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December 05, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-12-05

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by this time, there still remains on
the schedules for the freshmen sec-
tional group speedball teams, two
games which must be played before
Christmas vacation arrives. They have

Reduces Basketball
To Only Twenty


TO REPORT WITHIN WEEK Just when Jimmy Dunn, manager
of Carl Tremaine, had part of the
Four men were cut from the Varsity world interested in assertions that
asketball squad Mvfonday night. This Carl was really the uncrowned king
ashetl reduces . thenumbnht.aTh-sof the little fellows Frankie Genaro,
lash reduces the number now ain- U. S. flyweight champ, steps into the
wering the evening practice sessions ring against him on forty-eight hours
o less than 20 names, but this numn- notice, and gives Carl a tough battle.
er will be incueased by four or five Sote critics cay Carl won by a shade.
ien within the next few days. But he ought to have done better
Herbert Steger, football captain for than thatagainst a substitute. What
ext year, is the first gridiron- man would Pancho Villa have done tohim.
o report to Coach Mather for bas- had th Fili le
etball. Others including Harry Kip- through with the bout as first plann-
e, Hernstein, Palmer and Brown are ed.

Kpected out sometime-within the next
w days. Kipke, however will not
port until next Monday night. lie
the only basketball letter man who
as not reported for practice as yet. 1
When all the men get out 'for pract-
e, Coach Mather will have about 25
en from whom to select the members
this year's team. He expects to
op several of these men within the
ext 10 days so that his Squad will
e reduced to 15 or 18 men.
At the present time the team does
>t look very strong on offense. The
iskets shooting has been bad during
e past several practice sessions and
esent indications are that Michi-
i's chances to win their games dur-
g the coming season will largely,
pend upon the defensive work of
e team. If the offensive work of
e team does not show quick im-
'ovement Coach Mather will be forc-
spend a large part of his time per-
cting the defensie of, the team so that
oring by the opponents will be re-

Luis Firpo wires Tex Rickard that
he will be in fine shape for another
bout with Jack Dempsey next May.
"Will have 500 per cent .more pep,"
says the Argentine wild man. That's
fine. But what Firpo needs most is
some knowledge of boxing.
Harry Kipke, captain of the past
season's football team at the Uni-
versity of Michigan, finished his coll-
ege career on the grid with the dis-
tinction of never having played in a
losing game.
While Kipke may have been born
under a lucky star yet it must be
said that Harry Kipke has been the
main reason why Harry Kipke never,
has tasted defeat. His very presence
on a team helps fire it with the con-
fidence needed to turn defeat into vic-
tory. In addition to this attribute he
is a wonderful kicker and all around
Pat Moran is referred to as a lead-
ing contender for Benny Leonard's
crown since the Pal person knocked
out Johnny Mendelsohn in Milwaukee
the other night. Moran has been a
first rate battler for some time.
Can't see where the Mendelsohn fight
gives him much added prestige, how-

George Haggerty, forward of the
1922 team, has been out of the actual
scrimmages for the past several days
with an injured leg. He will-be back
on the team within the next few days,
and. his work will greatly improve
Michigan's offense. However, unless
some of the other men come through
strong, Michigan's offense will prob-
ably be ineffective when Michigan
plays teams on which big heavy men
are forming the defense.
Coach Mather is still at work in an
effort to uncover a center who will
compare with Ely, who held down the
pivot position last year. There are
a number of likely prospects, but no
one man seems to enbody all the re-
quirements for a high-class center.
With 'tutelage, however, at least ,one
of the men should devedop into a reli-
able pivot man.

to fight for the heavyweight champ-
ionship of Europe in the Augusteo,
Rome's largest and most beautiful
music palace.
But art patrons raised such a hub-
bub, that Senator Cremonesi, royal
commissioner of Rome, submitted the
matter to Senator di Martino, presi-
dent of the St. Cecelia Academy of
Music. The latter gentleman ruled
against the exhibition of brutetstreng-
th in the home of art and so the bout
was moved to a theatre.
The promoters face a loss-and
the fighters do also.
John brown's body ies suiolderiig
I the grave, but his na iesake, Jobn-
ny Brown, h asI just won thi i nsdale
belt, embemtic of the bantaweghi
clhlimpionship of Europe lie won it
by defeating "Bugler" Lake in a -20
round battle in London the other
Mike McTigue, in accepting a battle
with Joe Beckett in Ireland on St.
Patrick's Day, automatically removes
himself from the prospect of facing
the winner of the Gene Tunney-
Harry Greb battle. But one can't
blame Mike. Beckett's duck soup for
any fighter of class above the feath-
erweight class and Mike is to get big
money for taking him on. "Then why
let Gene or Greb take a few cracks
at my chin?" queries Mike.
Owner Ebbetts of the Brooklyn bod-
gers says he is willing to trade any
member of his ball club with the ex-
ception of Jimmy Johnston and pitch-
ers Dazzy Vance and Burleigh Grimes.
Did he forget Zack Wheat and Dutch
New York, Dec 4.-William T. Til-
den may be the greatest singles tennis
player of all time, but his doubles
game is quite another matter, accord-
ing to Harold H. Hackett, member of
the Davis Cup committee of the Unit-
ed States Lawn Tennis Association,
in an article which appears today in
American Lawn Tennis. The nation-
al champion absolutely fails to under-
stand the great fundamental of the
doubles game, which is position play,
Hackett asserts.
Stirred by Tilden's charges that the
committee over-stepped itself in giv-
ing him advice during the doubles
match between America and Austral-
ia in the Davis Cup challenge round at
Forest Hills in September, Hackett de-
clares the champion gave an atrocious
performance in 1922 and in this year's
doubles again "parked his intelligence
outside the stadium." Hackett held
the national doubles title for four
"After verbally refusing the advice
of instruction of the committee dur-
ing the intermission," he asserts, "the
national champion went out to the
court and proceeded to follow this ad-
vice or instruction to the letter, and i
the result was that he played tennis I
of the highest calibre, and the matchi
was won."
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been scheduled or tomorrow and are
as follows: 4 o'clock, team 6 vs. team
Coach Lambert Uncertain as to Make 10, team 5 vs. team 8.
up of Squad;Three eter. Make
ans Out Practice periods for the fraternity
and class basketball teams for tomor-
TO REPLACE LOST STARS As in speedball -this fall, a profes- Rho Chi has had little difficulty in row is as follows: 6 oclock, Peers,
sional fraternity will meet a general disposing of their opponents thus far Lambda Chi Alpha, Theta ChI; 6:30
Special to The Daily for a championship, this time the con- and a great battle for the entertain- o'clock, Cygnus, Delta Alpha Epsilon,
Lafayette, Ind., Dec. 4.-With' only tenders being Alpha Rho Chi and Kap- ment of the handball fans is looked Pi Kappa Alpha; '7 o'clock, Trigon,
nine days left to prepare the Purdue pa Nu and the bacon at stake being for when the opening whistle sounds. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Xi Psi Phi, fresh
squad for its opening game of the the handball championship of the fra- The definite time for the game, which j engineers; 9:45 o'clock, Beta Phi Del-
1923 schedule, Coach Ward Lambert ternities. will be played tomorrow afternoon has ta, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Tau Om-
is still perplexed as to the make-up Kappa Nu has the edge for the game not been set as yet. I ega.
of the regular squad, and is drilling and has already taken two previous ---- - Three practice periods have been as-
his men hard in an effort to uncover cups in this sport with the same team Although most of the speedball en- signed for Friday and are as, follows:
all of the material. 'Ias is playing for them today. Alpha thusiasts have taken to indoor sports (Continued on Page Seven)
A trio of letter men of last year's
five are loosening up, and together
with 20 other candidates who have
been out since the opening of prac-
tice and a half dozen football men nh"o M ans Vh o
who madetheir first appearance on t
the court last night, will furnish the
candidates for the squad.
Captain Gullion, Robbins and Trav-
is are the veterans who will be able
to play again this year, and among
them will take care of the center and
guard positions. Between now and the
time of the opening game Coach Lamb-
ert will endeavor to find a pair of fast
forwards. A quintet of regulars were
lost fro mthe squad by graduation last
June and unless at least three or four
dependable men are developed by the
opening of the Conference schedule,
things will go hard with the Boiler-
maker outfit.
Wellman, Roseberg, Spradling,
Sparks, Kramer, Rigsby, and Baugh
are the most likely looking of the
candidates, Wellman having played in
several Conference games last season
although he failed to make his letter.
The opening game of the season will
be played with Rose Polly, Dec. 14.

The boxing game has been handedI
an esthetic lnockout in Rome. John
Henry Art, in his first public bout,
turned the trick. Erminio Spalla
and Mariane Barbaresi were booked

Waterbury Team
Signs Up Uteritzl
According to the "Union", a news-
paper in Springfield Massachusetts,
rwin C. Uteritz, Michigan's baseball,
and football star, has been signed up
with the Waterbury team of the East-
ern League for the coming baseball
Uteritz captained Michigan's nine
ast year, and was one of the best
hortstops in the Conference. His
play was of such caliber as to attract
he attention of big league scouts.
[he Springfield paper goes on to state
hat the Waterbury team obtained
Jteritz from the Boston Red Sox, who
iad an option on the Michigan ath-
ete's services.
The report has not. been verified,
ut if it is true, "Ute" will find him-)
elf with a fast aggregation when the
eason opens. The Eastern League is
omposed of the eight teams from
hree- states. Massachusetts is repre-
ented with three aggregations, Spring
ield, Worcester, and Pittsfield. The
onnecticut teams are Waterbury,
3artford, New Haven and Bridgeport.
Jew York has one team in the cir-
uit, that of Albany.
On the baseball field, Uteritz was
nuch the same as on the gridiron.
esides his excellent all-around play
e was constantly "talking it up" to
is teammates. He is a sure fielder
nd a consistent hitter. With a little
xperience, he should develope into a
ine player.

Ray Fisher, freshman basketball
coach, in commenting on the mate-
rial now on hand, says that this
year's yearling court squad will be
better than that of either of the two
preceding years.
Already 160 men have had their try
for a position on the 1427 team but
only about 40 have survived the num-
erous cuts that have been necessary.
With the close of the football season
many freshman gridders have turned
their attention to the court game and
Fisher has divided up his outfit into
{two main groups. One of these groups,
consisting of regular men who have
been in attendance since the begin-
ning of the season hold their practice
hours from 7:30 to 8:30 o'clock in
the evening. At 8:30 o'clock the foot--
ball men take tjie floor and go through'
their paces until 9:30 o'clock.
Fisher is not working the foot-
ballers hard as yet. Realizing that
football must have taken much time
from their studies he is giving them
an opportunity to catch up in their
scholastic work and to get ready for
a stiff season on the court.
In its entirety the squad looks good
and Fisher believes that the class of
1927 will furnish men who will make
basketball history for Michigan. Last
year the state basketball tournament
was held at Waterman gymnasium and,
as a result, quite a number of good
basketeers from 'all over the state
have entered the University. Next
week the divisions are to be united
and real work will begin.

East Lansing, Mich., Dec. 4-Coach
Fred Walker, of the M. A. C. basket
ball team, today denied that he hadl
issued the school's court schedule
without the approval of Ralph Young,
athletic director, or the athletic board.
Coach Walker also denied that the
games he announced completed the
"M. A. C.'s schedule will be stiff en-
ough," he said. "I have games with
Chicago and Lombard, subject to ap-
proval of the board. Also, with ap-
pr'oval, I am negotiating for games
with Creighton, Butler and Yale, when
the latter makes its western trip. We
played 16 games last year. Ten of
the teams we defeated last year are
not on this season's schedule. Six
of the teams that beat us are to be
played ag'ain. Notre Dame and Michi-
gan are among our opponents. I do
not call such a schedule a set-up."
Chicago university will be played
at Chicago Dec. 22 and Lombard at
Lansing Feb. 1, Coach Walker said.
Protesting the suspension of two of
their football players, more than 150
.high school students have gone on
strike at Harbor Beach, Mich.
A national harrier run will be held
in the spring to pick American rep-
resentatives in the Olympic games of
next summer.

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