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November 04, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-04

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(Continued froln Page One)
Mlchigan ,was at a considerable di
advantage in weight, the Hawkey
outweighing them on the line by mr
than 10 pounds to the man. .Thi
inequality was not so apparent in t
early stages of the contest and th
Wolverines made considerable yard
age through the Iowa forward wal
In the second lytf the weight of th
Hawkeyes had its effect on the Maiz
and Blue linemen and they were for
ed to give ground, occasionally le
ting an Iowa back through for a nic
Kipkes work on defense was of it
usual high caliber as was his place
ment of punts. Time after time th
ball coming from his accurate to
would roll out of bounds insiCe th
Iowa 20 yard line, placing the' oppo
sition in a bad way. His runnin
was handicapped as was the case it
Steger by the fact that the Iowa lin
leaked through-and stopped the play
before they got into motion.,
Miller put up a sterling exhibitio
hitting the line consistently for slor
gains. After considerable use he ga
way to Grube who handled the ful
back position admirably during hi
time in the fracas.
If Iowa had been withouty the ser
vices of Fry there would have ber
nu itrely differeit srcore. Tha
.'Hawkeye quarterback 'Carried the al
'for Iowa more than three fourths o
the time and tore off some nice run
hrough the Wolverine team. Th
follaws play by play:.,
Blott kicked off to Fry who returne
ten yards to his own 19 yard line
Play called back. Michigan kicke
again, this time from 35 yard line be
cause of penalty. Michigan was of
side. Blott kicked to Miller who re
turned 20 yards to his 28 yard line
ry went through left Guard for
yard. Fry gained one yard through
the line. Fisher punted to Kipke who
silgalled fair catch on,'his 32 yard
A line. Miller went through center fo
6 yards.
Miller through center for 3 more
Miller through center for first down
on Michigan 43 yard line. Kipke
made four yards around right end
Miller through center for 3 more. MiTl
er went through for a yard. Kipke
punted over the goal line. Iowa's
balI on their own 20 yard line.
The Michigan line stopped Iowa
isher punted'out of botinds on Michi-
<9gan's 32 yard line. Steger went in-
side Fleckenstein for 5 yards. Kipke
went 'through cenlter'for 7 yard's and
first ilown. Miller went through cen-
ter for four more. Steger added 5
yards through right tackle. -
Miller went through center for first
down on Iowa's 43 yard line. Steger
went off right tackle for five yards on
a fluke punt. Miller added a yard
through the line. A pass, Uteritz to
.Kipke, was grounded. An attempted
dro kick by Uteritz fell short and ball
touched by player rolled to the goal
line where Blott fell on it for, a touch.
Blott failed for the extra point.
Score: Michigan, 6; Iowa, 0,
lllott kicked over Iowa's goal line.
Iowa's ball on her own 20 yard line.
Miller went through line for 2 yards.
Fry made eight yards around right
tackle. Time out for Fry. Fry stayed
in the game. On a wide end run Fry
gained a yard. Iowa penalized 5 yards
on the play for offside.
Fry gained 5 yards outside ]eft tac-
kle. VanDervoort stopped Fry for no
gain off tackle. Fisher kicked over
the goal line. Michigan's ball on her
own 20 yard line. On a punt forma-
tion Kipke was stopped behind the
line for a 3 yard loss. On a line plunge
Steger made no gain. Kipke punted
lout of bounds on the Iowa 48 yard
Fry went through left tackle for 15
yards. He added one more through
the same place. Fry added 2 more
thrdugh the center of the line. A
pass to Fisher was incomplete.
Fisher's attempted drop kick was re-
covered by Marion on Michigan's 38
yard line. Miller through center for
4 yard's.

Steger added 3 more throughlcenter.
Miller went through for first down on
Iowa's 48 yard line. Kipke made 2
yards on left end run. Miller added
2 more through center. A pass from
Uteritz. was blocked by Fleckenstein.
Kipke punted out of bounds on Iowa's
3 yard line.
Fisher kicked to Uteritz who sig-
nalled a fair catch on Iowa's 39 yard
line. Michigan elected to attempt a
free drop kick and -lpke, by a4beau-
tiful boot, added 3 more points. Score:
Michigan, 9; Iowa 0.
Blott kicked off to Miller who re-
turned to his own 24 yard line. Fry
gained a yard through the line as the
quarter ended. Score: Michigan 9;
Iowa, 0.
On a wide left end run Marion forc-
ed Miller out of bounds after he had
gained 6 yards. Fisher Kicked out of
bounds on dichigan's 45 yard line.



s Michigan Iowa
7e (Marion ........LE........ Ottie f
e Muirhead .....LT.....Hancock
- Slaughter ...LG.. Fleckenstein k
l. Blott .......C.......Griffen
1e Steele........hG.......Folsen f
e VanDervoort ... T........Kriz
t Curran........RE...... Romey
- Uteritz.......Q.........Fry ,
Kipke........I....... Fisher M
Steger, ....... RH......Dauber
s Miller........ FB....... Miller I
- Officials: Referee, J. C. Masker, I
t Northwestern; umpire, Schom- 1'
e mer, Chicago: Field Judge, Mc- I
e Cord, Illinois; Headlinesman,l
- Young, Illinois Weslyan. I
e Touchdowns, Blott; field goals,
s Michigan, Kipke; Iowa, Fisher, one.
t Substitutions, Michigan, Babcock for
n Vandervoort, Grube for Miller; Iowa,
t Scantlebury for Fry, Yerkes for Scan-
e tiebury, Schirmer for Dauber.
s over for first down on Michigan 15
yard line. Fry hit center 'for 1yard.
- A pass, Fry to Fisher, was incom-
ne plete. Fry was stopped for no gain
around right end. On an attempted
i dropkick the ball was blocked and roll-
ed to Michigan 12 yard line. Fry was
s stopped for no gain through center. A
pass, Fry to Dauber, was incomplete.
Fisher, standing on 20 yard line, drop.
kicked the ball for a goal. Score:
d Michigan, 9; Iowa, 3.
. Blott kicked off toFry who touched
d it down for a touchback. Iowa's ball
- on their 20 yard line. Blott stopped
f Fry for - no gain through the line.
- Fisher kicked out of bounds on Iowa's
46 yard line. A pass, Uteritz to Steg-
1 er, netted 8 yards. Miller went through
t center for 3 yards for first down on
'Iowa's 35yard line.
J A pass, Uteritz to Miller, was g'od
r for 8 yards. Miller added 3 more for
first down. Kipke failed to gain
around left end. Miller went through
center for 2 yards. A pass, Uteritz to
Kiple, was grounded. Standing on
- the 35 ya'rd line Kipke failed in an
- [attempted drop kick. Iowa's bell on
their own 0 yard line.
Uteritz 'stopped Fry after he had
gone through the line for 15 yards.
Fry went through for 10 more. Time
out for Iora. A pass, Fry ,to Fisher,
was grounded by Steger. Fry gained
two yards inside left tackle.
A pass by Fry was grounded by
Curran. Fisher kicked but the ball
was blocked and recovered by Dauber
t on Iowa's 45 yard line. Miller went
through center. Fry went through
center for 3 yards then Iowa was pen-
1 alized 5 yards for offside. A pass, Fry
to Dauber, was incomplete. A pass,
'Fry to Dauber, was incomplete.
' Fisher's punt was blocked, but was
recovered by Iowa. Miller was stop-
ped at the line for no g'ain. Miller
gained 2 yards off left tackle. A pass,
Fry to Otte, was incomplete. Fisher
kicked to Michigan's -five yard line.
Kipke kicked to Fry who was downed
in his tracks on Michigan's 45 yard
line. Miller went through right tac-
kle for 4 yards.
Fry went through Michigan's line
for 21 yards, The ball on Michigan's
25 yard line. A pass, Fry to Fisher,
added eight yards. TAe play was call-
ed back and Iowa penalized 15 yards
for holding. A pass, Fry to Fisher,
was grounded. A pass, Fry to Fisher,
was again grounded, as the half ended.
Score: Mchigan, 9; Iowa, 3.
Bbott kicked off to Miller who was
downed by Muirhead on Iowa's 24
yard line . Time out for VanDervoort.
Ile stays in the game. VanDervoort
stopped Fy for a yard loss. Fisher
netted four yards before being forced
out of bounds. Fisher punted to Uter-
itz, who returned 5 yards to the
Michigan 39 yard line. Miller gained
2 yards through center.
On the next play Iowa was penaliz-
ed 5 yards for offside, giving Michi-
gan first down. 'Kipke gained a yard
around left end. Steger gained one
more through center. Kipke' kicked
out of bounds on Iowa's 18 yard line.
Miller faIled to gain through Michi-
gan center. Fry gained 2 yards
through the line. Time out for Van-

IDervoort. Substitution, Babcock for
VanDervoort. Fisher kicked out of
bounds on Michigan 22 yard line.
Miller went through for a yard. Kip-
ke kicked to Fry wlo was downed on
his own' 35 yard line.
Time out for Muirhead. He stayed
in the game. Fry fumbled in the
backfield' Slaughter recovering for
Michigan on Iowa's 22 yard line. Mil-
ler through for 2 yards. Miller made
it 4 more. Miller went through for
two more. Miller went over for first
down on Iowa's 11 yard line. Kipke
kicked out of bounds on Iowa's 7
i yard line.
Miller added two more. Dauber n
tercepted tteritz' nass behind the goalE

' Dauber failed to gain through the
line. Fisher kicked out of bounds on
his own 38 yard line. Miller gained
a yard off right tackle. A pass, by
Uteritz, was grounded. Curran took
time out on the play.
Curran stays in the game. Substi-
tution, Grube for Miller. A pass, Ut-
eritz to Kipke, -wa's incompelte. Stand-
ing on their 43 yard line, Kipke failed
in an attempted drop kick. Iowa's
ball on her own 20 yard line.
Fry gained a yard off left tackle.
Time out for Marion. He stayed in
the game. A pass, Fry to Fisher,
netted 6 yards. Miller gained through
the line for 3 yards. Fisher punted to
Uteritz who returned to his own 37
iyard line.
Grube failed to gain through the'
line. Steger failed to gain in the saie
play. Kipke punted to Fry, who fum-
bled, Curran recovering for the Wol-
verines on Iowa's 26 yard line, as the
quarter ,ended.
Score: Michigan, 9; Iowa, 3.
Substitution, Scantlebury for Fry.
Grube gained 2 yards through line.
Kriz stopped Grube for no gain at
right tackle. On a fake play Kipke was
tackled for 2 yard loss. Standing on
the 35 yard line Kipke missed an at-
tempted drop kick, the ball rolling
over the goal line. Iowa's ball on
their 20 yard line.
Fisher made 11 yards and first'
down around right end. Fisher failed
to gain on a line plunge. Iowa penal-'
ized 5 yards on the play for offside.
I Grube stopped Scantlebury for 3 yard
I loss on an attempted end run. Scan-
tlebury made 5 yards off left tackle.
'' Scantlebury was stopped by Slaugh-
ter for no gain at the line. Fisher
punted to Kike who returned 5 yards
to his ovn 39 'yard line. Grube muade'
2 yards through the line. Grube went
through the line for 6 yards. Grube
added two more throughcenter. Kip-
ke kicked to Scantlebury who was
stopped on his 27 yard line. On a
wide end run Scntlebury netted 1
yard. Graham for Miller for lowa.
A pass, Scantlebury to Hancck,
was good for thirty yards putting the
ball on the Michigan 39 yard line.
Graham. through the line for 2 yards.
The play was called back and Miehi-_
gan was penalized 5 yards. It was
Iowa's first down on Michigan's 33
yard line. A pass, Scantlebury to
Dauber, netted 2 yards. Iowa made 2
more through center. Scantlebury
went through center for first down
on Michigan 2'3 yard line. Scantle--
bury made 3 more off tackle.
Scantlebury failed to gain, being
run out of bounds. A pass from Sean-
tiebury was intercepted by Marion on
Michigan's 25 yard line. Grube failed
to gain.
Kipke made 8. yards around right
end. Grube failed to gain through the
line. Kipke punted to Scantlebury
who returned 10 yards to his own 42
yard line.
Time out for Marion. He stayed in
the game. Michigan penalized 2 yards
for time out. Scntlebury gained 1
yard off right tackle. A pass by Scan-
tlebury was grounded by Uteritz for
no gain.
A pass by Scantlebury was ground-
ed. Fisher kicked to Utritz who sig-
nalled for fair catch on his own 15
yard line. Yerkes for Scantlebury for
Kipkte gained a yard around right
end. Grube made 5 yards through
center. Substitution, Iowa, Schermer
for Dauber, who was injured.-
Kipke kicked to Merkes who fumbl-
ed, Marion recoveriig for Michigan on
Iowa's 27 yard line. Grube mnade 3
through center. Kipke add 2 yards in
right tackle.
Final score: Michigap 9, Iowa 3.



3 8Ca1p in Arndt Fafises in Second hind Rearick was Mike Reinke who
" ' Place; Rearick, Reinke, Third turned the course in 27:44. Steve
and Fourt: is highly pleased with the showig
____ made by this man. Reinke was un-
, frIt ELL ANN(}LTNN-ES SQUAD able to compete last week again M.
ra~q~m ural item s . t i FACE 010 AND ILLINI A. C. due to injuries and Steve was
^-- ;I TRYOUBASKETBALL RMANAGEl Ianxious to see -how the bright Sopho-
estants in the all-canipus doub-AR Dip laying an exceptionally good more prospect would hold up under
ruament should have had their More tryouts for assistant birand of running and bursts of speed the fire of real competition.
's played of[by yesterday aft-; basketball manager are needed. I that his teammates were'unable to Shnefield who was the next iuan
in order that the daalsfcould Anage nee d. h cope wit, Harry Davis, Steve Far- to show up was closely followed by
indordes that tgeofinatsrcoul.IAll men who have been on the rel's crack distance star, experienced Nicholson. Both of these men caused
red this morning or afternoon. I campus one year are eligible. little difiity in copping the annual a wide smile to sweep the face of' the
er, due to unavoidable conflicts I Men caring to try out are ask- !I iarpham trophy run which was held veteran mentor as their times were
.ches have been delayed and the ed to report at the gymnasium I morning Over the south Feri'y highly commendable. Griffen, Bowen,
ials will not be played until at 7:30 o'clock any night. - jI Field course and in so doing chalked 'Mason amnl Polhamus Were the next
r, with the finals taking place _ ^___ up a new record for the course by men to show up finishing in the order
day. turning the distance in the exception- named.
four teams remaining in the aly good time of 27 minutes and16 Steve announced today that Captain
Went will meet in the semi-fin= j through the efforts of Neff, Pardon, I od Arndt ayledhtodRht a ck
aday as follows: Hodgeman- .andl Walsh. Neff carried the ball over second(s rnt Dvs,. --ed,'e~lk
129-J,-vs. Garber-Hicktfs, 1324-;1 the line on" a quarterback sneak. Teli Last year the run was held, over( Bowen, Nicholson, Griffen, Mason,
rJyfuss, 2429vs. O'Connell-i n ncamea ther the (edd es avenue course because the' polamus and Reinke would comrise
2420W 4C - of a dazzling 60-yard run arued end t regular course was in poor condition the team to face Ohi1 andllinois next
,n24he part f Cap-a n '%Varound Te ( at that time. Isbell won first honors Saturday in a triangular meet over
on the part of Capta Walast year and at the same ine hun the Ferry Fi
e singles tennis the same situ- little halfback slipped through the en- j a yeard at the G eddes un the Ferry-ie 7:;A d 7
p' reor fo th Gdde cors, ta- Summiary-Davis 27:6; 'Arndt 7:
xists as in the doubles and the tire Kalamazoo team making h veing the five miles in 26 minutes 33; Rearick 2742 R ke27:44;
vill have to be postponed until, spectacular dash. 'T wo more toe- and six seconds. Isbell's record for Shenefield 28:01; Nicholson 28:02 2-5;
)ndy, f he as mach n hedo.wns came in quick succession lar
anday, if the last match in the in th e i qutk s on l the old course is a little better than Oriffen 28:03; flowen 28:04; Mason
ials is played off today. Burke, Isin the third quarter, one reselting Davis' for the new, but when it is con- 28:04 2-5; Polh'amus.28:15 1-5; Cata-
tR. . Martin, 185-Riis, toth ardn e ae ,sidered that Iarry made his over a han 28:29 2-5; Hicks 28:30; Bishop
eg mateh in the semi'finals and t a ys tha aileds effy doppednew course the records are about 28:33.
be played today. The winner ack and sheota pretty pass to Pardon .
ay O'Coninell, 242-W, Monday twho speared the leather and dodged' Davis had things his own way after r sr r
on. over the the two mile mark was passed and B r
oe. thgoal line for the third touch- from then on was always many yards E In Tie
rnity athletic managers should dow. Srtly after this, Neff tassed ahead of his nearest teamniate. Mason iEmaT
reful notice of. the rulings onon the Celery City griders' 20-yardulled one of the surprises of the meet
-unners In the coming cross stripe. After a pass and a line buck when he stepped out in the lead at the Covering the 2 and 7-10 mile course
meet. If any min is unable had failed, Neff dropped thiskin Istart of the race and set the pace for in 15 minutes and 28 seconds, three
ar for the daily practice 'ses- i'n Walsh's afn's on the 5-yard line. the first two miles. Mason's time for m mbers of Coach Sullivaen's freshman
Ahich are being held under the I Paridon carried the ball across in the frst mile was 5:42 while Iavis cross country squad were tied for first
sion of Coach SulliVan, Iiitra-three plays. Neff place-kicked the was a second behind and Arndt, Rea- place in the initial trial run of the
rtrainer, he may train hiself rgoai on each of the touchowns, buip k and Shenefield were all bunched year, on Thursday afternoon.
ifrrms the Intramural depart- holding by Mortisn resulted in the closely on Davis' heels. - As the course record is 14:48, this
i his intention of doing so. he forfeitune of the lasto extra point. Capta Arndt ran one of the best run was considered excellent for the
given a tet a week before the Kalainazoo threatened twice in the races of his career, breasting th tape first trial of the season. Hornberger,
gie etaWe eie~h -K hao hetndtiei te' eatly 17 seconds after Davis and -
meet by the Intramural ofici- fourth quarter, when 'forward passes ydriggs, and Butler crossed the tape
,rder to ascertain his physical brought the ball inside of Ann Ar- copping second place. Arndt always togeher, closely followed by Hart, his
n. If he passes the test, he bo's 10-yard line, but the local grid seems to come out better on a five 'time being 15:40. Young was' fifth, be-
allowed to compete Nov. 19. ders tightened up in both instances, cure ha he sem o av tereseire ung clocked in, 15:7, Walsh was sixth
- and the ball changed hands.u and stamina at the end of the race to in 16:13, and Stoddard crossed the tape
omplete schedule for next week Walsh and Pardon were the out- dreast the tape, sprinting as though in seventh position in 16:21.
freshmen sectional group standing stars for Ann Arbor; while ie wereat the end of a mile run. sudg- Coach Sullivan is optimistic with
ll leagues, is a follows: 3:15 Captain Morley played an excellentregard totheshowig db
ganto te oer.ing from his work Arndt may be regrdtgteshwn aey 'the
Monday-tean 1 vs. team 2,I game for the losers.counted on to place high in future frosh harriers .and expects to have
vs. team,9; 9115 o'clock,-Tues-; oets. some Varsity -material-to turn over to
am 3 vs. team 4; 4:15 o'clock-- t Iunger Strike Nears End Glenn Rearick was the next man to Cpach Farrell for the 1924-25 Varsity
vs. team 6; 3:15 o'clock, Wed- Dublin, Nov. 3.-The hunger strike come in, turning in the time of 27:42. cross country team.
-team 1 VA. team 3; team 8 in the jails rapidly is coming to an Rearick ran a good race and proved Of the three men making the best
u,10' 3:15 o'clock, Thulisday- end. It" officially is announced that that he will be a tower of strength showing, Hornberger and ntl'er are
vs. team 5; 4:15 o'clock, teamI 3,200 prisoners have ceased to fast to the team when the powerful is- graduates of Ann Arbor high school,
eam 9; 3'T5' o''clock, Friday- during the last five days. consin harriers are met. Close be- while Briggs hails from Gary, Ihd.
ys. team 4; 4:15 o'clock, team I
"am 10. , -.. - , . """'--..-..------ ---..- - -__-. .--- - ---- - ----- ________ _.. .
teams have" been divided Into
gues of five teams each. Each
ation will play four games in :-a
urt to Win the title of their
the winners to play a matcb for
amioniship. The awards will
ierals to the winning team and
nager. The balanci of theE;
le will be played off the week of
, with the finals scheduled to-'
ace Nov. 19.


Alternating between a brilliaht
aerial attack and an offensive co-
sisting of straight football, the Ann
Arbor High School'football aggrega-
tidn triunphe4 over the Kalamazoo
efeven by a score of 27-0 yesterday af-
I ternoon.
Line plunges and off-tackle drives
paved the way for the first touchdown,
which came immniiatly after the
opening of the second quarter. Re-
ceiving the ball in mid-field, the local
gridders started a march which net-
ted them their initial score, mainly




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