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November 17, 1923 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-17

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XXXIV. No. 48.












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Short Pass Over
Goa L ine

By Ralph N Byers
Sporting Editor
Madison, Wis., Nov. 17-Michigan.
aded another victory to its string this
asteruoon when it took the Badger ag-
grgatioh into camp in a hard fought
gene. 'The crippled Wolverines bat-
taed the Cardinal line and used the
a4rial attack both to such an advant-
age :that. they could not be checked.
T he day was ideal for football with
the .exception ofa strong wind from
eThe a ing fildi appeare.d
arund the si e lines because of some
mud. -
jThe Michigan team appeared on the
1l4 at 1:23 o'clock and moved up and
down the field calling signals, follow-
ing this with the usual kicking and
passing workout.
eThe Wisconsin band of 100 pieces
miarched on the field at 1:30 o'clock,
p)aying "On Wisconsin." Standing at
attention at the end of the field they
tlen played "The Yellow and Blue."
The Wisconsin aggregation appeared
on the field at 1:35 o'clock for a short,
workout at which the Wolverines re-
tired for final instructions.
Michigan's band appeared on the
field at 1:55 o'clock, led by three of
tl . Varsity cheerleaders and were
given a huge ovation by the Michigan
dlegation of rooters. The band then
rdrched down the field playing "The
Victors," and took their seats on the
side lines.
. Just before the opening of the game.
tIe Wisconsin cheering section formed
sphuge."W", a red letter on a white
background, while the Wisconsin band
played and -the Wisconsin students:
sang their alma mater.
Captain Below won the -toss and
khose to defend the south goal. Blot
icked off to Harris who returned 30
yards to his own 40-y6ard line. Taft
raced around right ;end for 6 yards.
Harris added- two more through the
center of the line. Harris gained two
yards through the line for first down.
Taft went outside left tackle for five
yard&s.. Williams, made it first down
on Michigan's 41-yard line on an off
tackle play.
Williams made two yards. Harris
made 5 yards through' the line. Taft
*ent inside left tackle for 7 yards.
Williams added 3 more off right tackle,
putting the ball on the Michigan 25-.
yard line. On .a fake play Harris.
Made it first doivn on the 24-yard line.
Williams made 3 yards inside right
tackle. Curran threw Williams with-
out gain around right end. A pass,
Williams to Irish, put the ball on
Michigan's 10-yard line.
Hawkins stopped Williams for no'
gain on a wide end run. Taft made
2 yards off right tackle. On a trick
play Schneider went through for 3
yards on a quarterback sneak. A
pass, Taft to Harris, was grounded on
the Michigan goal line. The ball was
brought back and was Michigan's ball
on her own 20-yard line. Kipke was
thrown for a 3-yard loss on a long
right end run. Steger lost 2 yards on
an end run. Kipke punted to Schnei-
der who returned 10 yards until he
was forced outside on the Michigan'
41-yard line.
Taft, circling Michigan's' right wing,

Wisconsin Michigan I
Irish L. E. Marion f
Below L. T. Muirhead I
Nichols L. G. Slaughter I
Teckmeyer C. Blott I
Bieberstein ' R. G. Hawkins 7
Bentson R. T. Babcock I
Nelson R. E. Curran .
Schneider Q. B. Rockwell
Williams L. H. Kipke I
Harris R. H. Steger J
Taft F. B. Vick I
Officials: Referee-Eckersall,
Chicago. Field Judge-Mumma, I
I Westpoint. Umpire - Haines, I
Yale. Head Linesman-Ray, I- {
s linois .
was called when Taft was injured on
the play.'
Williams -made a yard inside right
tackle. Time out for Michigan. Brown
went in for Blott. Blott was carried
off the field. Taft kicked to Rockwell
who was downed on his own yara
line. Kipke kicked t.o -sneider who
ran It back 6 yards to the Michigan
46-yard line. Harris made 1 yard;
Jbrmukh.atIgal of the line. The
2Ucig~aa, .0...
A pass,' from Taft was grouded
Babcok recovered a Wisconsin back-
field fumble on the Wisconsin 44-yard
line. Kipke failed to gain off right
tackle. Steger lost 5 yards around
right end. Kipke punted out of
boulds on Wisconsin's 15-yard line.
Taft failed to gain around left end.
Harris made 4 yards through the
center of the line. Taft punted to Kip-
ke who signalled for a fair catch on
his own 46-yard line. A pass, Kipke
to Steger, was grounded. Hawkins{
called back for a play hit the line for
2 yards. Kipke punted to the Wiscon-
sin 11-yard line where Steger ground-7
ed the' ball.'
Williams made 3 yards inside .left1
tackle. Harris smashed the line for
3 yards. -Taft punted to Kipke who
was downed by Below on the Michi-
gan 43-yard line. Rockwell lost a
yard around right end when he stum-
bled. Marion called back for a play,
failed to gain on a line drive through
center. Steger made 5 yards through
Kipke punted to the Wisconsin 5-
yard line, Curran grounding the ball
just over the goal line. Wisconsin's
ball on her own 20-yard line. H ar-
ris made 2 yards through center. Har-
ris gained 2 yards through the center
of the line. Taft punted to Rockwell
who, eluding three tacklers after he
caug t the ball, swept around to the
left and raced 60 yards down the field
for a touchdown.. With Kipke holding
the ball, Steger failed to kick goal.1
Score: MIchigan 6; Wisconsin, .
Taft kicked off to Vick who returned
20 yards to his own 25-yard line. The,
play was called back and Wisconsin
forced to kick from the 35-yard line
because of an offside penalty. Taft
kicked to Kipke who rjeturned 25
yards to his own 39-yard line. Seger
failed to gain through the 'line.TIrish
threw Kipke for' a 7-yard. loss on an
attempted right end run. Kipke punt-
ed to Schneider who fumbled but re-
covered on his own 29-yard line.
Taft failed to gain around left end.
Harris made 7 yards through the cen-
ter of the line. Williams made it first
down on a smash at the line. Taft went
around right end for 20 yards putting
the ball on the Michigan 42-yard line.
Neisch replaced Curran for Michi-
gan. A pass was incomplete. Schnei-
der went off left tackle for a gain of
4 yards. Wisconsin was penalized 2
yards for delaying the game. A pass,
Taft to Schneider, was complete, put-
ting the ball on the Michigan 3-yard
A pass by Taft was intercepted by
Vick who returned to his own 30-yard
line. Time out for Wisconsin, Schnei-
der was injured tackling Vick.

the ball on the 18-yard' line. Holmes
made 1 yard around right end. Harris
made 5 yards through the line. Harris
made 2 yards through the line. Taft
punted to Kipke who was downed on
his own 47-yard line. .
Steger went through center for 6
yards. Marion, callea back, made 2
yards through the line. A pass, Vick
to Kipke, put the ball on the Wiscon-
sin 38-yard line. Kipke failed to gain
through the line. Steger failed to
gain through tackle. Time out for
Wisconsin, Taft injured.
Taft resumed play. A pass, Vick to
Steger, was incomplete, the ball going
out of bounds. Steger gained 9 yards
around right end with beautiful in-
terference. Kipke attempted a drop
kick from the 40-yard line, but the
ball went wide. It was Wisconsin's
ball on her own 20-yard line.
Taft made 2 yards off left tackle.
Holmes made it first down on ' a
plunge throughh uline. Harrs gain-
L.6- arcasi through the line. Holmes
gained 1 yard through the line. Harris
added 2 yards through the line. Taft
punted to Rockwell who returned 5
yards to his own 32-yard line. Vick
made 3 yards off left tackle. ock.
ram; e gigems 'kpmlg
-raced around rlgh~ nd e WiseonsIu'
s$-ywrd line. ,Steger fumbled but re-
covered the ball on the 40-yard line.
A forward pass, Vick to Marion, was
momentarily fumbled by Marion, but
Steger recovered and took the ball
to the 13-yard line. Time was taken
out for Wisconsin. Marion pulled
back, gained a yard through the line.
Williams replaced Holmes at half.
Rockwell made 3 yards on a quarter-
back sneak. Harris broke through
the interference and threw Kipke for
a 4-yard loss. A pass, Vick to Neisch,
over the goal line, was incomplete.'
Wisconsin's ball on her own 20-yard
line. Taft made 2 yards around left
end. Williams went through the line
for a yard.. Williams added another
yard through the center of the line.
Taft punted to Kipke who signalled
a fair catch on his own 40-yard line.
The play was called back and Michi-
gan penalized 5 yards for offside.
Wisconsin's first down on her own 32-
yard line. Babcock threw Harris for
a yard loss as the /quarter ended.
Score: Michigan, 6; Wisconsin, 3.
Williams failed to gain and fumbled.
Michigan recovered on the Wisconsin
-33-yard line. A pass, Vick to Rock-
well, put the ball on the Wisconsin
16-yard line. Steger gained a foot
through the line. Rockwell failed t
gain at right end.
,Stipek replaced Nichols at right
guard for Wisconsin. A pass, Vick to
Steger, put the ball on the 9-yard
line. Another pass was incomplete,
the ball going just out of Steger's
reach, and going over to Wisconsin
on her 10-yard line. Schneider made
two yards through the line. Taft punt-
ed out Of bounds on Wisconsin's 47-
yard line.
Rockwell went through for 6
yards at right tackle. :Steger was
stopped no'gain around left end. A
pass, Vick to Neisch, was incomplete.
Kipke punted out of bo nds 'vW
consin's'10-yard' line Tafktle.
interference and gained 1 yara on au'
end run. Herrnstein replaced Steger.
Neisch threw Williams for no gain.
Taft punted out of bounds on the
Michigan 32-yard line.
Kipke went off tackle for 4 yards,
but Michigan was penalized 5 yards
for offside. Herrnstein gained 4 yards
through left tackle. Kipke punted to
Schneider who was downed on his
own' 32-yard line.
Neisch dropped Williams for a yard
loss on a left end run. A pass, Taft
to Schneider, was incomplete. A pass,
Taft td Holmes was incomplete. Taft
punted to .Rockwell who returned 5
yards to his own 33-yard line.
Time was taken out for Wisconsin.
White replaced Hawkins at guard for

Stellar Center's
Injury Will End
1923 Competition

Michigan a'nd Wisconsin meet today
for the third time they have played to-
gether in the last eighteen years. The,
last game, before the sixteen year per-
iod in which there were no games be-
tween the two universities, was in
1905 and was the fourth consecutive
year that the.teams had fought. Three
other times before then the teams met,
in 1892, 1893, and in 1899. .Of the nine
games played with thej Badgers thus
far, six have been won by Michigan
and two by Wisconsin. The other was
a scoreless tie.
In 1892 the first contest took place
and ended in a 10 to 6 victory for the
Maize and Blue warriors. A year later
Wisconsin came back strong'and won
easily by a 17 to 3 count.
No more games were played until
1902 when Michigan came through 6 to
0 and then in the following two years
tpiled tp the scors Qf 16 'to 0, ad28
to. u.'Wiseonsi went down again in
1905, the last game between the
schools with a score of 12 to 0.
In 1921 relations were once more re-
sumed. between the tw.o universities
and the two teams fought the first
game . of sixteen years to ,a
tie. Last year playing at Michigan
the Badgers were vanquished by the
Wolverines with a score of 14 to 7.

Ties For First
WithrCapt. Ardnt
In Badger Meet
Harry Davis
Harry Davis, hill and dale star, who,
together with his team-mate, Captain
Ray Arndt, captured first place in the.
dual cross country meet today at Madi-
son. Davis and Arndt finished 50
yards. ahead, of. the first Wisconsin
mai~n to finish.;

By Special Correspon
Madison, Wis., Nov. 17-
taln Ray Arndt and Harry
ishing a dead heat for first
Rearick close behind, Mich
little difficulty in winning
meet against Wisconsin
morning by a 21-34 score.
The other two Michigan
place were Bowen who can
enth and Griffin who too
place. Davis and Arndt ca
the home stretch at least
ahead of the first Badger
cross the tape with Glen
about 25 yards back of h:
teani mates. The Wolverine
had little trouble taking thi
the opening of the race an
it throughout, finishing ip
time of 26.8.
The first Cardinal runner
was Piper in fourth place an
followed by two of his tea
Reed and Vallely, in fifth
places. .Bowen, Griffin, an
followed their men before
Badger man. Swingle and
hove into sight. Following
way the first five men on e
placed: Michigan, Arndt a
tied for first; Rearick 3.

Jack Blott :
Michigan's star center ended his 1923
football competition when in the sec-
ond period he was injured, breaking
his leg in two places. He has been
a large factor inathe Wolverines' sue-
cesses so far this fall, scoring many
times by place kicks. Blott has been.
rated by prominent critics as one of
the outstanding pivot men of the sea-
downed by Herrnstein on the 22-yard
line. A double pass, Schneider to:
Williams to Harris, gained 9 yards.


Louisville, Ky., Nov. 17,-ev beat
Memorium today by a sc'ant nose.


ltadiOn ,Unique
Sight For Game
By Special Correstondent
Madison, Wis., Nov. 17-Michigan
was everywhere in evidence following'
the arrival of the special and the hun-
dreds of motor cars f.rom all points
of the West this morning. At noon
Capitol square was jammed with cars
from the Wolverine stronghold, dec-
orated in every conceivable manner.
Following the arrival of the main
delegation of Michigan rooters at 10
o'clock, the Varsity band led :a parade
from the station to the center of the
city, traffic coming to a standstill
while the huge crowd marched in
mass formation.
Although the stands wire sold :ut
long before the beginning of the game,
there was no evidence of ticket-scalp-
Makes 25 Run;

How. The Scores,
Early in the first period Taft, Wis-,
consin's fullback, circled Michigan's
right end fox a 33-yard gain placing
the. ball seven yards from the Miaize
and Blue "goal. After gaining but
three yards in as many downs. Wis-
consin scored on a placement kick.
front the fifteen-yard line.
Michigan's first score .was made in
the' second quarter when Rockwell
caught a Wisconsin punt and ran 60
yards for a touchdown. after eluding
three Badger players.
The following figures on the game
are for three full .quarters of play.
Forward Passes
Attempted by Michigan .........5
Completed ............. 2
Attempted by Wisconsin..........6
Completed .................. 2
Intercepted by Michigan ........... 1
Intercepted by Wisconsin.........0
,'#f.c. Ttmm.


Complete play-by-play res
Michigan-Wisconsin footN
were given on the grid-gre
auditorium before a large ci
results were obtained over
wire from Madison to the a
and were supplemented by
telephone conection.
Varsity cheerleaders and
tion of the R. 0. T. C. ba
freshman band served to pi
essary Michigan spirit intc
In addition to the grid-gi
tainment, play-by-play re;
given to a crowd in the rea
of the Union on a miniatu
field constructed especially
ing the returns. Reports on
igan-Wisconsin and other
of the week end were anm
the tap room, at the math
given in the assembly hall,
Bard room, and in the loun
In addition, the results wer
the bulletin board.

Brussels, Nov. 16.-Foreign Minister
Jaspar and Premier Theunis each con-{
ferred with King Albert, discussing, it
is understood, reparation and the re-t
turn of the former crown prince to
- ' r
London, Nov. 16.-A dispatch to the
Central News from Berlin says that1
Doc. Johnson Wirth, former German
chancellor and minister of foreign af-
fairs is dying in consequence of a
stroke of apoplexy.
Action Planned On Law Violators
Washington, Nov. 16.-Action by
President Coolidge within the near fu-
ture in the matter of clemency for im-
prisoned violators of war law was in-
dicated today at the White House.
Investigation by the Department of
Justice into the case of the war law
offenders 'still in' prison is expected to "
be concluded shortly. President f:
Coolidge plans to take action as soon
as the results of the inquiry are at

.EUBP .DoWn1
Michigan..... ...............
Wisconsin .. ..................
By Michigan................
By Wisconsin . .............
By Michigan..... .... .... .... .
By Wisconsin......:..........
Recovered by Michigan........
Recovered by Wisconsin........




Washington, Nov. 16.-F
Coolidge believes that the A
people will sympathize with an
to be taken by the allied
ments to prevent restoration
Hohenzollerns to power in G
although the American goy
can not, in accordance with
established, policies, take deft:
tion in the matter which h
brought up by the return to (
of the Crown Prince Fredrick'
Gruszka Refutes
Polish Milita
Dr. Sylvester Gruszka, of

Ohio State 3, Chicago 0 (1st quar.)
Iowa 0, Minnesota 7 (2d quar.)
Purdue 0, Northwestern 0, (2d quar.)
Illinois 7, Miss. A. M. 0 (1st quar.)
U. of D. 0, M. A. C. 2' (final.)
East .
Yale 27,.. Princeton 0 .(final.)

Tickets for the play, "A Thousand
Years Ago" to be given Tuesday eve-
ning, Nov. 20 by the members . of
Masques, may still be obtained today
and Monday and Tuesday afternoons
at Hill auditorium.
Although the tickets were placed In'
every organized woman's house on the
campus, the women have not support-
ed the play in the usual manner, and
have not responded in the ticket sale;
This is the only play given by
Masques during the year for which
admission is charged, and therefore
an unusual amount of support is need-
ed. Support in the sale is urged by
those in charge.

Consul of the Republic of Pol1
at a smoker held by the Pc
erary circle last night at t
He spoke in Polish 'and on
ject, "The true conditions
and its relations with other
. "The report that Poland
ing miiltarism is absolutely
ed," said Dr. Gruszka and :
ueil, "Indeed in comparison.


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