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December 05, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-12-05

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ublished every morning except Mondaya
ig theeUniversity year by the Board in
trol of Student Publications.
embers of Western Conference Editorial
he Associated Press is exclusively en-
d to the use for republication of all news
atcaes credited to it or' not otherwise
ited in this paper and the local news pub-
:d therein.
utered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
higan, as secondl class matter. Special rate
ostage granted by Third Assistant Post-
(r Generai.
Qbscription by carrier, $3.50; by mail,
tfices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
hones: Editorial, 2414 and 176-M; Bsi-
gned communications, not exceeding 300
s, will be published in The Daily at
discretion of the Editor. Upon request,
identity of communicants will be re-
ed as confidential.
Telephones, 2414 and 176-M
s rEdiuor,............... Julian E, 1E ck
Editor................... Marry oey.
orial Board Chairman.... N. C. Moriarty
Night Eduars
I. Aigey A. B. Connable
A. isilington t1. F. iske
ry C. Clark. . Gf.Garlinghouse
P. Al. Wagner
ts Editor...............Ralph N. B ers
suj '5 Ed ritor...........Wiuna iibbard
,giaph Eitor............ ..R. B. fa.'r
ay Magazine Editor.......1 L. Tiiden
c Editor...'........u A.owel
stant City Editor. ernncth C. Keikr
Editorial Board

of Minnesota! That used to be his ~gyp ,,, -
official title, and as arbiter of rolling-4
pin and chinaware battles sent many
mates to enjoy the further disasters
of married life. When a gentleman YES
of consequence undertakes to inform
him that as the senatorial infant, his
4 The Devil and the Innkeeper
presence in the foreign relations corn- -with apologies to Kipling
mittee will not be called for, Ameri-
ca's latest "diplomat" brays with in- Old Satan in an inn did dwell
dignation, like his horses back on the Where no man knew his love of hell
farm, "Europe needs somebody to tell His tricks and pranks they overlooked,
them to wake up and forget. That's Until with tongs of sin he hooked
why I ought to be on foreign rela- Some unsuspecting guest of fame
tions." And brought the house a name of
Behold, the messenger of peace, shame.
flown from the wheat fields of the
great northwest! Then up upon his ear did get
3_The man who had the room to let;
DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES OF He grabbed a knotted rope as switch
SPEEDING Resolved to flog him to the ditch,
The census bureau at Washington But wily Pluto .pled his case
ThasustmdesublichefaguWasnonWith mournful voice and saddest face:
has just made public the figures con-
cerning the number of deaths as a
result of automobile speeding. Elev- ",You know whom you hit my man
en thousand six hundred and sixty six I'm neither Juno's spouse or Pan,
persons lost their lives last year as But only King of that dark realm
a result of automobile accidents which Where all is paved with slippery elm:
I must not let sweet virtue win
for the nMost part could have been y nature from its path of sin."
avoided. Every year, as was the case
In 1922, thousands of lives are snuff- "If that's the case I cannot choose
ed out because drivers of automo- But use this rope to make a noose,"
biles are incompetent in one way or Declared the keeper of the inn !
another . In answer to the man of sin:
Such a state of affairs must be And now the passerby doth see
brought to a stop, and the best way Old Satan hanging from the tree.
to bring it to 'accomplish this is to Leviticus
impose' penalties upon violaters that * * *
will make them conscious of the crimeag
they have committed. To kill a per- Dialogue
son or to incapacitate him for life (In which Socrates is on strangef
is positively a criminal act even ground)I
though it is sometimes accidental. And SOCRATES: Have you, Iihilopolemus,
in the case of the automobile which ever received epistles from a maid-
in the very beginning is merely a me- en?
chanical aid to the business of soci- PHILOPOLEMUS: I have, O sage.
ety, it is a criminal act. If the use Many and often-and from differ-
of automobiles is going to continue to ent nymphs. I am by way of being
cause such a great loss of life, it a lion with those who attend the
would be well to have those who are academy on the Banks of the Nile.
unable to handle them properly, dis- SO: And do you compose replies
continue the use of a contrivance. So- to all these letters, my comrade?
ciety cannot afford to lose so many PHIL: I do master, It takes time-
lives needlessly. yes, and patience, but in my humble
There was once a time, when auto- fashion I answer them all.
mobiles did not exist, and yet people SOC: And Is it your opinion, Philop-
lived fully as satisactorily as do olemus, that the letters you receive
those of today live., from these maidens match your own
Here at the university there exists epistles in brilliancy of style and
a group of students who are law vio- content?
lators when it comes to the driving of PHIL: 0 sage, you touch upon a
automobiles. They speed and in ger sore point. This quest for, a sparkl-
eral drive recklessly enough to en- ing epistle from a nymph is one in
danger the lives of the many per| which I have now spent the better
sons that daily make use of the ter part of my life; and never have I
ritory iimmediatly surrounding the 4fon0d one that is not the sheerest-
campus. Particularly at the inter- I the sheerest-pardon the vulgar
section of State and N. University is phrase-piffle.
one's life in danger if it so happens SOC: Ah! You are informing me on
that he wishes to cross the street.' a subject of which I have hitherto
The drivers in this section are largely been ignorant, Philopolemus; but I
of a criminal type and do not res- would not say that I am surprised
pect the rights of aniy pedestrian. at what you tell me. And what
As a result, we read quite frequent- is the precise fault of these trifles
of some student being hit by an that take up so much of your time?
automobile at this corner. Greater PHIL: Master, they are legion. In
care must be taken by all drivers of my notes to the nymphs I rehearse
4 automobiles unless their use is the events of the day or of the
Ito be more rigidly restricted by law. week in entertaining fashion; when


T-- --
moom id

you might say, on bended knee.
. * * *
We have been hoping and hoping
that we would get a ticket to the op-
era without having to cough up any,
filthy lucre, but it now begins to look
as if Jason Cowles will have to pay
-yes, pay for the privilege of prais-
ing this opera which, oddly enough,
Is bigger and better than ever.
Mr. Jason Cowles.

A Wonder Selection of Personal
Engraved Christmas Cards



.,. ...

To the Editor:
Your recent editorial with refer-
ence to the events incident to the

sending.' Even that will make it diii-
culte to determine just what should,
he broadcasted for people whose
tastes run to grand opera may not'
want to pay for jazz and those who
are interested in the stock markets

Tickets.Travelers Checks, Letters of Credit, Tour-
ist insurnncc e et.. asspT'rt, vtsacs, clearantCe.
paiers, ro dmEsson'afFdavit , etc. Infornation.
i, Europe, Orient, CruisesJours, etc.
Our legalized peprs , rlnre relatives and friends to
'U. S. from forei;gn cutrics. INS(,RAINCE. All
kinds, es!t Co's. for yor basiness, borne, auto, etc.
E. G. KIEBLER, 601 E. Huron St.
Phone 384 ANN ARBOR, MICH.

Michigan-Wisconsin game at Madison will refuse to waste money on bedtime
prompts me to put in a word for the store.f wat e o y isbthat
"other side", To begin with, I wouldI stories. What is safe to say is that
"oter ide. T bginwit, Iwoud:the present state of affairs cannot
like to know, first, whether the writer
of the editorial was present at the continue indefinitely. Some method
of organization must be found and
game and saw what actually took
place, and, second, whether the writ-1 some method of selecting broadcasting
material must be found or else the
ter can conscientiously say that hemra lmude ftuntor eldet
has not allowed partisan prejudices radio will degenerate into an adver-
! ; tising and propoganda medium.
to influence his conclusions.
Does not the article exhibit a cer- - -
tainnarownes ad unamiiariy iDublin, Dec. 4. - Donegal. farmers
tain narrowness and unfamiliarity a gt onpe
with the workings of the human mindI are drowning .their young. pigs, rather!
kthan sell them at the "ridiculous price"
and mob psychology? The author1fed



Central Time (Slow Time)
Leave Chamber of Commerce
Week .Days Sunday
6:4S a. m. 6:45 a.mu.
2:4S p. m. 6:45 p.m.
4:45 p.m.
JAS H. ELLIOTT, Proprietor
Phone 926-M Adra, Mich.
Our Evening Dress OXfords,
Dull Calf or Patents, sell for


R{tirt Ramsay'

riette Co
Da ps
cI 1 h. ri ic}
'1 ingerl
by KaJn:
Kr u:;ci
;.i t, ob

Andrew Propper4
Re S. Mansfield
E.F C. ?Mack
Verena AMoran
te Regina Reich ma-
W. l. S,.inEcrnaix
It TT. R. Stone
e K. E. Styer
N. R. 'Pla
in S.B
'W. 3. Wat our


mer man

Telephone 960
ive'itsing .... ..... .... . L. Dunne
Ivel ising ......................C. Purdy
Ive; tieing ......... .....r. Roe~sscr
fiver tiing................ W. X Scherer
conts. ...............A. S. Murton
rcuanion....... ....fLerry M. Havydei
«be:acin. .........Lawrence Pierce
N. Campbell Ew. T. Hoedenaker
" apian N. E. Holland
has, Chmpion Ai, .L. Ireland
hn Conlin Itarold p:. Marks
nis Mf. Dexter Byron Parker
seph J. Finn 11. M. Rockwell1
aiA.Fox 11. E. Rase
uren Haigh JA. 3T"Seidman
- I.. hale Will eise
E. HawkinsCn tC. F. White
R. C. Winter
With the increasing knowledge
hich invades the realm of childhood
ch succeeding year, the Santal
Taus myth with its joyous,' unselfish
otif is being quickly delegated toI
e junk heap of superstitions. The
>irit of Christmas, however, would
Eck the spontaneity it has always
old in the hearts of children and
own-ups alike without the bright
ersonality of 'this jovial character.
The Santa Claus spirit, however, is
>t gone and , the Student Christian'
isociation, with its annual Christ-!
as Party for children, is doing itsi
tare to bring Christmas cheer into
undrods of little lives. Children
o the Ann Arbor hospitals and
hers from the city and surrounding
wns will gather around the festal
>ard which the Student Christian as-
iciation will set this year.
A tag day, for supplying funds for
e party will be held on the cam-
us tomorrow and every student will
en have the opportunity of showing
s personal interest in this very wor-
y axd- enjoyable undertaking. An
idertaking which has for its ob-1
ct the demonstration of the "Peacel
1 earth good will to men," spirit
lives which might otherwise en-r
rely miss the whole meaning of the
iristlas season,
Already established in his new res-l
once in Washington, Minnesota's
w senator, Magnus Johnson is wast-
g no time in bringing himself into
e limelight of the official cir'cles.
aving discarded the unceremonious
gs of his party, Johnson appeared
the op ning session of the upper
use Monday in a new suit ready


would have us believe that football s _ __ _ __ __ _
crowds at Madison, and especially
that which happened to be present
at the Badger stadium on November DECEMBER
17, are composed of peculiarly vi- -
cious hoodlums, wholly' without equal' 11 .. 1
2 4 '5 "f6 7 8
in the western conference. That the J 10 11 12 13 14 15
author wished to leave that impres-; 16. 17 18 19 20 21 '2
sion unbiased readers cannot help 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
but conclude, although the language 30 31 .. ... .
is a little more polite. Has the writ- PRE-HOLIDAY SALE ON I
er stopped to think what would have MEN'S HATS1
happened if the situation had been re-
versed; if the Wisconsin team had ' Hats that were $4.00, Now $3.i0
been playing at Ann Arbor, if exactly, Hats that were $4.50, Now $3.75
the same play had been made and Hats that were $5.00, Now $4.25
a cardinal jersey seen dog-trotting to Hats Cleaned and Reblocked at
the goal-line with no interference and low prices for l1gh('Class Worh-.
practically no opposition, and with an FACTORY HAT STORE
official marking the spot from which 1 ;17 Packard St. Phone 1792
lie started? Does the editor believe (Where 1). UV. I. Stops at Slate)
that the Michigan stands would have
1 applauded the decision of the referee
aliiwang the touichdokn,,and after the
game given three cheers for Eker- "'
sall, and then filed home singing the
praises, of Wisconsin? No, of course
not.' hat would have happened? _
Why pr4ftically the same thing that
happened at Madison, with only a few
variations. Oig'IS, that not every I
football tear that has been robbed
of a w'l earned victory will gather
around the responsible A-eferee to pro -'b c O
tect him from physical violence. Only
eleven mnen who have among their '_-
number one or two who have unus-
ual traits of manhood and sportsman-.,
ship to lead tiem would 4o that. - $ '
Wisconsin had those men. Possibly ! X11on r
Michigan has. E=w
B. F. Sibley, Prop. LPhone 1173-.
Wisconsin regrets I am sure, that--
any untoward incidents happened at ''1EEIlElt###!#E##E##Eiu #########lEIU hi,
the game or after the game. Thet _
Michigan team and the Michigan root-
ers, of course, had absolutely nothing SALE OF TOYS
to do with the decision of t he refer- AT
ee. But until it can be proven that XMAS
the state of Wisconsin and the city BAZAAR
of Madison are peopled by a race of M
peculiarly vicious football fans, or Mrs. Reeves will have her as-
htpeu ialy ths foball ans, word cinating Baltimore toys on sale
that practically the same things would again this year at St. Andrews
not. f hva hsanAd , At A nnbrhnr h. dr,. .,-.. z__,

Before going home for Xnas vacation, why not get a
pair' of our Imported Sc tch Grain Oxfords. We have
just what you want lasts, heels, n'everything, $6.50 to
-Sure You Will-


Top Notch Grades, Too.
Come in.


N issle

Four Doors South of Liberty Street-On MAIN.



"Cotton Stockings" is
of the old opera saying
somest Girls are Men".

living 'proofI
"Our Hand-

they reply, they give no account of
how they spend their time, but in-
stead unroll a windy page of edi-
torial comment on what I have done.
They say "I'll wager, Phil my own,
that you are just working your head'
off at that horrid old philosophy"; or
they say "I can very readily imag-
ine, Philo, that you look cute in

Dear old Robert Louis Stevenson never imagined anything more
picturesque in all his stories of treasure trove than this dashing box
of chocolates. In it Whitman's have packed a new assortment of
uniequaled quality with some entirely novel inventions in chocQ
lates. When next you buy candies for a gift think of

Twenty-Five Years
Ago At Michigan
From the files of the U. of 1%. Daily,
December 5, 1898.
Allen Chubb Steckle, '01M, was un-
animously elected football captain for
next year at a meeting of the players
held Saturday afternoon. Caley de--
dined to be a candidate as he does not
expect to return next year. Steckle
is from Freeport, Mich. Last year
he played on.his class team being in-
eligible for the Varsity. Before com-
ing here he captained the Olivet team
during one of the most successful
seasons. This season, he has played
a great game at tackle, especially dis-
tinguishing himself in the Chicago
At a meeting of the Women's coun-
cil, held recently in Detroit, an in-
teresting report was made by Miss
Octavia W. Bates, of that city, of the'
meeting of the International councilI
held last summer, to the executive'
committee of which Miss Bates was
delegate. She is a graduate of the
University in the literary and law


auo ~snppeeuo ar torporna fan
your new toga" ; an Cy work booth at the Inter
. the situation been reversed, or until League Christmas Bazaar at 324 S State sreet.
it can be proven that the University Barbour Gym on Friday and - Eand s.Uaiversi.Ave.
~ ~'scae an.d Packrd Streets.
lack the vigorous phrasing of your of Wisconsin officially or unofficially Satuiday of this week4r
own epistles. But these things must
sanctioned or promoted any of the
have some charm; ;oamno hnswih:hpee,'icni il1~~11111111111111liI ;y1Moul a111 manli 11111df19¢thii hfB1Eifch l'Yh itllltW -llIIH~ ~~I1
patwould not idle aweay your thngs whc happened, 'isconsin NN m o M
parts,wold tiowes no apology to organized foot- "
time if all were not better than IE s
this- bal.or to Referee Eckersall. 'It musts;
HIsTu 0T be held in mind that what is appar- -
HI:Tu, Osg.Teei n ently an unusually unfair decision at!2
part of every letter that is inter- entl n unsal naie cinte
esting to the philosopher-and there a football or other° game cannot help'
ae topatspho somer-fthe but result in unusual .subsequent cir- -
Cr esw pte. cumstances, Whether that decision is
'PI: Yese made in Madison, Ann Arbor, or Zion . OR...
PHIL: These parts are the salutation ity
-an Aristotelian device, I believe, Citys
which has become conventional at iston, '
the beginning of letters; and the Wisconsin,_'21.__
conclusion, which has its commer- _____________
cial parallel in such locutions as 4
,Yours very truly'. ' YESTER D A Y
SOC: And why, Philopolemus, are I ySMYTHE
these the interesting parts of the -
epistles? ACOpr
PHIL: Because, Socrates, they indi- Free Air18th Annual Union Opera
cate to what stage the correspond- Even "Free Air" has become a -
ence has progressed. A maiden, if myth. News comes from Paris that
she comes of good family, always protests have been made against the
starts her first letter 'Dear Philopol- sending out from the Government ra- r
emus';; and she may use the same dio statidn of too many political
form for the second and third: but speeches in the Chamber of Deputies.
the fourth is sure to see a change. This raises an interesting problem
SOC: Dear pupil, you puzzle me. that "a time not far distant will most
What change, pray? likely demand an answer. The main
PHIL: On the fourth letter, if not question is, "What rights have the___
before, the salutation becomes~ owners of receiving sets in the direc-
'Philopolemus Dear'. And that as tion of deciding what they shall get Hundreds are seeing the show every day now .
we lovers know, is ten times more out of the air?"
significant than a dozen in the * * * it
Sfirst order. It seems hard to prevent owners of Here iscour nchance to get. excellent seats for
STC: Wonderful! But proceed. receiving sets from taking what isf
nffOt'(n Tf thav do not wnnt it the.v '4l, C - .gen ~ ~"p .o. a~ 4 ~,,,~.. j "e n en j- -nn ,~ 1) 9 44 w a w'I'I - -

gree of LLM.
that of A.B.

She obtained
after having

her de-

Displaying the "horse sense" which
nstituted the basis of his political
mpaign last summer, Magnus has
ready stuck his head into a bag of
ts reserved for the oldtimers.
)eaking to Senator Pepper of Penn-
lv +nin .,, a fmon nlini*n on Amm,,i 1

A checker social is to be held in
the parlors of the Congregational
church, Friday evening, Dec. 6. All
members of the young peoples' socie-
ty are cordially invited.




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