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December 02, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-12-02

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~t ~ at 1~ Fol'owing w prolonged 1 eriod in O'tID L
which all forms of art showed amark-
[CIAL NEWSPAPER OF TIlE ed tendency toward general deteriora-
N1VERSITY OF MiClII(ANi tion and decay, largely resultant of DEDICATED TO
dished every morning except Monda y!'the demoralizing 'nfiuences which di- OGG AND RAY
; tlIe University year by the Board in
>1 of Student 1Publicatiors# luted refinement and obscured aesthet- Please get us right on this dedica-
nbers of Wiern Conference Editorial is taste during the late world war, tion. We have not dedicated this cal-
tn "-there is a renewed movement toward
J--_____moeettwr umn to the Messrs. Ogg and RayI
Associated Press is exclusively en- the perfection of a new and lasting art.
to the use for reiublication of all news because this column is of interest to
ces creclited to it o not otherwie Out of the chaotic realism and futur-
ed in this paper ani the local neWS pub ism of the geniuses whose inspirations them, or because it deals with their
----- --------- were revealed in the midst of wartime I field, or because we admire their
atos ter. a ecia Arao bombardments and sieges, a new .and work, or because we have great re-1
ta grantd by T'l'ird Asaistatit Post- beautiful realism, accentuated by a spect for their manly qualitis, or i
se>riptionby carrier, $3.50; by mail, touch of spiritualiSm, now shows it- us wish onominate the
,es: Ann Arbor Press Building, May- self on the horizon, for the hall of fame, as Vanity Fair
Street. Its reception has already proven an says. We have dedicated the column
Ijs Editorial, 2414 and 176MA~ Bsi- I sy aeddctdteclm
E 4n. interesting one. Those who were most to them because we hare nothing else
att receptive to the innovations of Russian to do with the blank space at the
wil b mlh i eDaatfuturists and their American imitators top, and because their names look
,.,re tiy Ofmlof theEitr. Upon request, have been astonished to find the object' than up
~ieriiity of commr~unicants will be re- - etrta ohn ptee
d as confidential. of their admiration already out of bten g t
vogue, with hardly a handful of follow- Tableau

Followers of the

theatre will be in-

A Wonder Selection of Personal
Engraved Christmas Cards

.... --

terested in the latest venture in the
dramatic field in Boston,-the Stage1
Guild. This organization, which is
now beginning its third week at the
Peabody Play House, plans to produce,
for two weeks each a number of plays
which would otherwise never be seen
outside of New York. Such plays as!,
"Ambsh, with which the Guild op-
ened its season, "March Hares," which
it is playing with great success at
present, "The Deluge," by Henning j-
Berger, and Philip Moeler's "Sophie,"
which are coming in the next month,
would never find their way to any of
the larger Boston theatres. Only aE
limited public is interested in any-
thing besides musical comedy,-a pub-
[lic too small to attract the big-theatre
managers who know their business.'
At the tiny Peabody Play House, how-v
ever, this small, but discriminating;
minority can easily supply audiences
for the short runs of two weeks. And
since the Guild wants only enough to
pay expenses, it should be entirely suc-
The spirit of the Stage Guild en-

Order .early


Cars wanted for one hour and a Ialif on Dec . 1sd, to take Tisiting boys on tour of city.

Cill V. Ne son at 258.



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the same price in the cities.
EEP AYWIII VT$10.00 to $27.00
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For Xmas
A RemingtonPortable


Treleplhones, 2414 and 176-M'
Lcditor.............Julian F. Mack
Editor.:...........,.......arry lioey
rial Board Chairman....#P. C. Moriarty
Night Editors

ers. In all fields of artistry has this
change of interest been manifested.
The public has -seen fit to recognize
works that are of permanent worth,
and to consider but lightly, those sen-
sational "masterpieces" which came
and went within the passing of a single

The rain's long falling will not cease,
Like tears from the steadfast eye of[
It drips, nor ever pours. Decrease
Of day, and still the even strife
In Nature's bosum shakes the cloak
Of purple clouds that evening furls.
For Beauty's sake I'd stand and soak,
But the darned rain spoils my curls.

Near Sti ate an Packrd tStretet


Central Time (Slow Time.)
Leave Chamber of Commerce
Week Days Sundays
6:45 a. m. 6:45 a. m.
1145 pm. 6:45 p.m.
4:45 P.mI.
JA6. H. ELLIOTS, Proprietor
"hone gib-M Adrian, Mich.

It. Ailes A. B. Conpable In the drama, which after all has
. Billington T. I. Fiske \ been given more extensive attention
ry C. Clark J. G. Garlinghouse
P. M. Wagner duringq the present decade than any
its FEdr.............Ral h N. lBiers other of the arts, these alterations are
nnsEd ,t ...........- Winona H1ibbard
g ph Edjov....... ,R. B. 'i a;r particularly well illustrated. Action,
day Magazin:e Editor......F1. I, ,Ti~en
ie Edit:................Ru-h A lowell as such, alone animated the more pop-
stant City Editor......Kenneth C. Kellar ular dramatic productiGns of the four
Editorial Boardf or five years. Thought was totally
A Einsrep lert Ramay in absentia," and only now is begin-
Assistants ning to assume its deserved position
Backe HRS..Mansfield as a motivating factor in determining
. Berknrnaru . C. MackI
e, Brown Verena Moran the public's estimate of a good play.!
i.deite Cote Regina Reichmar i The riotous color used in inexcusable
K. Davis 1V. II. Su)reman
old Ehrlich I H. R. Store setting of the futuristic schools has
. Taerle been replaced by appropriate realistil
Kh Vin W. B. Wa tnol r or impressionistic sets designed to ful-
a r, ? ieherman fill a definite purpose and to convey
an idea.,
BUSINESS STAFF Stuart Walker's presentation of "The
Telephone 960 Book of Job" was but an instance of
---the movement in which the potentialj
BUSINESS MANAGER factors of modern art are -woiking.
LAURENCE HE FAVROT Perfectly simple in its majestic offer-
.i using ...... .......E. L. Dunre! ing of the most dramatic dialogue of
r' Usin ... .. .........'...Purdy 1l biblical writings, the play was
7 tising .............W. Roesser'
7 tising.........W K Scherer dominated by thought, merely sup-
Qlt...............,.A. S. Murton y
ation .............Perry M. Hayden plemented by the emotional action of
ettu .. .........Lawrence Pierce the central character. In its staging,
Assistants , principles of the same simplicity and
W. Cmpbell F '1w n) ioeleinaker discriminating choice were displayed.
3e1e Caplan N. E Ilcolland
s. Champion M .L. Ireland Every corner of the set had its con-
e Conlin tirold ! a.keMarks
is M. Dexter y1r I Parker tributing effect, and rounded the whble
eph J. Finn 11. M. Rockwell into wonderful impressiveness. Those
id A. IFoxc )I. , Rose
tren Tlaight A. J. Seidrpan who desired action alone, who are
r,. IaleC.ih. Weise
E. liawkinson C. F. ite bored by the necessity for thought,!
R. C. Winter were indeed uncomfortable. They'
^ however, will have to acclimate them-
selves to more involved mental pro-
cesses, unless willing to relegate them-
selves to the sanctums of burlesque.

M. B. introduces her contribution f titles it.to the warm friendship of col-'
with a note to the effect that if we lege men, who presumably want to see
ca'nt use this she will change the last the best of things, and like to see them:
line and give it to Chimes. She will well done. The group of amateurs
observe thatthe last line has already ywhich ha been assembled numbers
been changed.E many of the best in Boston; quite a!
The dope is that the Daily, last cita- few have had experience in the '47',
del of liberality on the campus, has Worshop, and judging from their per-
been forced to bow to public opinion. formances so far, all of them are su-
The Chief, who is a very astute gent, perior to the average stock company
told us yesterday that we'd have to'players. Since they are primarily stu-
give up the naughty words because dents of the theatre and the drama,
the "campus is getting tired of 'em. one may expect more revealing inter-
I speak for the campus," he says. pretation, more subtlety perhaps, more
But when we suggested that he repre- real art than one finds in the ordinary
sent the campus view in Chimes, he popular play. And 'since the Guild is
gave us a dirty look. not a stock company, but picks its act-
* * * ors from a large group, it need not
Natural History Item overwork a few stars in possibly un-}
Gluttony is gradually killing off the congenial parts, but may by careful
Sierra Nevada Wolverine, said to be selection obtain the best characteriza-
the fiercest of American beasts. It is tion for every role. Its very nature
l because of his insatiable appetite that gives it many advantages, all tending

Limiteds: 6 a. i., 9:10 a. m. and
every two hours t 9:10 p. ?n.
Express: 7 a. in., 8 a m. and every
two hours to 8 p..
Locals: 7 a. m., 8:55 a. m. and
every, two hours to 8:55 p. M.,
11 u. m. To Ypsilanti only, 11:40
P m., 12:25 a. m and 1:15 a. in.
Limiteds: .,:47 a.n. and every twoI
hours to 8:417 p. im.
Express (making h4eal stops): 9:tu
a. M. and every two hours to 9:,V)
p. i.
Locals: 7:50 a. in., 12:10 a. m.
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;.. ,yg }

The only 100 per cent pure so-
vent for DRY CLEANING.
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7M T. T F
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he often eats porcupine. The latter's
quills puncture the Wolverine's In-
testines, causing him a death of agony
in from seven to 10 days.
The Older Boys come here, the pro-
gram says, to confer about the Unity
of Life. And we think it is very right'
I and proper that they should confer
about this all-important subject. With
the help of the S. C. A. officials they
will undoubtedly come to some very
hefty and valuable conclusions. Ev-
eryone agrees on this point.
But some people think that it is
wrong to waste the boys' time when
they come down here; they think it is
wrong that they should have Michigan
cheerleaders lead Michigan cheers for'
them; that the Glee Club should sing
them to sleep with Michigan songs;
and that a banquet should be thrown
at them on Michigan night, which isn't
Michigan night at all, of course, but
S 'triveih

to produce fnished flazt-rate perform-
ances while its rather altruistic char-
acter en ages the ttention and in-
terest' 'eryone w occasionally
hunge' rs an int eli tsignificantj
play ┬░

The more .a suit may be soiled, the more
Oftservice we may be to you;
It's just the kind we're lookingfor,
In making Clothing good ,s new.
Garm~ent Cleaning '
209SOUTH mT A N n e r Ee

Night Editor-THOMAS E. FISKE
The world needs leaders! This as-

Although building on the campus is
going forward as fast as it can be ex-j
pected to, the worst need before the

Tle Presidential Horizon
(Note: This is the third of a series
of articles on presidential candidates
and possibilities appearing in this col-
umn from time to time.)
No. II-Henry Ford
Five months ago Henry Ford as a
presidential candidate was monopol-
izing considerable space in the news
of the day. At the present time, the
Ford boom is not nearly as strong.
It seems that the more people think
about Ford-for-President the less
Ford looks like Presidential material.:

Eats that were $3.60, Now $3.00
Hats thiat w 're $4.00, Now $3.50
Hats that wre $4.50, Now $3.71
Hats th~at were $5.00, Now $4.25
rats Cleaned and Reblocked at
low prices for High.Class Work.
IM7 Packard St. Phone 1792
(Where D. U. R. Stops at State)


. ,



hing declaration was conveyed to University today is a building for thej

e students and faculty of Columbia
iversity by Nicholas Murray Butler,
esident of the institution, in his
lanksgiv:ng address before the stu-
nt body. Many of the nation's prom-
ent figures have stated this recently,
has been echoed from coast to coast,
it few if any of the d eclarations have,
und a remedy for the existing in-
In the course of his address Presi-
nt Butler harked back to those glor-
us days of yore-the Victorian age
th-re were so many human
irits of many- ide(d capacity and
adersh'p. Ile praised the "great cap-
ins of the mind and soul in the age
Victoria," and deplored the absence
this generation of a great voice
polnt the way to a solution of the
oeld's problems. Literary figures,
atesmen, scientists are not of the
libre of those who led the world in
e golden age. Yet, lie declared, there
re more men and women receiving a
.gher education today than at any
rme in the history of western civiliza-
Alas, for the days that are past!?
ich an harangue reminds one of the,
er-recurring complaints against the
,unger generation, descending slow'v
:t certainly to the depths of moral
id physical turpitude, which are in-
riably accompanied by references to
, time when "we were young." No
te would venture to doubt the single
sertion that the age of England's
rninlne ruler produced great men, su-
rb leaders, but is a cont'nued refer-
ce to the glories of the past warran-
d ? It can have but little influence. in
reducing intellectual giants for the-
In referring to the great masses of
ople who are being educated in our
stitutions of higher learning, how-

women. While plans are under way
to provide them with a building in
which they may office their different
activities and their committees, every
possible thing is being done to com-
plete this building fund, still, there is
great need for immediate relief of the
tension. -
One of the most noticeable indica-
tions of this crying need is seen in
the crowded conditions of Barbour
Gymnasium. Here four offices must
be crowded into one in the parlors of
the building; the expanding gymnas-
ium classes must be conducted in the
parlors, the corrective room of the
first floor, and even with this wide
distribution of the numbers, the room
is not sufficient to accommodate.
Large dancing classes must be con-
ducted in the small parlors which are
hardly large enough to permit one
person to dance. Meanwhile, in the
assistant dean of women's office arel
crowdedthe assistant dean's desk, the
Women's League secretary's desk, and
the Women's athletic association of-
Sarah Caswell Angell hall has been #
pressed into use as a lecture room for
university classes due to the crowded
conditions throughout the campus; and
thus the women are forced to give up
this auditorium for meeting. Condi-
tions will remain this way until the
University, of ┬░Michigan Women's
League building is erected, and put to
use. n the meantime, with the crowd-.
ed conditions of buildings on the
campus, full justice cannot be done to
the classes.
Twenty-Five Years
Ago At Michigan
From the files of the U.. of IN. Daily,.

ost people consider Sunday
dinner. here a decided treat.

T ®.

IT"% a

Uaturday night. *1*a*viit SU tso is
But we, Jason Cowles, think it is To. begin with Ford at present has;
all right. Because, you see, if these no party although he seems to have
boys learn to think well of Michigan' bee seeking one. Many have do-
cheers and Michigan songs, perhaps bated whether the great man shou
some day they will become Michigan seek the Republican nomination or the
mnen-Who knows? Democratic; whether he ought to lead
And if you think they wouldn't be the FrmerLabor Party, or the Pro-ee
..fine fellows to wear the Maize and Fa-e-ao .VC e tn " h r aily
hibitionists, or the Socialists, or the
Bue, consider this song, sung by one Single-Taxers, or the Non-Partisan
jolly detachment in the parade yester- . League, or finally some party not yet
day afternoon:oranze.Recently, a life-long friend
" Hail, Hail, the gang's all here! came forward with a novel
of FordcameforwrBayth Cityel
We are from Bay City! and ingenious solution to this problem.
We are from Bay City! His plan is to name Ford as the
HaWl, ail, the gdan Tllher! representative of no party, to get rid
We are from the Glad-hand Town! Iof the platform, and to Inscribe the
Aplgie t * th cntrpolitical banner with the motto: F Up s a rs
Apologies to the contributors of 'HENRY FORD for President, No
"The Bims Are Honored" for the typo 1Queston Asked or Answered." The
in their signature. It should not have least that can be said of this plan is
been SoroSis, but SoroRis, dear public. that it saves the candidate a lot of
* * * " "" """ """ - -""-
Why is It that President Coolidge In a political sense, Ford is inade-d
must be so continually spied upon? quate, and yet a great many people W
Headline in the Times News Thurs- 'have been making a lot of Ford noise.
day: The reason for this is that Ford is the
COOLIDE QE TLIDY kind of ican who inspires the crowd
OBSERVES HOLIDAY with an urge to noise making. His
Enormous Pumpkin Pie, biography reads like a fairy tale. Ilirqg a r *
Purciased T ey, strikes a responsive chord in Ame-- D o your shoppi g ea y, ge
Are Devoured can breasts because he is a self-made
And is it necessary to imply that man, a millionaire who started out
the good man was so hungry? We with none of what we call "?dvant- -"
think it most indelicate. ages," As a manufacturer of cheap yreX Glass-M ar-
automobiles he is beyond competition, lN
We should like to think that our and, having "flivverized" the country, IMahoga y Line of Good
first mash note, the one from The he has to that extent given a great CadeiLehlRb wsag-in ril
Lethal Rb, was ageInuinem many people cause for gratitude. Candl Sticks Service Tra s
as it was indeed a very fetching one. * * *
But today we received another so Because Ford has revolutionized the - Nut BjowlsBook Ends& Racks E
very like it, so disgustingly similar automobile industry; because he con-
that we are very nearly disillusioned. trols more money than any other r l-tB d VaWses s .Ash Travs e

ery meal
ny whoe
T prove it!

Nickels' Arcade

I the pick of the goods

okers' Stands, Cassear
it Cracks and Picks
he Famous "Ace'' s isa
ectric Toasters &Irons



ectric, A rmsrrn cv Ta~1~bt of ioa

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