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October 17, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-17

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slow I

y ,. ",kc .F ' ''°"° ,, "Lz si i.k :4. - ln.,FZr",. " W. - i 5:2
m c'.yr 1s,4.Y.yt. a "' ,.
1. X ='.aZCat. iCCihasnaa tea:.. _ 6LLM '°v &'


Coaaches SireassI mnso Wh the following players listed among the
Kropp ed{)ut in ,,anderbilt first strin-ers:
j;]lt' ler Amuos, B abcock, Baker, Blott, Brown,
Curran, Donnelly, Ferenz, Grube, Haw-1
CUT' 'RtAWUC S '1't iL?1t.() 4kiing, Jlerrnstein, Tcleston, lTile, Kipke,
SQ~UAD) TO lRYrI0MS Kunow, Marion, Miller, Muirhead,y
Nisch, 11'alIi er, I'arkor, Rockwell,
~~~~~IMichzian's Varsity football sond ~ t i ,, 5; eger, w aSuhtrUt-
ih~,\anervort , t'Wall, Wihierspoon,
was plat into fighting tri-;.) for tlhe Vick, i, ndWte.
heavy part of the 1923 footb ll seaton __-------____
MNonday afternoon with t? f; annoz~unc'e- t 'j~j o



o " . a-

/s-r t ,,Acondition by the time this year's
VIW I E q ~F ~ tis run.
{ ac ,ir%' rrt '11 T md iOver Trc o Sr ntn e e ivl tat;illthe

b n d O4 i ie-ll i ii@^, S,. tl


. ,----
i , ~
di' i ,

S v arsity Cross ,Country Coach ItSteve
Fa rrel I handed his protege," th-eir
;Li 7.fe workout of* the sesnStra
niorning when hxe sent the hill and
to le= men thirough11 a three. ald cone-I
halt mile t rial run.

- w ork state l aned ~lboth -were
old .u~ :Ul' by tQe 1'511ll0,4. ( ma! curs
0 & Won W rd Kt'c a;'' tripAl
*v( ~' I rd 's I stI on hatic:1. P

~j1QS T91S SEA"O4

regular staff of players. TA'~Tecus vrwihtetilwssign.
6 q- hol-i'ed wa n the worst of c on~iti)n cue ; "Alnit
With only 32 man now istedl as reg- i<) L~I~iIb road repairs lilt the time mnade by a twohas
ulars the coaches have '. innhrum s r [be harriers l s considered god by: Then tic
number of players, cori sing the best,~l T ' TIW or arl. ai n erc oect
men who have reported for the squ=ad ( were the first of the lot to co e in, between tI
this year, and the final ractices Lc- IW .IIiI A O 1 both turning in a time of 19:11 for the Alex was
fore thee opening 'of the Coferencei ~ three and oe-half miles. Thei1Cshow-'te mnor:
seasn wil-bemoreintnsea e in ae by i earick wassomewhat of agd the s
suit. Finishiing off yesterday's work out a altir 1'ie to eeryone. so Ihigly
Reminliug sessions secret ;with a scrappby Scrimmage against the Davis, an tck Fiisere lsely fit sa5~id,
- T ; 1?OIJC400Wt i- 1 a wee lo nsytongyo +_
The.remiaiing three practic e sCS- fre,:hnman team the Reserve football CA.RUMTJARP 1Au 5tA, owen, by .dcinuce wo alsoraditston
lions which the squad will have before squad s rapidly rubbing off its weak raceATiishing i the goo tune ota] (l ouWc
the .Sc rlet clad warriors of Ohio trot)rc rihn inte el tcAesw
out onto Ferry field Saturday afternoon otafdiplyjl giretaisat19:1.Rnk tem tohtemstIg5)0
will be held behind closed doors with isactory in every way to Cacha Fish- ~ 1 nsn A h e undoe obsat
atoebu h coaches and trainers in r. Steve trom last Year's freshman s'lal. a
Mondne eyasth next man to crossofEatf
atted neswhs cemo k ut a e A t r n i niehndrill in heitaa.lEre a a go d r e sandTh s g
teh el 'nleaythis week. n Mondzameta l , di tap.iHoran:.e 10
th rehinadtoe'member s o'!'crewm ~~n h0 hwed a lot ofrreserve at the finish. "al oii ,
rne'ls a-ce g ntte rd clad yearlings (v- t i B 'nan r. tweethe next en a;Bso
th iVr si ty wo di n'tand for 2r5a m inutes there ensued a bat- ga ~ ) tos ow up. IBoth w ere closewoithmehe odds f
freshe isdps fe as ihtewt h dsslightly In favor of , .. - ,t'r non andif theorrace had Ibeena 'l tu
ucesad tl tl vis/the Reserves.In spite eof the fact that''r'"i s FIE LD i 'OLI . n fter
snes n ' iy!<a""[«".,TRNED 'HE TRICK Istraight.
alhuht ~ othey presented a better running attack f* rt = YEtlafth1' ii te lie.s
'nal score 'given out the reglasndabteowrpass system the ' '*:he ti*)th ln e ao, Claan PJ
-Showed m to mpoemn i her' il i
defensG eoe t e c m n f t e R sr ee unable to cross the iho osP a n C l h n, o-
I reshlan line. acsan ik weete ex and scouzt
Bukys'ik afakfo h e-ITm fe tm ogps rrncomenr i nishing in the order named.amsn
uars was taken from the game in a b roughateta lngtheshadowsunof To a man up a goal post it would 'epidemic with teh Orange and Black, cer with P r etol. Ilie has l:;n ne. 7"iThe first six men to finish Saturday roln
dazed condition, but was arightye-teoa rs but tm after tm eith- apa a sthough the Princeton Tiger for one thing.t of 1b5 aebrswocnpa n- emt epatclysr ft eira~i
yeit- oe golreosSqtimdtinIeappeaitibennato
"tedayrfarnonaftetrognoonu.bl oran ttrheredmushshrpefhsmtethandgetreanT "Woop"rcieept'hidsiuatont sharpenendr agooiacouneethlcesendhegeua. nraedlioItoTotaer
"hops".,nvel "tis itutio;iself. One year Picker as an al-tlsi
Yesterday afternoon the first string- pas.; the freshmen got the ball and nasty if he hopes to repeat his dealy is a serious one. Snively, playing his te sixmten Steve will probably, Bil d Ol
ek h eetkn ars rmSt icked out of danger. Except for one work of last season when he ate Har-' lst year on the Princeton eleven,cestr end the lnexat, oedwidthes. ick anoheeis for the lug metindfuneeb
urda,s -battle during the scrimmnage bif eio fh:gm tebalwavard alive and took Yale for dessert. wants his team to .emulate the feats ftelneaeils.Nwh s o h . A. C. m~et which is slated hmlo i
Monday were given a stiff signal drill in the freshmn:~m territory but try as For in the games to date the Princeton o Capain Dickinson and his 22 crew. hIfcch unlt fsh i aera o aei eOt 7 the Taygfeth mentomrsa
besides considerable work in breaking they might the Reserves could not put eleven has not shown to advantage. In addition to licking their two'mk mr cage-knwngt A CIL (V ' came eng
uppase over. Less progress seems to have been greatest rivals, Princeton invaded Chi-, Snively will fit inl at any positon.! The)1nesonnlue i ofthr iflil to farc hs fa
dstsfacs.T h tahes aloksdoned, etpbyn afbakfrte e aetward developing a well found- ago andi in one of the greatest inte- They might give himn a crck a.t center the Farer harrirswill hbe dtermin-anvl
byserves, tre off several pretty runs. Ied teamam sf hesthanotwi- was cananticipatedrdy he Sev wlwhen bot-va
the ends Saturday and all of the wing-: Savage t quarter ran his team in fine 1 the coaches and grads took stock last ectinolgamedsofthe Usesnoit- of hne dnx audywhnSeewl edaotv
linen, Curran, Palmer, Marion, Neisch, Shape his passes to Welling proving month. Chicago team. ilsrmto ta edls-audy oc
and itrrsuon wre sowncareull particularly effective againt the fresht- Fumbling seems to have become an Snively has had an interesting car- Pra ;',e ""h *K " ors. BakrtM.AC.iwoinhsme
lust how they should work while a',men. __________---------r--- ______________________________________ miy in order to try andl avenge the,
punt was being sent off. Not only did( For the first year men Koplin at fL
the ends show inexcusalbie slowness in rnight end proved a pillar of strengthI ~ I~T 111 AUrctrud olwn steshdl defeat 1alanled thmu by the Woveine
ni. I L f1ThecIharpn, trophy run will take'
urday but Harry Kipke's kicks were gm heiiit fsedn lashs oraen o techI ;u~ o hase cnIsretlIath5'cdeadThl -as al
all hurried and sonsiderable ggrounde Iltlrtyof sndin pl $ hir! ay afternoon : libshman, 97M place S at rday, Nov. 3. In this run
lostat cuciartoanadIway. I-he was always the first to be The spedall tournams.O'Cnellt240foWr t7he;, , the harriers; will race for first place,
'was ls tcuilmomens aare- down uner punt, hitheirfirstclman to'finishonnreceiving the709Now
suit, dw ne uth~fec akigclass team$ will be started somectime e i IBirks, 1166; Nichols, 1934l5, s.Oimcn,itefrtmnt iihrc g1h e
Stress A1erhl 1Defense usually stopping the man' with the after November 1. as the fresent -- 2482WI; Pr all, 62M, vs. Wuoltenmen, I honor of having his name engraved on B ,ae 'ut
Eve snc ~ S.u.cae i~to ixI al inhi tacs.cheduhe for the fraternities has been i Scouting, a distinctive American 413 ast uro; Oneia,22064, vs:the larphamn tronhy which is in Vat- insurance
Arbor andl forward passed circles aeou oa t oe the baanetrit hneown byth Indians, will Gingrich; Garber, 1324 vs. Al acht, erman gymnasiu. gert Isell, per- American
around the Wolverines in 19.9 and tool I reach tie acme of civilization this ! 040,J; Hicks, 332 Maynard, rs, N. baps the best dutan rneevrtc'sIar
evrgie gis h c~ L fUof the monti of 9t ober. ; weIhnCati -ut n at Frieling, 91W; Nagle 436j, vs. don a track Suit won tie event with gers, wvhi
hm thfiswith Bl 1'1The following men have been sio. fee 1aa 1l.isp.r Crane, 2451.; Ifirschiman, 2006 F Li"as last year ,and in so doing estab-! ug the o
Mvrgie gixttebaize and Tr.I~ fsN Mrnswill come here via
'Blue, Coach Yost ha s been teary of tie ['F'IF in getting in tie results of their firstc.,oine osotte hoSae Washington, vs. It. S. M artin, :1805; lishied a new record fo rthe corse. e(1 the tr
IUDR (F' Singrla;d,1(;es; tev isanxoustotseehwOteitmeSastgai
aeral tta k i whch ilc tu ors hi round tennis matches in the doubles Flowers, 1166, vs. Sln oi-d 6 6w i t v sa xi u oS eh w t et m at g i
peroa teaes. nThi h year ilnoecs -____htunaen: reerWeeer 1 0 ihigan football; game in preparation ,niteb
fto'rtheeUt:te~leteaesWMarine-Michigan Burk~ 131, vs. Lymman, '273A; Coy ne, ad y-tihe winner of. the ilarp)ham the gant
todngand Thes ar isnesof te Ti's ntrstdinfncn-aeas-East University, vs. Eps Lin -Kaufm , -o h Jttdtae ain-ihgn,2420W4, vs. Rgister, 13Ui J, urphy, tropihy this season will compare to ness w7ill
tio ad hewarnes f he~os iteestd n eningar ak-825WV Sha ro-Lifshetz, 2?3J ,s ieamie \hch is to be played here Nov. 1040,, s. Air '16;;Fnlesuthat made by Isbell last year. Isbell the g ~retrt
v"Michigan coaches has been increased oed to meet at f:15 o'clock this after-1 int pm 95J lrlaO-Lv-10 63, v. 4lnri, 2320 ; Kh'im as ocbyo oe asy ,rcytewin
with the ,reports which were brought noon in Drm. May's office in the gym. snj22,v. atnMri , ,. lR; Tre larty will arrive Friday after- , ..v . sen ' oW.: oi ak , 9', CI ',a~se~1,',ayar"utxre te wy )",ic.i
bakby CoahSterzneggper from the 1Instruction will be begun by Dr. BurkrlMcala 131,vs!1.11Onoonad )will fly l Sac: to a''le,,ry is 5W 1~.U iii'1, eshel o he(crewilh n aha
Colgate-Oh-io game last aturday. The May, who has charge of fencing when Knight, 1270J; Steginirn-IVlario, sometime Sunday. xtosId ve,.Umacoi, 2-372J._ __ ..__
Scre"n rycaeotfo nc it was a recognized sport and will later 2437J, vs. Roland-Fm'tschie, 263,1:
an ovrhligla n idteb ae u ya sitn.Harrison-Seitz, 179, 7s. h i-+1 'l ing'. 'in.I t a lave aeo n an~ed I May of tlemca flow tratinling for TAKe THt
'game in tie last few seconds of hlay.I Some 10 years ago, fencing was al981W; Benham-Goellne, 346'4, vs. oft anl.' man. whoareeve ryke(lO5~O1ItVmet hsfl
with the aid of some very (lose in-i regular Varsity sport and teams were Lyman-partner, 27411; Iloffnimn-part-- nlmy be calledl to play whiene vr an 1e*rs-curtpnt ":; fl r
terpretations of rules on the part of engaged in competition with other( nor, 21391!, vs. Wachter-WhIte, 170J. ppnntcn1escue frhi. lot tua:t they a:re ra fgior then' r
the referees. In suite of the help which schools outside tile state. Now, how- Unless these deficients Immy" "thei' ighlt in the all- ct115ict iI ~'
the breaks lent to the Buckeyes, they ever, there are omly two colleges teach-I gaines by 5 o'clock tonight, the will y anuurcecclenIt means I, Ucsit, cse 'n't- - C (r
have one of the mostpowerful offenses ing the art--the Naval Academy and be thrown out of the tournamment and Lss th to hat of ter, n cil l c cre for telisa a'vit y mecet are l
intecountry, accor.dng to Coacch iWstPi. It will be impossible to the schedule completely r-arranged. !i~ uvv heo'gra r i t ~rining. IUndertieI....ie ori'u1 ('5 of- ~~nli. eSee t1y1'e (ll-IilliO1I's (II IOI S ld'litlillill Wrif tl~ilIxlNoting10
S"terzlregerand 01)althoghthey do nt!develop much o emthis ya It a be -osilt" -n<nt h pain a u oyer hsnt entraini,7tngyurwesire .$ whip PS~N
boast of an Cuitlly good defense, the skilcan only be acquired after yasfloig ace nte eodrud an, rie , bt lgs arnt eryvios o t eeen t ~ i r'' r e from pa- Cohr11:ozAIstr utie *
will be able to down most teams by j of training but it is hoped that a large of the all-campus tennis doubles ! iu o h Ic~ . ans. rn
outscoring them ratter than by blank- !ntumbr will be interested because of I toramn:nyenire-ox p3r liomfising freicshnicim have 1)0011ticipationl. Fr atrnity a' etie man-!
tornmet Gee 'rn-o r ,, - revealed, although most of those on aessoi e ht ha.mni--jPacleiurd Street and City
jug tem, the exceptionally good exrcise it af- R , vs. fower-'Unseold, 111411, Ilodge.te nr hetsrvvdfr h i's eprt fold practtie ietr men___re-__y
Cut 11ite in Vitrsity fords. man-King, 2129J, vs. Recall-1rall, --------______________________ ______ _______
As a result of tihe reports which 'I 632M; Shaxw-Ossenbru gen, 144214, vs.'
hav e come to the Michigan camnp re- Following* is tie fraternity speed-I Garber-hicks, 13243. The ther men ; <
gardifng the( strengthm of the Ohio aer- bal schedule for this afternoon on who won their matches in the I>"."t
fail attack, Michigan's backs are being soth Ferry field: 3:15 o'clock, Phi round have been given temiporaryk
drilled in the art -of smashing up thatf Sigma Delta vs. Theta Ci; Sigma I byes. 'Those affected should watch
method of offensive. 'Chil vs. Phi Delta Theta; 4:30 o'clock,I Intramural colunmn each day" as pros-;
The cut which was made in the Var- INu Signma Nu vs. Delta Tan Upsilon; ont conditions warrant the canging g % N iysudMna feno evs ccav h eaDlzoIo h ceul alta sro h _

haug'hms Ai'.t
mllb t(1iy auuxzeie n t I )t
" lilt."
0e 11111-s 'hll' :?: e h 'oh I he is
tomr th i ii s,raiorn.. .,..i' i '-
lie Quake"rs and lie Atlimh'l ls
sltcd 1to bereixlrm'ned 1t
s but Pat IMoran', V 110 1ii5w-
;o+;il sc~ i d. 1) osted C roiver
lied flooin, boss of C)(} out-
All righit:. if h's; as r;owl as
'hi gile hilt!a ( bamce
ca.('tch lhca."
lelt in anvil"vo:lcedfive il-
t an Ath'ietic'raclld l ;fit
ough the'1'=d?;ad c-' it sIlr
Colins,.t iakem' and the e st'
)ulous siuggig11 e(r.v.
ive (rov;^r a cane to
11l is'Qd lhilil first in at galoi
andm Alec: lost im the tenth
:th When fzcd himislf made
ow and lot. t he winning 1.un
that ''rover can turod eg'ht
neimnan, who acts as coach
tfor the Pirates, relates an
incident that tooks place not
in a small, leaguie. I-Ie had
geed to peep at a southpaw
cidedl to keel) his identity a
ly anl adlmission ticket and
the staniids. 112 fou10 a s':t
k of' first ba.'e andI soon he-
agedl in conversation with a
sitting n ext to hium.-
m xvas full of Conversation
nteered ' lot of informnation
,-sous players on the team.
utinkled on Pag;e Seven)
.Wj000 [1F POLICYj
York, Oct. 16--(By A..)-
di took out a 50,000 dollar life
epolicy with his greatest
aleague rival for batting hon-
y Hleilman, of the.Detrojt Til-
o is an insuirance agent dur-
ff season. 1-eihnan witness-
riuamph of the 1Yankreec in the
ie of the, worlds series with
is yesterday, and talkied busi-
athe babe today.. Soon after
tslugger roeceived his part of
le's share of the series.- The
in ado out in favor of Mrs.
.1 Tab y Dorothy.


. , '

s A p


t __

Basket Ball

4 v,
7 /W
\ c \ N
- - - - - . . . ' y v " 4 ,
J -
'S w.
7,/A1 .\

tiberc is ivardly a combination of color th,,v -we
a.re' notabl.e to show you I' this mOS ost'r~b
rarment for Fall andC Winter wear.
Imported and Dolmestic Woolens


,pa nts






I - j . .- * . "W k -" - i

f f ; . ' l IL . . _ Pm. _1y sa .. r R A! B .'9k ^ N"' ~". 6" E'T °} " $!: "S i dY S°1 Y t "SY S1d" '" ..1 °9

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