5itng ' IO IY
gairded, as confidential. fI~s

Te~iepbioues, 2414 anxd 176.M
ews idtor............Julian E. M.a:k
litoria! Board Chairmnan...# R. C. Moriarty,
Night Editors
11I. Ailes A. I3. Constable
A. Billington Z. F. Fiske
esrry C. Clark JG. Garlinghouse
Potts Ed;citor.............. Ralph N. Byers
Uillt'S '_u~tf'r... .......Winona Hibbard
lgreIlt dtr....... ..R B. TIarrl
itiday mgaziwe Iditor .. ... F. L. 'riodenj
[sio FdiL~r ...............Ruth17A Rowell
isisi-alit City I iitor.. Kenneth C. Kelldr

EX[ILI-N G ;VILi TO 'THE HOUSE 1 Rotary ClubhEthle .
NEXT BOOR } 'The Golden Rule: All things what-
Cleaning up the Augecan stables of socver you would that men should do
ai once virtuous Quaker city is a task 'into you, do you even sc unto them."
certainly worthy of the military corn- From Article XI and last of the
petency of General Smedley Buttler, Rotary Code of Ethics.
who, in his first week as emancipator rid of the tweed suit schmuck passed
of a healthy community from..'the; * * ;I
grime of an expansive underworld, { ommunlIilcationl
has already set the gamb:ers and{ HON. Cowes,
crooks stepping asidle r law and Dear Sir:.
order. Devoting the entire period of i Some of my playmates read your
his leave of ab,,ence from the Marine damn col while they should be paying
corps ser-vice to his official position in attention to Bobby Mark. As a result
the municipal government of Philadel- of your recent propaganda I find my-

E itorial BoadU
Paul Ei nstein Rob~ert Ramsay phia as Director of Plublic Safety; self being egged by all but one of
Andrew P'ropper l Butler hla assumed resoonsihihlity for. my amiable colleagues. One has some.
Assistants3 the complete elimination of the city'sj sense. I rise to inquire why I should
B. G. PEactcke x S. M~anzfield 1 underworld and from his activities toj perpetrate this mess when you are
j. N. B, rkntan ]s. C. Mck
Helen BrownL Verena Moran Idattewr ilb elcmltd;cpbeo eptaigsmtigjs
1Bernadcte Cate Reginia Reichmalnn ttewr ilb wl opee aal fpeptaigsmtigJs
G. W. ,-a As w. 11.,S'ncmnan !.ong before his year has passed. as messy yourself. Incidentally, I
iianold Ehrlicii If. 1 stoonHwvrcmlteh esreto oeeg o pi ult tlat
R,. C. 1 inge K. 1E. Styer Hwvrcmlt h esreto oeeg1o pi ult tlat
Y.oruth~y N~ . H! iel '1. ite it only takes a moment tol You probably have noted by this
[Tuoeph Krax w. S. 1WZaemtlour orrup1t the cleanest body in the world, time that our -local sheet the w. k.
l,zl cih4ieherman ____ and one can speculate upon the perm- A. A. T. N. prints something funny
anence of the general's wonderfult every day. I don't mean the About
$ USINESS SAFF It work if the city follows the example Town col. That is pathetic. I mean
T1elephone 964 of so many others which institute a' Doe, Dorothy and Willum. Sometimes
- ---graded "clean-up" at the beginning of they clutter up the market news with
BUJSINESS MANAGER leach new administration, and spend 24 point scandal. The latest has me
I ARECE H. FAVR2OT the rest of their time in cn open dis-! worried as I am sure a lot of other
Atdvert sing .............. E. L. Dunne regard for ramnpant vily. The nests girls are, too. Thursday 1-10-24, page
Adve ---------------C. Purdy ,..I" st-i ,+11 -,ne .., vtn.,. .-. vn.. .,-+l.h n0vur... r--a n M.QtVv

A student who writes anonymously
has made an attack on the Student
Christian association. Usually experi-
enced editors cast aside as unworthy
of use the many anonymous communi-
cations they receive, for the very good
reason that the public does .not value;
the opinion of one who is not willing
to put his name to what he. writes
The communication has just been
called to my attention. i'erhaps the
fact that I am one of several who are
willing to admit that the Student;
Christian association has in past years
failed in part in its aims, and who
have endeavored this university year
tions,-which is possiby a wiser wayI
to help it better to perform its tune-'
to deal with this subject than that
suggested by our, anonymous andI
"tired" friend,-may excuse a few ob-
servations on his communication. Ap-:
parently without his realizing it, his
statements consist almost entirely of
his conclusions, no facts being stated
that might enable his readers to ex-!
ercise a little judgment of their own.
The substance of all he says is that
the Student Christian association anld
the Young Women's Christian associa-
tion have no "specialized function,"'
are dead and should be bried. AP suit-
able reply would be, they are perform- '
Ing a useful service to the student;
community, are not dead and shoud
not be buried. Both statements are
mere conclusions, entitled to be treat-
edsrouy only as they have attach-
ed to them a name which inspires :con-,
What does this writer really knowl
about the work of the Student Christ-
Ian association during the current
year? Has he been in its building dur-I
Ing that time when any of its activi-G
ties have been in progress? Does he
know what opportunities it has pre-
sented to the students? Does he know
enough about it to be a critic of it?
Does he know about what might be
called the Student Christian asocia-
tion missionary work, cosisting of a
summer camp for under-privileged
boys from Detroit and other near-by
cities? Does he know this has been
successfully conducted for four years
by Student Christian association stu-
dents, who desire to render unselfish
service wherever they can, and who
endeavor to present-to the boys :newr
thoughts 'and an btios along right
lii' boes lhe havitetim'yr, dea how the
sttidei4~go alout it I Des he beleve
iu.n} tusk rvr~caeiawhcre, in~any
r6-glous line? s
'$9 i fsh opidiion °'& the 'subject le
writo4 ;ahoutI mord imoliable thal'the
opait joft ohwr, ^aM y let me. ven-ture
to ad ,,wise m, )yb are helping
to support the Student hristian %asso>-
ciation, iuch tmeri as Dr."'Burton, for
example, who~ has publicly spoken
very recently of it, saying: "The Stu-
den t Christian assO iation (esrves
hearty cooperation and generoussup-
port?, Its work is ,sorely needed."
Is our annonymous friend better in-
formed about the Student Christian as-
sociation than Dr. Burton? Is hie bet-'
ter qualified to reach conclusions
about the propriety of a burial ser-
Thin ing .,o J fwlAl **St.l. ,.m in:-'


to remedy them, dreamers, poets, re-
formers, agitators, those who 'tear
dlown, those who create-in short,' as
the, German proverb expresses the.
idea, "Der gute Gott hat eine grosse
l Tiergarten."
ST'entyFive Years
Iron thfle files of fimeIT. of N )ai
Januiary 12, 1899.
The rumor became quite wide spread
around college yesterday that Dr.
Charles B. de Nancrede had accepted I.
an offer of the Rush Medical college
to fill the chaiir of the. late Dr. Hamil-
ton, former profe-ssor of Medcical sur-
I gry. When° he was interview'ed about
tihe matter, he stated thait he knew
nothing about such an offer.
The concert to be given by Sousa-'*t
bandl in University 'Hal l, April I8.
corpnescunder the auspices and for thej
benefit of tile Women's League of the
}University. Part of the proceeds will
be used toward furnishing the rooms

VeletYVehur, Iofelt and Brushed Wool




_ _ _ - - _ _ _ _ _ _ - -_ _ _ _ - - .


boo . Likerty





Every Noon

MA VIS French Candy


the Women's Gymnasium.


'Nuvet. Elsing .. ........... ... '". r. u.. u,

In whieh the h at tiened eriminaiq ha.toh ; ;


Advei t sing..............,W. Roe;Sser &IfIL 11QUU.lu t c : l'n l.V& tLASt.Ifli,LlA. n~
Advei lti lng .... ..........W. K Scberer their young roteges ire still there,
ft.couuts ................A. S. Merton hv
C'ircu~at io........ ....erry MT. IHaydeni even if the tenants hv forsak~en their
Publication............awrence Pierce h aunts for suburban villages. General
,Assistants Butler remarked, "Even the vicious
G. WX. Campbell Fdw. P. Iloedexi aker people of Philadelphia must make' a
"'e (c aiar :N. E. 1Holland
Chas. Chta: lion . T,. Ireland living, but we'll make them move.
lootn Conlhn Harold tA. !darks They c8 n go to Camiden."I
Louis M.tIdexter. Byron Parke.
lose'ph J. .F;&.1 1. M. ioclowell It has only taken him three days to
David A. Fux g HAA . B. RSe
Lauren ilaigt .J SinanI drive the horde from within but moil-
11. L. Hale WVill Xip'°se ern cities are no longer sumrounded lImy
K. E. IHawkinson C.F.White
R. C. Wintcr wall..Unless the city is iraintained I
- __ --- asa free froth defilement am it has been )
m~ade, 1t ie black vultures will be back
_ -. . -- - - -- -- -- to their br oodls, and the young ag a i.
SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 1924 working their way undler the skin 9 f
-- -.-a-clan coin((wnn1iftr
\'i rht Editor-,EDGAR H1. AI14 J .

.col. 3. vMr. .Jones andtiMr. 6tunir-
berg dissolve partnership. All right,
No kick there. Boys will be boys, any-
how. I am worried about the boy that
belongs to the spiffy picture they
put over the article. Here is a bright
looking lad with a recent haircut and
a 'clean collar. Some dlay I may want
hln ;to, wrassle the law for me. Here
Cis the point I have been, beating
around for so long. Which one of the
diss~lved partners is thin! I hope it
is Mr. Jones because I know I couldn't
'i~rof.O~unce .Stuhrberg anid wouldn't it
just be terrible if such a nice" looking
mian. had a nan e like that?
y Yours. (if it isn't Mr. Jones)
Bee C011111

ONE derGHT S T41, JAN.
w- or :

- VIF~E~IIrt l E st' AY l1;k M:E..
Collegestudents of the present (lay I Wihthe FantolicJ'Ieet n tl recent
are the subject of another attack, corn)- issue of The Amu to the eff ct
ing this tlime from al wclE known ttaiatmtwllefotedy
menricmn, Mr. Wil.iam Allen Whiite, that pub1iestion toia uiea certain '
a.nd appearig in a recent iss ue of
sum of money to be Vgiven to the win-
°'he New Studelnt. 11 r, White draws .ncr of the contesto conducted by Mimes
a broad line Letwveen the type of col - for its annual opera bookL, there comves
lege and university student of Qiirty ' at onlce into prominence they thoughtE
years ago and those of today, a corn- ti~rat thirou gh this nean,, the Uinion
parison which is anything but favor- may be able to pouea pr h
able to the present day student. "But clieo hc thsm~e'bfr
just now the college is the haunt, of a° equalled.
lot of leather-necked, brass-lunged, 'Fil reasonm for thlis i s that certain
money-spending snobs who rush round people here on the campus who are
the campus snubbing the few choice knowmi to possess special talents for
spirits who come to college to seek such 'a bit of creative work may be
out reason and the will of God," andi induced to en.tter, the contest because
"books and the love of reading, the of tihe added incentive. At presenit,
4d11i LUfn wirln ia mnn1l hnr ZUAi7.nnb ymayotcnidritwrh hi

? Wouldn't lis hair look gloriously
wild if it were crumpled up a little?

E {

getting into the knowledge of his gen-E while, wlhichl in it self is a perfectly
eration and wisdom of the ages furn- .iustifiel feeclingo hi pr:nve
ished the primary urge that sent the of thim-fct that<.itheir talents are of
American boy or'girl to college until ahie to timeme;lves in other
thirty years ago" and again, "now linies.
thousands of young people go to these Althoughm this year's opera, so far as
attractive colleges, who have no cul- the nmusic score was concerned, was
tural background whatever, who are 'far superior to that of any in the past
not interested in books and reading,# few years, yet it fell, into the general
and who regard education as merely classification of operas of preceding
an equipment for making; a living," a I ye.s in, reference to it:; lines. It has
merely a few of invecti-ies that Mr. been precisely this side of the under-.l
White finds it possible to cast at the taking that alumni of the various cit-a
present day student.,, ies v3lsit2(l by the opera have complain-
To a large extent it is true but the' edagainst most generally. The best
whole matter is neither so black nor Nvay cf takng care of the situation the1
:;o serious as living members of thea Alunmnus tinklys is to put their new
past generation wish to make it. With- idea up to these same alumni antij
out doubt the increase in the general hia'e theum aid in chianging the exist-f
wealth has created an economic, situa- lng state of affairs. The plan as out-
tion which demands an increased and' lined is to award to the winner of the
specialized knowledge on the part of ' nontest a specified and substantial i
competitors and the increased facilhi- ,su"ofmony.
ties for supplying such knowledge in In view of the fact that persons who
our colleges and universities have 'sei- s y enter into:, a contest of this
drawn a large number of the young k ind :t h e lpart'icularly talented and
people of this generation. This im- mus11.t .ave studied? for years es:pecially
mediately creates a class of students in the nu sic ficld, it seems only fair;l
ciifferen:t from the students of thirty tIL't a just compensationi be includedf
years ago because they have different in tie termrs of the contesti. It is a'
aims and different desires to satisfy mniiglty suggestion that. the Al1umnus'
in coming to college. Whereas the ' prpoes ad hee erns) to be no3
student of the last generation came tol legitimate reason why their proposal
college to satisfy his hunger for book should not become au)ful a 2nd peirn-
knowledge, many of the students of; anent realit~y.
the present generation give, up four or______
five years of their lives to acquire
knowledge and qualities which will Elam S rna Delta
4put them in a better position to com- I !,-?,'dCS0

The office is in an upheaval. Papers
flying' all around. People yelling.
People telephoning- for confirmations.
Big news.
SAll thme people that are running
around and yelling around are on the
sports staff. H~ere we go to find out
what all the howl is. Wot's all the
stink about, Ralluf? Don't bother me,
don't bother me. Wot's all'the excite-
'ment, Carlo? Shut uip! Don't every-
body know wot all the noise is about?
Well wot?
Howard Jones has gone to Trinity
colege, North Carolina.
hello Bowles we have decided to get'
uts on the street yesterday and didn't
give uis that appraising glance io fa-
miliar to college men.
Night before last, just as. we proph-
esied in the col. we went to see the
Comedians present a coupla plays that
had never been pmesented before in
In the "Hawk's Well" the Old Man
had so many whiskers and hair that
he looked like a poodle dog, The im-
pression was heightened. by his car-
riage, which was not heightened, butf
Also in the "Hawk's Well," it wasI
quite a jolt to us to find a bim lying
in the middle of the stage about half-
way through the play.
Now you say: What ma.de "The Key";
a play?
And we say: The other bim!
And finally-we don't believe, in the
light of all that's happened, and so
forth and so on, that the Topic which
the Rev. Herbert A. Jumnp has an-
nouneed for tomorrow's sermon-is
vemry delicate. Ra-a-a-a-ther tactless.
Oh, quite!



The One Different,. Picturesque, Fascincin

Thriling Pla-u of the Scason

led by the comumunication of this an-
onymous writer, notwithstanding he iw
"sure" he expresses the sentimenmts of
the great body of students.
Frederick W. Stevens
"Cornpihe Freedoml"
Complete freedom is not for civil-
ization. Liberty and complete freedom
are :not synonymous,
"Complete freedom" of research, in-
struction and' utterance upon matters
of opinion is promised to the Vassar
faculty by the college authorities, timei
only qualification being that "Federal
and State laws shall not be violated"
by anything said or done in the class-
This move of Vassar college author-
ities is fine; far better than are, the
conditions existing at many educa-
tional institutions of this country (or
of many other countries for that mat-
ter) where nothing except the tenets
of this or that theological or economic
group can be taught without starting
vehement, protests and even attempts
at banishment., "Complete freedom,"
however, is a large order, and if the
}Vassar professors take it too literally I
fit may cause trouble.


a ,.

C FJ ,
k i

Uw i

i{V j ~iS lnd

}y. Y M 4 r .
Y " r : . w. l Y) 1 . . t.C. J
' N is i..{

M a

B the Val
Xmirl, Fli

, 17



One: lot of Women'sA
Suede, Patent and K-id
Pumps, $9, $10 and $11
value; goDat- -


ne lot of Women's
Sand $3.50 f rd $9.65
ndPump-= in S, tin and
idbm~105at-~ 13 -alues, Real B

Scotch G-rain Oxfords
in heavy effects, $9: and
$8.50 values, now-



1 $7.65


175 on's id tand Pat-
ent Strap Slippers and
Ptmmpz, $7 anld $7.50'
values, no,: only-

One lpt .of - Women1's
$,$9 aLrl $10 .xod
and1 Pumtps, boe
sizes, pmiced at-



?,en's Smooth Leather
O0xfords. Brown or
illack, $8 ad $7,50va _-

One lot of men's
fords and Shoes,


Mr. Jason Cowles

Burnett, 'it", Resigns Position
Verne E. Burnett, '17, who has' been
adlveitising manager for the Cadillac
Motor Co. since 1921 has resigned

As a matter of fact, "Complete free-1
done," is not for civilized man, or
woman. It is possible only for tile
inhabitant of a desert island. The pro-
fessors, for example, wnil have to bej
- ^a ns~ln -n nh ~ir~ n7


w niiii a ~ m


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