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September 30, 1923 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-09-30

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ToeJohn, Donne---Literary Kaleidoscope
Toteancient ansd obstinate fallacyI LISLE ROSE I once, This is the Patrician, this is
that an age of criticism is an age petty te noble flower, ani this the ye-
and barren, John Donne is sufficient1 has erred. His oten-quoted verses preaching. The Anglican chrhb manly, this the Plebeian bran."
answer. Therefore, ocron geners- begirning boasts in him one of her greatest di I Pt it i to Donne the poet that we
tion, with a foreboding tht iits skep- "This flea is y oadI -dths ies e' pssges in psora it- finallntutrn iTis iplies no insiner-
ticism is likely to endi in miers pels-I One mariae-e hd ae.-s r~getr;enure eceedi in beauty and dignity its 'in his prose. different ii attitude
lance, turns to he for that gssto peci5 tis et st fteen one o his srisisn is ta s fro's his verse. Doue could
which is salettom. Gutot atlis sThiu'hParncts l""ott 'and ou, vn 'i'he ashe.s Dof anoak to the him-nsonsbesctled traitorolen te et
Donne. He will taste tewolDi e 'eme ry ae o n : potha 1 t~t oa; t') tl llls yfr rligon: ie hat be-
fore ihe goes, steoubledt by any lti s And costrdinf e odso '- hit:or ticslargethat w; it coe eiecon Med not 0 th futiity it
tancy, any fastidiiiusness. Is it loseIe tts not what fl oks i' h'ltt udhieo',.ie'Insu'i. t5cyof analsi. Still,
asdveiture, sin, religion le ssil have' Tisigi use m'soD" ants o kll t stood, nurewut-tmessiit hurt wei'o :5is his ite ietlepoations, ,is
at it: his is a stirisie to testaned Lo nt "t'i'tself't'ii uee d-e e t fell.Tie:'uatofolgreat pt o--nt'' "erh tr aNorh-wssct Ipas'sae or
to pser into all things. IHtnes Iis ;Ad'lsceilee lrsir ti s' i; raeis speciss, .to; i says ch hi son in tosisgh t moals"that
value tsoensof todaa, whlo Iso:all thre"- ug,. iisitinliis it' sl:::: As sons' are attaciseand atoale. -Valit-
ther analysis sceiprone is impoe. its tt:r bgelo, 'e - ' - s 5 ds O awrtc we :'ots :ever hi tfatlts, i o' pec eiveI the
on exprience s foesm:as igid sudsid ,'Mien nolu ret.iso-5 'ossiest n o as tof l'srneomss1';itiltetaskositheot.1 T1heisEl~iablet-
the Elits anid PetwissgeFtr055 so 11:titoson1:tshousisest not ilo oton i11.ro-; isishdsullivedi switotsanalsuyzig;
terilousc an error Done shocseti su ' se ti'. is : g..,d i 1h'1d hi"et "ocsyes fth: widb wi'Ditisi's followers (whiose faults
free. andith Stih itshier neil 'wtes: a:shiirlssnd"t hltbiinne i'sseolf, citcorse, i sislly
ut it isseot of 0o:ne the IHepul 01t: a sat:it :1-l: I hlowntine tu st osit his Chtie i-y ad suisetfor) aussotyosth otisitliisg;
Exampltse that I wsisis to seet: Iti is ,r'eii rutis ss:tini::'-at i : i:: into tie Clurihisnd1ties spa sorsweep-,:Done lbothslisedtad ostaayz'e. Fr
todasy, as iohes i iIsifeie a T t n , eg e- ! ob Cotth st fteCai-rhsiits'sitethiscorageouss adesstaisnut curiosity
torce:'too radia.tin~g eindtcverwses:igtiss iihy rd wo il s'lt stiss eshe sf:1hiswee honsrthe isais pnd fellow
for coniementito lsy neat lits.InI a t. ' isssagi, n t r- 1ht.
im :w00 tbe tinetI ilt o -ie's ego,Dcyviin i r o
isle. that ttachses aotthIbis to itef. -'t It ' ittr" agOut ii s ICOR Dt ,CEithe sultimsate osaing of school-a
1itsrequsired Cisc universe0ad hetielo oi (otiadfeu:PgeDt nussuifeory ef ien.
i.f aru'tte fres metiap sicOr. oes i' 1 uu ~ ~ h tii wo:is ithrtss::swhics les:' is s -Stp a maoeneitto thin: In just
fan~us itl, "~st etaisyico tirts"yises -'11hr csti it:""ste iis'e- eerge. Te omsle atmtosphr of the what dosotie difference -belw~eethe
feliecritcs. erissItsd iei n- nosthing micftthet tsoite Ia:is pIopsiier uiierity is ce oftraail. To stoe, te loiser'aialt" adithlistu-
feiios ti ohn fls ot usseliybssIigs rtidits:tri n tining isan life is sn -eteral nas- issueanimaliconssis? Is it asyting
anti applied to Dnne at least it is ingcsdqaiie.?eoe
this highest sicgre e tstmae nse ulls Nc i: i n tivity. oter than reson? Ot ose :zany
should be calesd this sisest o plios-st stase aseossandiies-seypeno; Isis on this ass osthi a dfli- animalsleotssher to reset? . A c~ite
opsee teheIsoce albsos oussfiet.e H igw ife tautys e a t e-psssohtcliiz e-el'lt it te emphasie is a sin cthe
aptprehsending reality';le presd over ,sial to naheinshsmp osmid and thougheuctionisal istituioin. 'T'osoeten weusrc eli-eesnul i ~ h-ssi
law, medicine, theoloy; lie oned te Inhiis pois useae n nsraivo cotempte it objectively as a place ots ae esgically trnstoesed its
sxpedition tsodiz ims 1111 le trav- that jouney;. a naratve d~stntss of play or instrution or as a pacelhuam being. I leave itto yus to
sedc in a score of lands, observing the and valuabsle by its chonicing ofuhere boys learn things; but as a!isisie if tilsi University is uch an in-
customs,.thissisodes of thought, of di-revery step, false or sre "miusea" or inctr of act boys uneacnithings in eihition.
verse peoples; lie basso a good deal immoral." Donne swas the grat op-I coheg. This cllege shsuld be a ren- Tius far, of coirs, I have be
aisot the dialectic of the semolsmen; ponent of Finaliam: he took no ou's1 ovato. t sholsueep stay all uwis talking in idel; bettitmere is a pac-
and when he had masteed this logic nword on values and standards; ho be-!thosgts all petty thoughts. and by tical purpeast the conversaion and
of books his learnedh even mortrfsis lieved firmly in iving and thinkeing dispcersing wisdom mnate oons for it is ts raise this qestion: Are the
the profound illogic oh experiemnce. ,for himel'f.u's conceal, in our tahk of qsestin macs. Knouleg and ,be-,student at Michigan acually being
But how. theso, aeoimt foe he te- love, this immesee disgusts. the Titanic lotf ae uses vice: ste cllege graduate renovated oc are they 'rather being
tentsly minnte nlsis tuat 1o motInmith,. the nauseus satiety that lv- she-ud Isoblackenend wth stuffed uwibwsldom? y persoah
casual readere r eresents Deane? He re Ito. In all our dealings uwih ex- A college edatin aninaes thisl views ae not worthy of puliclation,
may, indeed, have beenm avid o lif; isence u's compress words ino a nu. Arstilspus of Cren, a Oeets but sene commenplacsusggetisn
he nmay, indeed, have pusngdints ex- siord and leave thenm thee. Donne hihosetihe, uas once asked uliat anet to olen be repeated. DOes is
perisnceeIso has, nevertheless, got a uill not. He binga back to life its good an educations sid iis son and le that the tniversiy is -too asweetly
quite different character. As everyone( tang and it vastness.unseed: "f he gets no other good, agreeable for any good uea. Conven-
knows, it has been the fashion he label Deans left off ss'iing poehy wile t tll events when he is at te thetre once and comfort are the idols of tus
him fantastic, feced; o speak dsipar- he wsa still a fairly yung aman, and hec uwi not be one sone siting upon Board of Regents. Class rooms, de-
agtagly0'H1) his "elabarahe exercises o after taking orderu devoted himself to seaother." This he my mind ecidates (Contiued on Page Three)
the intellect." Even the clear-sighted
Tamne, though he cnmpreheds weli --- ___________________
enough that onse is "a powefule'-
poet, of a precis and intense iniagnai
tion, who still preserves something o i
the thrill of the original observation
can sse only a deliberate spoling, oh
these gifts. "
The truth is precisely the reverse A r e d y ,T,('
asw hudcmrhn tfrol n ti /1g." Ignorant what a thrilling realm ?
is that of thought, we will have it that
the metaphysician must dwell in
vacuo, with only nonentities and illu-
sions to occupy him. Bt the great 'We believe in friendliness, the friendliness that builds enduring friend-
poets mock at this notion by their en-
tirety. So onse is none of your By
rosand Swinburnes, cont* ih bho . hips and in keeping with that policy we try to make those Who deal with us
holding-however vividly '5:.: com-
pletely-one aspect only s tus feel it. Valuable things, these friendhip, repaying many times for the smll
tion; he will turn the i' worsld
over and over in his 1. . nts effort they cot.
how its form, its esesu Htover,
change from moment to a ,
accordingly beholds sn'-s:: anal- We want our friends to feel at home here. The next time you ae
olsunxetdcnr= alsrsof relationships, in shoe: : -lIthe In on business, help us to get better acquainted with you. Perhaps sometime
rest of us are blind.;
If Donaeuesestee' I tcal ho 'it may pay you, and us.
would, perhaps, do asno -- an to
paint whatever should u !-i5 hs
fancy in thewse meaniagli-nus t .tfo e" You will find your reputation for square business transactions a val--
him. But he is olsenrI.t I rigid
intellectualists; hs has - r' : fret5
which dusl minds neve. u--i that i uable asset some day:aed the tme to begin building that reputation is now.
tewrdbigwaitlwhat he is, experience uts taI.ken It will materially aid asi thu building of that friendliness that is o important
for a terrific hodge-podge ri e ':
indivisible and incoasprehe b; feature in our business, - C yours.
yet must be reduced, attenua s: -
alyzed minutely,L

The great question here s whs"5-tr
a writer has carried his analyses z
comparisons so far that he m Iu £-."
them inartistic. Undoubtedly Doss h n r o av n s B n
itisthe'policyof thismagazineto UNIVERSI'Y AVENUE I13RANCH .*
pouliharticlesof0opio by bet.
stiude'ts and fsauly memubers ift
tOejdgmenat of thue editsr, thesisart}i -
clam- of inti-nsicale and ieresoh
Ttisdostiot masntatmanucit
solicited em' voluntarily offerd ae j
nieessar iily ts accord ih ediioema'
opinionenithipr i5ncile em'fore,
. . . . . . . . . . ............................ ................... . #J

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