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November 14, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-14

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..........._.. _.. .

- There can be no valid reason to con-I
~A ~ u I ~itan~ ~tt 4 test the advisability of adopting a con-
------- stitutidnal revision providing for the
OFFICIAL N{EWSPAPER OF THE direct election of the chief, executive
V141-ERtSITY OF MICiIGAN by popular ballot. Although cases :;uch
as the Tilden-I-layes campaign of 1876
Published every morning except Monday'
during the University year by the Board in I and the Clove land-1.larrison election
Control of student Publications,. ____ of 1888 where the selection of the elec-I
Members of Western Conference' Editorial toral college awarded the office to the
Asociation. ______________ ______oan, who, under popular vote, would
The Associated Press is exclusively, en- have been defeated are but seldom ex-"
~itled to tihe use for republication of all news
dispatclhes credfited t~o it or not other'wise istent, the possibility of recurrence of
credited ini this paper an,1 the local news pub-, such incidents should lbe completely
-ished-th-r-in removed. The present dlay tendency
Entered at the ;t1 Ann Arbor, towar'd simplification of all govern->
M1ichigan, as secon a i;ss' .. 1"C'. Special rate
of hostage granted i 1~-' ~. -stan t Post-I mental organization calls for the elim-
master ,encral.
Subscription by ~aiv 3~ by rnai1,r ination of this unnecessary cog in the
Offices:; Ann Arbor Pie,,s Building, Mlay- wel hc eeydly the cl-
na-d 5t!reet. mnto feeto rceig n
I1'houes: Editorial. 2414 and 176-M; B'isi- iain feetinpoeeig n
ness, 9o occasionally works, an injustice upon'
Sign edl communications, not exceeding 300 the citizenry lof the land.
Fids ail be pbllis'ned in The lDaily - at Oe(e cewihmy heproposed]
the cl di. rdon of the Editor. Upon reocust,{
the iimtity ot commiunicants will be re-! is the cumbersome nature of amend-
gadd scnfdnia. - ___ _ ing the constitution. This in itself

t Y

Last evening we absorbed the bill
at the Maj. It is a most extraordin-
ary program. The feature fillum is
an expose of the tactics of the wicked
newspapers that are all the time just
looking for sensational stories: and
the old moral of "somebody's mother"
or somebody's uncle or somebody's
little boy is brought forcibly dome iny
the final clinch.
The only trouble is that the geez-
ers that run these scandal sheets are
a lot more familiar with the libel
laws than the gifted author of the
scenario seemed to suppose. The
persecuted heroine could have sued in





AWonder Selection of Personal
Eng raved ChristmsCards

4 '


f ") fTO~iAL STAFF
Te1plons,214 and 176"H
News Editor..............Julian E. Alack
Laity Editor...................HFarry lI'.ey
Editorial Board. Chairman. . ..R. C. Moriarty
Night Editors
E.H, Ailes A. B. Connable
R." A. Billington 1. 1. Fiske
Harry C. Clark J. G. Garlinghouse
P. M. Wagner
Sotts Editor.............. Ralph N. lBjers
V. omtn's Editt...........'vWinona Hibbard
'Telegraph Editor ............. ..k. B. TCar r
C unday Magazine Editor.... .. F. L. T' -nE
Miusic Editor............. Ruth A liowell
Assistant City Editor ...Kenneth C. Kellart
Editorial Board

(would only be a substantiation of the the middle of the firtt reel and recov-1
fattitude which has permitted the col-, ered just thousands and thousands of
lege to survive as long as xit has", in-! dollars if she had wanted to; and that
difference to the systematic analysis is something that no newspapers ex-
of election evils. There is no state cept the Daily ever risk.
in the ,Union which, in the pursuit of .
fair elections, would defeat an amend-, Political Observation
ment providing for popular vote in The ex-Kronprinz of Germany, we
the presidential election, Many do; observe, has gone back to his own, his
not realize that there is any such in-! native land. He left a touching fare-
termediate body- as the electoral col- well for the burghers of Wieringen,
lege which acts' as the final chooser thanking them for taking him into
of our executives. Any body so in- their hearts when all the rest of the!
Econsequential a factor in the pursuit wola oea hm n hntr
.of just representative government hasi across into Deutschland on the eve of
no place among our institutions. Its AmsieDy
powers are all for harm and none for Thdenerofemcayite
good, homeland are taking this little jaunt
__________as a fearful threat at the beautiful
Vll~.1 BLI. ll1AltiGlaw and order they have established;
WhOLEALE ilE TINOthey fear that Friedrich will, like Na-
Theactvit whch he thlticas-poleon, pull off a coup d'etat and be-!
sociation is showing in running and come a dictator or something. But
Fnrosnectinii? scalpers~ of football tick.,,Tn -- ,- ~ l~ nn~a

To the Editor:
There seems to be some question
as to the raison d'etre of such footballz
games as the one between the Michi-
gan team and the team representingk
the U. S. Marine Corps of Quantico,
Va. On, the one side were playing
men of the professional type whose
brawn and long experience can in
part compensate for their lack of teair
finesse, forming a team whose Bard
playing, however cleanly done, canl
knock out a star opponent just as ir"
revocably as could the hard playing of
a tean-m representing an institution of
accredited collegiate standing. On the
other side, as the opponents of this
team of players absolutely without
standing in amateur circles, were play-
ing men representing an institution
which has always boasted of its adher-
ence to the codes of amateur sport,
and which through its official heads
has consistently advocated the Loma-
hawking of any collegian caught
hearkening unto the sirens of profes-
sional sport. With such teams as
Cornell available as adversaries in
major football contests, it would seem
as though the Athletic association, in
the future games with the Quantico,
Marines, might hire a calliope and
circus-cage, in which any attending
lions could be transported) about theE
field and allowed to roar, while the
band plays "We're going to Van Am-
berg's show, to see the elephant and
the wild kangaroo".I

E A :;T11017M)
Limiteds: 61 a. in., 9:10 a. m. and
every two hours to 9:10 1). in.
Express: 7 a. mn, 8 a m. and] every
two hoars t;o 8 P. If.
Locals:. 7 a. In., 8:55 a. m, and
every two hoars to 8:5> p. In.,
11 p. m. To Ypsilanti only, 11:40
m.i., 12:25 a. m. and 1:15 a. in.
Limiteds: 8:47 a. mn. and every two
hours to 8:4,1 p. InI.
Express (mraking lc al stops) : 9 :50
a. m. and, every two hours to 9-50
p. im.
Locals: 7:50 a. in., 12:10 a. m.
S 'ii T 'VV r Fr S
1 2
1s 19 20 2 1 22 23:i2-1
25 4 27 28 1291. 30
EoRIColeg Me

Order Early.-

Ill 11 N'sil 11

Read T he Daily "Classified" Columns
I In lots of 1 gal. or more



N. Nla j it ,Jwst North of Machine Specialty Company
tiwii Until 9 1'. il.-Also Sundays




____ .

Paul Einstein

Robert Rar :ay

Andrew Propper 4

.. ,


S. G. Tlaetcke R. S. Mansficld
J. N. Berkmnan E. C. Mack
I- len lBrowu Verena Moran
iBerna,lc tte Cote Regina Reichna:.n
~. D lavis 1V. IT.- '1r mtAa-,
t . iotli) IKaon S. B T, embit-
o Septi Kruge. W. J. Wa~tnioir
alizabethL '.iceiernlani
Te~ft'phoue 960
Advertising;................... E. L. Dunne
Advei tising..................... C. PurdyE
Advertising .......... ....W. Roesser
Adve2 tising................ W. K Scher-er
Accounts........... ..... C. W. Christie
Circulation ...........erry M. Hayden
Publcation................Lawrence Pierce

A,, a s};, ,cial introductory price for two weeks, November 12th to 23rd,
the will niale a thiorough exaim ination of your eyes and furnish you

ets is commendable in as much as
the work is done wholly for the pre-
servation of the University's reputa-
tion and the; protection of the stu-
dents and alumni. The tendency to
make money from football tickets is
unfortunately none too rare in and
about Ann Arbor and the quicker those1
hold-ing these ideas cann e madeto

LAeanfle Caplan
John Conlin.
Alin B. Crouch
Louis Al. Dexter
Soseph J. 'inn
s>;i d A. Fox
Laur'en EHaight
R. R. lfawkinson

Ed w. ,D. Iloedleiaker
Harold A. Marks
Byron Parker
H. Ml. Rockwell
13. E. Rose
Will Weise
C. V. White
R. C. Winter

Night Editor-PHILIP M: WAGNER.
Michigan today has an opportunity
to support her band and send it with
the team to Madison. Money is need-;y
f ed to do this. Half of the necessary'
fund is already raised and the rest1
should be donated in today's tag sale.'
By means of the tags a student canI
give what he fecis to l'^ his remuner-
ation for the ban la srxi es to himself
as no fixed priei en asked.
The band is e,,nILl ichigan, es-
sentially of the Qd-l. and essen-
tially a big factoriin stimulating a!
spirit and fight in the team which will1
put it on the road to victory. It is
hard to imagine a, football game with-
out the band. The two have be.come
so associated in our minds that the
latter seems alm'ost indespensable. A!
cheerirg section without "that fight-
ing band" ,ati front of it would not
look ri'-, li;o d Aihigan man.
Year y 'ie band continues its
work for~Mc~gn inspiring teams
and spectato ri ad bringing great cr~e-
dit to itself and to the University that1
it 'represents. Practically the only con-
crete compensation that (thy- musi-
cians receive is one of these trips to1
some outside football game. The trip
to Iowa failed to materialize fromI
lack of support and this trip will meetf
the same fate unless the money isc
remised today.1
The Alumni association has promis-s
ed to help the band in the future by
turning over to it part of the pro-
ceeds from the grid graph reproduc-
tions. This will take care of a great'1
share of the burden and eventually, itt

feel how unprofitable~ the practice is,
the quicker will the practice tend to ;
be eliminated.
For the large games here at MVich-
igan as many, as fifty thousand people
are anxious to obtain seats, and each l
desires the best hie can obtain. The
grumbling among the students at the
seats some of them, receive is evi-'I
dence enough of the unpopularity of I
certain positions in the Michigan
stands. The Athletic association di- I
vides the number of available seats so
that each person attending may have
a reasonable number at his disposal!
at a fair price. When, however, cer-
tain ones endeavor to take advantage
of the low price of the tickets and the
reasonable method which the associ-,
ation uses in distributing them to buy
as many as the can and sell them fort
outrageous prices, the full force of j
the law should be brought to bear.I
Thousands of loyal friends of the Un1-
iversity are prevented from seeing our
big games or are forced to pay large
prices for tickets at every such af-j
The Athletic association cannot. bear~
down too hard en cheaters of this



Twentmy-Five Years
Ago -tMcia
At Mfhiga
From the files of the U. of AI. Daily,I
:Novemiber 14, 1898.
Thirty-five 'hundred people saw
Michigan's eleven win a hard fought,
victory over the teami of Illinois last
Saturday afternoon at the D.A.C. Ath-
letic grounds in D~etroit. The score'
was 12 to 5. Illhinois scored her five
points by a touchdown made on a
fluke. Michigan would have undoubt-
edly scored several more touchdowns
brad the field been in any kind of
The Philippine Islands is'the title of

we, Jason Cowles, one of thC e enet 4v ing'ap 'll ransadtrc essa fe pca rc
political observers writing for the WHY THE MARINE GAME? -FACTORYYFIAT STORE ol 'tErgde shell fguranteead i bne slute sorecinl rier
press today, believe that his Highness To the Editor: 617 Packard S.I. 'Jole 179° epet.
has no political motives for his Strange as it may sound, I wasi (Where I). I;. It. Stops at State) Remrember this offer lasts for two weeks only.
change of address, but that he is mov- never prouder of a Michigan team of - C.S Ight K S, Peciabis
ing entirely for economic reasons. football men and the victory they won - At Arnold's State Jwelery Store
For the Kronprinz, like many an- than I was last Saturday. That any ! - -- ----- - Ij '2 4;outi state ;Sreet Ann Arbor, ich.
other blueblood, learned a trade after, eleven men could fight to the end of a C-16;[m:.tl A i, i t }l I LA,~I
e ']'lne (5 Taw 'imp)
the war; and we believe that be has game of that character, b and against Stave Chamber of Commrnuce >. cc" wi. es
gone home to practice it the morea suh ea s heMrie, itot ck ay un sr-I -
prftal, posil eas o h relsingh cntrol oftheirtrmneswi'shist12:45 . m 4 . s i. xnr w",,".R .
ad er is ng4 45 . . n. 6 4 . m 9 B n w ~ ° A~ O
p r ofi abl h ep o i l e asu r tel yfe a d e l sn g ou g t olsta m p th e i t e p r i s4 4 p " r ll p . rad r i i n h e w l s u l y g , a d e o g h o s a m t em a s su p e rb J A S . i. rE L L IO 't r, rop ie tor , :
I Pha ~~~'-r(?6-M lAdrian. Mich. e I ra.A Al B9Mao+ tifB IY lftl® t rs..r t R~ 1
possibly because he knows the Lang- players, worthy of the name of Mich- -------
uage better. We believe, in fact, that igan. The victory of course, as is the-
he has secured the Ford agency for the result of all *such contests, meant slrn s.- octi&o.0 t1 ~I C rsn a
ditito aeWla.nothing outside- of Ferry field and it W W~flI td M__S eo 15 ~ ~
#*##*it *So*to$200Is to protest against such unworthy Sat.Ma. Sct$20 -*."-' I
T e Answer g m s that this communication Is 4 e o d n a t Week Thi'seaon's card
Long years ago I reamed the earth wgames. "UP SHEon GOESds GreIn Cards
Ahandsome hairy man; wrttehaG-LORIA FOnXhei
But now I've sunk to depths quite Mihgnhdntigwasee o'~h~Ol O ~ Iiti4 ti and Should be ordered before De-
low- gain except in; revenue, fronm such a- must b-seon to be comiber first in order ''to assure
I' aldaPtea.disgraceful affair. Michigan had near- ,-. -. e I n c,' l '. Fro0mf dlvey
ly everything tolose, such as the great L l'ANWIERII'ti. oe nfut:
To those who'd know, there was a dne fhrpaes odtoa EA T AT I 4 ' one:;w have select- I - - G-S'RNI
girl, evidenced by the injury of Quarteback THE flJ~ls ~ i~(l i ~e~i ~itml (NTIG TU
A wondrous Pithebim: Utrtteijr ohrnmeadj72Ahr8re or' fraerniy crest Phone 595
loved her but I changed mny mind standing if unfairly or otherwise beat- Near Statfe and Pt](ard Streets , egaig
When I saw her necking him. Ien by a team of players, organized, - -~r F A E N T
- trained and sent onto erry field _______-.. ° ° ' °'"""""Shop
Now, fair co-ed, take my advice: !without ever having heard of the PI'te .f;a, ofjmcg
Pe on the square with "Him." rules governing Michigan players, and I IRVINGXl A IVOL1'S, I>. S. C. a e iof hcg
-'Cause if you don't he'll do like I, with less standing than some team CHIROP D S
And rush some other bim. representing, we will say, some pro- ., , 0 Vr !diJOl- - a .~y-®.a-mte~wgs tr«o~
Pithecanthiropus. essional league or an industrial cor- ______L. aIiL;si A, '- i. I a
AnArbor Cars poration.__.- r~rlw~ll
I conmc from haunts of nut and bolt, Why not take on our football sched- ~iiiilEllliitiI1lllligiiI1!1i~lllg!IiliIllIii2IIIIIIII ~llIiihtiil 11IIliihIlIIIIiUli1ttIII1IIIIijiillirf,
Where I was put together; ule teams from the army regiments E
Along the king's highway I jolt, and army camps and place them near
In. various kinds of weather, the end of the season and feature them '
as big games. t C-
I round a corner on two wheels; Thomas E. I-I. Black '1 Lit-'14L. 1=creapetymie
I cr rtymie;Detroit, Michigan. t
I do enjoy her, little squeals___________ 2
With fearsome anger laden. j~
I hop, I skip, I run, IJjump, YESTERDAY I
With many sharps and trebles;, by SMYTH3E --
I always hit the highest bump; _______________ -
I rattle on the pebbles. = I
I When the Kaiser Returns -"
Bing, I bang, I, bong, I but, A picturesque period of history is 1'I W 1 C(C 11EDA XTXT
I almost go to pieces; in process. Former Kaiser Wilhelm
I'm covered o'er with grime and rust; II of Hohenzollern is preparing to re- ei--t 7 ' "~
Macinnvrcaeenter the Fatherland in an attempt er~, rc a
Ito regain the throne of the GermanANO CET T
I roam through all the countryside, Empire, while sections in all localities _ N ONETA
At night when darkness covers; of his former realm continue their; .~ . R s
:r eneath the moon and stars I ride policies of separation from the larg-M r C ..os,
The young and happy lovers, r German state.##. rsn. '-'the C ZsfiOP ,talorng Leparimen, and
Although I hate like hell to crow, "Wilhelm has secured 12 pasot_~r £ .~ e~
So modest am I ever, permitting the entire regal entourage' " - eZn
Big cars may come, big cars may go, to re-enter Germany after five years R epre'sentn ieCso ShradFu ihnsdprmns
But I go on forever! ot exile. This dispatch brings to :gzieC'to ShradFrisisDe rmns
Randolph. mind the dashing return'! of Napoleon WILL BE AT THE CAMPUS BOO'IERY
* * *+Ito Paris and his even faster exit back .:J ot SaeSre
Anent the Maj once more, the j into exile. Should Kaiser and CrownM3,4Suh tae tr t
Brown Freres were all, right as long ! Prince once gain entrance into Ber-
as they played good old-fashioned lin, the royalist activity once aroused _ 1fUrsd~a)', iovember 15th
lance music, which is mostly what would not soon subside. The already~
they did; but when they rendered a Idemoralized systems of Germany . 171A SLENDIDr SHOWING OFjt;
powerful arrangement of "The Ros- would succumb to the strain produced,-rinadD rn~~ iiigsadC aig
ary" they demanded too much of their Eby any further internal friction and cYCga ndD)c, l Siit gs nd otns
mediuin. The saxophone was not what the result? A more chaotic Tailored to Measure
Intended for the interpretation off Germany than ever before.-
powerful compositions like thin onef #* * r cady to WAear Suits and Overcoats
December 4th! The day for the w ,uisEvnn
Oh yes-The Chief went with us to grand coup! President Coolidge is of Dn e ut 1t VfigCohs.
this show, and behind ussat~ a couplet the opinion that in traditional observ- _ Robes hrtNecKw%~ear an CusiornSirins-
of bims who thought a number of ( ance of our foreign policy the Unit-'
things in the show were cute. Among ed Stag<~s should let William back in-
he things that struck them as cute to Deutschland without protest. There; JJ ..sp, ay pom 9 m. 6 0 m
we list only a few: The hero of the he can do more harm than any arnmy t
main filum, and the heroes of all the of 10,000 men, harm which may pro-
advance showings (Majestic Presenta- duce a further state of economic and

a large work just issued by Macmil-
lan arid company, New York. The au-
thor is Prof. Dean C. Worcester. The

Is said, that the grid graph will be work embodies observations made dur-
run entirely for the benefit of the ing two 'visits to the islands, one in
band trips. Until then it is up to the 1887, and the other in 1890, and is il-
students to raise the money. The hustrated with many original photo-
band deserves the trip and the team graphs.
deserves the support. Back the band-
and- buy your tag now. General -henry Al. luflield, one, of
______the leading figures in the battle of San-,
THE A OL1SM:N T OF TiHE ELEC- Itk go, has been secured as presiding'
TORAL COLLEGE office for the final debate next Friday.


With the next presidential election
just a year removed, the problenm of
formrally declaring the cumbersomeI
electoral-college system of p~residen-
-tial selection obsolete through thet
passing of a constitutional amendment;
again presents itself. Even among!

Th~le mredical library of lDr. Elizabeth
HI. Bates, who has recently willed
$140,000 to the Medical department, has
just b~een receiv-ed by Professor D~av-
is. The library contains over 200 vol-
uimes, and among these are several

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