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November 29, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-29

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AI~PflP ITfiTXTV~A?~T fl~I1T c~ThA'~T fW~T~YT~ fldl
ANN ~ ~ ~ vi~. ~,, 19~3 ~ PAG~$
~a*%vzss Sh~ws~ Pngernities MOVE We Give Thanks~ Speqks W~Y
V E[ ~a~eb. ~ w& U e a mIniatui~a but
i~t fr~'e~t4ngWomr~4z's Ball 110
____________________- 4eat ~ am a ~fuI1 8c~Ie ot t1~e
~1 p~s~d> b~ tbia, fraternity' ~tate~1 "~h8~ flft~3fl ft i~~iin ~ ~t
tiity: ~2+~:2I P~1V~Y~;X1Ued or~anIzed R:A~: TO ~ at I~ast~ JIBe 1
~avc ael*Ve p0~,ii~as att~dIng ~ny ~o- IIIUItPi~~ its ~e~e-
04 to r ~ea~~J~ers ~p~in ~WQZfl~fl LU the ce~s~iI axi~ iiUfferei~t rq
C d~y de
W~TE) Ai~ther 1 1) UP9r~ t1~e e~perje~ie~
The ~aw~Hel v~era ouly u~pheJding their u~u<aA Ideas ~ ~eaThed I~s~n~
o ~ ii,~hte I~as been ~' they ~ laz4meaeIdahly richer than wa~ the
<N~t4on ~ substant~ated tf~ie1r IMMIGR y day ~rece41ng.
i~eat n~4rity ~f frater-] p~t ~i4~tiou by passLng a verla* reso- O~nerat1ous are t~e dare- of the
he m~ Iu r~gard to4he 1u4Jo~ as~ln~ that u~ne of their mem- WJLL~ $E 4ARGEJY ~ Iif~ e~ gen~,at1qA richer for
after nwmher~ the ~b~il to~norrow ul~lit. ngwor~h t~e experience and si4f~ertng of the
fr~terx4t1es h~d heen ~tee~t1on of these tw~ NIcIi~~ ~eu~raUon recede ~ t~0t ~ Dr~ Cha~1~ W. q~lkey pastor pf tbe
~4 bee~ t4]~e~. 01 that they baa talieu no ~etion, Ac- pP1ji~I$e
izlte~ in. the u~tte~'. T~i only tWP Iu~tances~ alJ of~ ~he other fraterni- Republican t sbljk ~et give tha~ils tben4 for t~ thou~uds ~ f{)~4e ~ar1~ ~Baptist ~hur~h2 ~l1~l he the
ca4es wa~ ~ f9~1314~ that ~ny ~ct1oii ~ c~nva~sed 1x~ ~1i1B ~reg~?d eaid ~enera~Ions wh eli have ~kft tIi~fr~ ~ spe~j~r at ~t1lie ~ ver~x
E1~ ~o ~ Jmpo~e~I to n~ Lu these houses, the heritage 'with and let at~r ~ ~hanks~l~~ 4ay eervlc~, to e held
~l~ot' t'iaes~ &cas~s~ oue of ~i~e cord~ ha~s J~ee~i un4er ~ns$erat1on Washln,~ton, Nov. ~- fly A. ~ ma1~e QUT generation a ~nIne o~ ~wiedonr at i~ ~c1o~~ tl~ ~ i~e~pj~
~oeieties ~iec1aed laBt1 ai~ bad been the topic of eouvexsa1- Repre~ntatIve G~ra of ' for future IlveB to bui~l4 ~ipon. u~. ~
Week ~ Vla~ a ~1ne o~r~ an~ ot its tI~, but no rules or resoluPon had withdrew to4ay frQnl ~ for the
M~co-ed"7af j~n a~ii fill
~ Mtenc~In~g a a R~epn~I1can le~de1 l4 o t~e }Louso~
~e~er pf ~ rat~r~ijt~s wej~ ~ca- Papers Criticized 1eav~ug Repreeentatl i9u~worth of
~agW1~ of ~th ~ pre~1dent o~ one jrt~terutty de- 014o as the only H~LLENI0 B
Jp~p~t1ug mit ~e rea- c the 4tt1~ude that 1148 been taken ~Deap1te thi~s aet~n~ ae
~~4rIt, he ~i4, A'We b~eve that bT 1~e~oIt newsp~4ers~ In t~i~ affair,, e~I1~a~ iea~ ~N~t~flM Ptr D
*~wm ~ s~ipu~4 not gpt ~rin~ ~liat "it was ek~eedln~I~ ~ ers still I~eed l~e po~l1~ii ty~ that the IL URU~I~4>IJI~LL~ I U len~th T0i~r~r~ 2~, wiii
~t~f vlsi n~ ~oror11~y"> hou~esluUCltY for the tinlverslty aud. ~ pro~ressiye i4ook,,. h~aded h~ R~pre- c1lu~b '~p the. tpp1 pf ~e fl~
er~ I e~ bet ~ wa~y ni~it~g peoi4iy when t4~e action has ~not been senta~Ive NeIaQn~ of ~Isi ~'4I~t T~4lti~te ~iew Anni~al Tr~at~ ~ the a~o~t ~avora~A~ 4 y ~f aie~t1 w~ek
~nd 1~ee i~i ta]~eu by' fraternites In general but ~ee~ to pre~en~t org~jd~t ~ ~ the ~ ~t%) rep1~e ~he i~o~ WhI~h he Q~t~ the.
~ ~ea~ 4g~ (CQThtAi~ed on Pa.g~ Two), house in an eW~kt tQ 4~re theIr d~ ~lg~t men PU~A thh the ~vul~ley ip
mands for mo~Ifi~atI~n of Ui~
and changes~ In coa~xn4tt~, ~i~gg~ 1~QI~oTllT ~AI~LANI~ '~
~~EiI WILL £01 INTEREST HIGH AT 4~. P~4y In~r~ ~ iei~ic WILL ~WWH th~e~~~eft vAt~i
nil 4 I ~'1na~ arrangements for the ~a~b 41- ~ t~ ~ me dlimib ~ <~ y
ElM I~t ~ f~esbauen
~h~red that the pr9gres ~ ~ haIl Whl9h the Mlehi~an ~ iha~ari~ t;~ as ~b~;h~ p~t ~ g ~
BUIlDING USE CLOSE OF SEAS assoolatlp~ Is sponsor~ areas wlj~n
~he senate had the ~owe~ fo h~ld up1 x~1o~r9w ~ve~lng at 4~ra~ger~ ~lan~eiu~ theIr mi~r.
-~ neoe~sarv~.
To ~ Su t~o~is Re~i~Ing Re. C'eI! Ji'ennsylv~iuIa Clash Roids anIzat~6n qf ~ha the~r d~ a9,ade~iy are made, and the 14st~ry of ~ ~u~da dei~r
Luter~st ~f Dope8ters known, however, the$r c4~urs~ ot1ae~Io~ ~ ~ ~ the 'neone to~ olln~~ to the
~ I has not yet been. det ed ~ { ~f another tradldon I~m tl~e nn4~ of ~1G t9 rei~ac~ the ~ ~n4. 'w e U
Repr~sent4lve ~ ~,, announ~- it~ l~g~ ainpus f4nctt9z1s~. ~ ~ I Terry ~yoErnt~ad They pif
Y~XT9IARQUtTTE 1~.TTLE inghle retiremei4 ~rQ e owe~ye~ the 'WOm~4 Q~ tb~ ~ $25 f~ hi~ er\~Ic~s~. ~flI~
AL ADINTJ~ RSJ~UTIQ]IAL Z~S~ coteat, s~~d he ~i~1 ~n e~ ~ ~ be mnucl~ in~r~ di1~c it
-s- pre~sed under~ta,~idlu that I~he ~i's- ~e oe the man wh~ ~ya~ ral~
~h9 ~ Ne~ Yoyk,, ~Nov. ~8.-(By A. ?~)- Jo Ity ot t~e hi ~> eo~i ~a ~at 9 ~'~lo~l~ ~led ~y> top~ ~f t2he ~le i~t y~ar
ef~v~ne~ ~qf
~a~1~n ~
~~~reiat~ye ~eor~nce will qepe~~ t~iefr~nat ~ $epre ~* y~*~ ;~4 t~be.deagates toThthe~In l)~gtb~
cp4eId~,er ~s~ii ~ t~eu rgd1ti~rnal foes assure ture with musIc b *lej
'red ~ tere dng Thanksgiving day grIdIron ~terests of .~4 p~i~try. ,, flurti1~ ;4~
~r~ran~. ~or praetically all of the ref reshm~nts will ~e ~ery
e~l9 n~eetIu#~ ~ tht~ ~ tea inyoW~4, It will mari the ~ W~sl~ngt n~ . 28 -( i~.)- csa~s w1~I be W~ U, while
ye . 4 ~onsI4eratlpn o~ son'$ 1~inale. , ~wo move ~'go$ m~d ~ to~lay arti~tIcaIly arrarm~ed a t
~ wilt ~e takez~, ~p a t~ The. co~test at Franklin ,fleld ~ to *~hai~ge tbe~ m~1al~&p of eom~ will be the only dec~ra o e. 'J~he I~1~0- by h flu ng slid A~roui~4e
t~ea~ Oornell ~nd P~nnsAv~nla~ dY~- ~tteea, ~c IjSf~ ~ ~ ~ ~i~t I ~L1 e5st th fre~hau.
~ l~ l~ped, b~r tbis nlern3s., to e~- since 189(1, heads a list rjf>less tha ~' ~ It U~ ~5W etV~'wI~h ~the tlg~ree ~of~ a 4~ l~~s ~n
definite ~gent~' policy %~$n ~ames In the East. The big ~ed ~,he ~to en t~ Im- ~6~i~le ~ ~
r~4 teani imubeatem sIne~a~ ;Its ~ x~4gratio~m frma~ ~& ~e 21 P~.trw~ an l patronesse~ Io~ ~ b~fl
4he helD of th~ ~i~ne, ~regard hatt~l0 ~w 1h Penn~4~van1a, ~11as sWept ~1I191Uber8> ar~ !Pz~I4ent ~!~Zax~ion ~ ~u ~-'
~IuestiQfl, sid Al opposlti~n so. f~r this <year ~imaIrmn~ia MXs~ B~wton~ Dean~ John ~ ~' ri4A ~,~ Iii, a~.
ae~ on t~e ~g ~tion i~aqe b t~he It~iagans come thr ey, t~ riv~s ~d Mre~ ~~nger, I)eaxm J~e~ ~a II- ~V'J~~'A5~' ~
IY he pr~WalT their baoker~ ~ll~laim ~ ~ ittee, l5~ ~ ~ton,, jiQSe~h A. Thi~rsle~, ~ oh
fo9tiflg with Yal~ 1o~ Eastern ~ loveJ~ie~t ange of ~ ~ y ~ Williur It. ~l rt~ 1~I(~~y
A ct~si~oim of anni~~hi collegiate tItle honors. m4liln& ~p ~i~4~rs I~umphr~ys, J)ean
p~' o~, the ~regept took place at -~ jyi~jjj~ ~icapp~~ ttljon sin ln~' . Cf rI 0 tas~ and ~re. ThLtes, 1~ean.
W~ I~ ~D4~rstqod that t~h~ ~ vania,~ a~yay~ a tborI~ to h~ye the. ating p taken C4l*t~ and ~ Cabot ~ ~as~it~o~, ~ 8-(By A~ .
t ~ r~port will al~e place Cor~Ws a~plratlon~s, probably~ will away from the one large conurLittee,, S~. Whitney, a~d Mrs. w]~tti~er, ~resldant eoo~d~e ~ 4 ~40d
~va~~on. g~v~ ~obie's machine its stiffest test charged. with that function, and re- Alfred H. Lloy4, ~id ~ L oy~ $~use h9~ ~euo ~ d
~ ~4vi liIt~r of of t'~Le ye~i~. The quakers, deapite de- st~ed to a large degree v~rious '.Arthur 0. $alt, ~ud Mre~ ~ 1~ ~n
~U~i~1 ~ ~nnia~ nieetiug ~ I f~ats ~.t ~he hands of Maryland, Penn committees that f9rmally were in~ ~eor~ W. ?atterso~n, and ~ir~s~ ~ ~t t~~~It l~AUse
a4in#nl which Is )~eld ev- St~te and IZatayette, are powerft~l and charge of the~ annual ~uppIy bill, terspn,. ~fr. and ~ W~lter ~ qr,, d*u~a 9hi~ politI9S ndt~ nv
~ r ~ l~p ~conside~ed. The ~ Injuries alive handicapped Under. the System pr~opose~i by ~Mr. Dr Matg~t Bell Ml~ non. ~ #~L~4 tim~ii~d to dO~s WhS~ ~'U'~
ed that they ~ th'~m to a large ext~t. Dempsey, the ph~dr~nan and ranking. ~Blood~ ~nd ~isa I that be had p~0~t~1
elan at e mB<~t~1 West Yirgin~a, undefe~ted so far, democrat and reipubi can on eleven die Boy Pres~d~nt ~I~r9n~.
conunlttees would be members of a ~pp~r sp.I~ he~lmad ~plan~e~ ~o
to th Ui~i~ but state, Ili with committee, which fix the eTIIflrIITA ft C~oli~1gQa do,~' tl~a
inks ~ ~ nei~e ~ both e t~d Penn cases budget woul4 1IAT~ Lii ~L.spape~r dfrpa ~ 1n4i9a'~e4~ at
~sm4 19 ~4he" ai~imni body, both Its ancient rival, Washington an4 Je~. total each committee wpuld have at Its ~RAll Lifihl.. ~IIUULI~I' ~flo tbj needs of the ~er~on at Morga'ntown, West ~ In making detailed allot- - WhIte flouse !noW i~a% lo4f
university. 'maw'. 5 rim.
a~<d i~ pr otin a better The mount~.Ineens have a ~inore ment8. The committee ~vhIe~m would 8 fVflrfllT ~u~e4 the e en
'Y~ spinl~f. o1~~p~r~ion hetwe~ tli~n.. ~ >recor4 . ftnd defeat~edl ~ be r~pr~sent~d I~i the gnowp wo ~ArtJi~J Thi~e of them Im~b
~i4t erad the lirst defeat tlie~ Preslde~ts
hes~~ eon er~ces bu~r~lm Which last ~aturd~y ~ b~ way~ and mep~s~ xdver~. ~ ~ AppordInt t~ ~r. She~py
i~ nv~tIng al'~mint ~o tha save e~pen~need,.. but a cl~se hard. ors, agriculture~ for9lgn m1W Endt~li E ?een~on., gra~t b~e beew ~M"~
tart nav~l, post olIlce, p~bU~ buiW~ it ed ~secretany ~ ~tha V4iv
~X9~0~ ~h9ul4 he ~ f~glit battle i~ axpecte>4 i-e~ppon ~ ~s
j~ake. as r entatiy~ a 'l~en~isylvapla ~tate 1i~uKres tq ~ 1ng~ a~d )grounds, Iz~dlan ms'..jNOP.r.Rast nesearci~. expe~Ltlq~ ~coneenr~eW',
'~ siI~ie and that a ee4~iu amn.ount of Pitssbu~g~ on. the tatter s grIdiron, but tr 9t of Columbia . aiid a ~ ~ ~xpeets to leave. for the ~ at
used in the 4y~ng ~ W~,rn~r~e ~P~nthars have rallied pro~l~lo~~ com~Pttee W6~uId he.~ re- early ,ln I.~4, If concess on~ ~ li~ ~ 7J~ww~
~l~mi shonl4~ ao ~ecoi~nie~4- at ai' a zuedloere ~bowIng and may ,duced In size and power. t~i~ied. He will sail Saturd f~n ~ ~
ethat tha ~ference ~Xt9~. ~ver .su~rpri5e the ,NItt~ny Lion; for whi~nm W~1e umovement to ~enlan~e tllW 1mm l4~erpool, aeeot~iug to Professor F'. o~ -
~ ~arr~ Wilson, backlleld1 luminary, wiji gr~t1~ ~I~L5~ was ~'.pon by ~eI~y, of the LatIn depart~mmt, B~Il I~
~t~p4~1~t5 T,"I~ - make hii~ farewell ~pp~~a~>anca. soim~e reiubU~ans~ and d~rimocrMs and who Is director ~.of the ~1O4) 4)0(1 ~
M4.rion h Burton ~ave1 1) O~klal~9ma. city Oi~a I'~ov. ~$ - -
~t~m~1 wepa!~t' ~f ~s recent ~ ~IWeet Uolum~4a was regarded by ~oine as ~A 51~O t<to, East naeeariih ~qundati~n, tii antl-i~i Klu~x Klan bill, xnini~ t~
ColumbIa grapple. ~~ih larger rei~resentation ~ Peterson, who is an 'instru~46r~
Cl4pag9, where lie attended the1 on the iolo grounds In ~ game which and thi~kly popftinte~l- areas. Senator Luther college, ~flqcorah, ~ and 1sectl9n ~~ovIdlng f~m~ tl~e making ~
- - me~eetIng o~ the., NatIonal at will serve as the final 1923 test foni Grew, New York, is among those ftiv.. 'who Is on a leave of absence ~. ~ni 1i~ of menipershlp'lists, put ma n~
Q ~plan-'> p op~$~d by the Re oring the change. plete 'his - w~rk - fpp his -docton~4e in nninwful tow0ar -the ~nias~ wa~ pa~s
of ~t4te ers~ti~s. ,tQld of stem in~ugurated by Percy Indication~ were that there would be the classics, will be the li~ist w±eznb~en ed by the date ~en~te late today. ~
~IIniver$ty 0 Haug~ton, at Morningside heights.
Ia ~ra f~r gi n~ eredit to under- ~li~e ~1re~n, baten only by Cornell is determined Opi)9SitiOn to both of the of the expedition ti leave flue., ~oi~n- An, amendment whi ~h w~
ez~ts, t~r travel in for- ~n eded a decided edge, but Columbia, I proposed committee changes, - try. ~F~e will spend three x~OflAlu5 ~har~ged om>c#r~ of ~e~ret orders th
~ 9~i et ~ dSA e aiso ~, brief out- i~nprovIng napi~ily of late, will make gave -~r------------ J~dliaburgh, S~ot2land, with. ~ir W~l- ~espous $lU~y of ke~ in cur e
f t~ ~dWes~ gIv~n by -President1 det~'inlne& bid for victory. i I' P A fIIT~flTIlIIP IT 11am Ram~ay, noted arph.e9~Q~lst, m4mbarshIp lists wl~ieh wotQ
college~ wh9 Inte~sectlonal 'Interest will prevail ~ Iii
~ ~o~n of Antloch ~,, ~ working on inscriptions In the k 4ueed upqzz coiart order, 'was re e
ci~ibe4\ edm~catIofl~al sysLem In the Invasion of ~NIIlwaukee by Yen- I ~ I m-IUUUUEINW~ ~ I and Latin manuscripts and aa ug
uae t~exq, whereP~' students are re- mont University team to play Mar- - IIITt Dill Tiflilil niitairn j an prepa~lng for ~ubllcatIpu material
to epe'~d a portion of the year quette, conquener of Boston college. IIIIlIIIUIIJIL j~jfJJ collected dunIn~ the ~ 30 ye~rs in LI eu~~ross / nu~,t ~
~IP45 In. ~ ~ecognlze4 ~ndust~y. - Brown and Lehigh wIll wnd up their Sir WIlIIain'e extensIve exp1or~tions. ~he annouucean~,ent was alsp made ea~paigns In what prom~ses to be i - ~- _________________ U S~ J4'QkibitiQfl~ ~9re
4 ~o~l b~- ~pf ~ so9~ety for the promotion of en~ cleanly contested game at Providence i An internatonaL dan~uer was~ given
4 8 ~i~neor~n~ aduc.atiQ~ This or~aniza~~ .~ - ~ -, i~ night -at 1#ne Hall by tlie~frlen4ly 4-rehitects ShQW - - -Bue~o~ Ares, ~ Z8~-(By A '~
thou ~l J~.aye aa Its punpope lnvesW C~~it~rQf~ -, relatIon~ conmanittee of the 8. C.~ A, nzque -~t~mes -1~r. AngeL b. ~in~n~ ~ot Ar~ntin
for the ~foreigu students of the Uni- -
gatI~,n l~p n~tli a qf ~ verslty of the~Pan-Am~iican ~E~.e4 ~r s
The ,~iegie foun4a~Ion ~~~ro~ean ~ feernc~ moVed a cai~4~am be e,~i
lia~ sI~n ~p~AqQ -~ ena 2 th~ ~ . ~ '18~ acte& ~ toast- In - f9r the *r~hb ~'nesi4e~t~ (~otlidge,, "~eo~
foc4rry ~ou1 Its - Wonk~' Pean2 M~ - - - master $9r the evening, amd~ Intro- tectui~al pageant to be ~tage4 ~ee~ 8,1 hIm on? ~pr6hlblti~n in America, tT~a
~C~oJ~e~ of the en~IneerI~ag ,depant~-1 - ~ome, Nov~. ~8-(~y A.P4-,Czecho- au~ce4 Frederick ,Ee4Iger~, ~ pres- a display - of some of the cost~i~e~ , to qai~stIoii ~Wa~ j~efer e~ ~ a ~ommItte~
i~nt~ Is ~ m~en~per of the hoar4 which $9yalda ~n4 othar (~n1~ral F~urQpean ident of tlie Cosmopolitan eh~h~ who be used has been placed on exhi~I~ipn whence l~ is ~ot ex~~6ete4 ~ ~e.m r0.
~a charge of The adnilnistration ~of stat~s muow are sh~ppin~ goods thro~gh. spoke on behalf of - the foreign ~tU- in t-hd 'cooritlor ~f -the IEngh~ee~jn
. Trleste, Instead. 9t X~azubur~,- the denl~s. An Address was also -made by building. The costuxhes were ~pileeted IJ
___________________ , G~er~nan city h~.ving become lone of Mis~ F -Y, Yu, grad., who represented by Henry 5; Booth, '32E,, who pb alned i)AJL~ WILI~ ~4)~T> ?JTI~LI&U
Europe's~ most, expensive ports, due to thf~ women students from foreign them ,on 'a trip lie made to- 'Tugla last YR~DAY E4}U1~IK~- ~ ~
~ American $tanddrd ppliticai disturbances, high labor lands. - Frederick 3. Stevens as well year. - /
0f Education Low ~o5t and general infi2ation In per- as several welbknown foreign stu- The display is made of seven pleee~, J The MIchi~an DaIly will
many. l~ven Bavarian factories are dents at the University, also made some of which are over two bundred I pend puhlication, of friday ts&I91i~ Ill&be~ ~
using Tnieste, - ~bont speeches. years old, Among tb~se Is an enor - I lug's i~ue bee~gse of the a~-
A~ the - Lon~lon, Nov. ~$,-(ByA. Pj-Pnem- -~---------- Special invitations to the events mous turban cloth and varIous bnill-, tAon~1 and UnJyer4~y boilday ~ 1~

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