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October 18, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-18

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i Da* dens of lett ers from his fair cor-
res-pondents '
That is probably the current concep-
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF TlE tion1of journalisum and journalists that
UNIVERSITY OF IIICIIIGAN the layman holds today. Nothing can
be better established than the above,
Published every morning except Mondayjyet for a11that the journalist works
during the University year by the Poard i yt
C"ntrol of Student Publications. hard and there are times when it

I; .. ;. _ ... _ ,




Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated Pres is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all news'
dispatches eredited to it or nt otherwise
credited in this paper and the local mews pub-
lished therein.
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter.
Subscription by carrier, $3.50; by mail,
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
hardl Street.
Phoi s. Editorial, 2414 and 176-M; Busi-
ness, 960.
Signed communications, not exceeding 300
woI ds, will be published in The IJaily at
the di'cretion of the Editor. Upon request,
the identity of communicants will be re-
garded as confidential.
Telephones, 2414 and 176-M
News Ilitor.............Julian E. Mack
City Vditor....................harry ll,,ey
Editorial Boar-d Chairman.... R. C. Moriarty1
Night Editors
E. 1T. Ailes A. B. Connable

really looks as though .he worked
harder than many others. The life of,
-the journalist is not one grand, sweet
comic song punctuated by rich foods
and fore'gn news. It is a life of writ-
ing and re-writing and druggery and
hurry and' deadlines and editions and
extras and more writing and more re-
No one can deny that the newspaper
is one of the most important institu-
tiOns of the present order. It is the
organ not only of public information
but of public op'nion. It is the mirror
of our times. And the journalist is
the newspaper's humble servant. If
we must have newspapers, let us have
good newspapers; and if we must ;be
,journalists, let us be good journalists.
That is the motto of the Press Club
which opens a three day conference
beginning today. It is time that the
public be enlightened as regards news-
papers and newspaper men, and the
fifth annual conference of the Univer-
sity of Michigan Press club should

In Case You MIssed It-
Is the purveyor of tle daily ra-
tion of that inimitable bit of early
morning delicacy known to Michi-
gan men and women as TOASTED
ROLLS. Mr. Cowles is not a joke
vendor. nor is he primarily a pun-
ster. He finds in the events of the
day sufficient wit, humor, pathos
and satire to present a newspaper
column to the readers of the Daily.
One critic has already Pro-
nounced the greatest college
This delicious bit of foolery was put
on page one of yesterday's Daily by
the managing editor of this paper,
who believes that his editorial page

To the Editor:
The cancellat'on of the football
game to have been played betweenE
Washington and Jefferson and Vash-
ington and Lee universities, and the
subsequent editorial comment appear-
ing in the Daily, certainly serve to!
show the trace of bitterness which re-
mains among the people of a great
setcion of our country
The editorial entitled "Democracy
and Discrimination" assumes to settle
the merits of the question by the
simple statement that a war was
fought that only a high type of in-
dividual was concerned and he a bona
fide college student. Such an assump-
tion typifies the misunderstanding
which is the cause of so many dis-
agreeable episodes in our intersec-
tional relationships.. The editorial
very properly repeats that " a uni-

Two Stores


deserves more attention than it is versity is a place for broadening the
getting. Why he should advertise the mind and increasing the intelligence
editorial page at our expense is more as well as the common sense of the
han we can see. student." No one will deny that it is
Further more, if it becomes gener- iillegal to discriminate against any
ally known that we, Jason Cowles, man because his skin is of a different
are the greatest college COLUMNIST, color. The Washington and Jefferson
a fact that we have hitherto kept well coach had an unquestionable right to
n the dark, how does he think he's refuse to withdraw West from his
gonna keep us on his little two-by-four line-up. Legally Washington and
sheet? Hey? Lee had no riiht to refuse t0 play.

Central Time (Slow Time)
Leav-e Chamber of Conmmerce
Week Days Sundays
6:45 a.M 6:45 a.m.
12:45 p. m. 6:45 p. m.
4:45 p. m.
JAS. 11. ELLIOTT, Proprietor
Phone 926-M Adrian. Mich.
All All
Sizes colors
For real Fountain Pen Satisfaction
@ Itie Ink That Made
The Fountain Pen Possible"



Tha SELWYNS present
In Associction with Ad14 1hKfouber

Phone 2652
707 N. Uiversity


Fxclusively for College Students
Sp ecialy written by the Presient of one of the largest business
cCPeges in the United States, to enable college students to
i re ali of their lessons and lectures on Law, I1edIcine, En-
gineering, (CIeuiisry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Classical, etc., in
s 1h1.d. .Entlre roirse in ten easy lessons taught through
cor; es ondne'. .Can be thoroughly mastered with a few weeks'
pratice without interfering with other studies. .Entire cost
only i$i:., payable $3 Oith enrollment and $1 each lesson.
ilniey Mack guaranlteed if not, satisfied. .Full partleulars mailed
free upon request. Address
Garin Institute, 4109 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich.


B. A. Billington 1. E. Fiske achieve important results in that di-
Harry C. Clark J. G. Garlinghouse tion
Soits Editor.............Ralph N. Byers.
Women's Edit............Winona hibbard 1
Telegraph Editor........ .... B. TarrTTEND T-E PEPMEETING g
Sunday Magazine Editor....... L ?ilden ATE)TEPE1ETN
Mugic Editor...............Ruth A Howell
Assistant City Editor......Kenneth C. Kelar Even a pep meeting has its purpose,
Editorial Board and a definite one too. The council
Paul Einstein Roljert Ramna
Andrew Propper has set aside a time to give the foot-
Assistants ball team several moments to judgea
B. G. Baetcke J. J. McGinnis
Marion Barlow R.S. nMansfied what the student body thinks of it.
Ji.N. Berkman T C. Mack
Helen Brown Verna Moran On Friday of this week the first big
Bernadette Cote Regina Richmann rlyoft ear will take place with
G W Davis S L. Smith ray ole yr
Harold Ehrlih W. 11. Stonem
F. C. F ingrk H. R. Ston an all the usual pomp and ceremony, andc
T. P. Henry It. . Styer.
Dorothy Karmin N.R. Thait is the duty of each individual, who
Jseph Kruger aS B. Tremble professes to be a loyal Michigan stu
Rlizabhith T,ieherman W. J. Waltour
R. R. McGregor, Jr, dent, to attend that rally.1
As vital as athletics are to the mod- I
BUSINESS STAFF ern college, just so vital are pepa
Telephone 960 meetings to athletics. Meetings of this
sort produce several results, and if
BUSINESS MANAGER conducted in the proper manner, none
LAURENCE H. FAVROT of these results are detrimental. The
~.E.. Dunne team is given added stimulus, new
Advertising ..............Perry. Haydn strength and new vigor, by such af
Adverting sig................" " ..... c Purdy
AdvertRosr rally. It is given to understand that
Advertising................w. K. Scherer its efforts for the college are ap-
Accot-ts ....... ............C. W. Christie
CircuatonJ..........Jno. Ilaskinslpreciated; that although it does thee
Publiation....,...........Lawrence Piercee actual playing and fighting and suffer-t
Assistants ing, that the student body is also en-e
Benie Cplan Harold A Mkarks gaged in the battle. And such cooper-t
AouisB.Crouhe SIA.Roioc well ation and teamwork is very essential
joseph J. Finn H1. E. Rose for the purpose of winning a contest.I
David A. Fox Will Weise
Lauren HaightW ite The effect produced on the non-players
R. E. Hawkinson R. C. Winter is also a good one. They are filled,
Edw. D. Iloedemaker
Edw. D. edeaker-- -- with spirit and with a dletermination:
-their team cannot be beaten. It is
not a feeling of overconfidence but
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1923 I rather a feeling of admiraton coupled
--- - - - with good common sense. Both the
Night Editor-EDGAR H. AILES team and student body are ready to
give their all, and in most cases they
STILL ANOTHER TEST do. If pep meetings produce these7
Experimentation in educational results they are worth while.
Eerdsofuierst t rail* caonal Our first pep meeting is near at
methods of university training contin- hn e l tedi.
hand.. Let all attend it.
ues to assume a more important as
peet in the broader field of academic It is a shame to see so many fine
sciences when word comes from Co- apples going to waste. Why couldn't
lumbia university that a new profes- Henry Ford become a frut dealer?
sorship in "collegiate educational re--
search" has been created there by the We wonder if Gov. Walton has nine
trustees. As the school which insti- lives?
tuted and has most widely extended-
the system of intelligence tests for.~
entrance, Columbia now institutes a
new system of placement examina- Twenty-Five Years
tions, designed to find the yeariings'
specific weaknesses in restricted lines Ago At M ichigan
and direct attention to their immediate ~
The plan, which is to be inaugur- From the files of the.IT of I. Daily,
ated shortly, will subject the men to October 1, 1898.
analytic treatment of their ability. In
Englishfor instance, distinct tests will At the Boston meeting of the Amer-
be given in the various phases of can Society for the Advancement of
rhetorial work; spelling, construe- Science, a paper of much interest to
tion, vocabulary, and composition. physicists was read by Dr. Karl E.
Where a man is found lacking in any Guthe of the University of Michigan.
one of these capacities, he will be re- It embodied the results of an invest-
quired to take a special course in that gation carried on by himself and Prof.
phase of the work without credit. The Patterson in the physical laboratory
system will, it is hoped, eliminate the to determine the exact value of the
difficulties which arise from unequal electrical unit known as the ampere.
degrees of preparation which are
bound to exist among all entering The senior class of the University of
classes under the present preparatory Texas has adopted caps and gowns.
regulations. It also passed a motion requesting the
In 'purpose, this is a most corn- faculty to do so. Tie faculty is
menda'ble arrangement, but the difti- sharply divided on the question, some
culties which arise with the cluttering beng strongly in favor, and many op-
up of such an intricate adminstration posed, one member declaring he would
by test upon test are bound to pre- resign within twenty four hours if
elude the successful workings of the they were adopted.
organization. If Columbia can main- -
tain both intelligence tests, place- By direction of the secretary of war,
ment examinations, and the several Maj. Victor C. Vaughan, division sur-
other preliminary inquiries into per- geon of the board of medical officers
sanality and capacty which are al- appointed to investigate typhoid fever
raady apart of their system, they are in camps, is assigned to duty in Wash-
indeedj worthy of praise. It appears, ington for two months to complete his
however, that with the institution of report.
the new idea, the intelligence test, ad-
mttedly only a vague indication of The latest development in freshman-
capacity, ;might be relegated to the politics is the rumor that Miss McKay,
ultitude of defunct components of the cand date fom vice president on the
nlicayof degntcomponentsofBenscoter ti kt, has concluded to
n alfady gigantic system.her name from the race on

I aril>nnt3i nil lu'r. elwq(A frioll(Ishln With !

, ;

If the present fever of construction
ever gets through with our campus,
and the destroyers get the upper hand
again, 'we have a very modest sugges-
tion for them. Very modest indeed.
You know the Clements library-
And you know the sign on the front
f it-
And you know those two little mutts
that seem to .be holding it up? The
bow-legged angels that each have a
hold of one corner? Or, more poetic-a

But if we would claim a university
training other things must be consid-
We must know that, undesirable and
unjust as it may be, there is racial
prejudice in those states where a
large proportion of the population is
colored. The decision of one football
coach to refuse to withdraw a negro
from his line-up when' playing a
bunch of southern boys isn't going to
eliminate that prejudice one bit., This
discrimination has evolved naturally.

, ,

& ncaa" k

allyT teThere is nothing mysterious or inhu-
The two pie-faced angels, iman about it to any student of history.
The bow-legged angels It is a condition which is deplorable,
The granite-eared angels that but one which should be kept in mind
hold up the s'gn? when officials arrange contests with
Well, we think that if they could be southern teams. As in all other situa-
filed off it would be one swell library. tions requiring diplomacy, friction
should be avoided if pleasant relation-
Thee faculty, God knows, gets little ship is to be maintained.

DAILY AT 5:00 P. M.
Passengers caried for
Ex-Army Pilot

/ 5

TOHE """

Our Prices Can't Be Beat in
Detrot or Anywhere Else
The collcge r man will always
find the correct thing waiting
for him.
gave a IDollar or l.re at Our

Vie iamifcture hats and do all kinds of cleaning and reblocking
of h it- at low prices for high class work.
(5 G PA7CA W)DSTREET-Where D. U. . Stops at State-PHONE 1792

enough exercise, so it seems to u1s
that when they do get out and plan a
snappy little game o' ball or sumpin
that the students should at least re-I
frain from kidding them about it. But
look in the Daily:
"These weakly baseball games will!
serve to bring out athletic talent
among the faculty."
. , s
The Gargoyle advertiser who in-
delicately inquired in his half-page
splurge "How did YOUR garters look

In vew of this would it not have
been better sportsmanship and bettert
judgment if the Washington and Jef- I
ferson coach had avoided the issue by;
not proposing to play West in thisl
one game. It would have been unfair
to the player, but if Charlie West is the'
high minded individual he is pictured,
he would have appreciated the sensi-
tive situation and would have been
glad to forego the honor of playing
for the sake of avoiding an incident
which is bound to stir up greater feel-

In lots of 1 gal. or more
N. iai~ St., Just North of -Machine SpedilIty 'Comany








this morning?"is apparently unaware ings against his race.
that Michigan is "a coeducational insti- J. V. Fopeano.
About this time" of the year-to wit,
just before the 0. S. U. game, it is thebai
pleasant tradition of the shops patron-EA
-ized by the college guys to put in
their windows little foot-ball teams, By SMYTHE
composed of kewpies or other dolls, , _ _ _ _ _
and adorned with appropriate colors. Tti and Strategy
The business has gone so far, at vari- !v r o i c hot of Pe ny
ous times in the past, that the Cham- Govern mitof Pnnsylona,
ber of Commerce-the organization ' who has an ambition, un uestionably
ta - 'laudable, to be pres'dent of the United
that made Ann Arbor what it is-.. . d
offered prizes for the craftiest window States is rapidly being side-tracked.
,And the side-tracking is being cleverl y
display exhibited by a store before the handled. Prsident Coolid e is slow-
big game of the year. This announce- e .e .d i s
ment of course, was the signal for the ing himself to be a tactician and strat-
.h i egist such as Marlborough or Napoleon
good proprieors to fish around in the might have envied.
basement and get out "that damn
paper ribbon we had last year." When President Coolidge poltely
And, having fished it out from be-
hind the piles -of shop-worn derbies, offered Governor Pinchot the privilegr
they appoint the young clerk that stud- of preventing a hard coal strike there-
led indw-timmng fom he . C S.was a round of applause for the Presi- E
ded window-trimming from the I. C. S. ent's generosity. Pinchot,, was the
to trick out the facade of the estab-gd
lishment.general opinion, has received the op-
lisheent. portunity of a lifetime. If he averted;
The results are usually most melan- the, strike, the country might rew ard
choly. Either the strangely inactive him by electing h'm President. But
foot-ball teams appear, lined up one : hard coaliin many districts has ad-

y ... ... *






opposite the other, with one or two
men on each side apparently pounding!
their ears just before the kickoff; or a

meaningless maze of colored crepe
ribbons ,are strung from top to bottom,
from end to end, and from front to
back of the window. One or two lucky'
stores manage to get hold of a trophy,
somewhere or other, and dump it
down into the middleof the mess; but
if one store gets hold of the Brown
jug just before the Minnesota game,
the others seem to think it's quite all
right if they put the Interscholasticj
track mug in their exhibit instead.
We would like to see some super-
honest shopman-a grocer, for in-
stance--get out a display consisting
solely of bananas, prunes, and Kitchen,
Bouquet. If such a display is entered
in this year's contest, it will have our!
vote for first prize.-
We suppose that after the tribute!
paid its on the front page yesterday
morning we should get out something!
awful darn good. So as to convert the
cheeses that glance at the col for the'

vanced over last year's price and the
Pinchot stock has dropped accord-
What the President really did, we
suspect, was to practically eliminate a
dangerous competitor by giving him a-
job which no one can' handle to tho
complete satisfaction of all partes.
Is the hard coal episode to bo re-
peated? At the President's suggeation, I
ex-Governor Ipwden of Illinois has
been chosen chairman of a commit-
tee to promote the organization of
wheat producers. Another difficult and
trouble-breeding job is given to an--
other prominent man who is looming
up as the Republican champion. There
are many p-tfalls in wheat.
With the big week-end at hand,
Michigan is about to forget that she
is an institution of learning for a fe"u
hours. It is to be hoped that the
recovery will find the University !
stronger than before. I


is lhe label that leads to your
sI and overcoat satisfaction
up and dow
Custom service without
the annoyance of a ty-on


The Russians are evidently well I

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