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October 14, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-14

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R 61
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1YA 7i S T I E UP SE - :R IE S B Y
3 rd4hFIAl 1 WININGFO fTM 1U THGAME .8-4

IV i &a,

Ued fromi page One)

stellar variety and his pssn
Stan lAluirhead and Curron also
up a wnleilgae 3oth mll w
(10~ jmvUde vrypn adi W:,13
donltl tth.at mnon t? Xi,,
in1odCere elev,-11~O~fe m ret
or9 y ~sbforew ,eor t
them hithLimn.
fair proved(],more sucec itt i i o h l. p),1o1t. n
C ompl)eed 6 pas s ():fit f1altr
ed for a total ,I aito;,91 yam t7eyi
Method of atcwieVuebl
temlptinlg 5 passes compl')1"t,'{.oly eco
for a gain of 8 ytmis.y


On punting Ryan had a sliht ;
vantage over Kip, the former ave,j
ing slightly better than d2 yardsc
each boot while the Woverhie p unte
averaged about two yards less.
The play by story of the ame fo
Captain Kipke won th toss a
chose to defend the West goal. Iya
kicked off to Kipke on his own ilv
yard line who returned to the 23 ya:
line. Kipke kicked out oti)undsl5o
the Vanderbilt 2; yard line. Ryt
stopped for no gain around left en:
Ryan kicked to UtrtZ who iv;
downed in his tracks on the Michiga
30 yard line. Miller m ae 4 yad
through the center of the line. Stegc
madh 5 yards around right end.
Miller went through tackle for fr
down on the Michigan 43 yard Iin
Kipke lost 2 yards on a left endl rur
Wakefield got throughi and stmp~e
Steger for a 5 yard loss. Kipekile
55 yards to the Vanderbilt 19 yar
Ryan klicked to Uteritz who return
ed the ball 7 yards to the Vanderbil
45 yard line. 'Tinge out for. Vande
bilt for water. Steger on a trick la
failed to gain. A pass, Kipke to Stege
failed to gain. A pass, Uteritz t
Kipke,, made 17 yaryds for first dow
on Vanderbilt 23 yard lie.
Steger failed to gain through th
line. Michigan was penalized 15 yard
on this play. for holding. A pass
Kipke to Uteritz, was grounded. An
other pass, Uteritz to Kipke, we
grounded. Kipke made ii yards areuna
left end. Kipke failed on an attempt
,ogoal kick from the 50 yardl lie
Vanderbilt's ball on her own 20 yarm
Ryan kicked to Uteritz who signalei
for a'fair catch on his own 49 yar
line. A pass, Iteritz to Curran, wa
incomplete. Uteritz made 1 -yard o
a wide end run. A pass, steer U
Uteritz, was good for 40 yards, put tim
the bal on the Vanderbilt 10 yr
line. Kipke made 1 yard l trougeh the
line. Kipke fumbled the hall ona
Wide' end run, Mejrs recovered for
Vanderbilt on' his own 24 yrd lin .
Ryan kicked to Michigan 45 yaiv(
line. Kirke mude 1 yard off right
Pass, Uteritz to Steger, ;?1 lic fi tee^
yards, putting the ball on Vanderbilt';
40 yard line. Miller went throug
thp ine for 4Yards. Waceeld ztoppea
IKipke for a 3 yard loss. Meers in-
tercepted a pass fromt Uterit on hs
own 24 yard line. tyan kiced, the
ball rlling dead on the Michigan 37
yard line.
Vanderbilt was given the bl t
the Michigan 37 yard linre. Blolt re-
covered a fumble, giving Michigan the
ball on her own 42 yard line. Kipk
kicked to Rves who was stopped i
his tracks by Muirhead on Vander-
bilt's 20 yardline.
Blott recovered a fumble, givic,,
Michigan the ball on the Vanderbilt
21 yard line. Steger failed to gain
through the line. Kipke 'went off right
tackle for 7 yards. Kipke added 2
more yards off tackle, fourth down
and 1 to go. Miller failed to make first
dlown, the ball going to Vanderbilt on
its own 11, yard line, as the quarter
ended. Score: 3icigan 0; Tander-
bwlt v,
Ryan punted 60 yards to Uteritz
who returned 10 yards. Steger made
3 yards around right end. On fae
, play Steger, made 5 yards. Third
down, 3 to go. Miller went through
the line for first down, on Vanderbit's
44 yard line. Miller fail-ed to gain. A
pass, Kipkie to Steger, made 14 yards.
Miller went through the line for 3
yards. Uteritz made 10 yards around
right end. First down on Vander-
blt's 18 yard line. Time out.
tegor made 4 yards off right tackle.
Kipke made 5 yards off left tackle.
Miller made first down on the Vander-
bilt 8 yard line. Steger lost 1 yard
on a 'vide end run. Kipko lost 2 yards
more when the Vanderbilt line broke
through. lPlott kicked a field goal
from placement on the Michigan 2

yard line at a difficult angle, masking
the fir st score of the game. --I iehi

'he lineup for 11he Sgaoe follows:
.Fn ta anelta
ir.ead~.........I' I.......L. Bomar
arcc 1Li a ts'.... .. T (........w en ej]
11l- l +1ht ........r.........Sharpe S TA E 1? IN YESTERDAY'S GAM E
I- a.t.C..........GKelly
Al \rEan E '1. . o t. '1.......W eelker -..__ _.. s . ..,_ -. ..
of ('v'j...........R.E...... Wakefield
ttz.........Q1.. . Kuhn ll(capt.)
I iee(capt ) . T.I......... Meiers .
i 13exrr ......E11 l.......... Reeset
1 ller..........PI,...........Ryan
t ( coal from field -- lott.
So ,, l;M iltions - proube for Miler, .
K ick for Steger, nh tak
155,e liedik d e oe ao n
togRtve d. Khe a ~ied roustrfaouns .^i
)l- bnytherran on it 38 yard Elbine.15yarives
on adens 1'ill r ls aron d s iogh u
(lrt iedt a ipfs i e d uthefd soud i a
f yn efcor. 3yaloss. yryn.kickeds
I to 18trds ahoudble ed butrd
ci dri~It offwsidope. l fr os gain ?w
to tRn or_!y dlougs n. s.g Rymd a r icedls ;;. ' .
"r" thrugite in. Tmeou, hre
Miltler failedho fmaed bterecoesrydH.;_
is~ kiekedowntheVanderbilt.45.yard.line.
rA as wflromasisoppardwasrintercepte
.n.thu Kipkh malie.4aSte,,audrightyards
A. enrouas the hl ndTied.Sore:, l hpe.
gankic;d tonerVadebitl5tar0lne
turnpedmthe bll15yards t i on soedtewinnroinunitdasuebighctfln kck.Cne;bvQatrakUeizlasn.Blw
of bouds onehfe n . Sc:1Lextpay ad a- -_________~________
PasKiketohogrnesrie- oro h aswocnrbtdt l rsl fysedysgm ttime mefbers Jofkthetloclnclub under
ticinedthe balontVdrblt5 yadstanis inssuedtewraisedageapowhenithsuerboflthe menkc.CtherCommoovQtrsbactes rfitziatesith.the local
130 yard line. Passe wsrit edto t Hpoerfulftbr alagregtti nderaaneghmtateiWolvery inet accapternashiagjunobran.ntsat
waof copbtouandbsUeit wsoerit ndMihiaeIouhttoaxtndstppditatmp tastblshaVuioammbr
gr u d d.AerbiltkickasyenKize n t epe hia s orle s ie on a un y-ouhe n hi w s he fist to-e tred by th
the n li fcr i m m ag, Hi ve o w s reo vner- g i i o . Frdh n y t m ur n i e l I a j i o M e sKi a i n , a c r in o M . H
ion hdris own 48 yard line CurlnletimAesnth ote wr eInolPrdentrtofetin Klocal orani-
setopedhReese r oran.yanenfoscosin HeirDopponents' goal9Il Cirooioietawianorat itselasttmeet- zation
line.eImingeelecfedhofficers forbthenyear
yaroud. lat ndfr 4c a dsb c. V nReeseohaeth R udlost o t
e yebl arsn alideen 5 dsn yan oung h ae ygsothdy fortenbattlecidtheatns Grnitowaselectede sidenht; Univrsityaffiliatedwiththelocal
Is ichiednthe baltl ornatfairVaditc on nYossenpaiipdatear inoti en d edi- os tehFoideisvieT pesimdet rVe-
wits ion 15 arline.s btUeitwseinoftheandeMicDudleyughstoadium aeasorpditmanntt secretary;unir Johnhel
Millnerde 4Ahroughictheyline Kip-Nshvleshoe of thennyCouohorns;lsiocrsodngsceay
ke akshimreinsderihttaklead heibptzetthtfel wthaeWntrriHbbdreaurr;antPof
dtlie okicitoaRe, ieswoewasedownedsoless r tt che olytie ofurig - Michael DcFccoippistfaculty-adviser.
_n;on his wn 8 yard line. Cas urnnginhevsasonat he omefgtingweonits n- rofsre Do Fillipnpisleofthe o
ste d aRetedornoyads. RMeierswsn tivrom grousngandein the woar s oth- IIii c lnguaage o jatmit as t me iolPei nt fth lca r n
ou fo u d ih ios nm ci ae o w ih e eeac-I ci rmanecedoff e rvenig, andexplain-
arounc ed tyard customyardTheRWolverines, r-pryar-
j }eesck e t o ve~ritfor afir tc down,11 put-iatd n hecedcat.oe heFodi ie rsdn;Vc
Milermad 4thrug th lne.Ki- tathiveoalarerofsho orrted puPatio 'rso i Circrasrbin
Wigmthesbailmornihig'sac40eyard thpizd thstonerieaead wh picfrtesdoftalianr;culturoan
l1Iinepee wastoRest oeds d owgndsoees ate etieof winuadvcanentFthepitacla iset.i
orogin ighwed.selestmdeone, ilt tin~gbontse.r4 na-____________
yardhough48therdline. A pass, unbyrfesr eFllpio-fth o
o mar s nected b egr n itrve .onthedirnutheost lcarrythePlnm ay - Bs
ownya25syardilinealeathereacrossuafordthertmeetedwas th
fipor aed 1 yarudoffwiht ack ls.erbutlmtto o aaiwhiththy era-Wcairaw, ot.e evenigyand ex-hn
c utruedgaine moegrnd smt wlen ebr fth oienatelle
1ie,ou aetfovaerbilt.fistegew en p tedteproe f C c a bin
it;thebal onMiciga's foyrd ttier ofa lwasrgenoo erte r-donthePsy s taloanankultrecentl
iiObf iOastiOLLO th uooestrlngertawas he T Mpifrthinslaistedan adn
yards. Milerwas stopped fat'the linadagentsfatndcouldinlytupaytin
, ronmug a scant yrd.M ipkmaeowe t oon heMizind.Bue thue University.1
carrdtrug he .Tredtiehbltohetahe ene yardine m n, ii ee'o~
th o eter or 6eyAd ssttng heo nl-o fi i h te pt; i-w-cns ot f t e s n to s o -- -
Wall o the 5 yardline. Milleradded ovetouh denru,1sive o ab i sthe-.0! td t arig ra icae
3 ardwsfr intretedon. Seger onvas suteres lPolandi Pay r~e trug testreetandsaidthe
stpera teliefoeoaan. Ither annals o t roid<ir wu(1calagin he tebak a
owen it, yard . teerr- hligtofte. Waoae0 nl-rivts nexsOmet.o 5,0 /2- .P)We
' niedinther amde.biAt pSseg eri'etz sequen aes Vade rb;1Oitlt i i t w ell mr il rmtentoa 3~
to Kithwsgoned asb eirp leaedwisth te nl sctre olthei foffilce.saelanbn rcnl
yar on.ile asoppag See neots.Oitt, lios icn
ocasiondteMaesoaalluerfu ag arnieThendaoly dvertisers.i
;gamn ,"a scnt ,ard. Kipk wen
: carr~~~~~~~~~ ~~~idtebl ot -yrdlte' 500 mr ils.wih wr ot
t<ro hcntr o 6yads utin hetw cns.Motofth sntos b
OnytIali h p :rA.t u ti:-
l ba l cn t e 4 ya d li e. ill r a ded over S u h d fen ive abil y= l.cte to carr ingpac a-. s .-_
a . t g e t 3 a d s f r i r t d o n S e e r w s o t h r e r s o e d t e n i r r i h r u g h e s r e t , n s i t e
stope atth lie or o ain w ul cal gai, hn' t e b nkha
th- nal f -egidrn

. _Keep those floors polished and pre-
7 f , y t serve theme from the wear and tear of i
F~z y ,!?ci 14 everyday use. We are making ater
1special price oan large containers of
' 7}Jy 9 ; ' wax, used by FratO Houses, etc.
Everything in the Wall - paper and
Pait lneal6so.
Al A .'ff'. -


x\hih nettedI six tallies for the Amer- PorFtlil Iiing
ican leaguo champions, the Yank fans Yankls'- Up: Ruth up and walked.
literally went wild, as, run after run I. TMeusel up and out. Pipp up, sin-
wais piled up. The fact that tllme ro- 3gied to leMt. Ruth on third.: Ward
doubtable Babe was cons=istntlrup Singled to left, scoring Ruth.
alked, gave amuple evidence of the n cn u adPut
Pipp olsecond. ,Seanmua.ot
cautious brand of ball the Giants put by fly to second. Scott up and out by
up. fly to shoert. Otne ruin, two hIits, and
no errrs,
'irst r.lug (i l) V: Stengecl up. VTalked.
Yanks 11)I~! Witt up. Witt singled Ker~clle y up and clsinrled to left. Sten-
to ceuT gn u. .X1i.dIIIgl 'on secomid. S nyder out. Hit" into
catcer. luth u . 1ou todouble play, pitcher to third to first.
eatchr.Ruh-II. Ruth ou.l'u-1t.Iillan 'up. Struck out. No runs,
Id se ou. Grounded to short., forcg ht,11 eros
Wit tLo second. ;,nd of the inning. I1~hlnii
No runs, cue hit,_ no errors.Fit 'icn,
Giantw Ala. i3ancroft cut flying to Ysankees: Shawkey{ singledl past
10,1'. Grob. up. Groh out. Frisch I .;Gtrob. Witt sacrificed, Snyder to
7ingleItd to cen~ter. Young up. Sin-j Kelly, Dugan flied out to Molusel,
ledto lft.Fzsct o s, l~d E Rut~h hit 'a ball that wsin inside
)ihoucel cp. Grounlded to secondI(, fre of tihe fair teritory. It would have
muga Yo.Ung to second, tooi short. End been a houmer. Rtuth s'uck out. No
of: inning. No runs-, 2 hits, no errors,. runs, one hit, no errors.
~~i-I ning' G('iants: Ward took Bancro~t's hot
yanks 111): 11P'IIu. Sinr TA to smash and th rew himn out. GrohI sent


Polo Grounds, New York, Oct. 13--- Igled to left. Ward i~ on third. Shawkey
it ying superb)laebti in a desper- up. Fo"uled to catcher. Wiitt up and
ate attempt to even up thle series, the cldoublc(I to left, scoring 'Wardn. Scott
Yankees today took down the Giants to on third, Dugan up, and out on fly to
time tune of 8 to 4. center. End, of hialf inning. One run,
TIhe mno t entlusiastic crowd of fans two hits, and no errors.
--more than 55,000) of themr--sinice te Qunt IiU: Grah up and ouit. Frisch
192 'World Series, gave evitienc& ef I up), rand singled tf) center. Young up
the interet of the Gothaites., as tbe ! andl out on foual to catchier. E. Meusel
Series draw is Closer to its end. up. Strik es out.' No runs, 1 hit, and

Phil1) 0n second. Schiang iul),?Ground- nice catch of Frisch's short ifly. No
edl to jhitcher. Pitcher fuinbled, filling , iums, no hits, nor errors.
bases. Scott up. Singled to left, seeor- f Sixth Iuiiiug
ing Pilap and Ward. Schang on third. Yankees: MVeusel fouled out to
J. Scott taken out. Ryan now pitch- Kelly, who mlade the catch near the
ig for Giants. Shawkey out by sac- grandstand. Pipp fouledt to Snyder.
rifie:fly to center, Schang scoring. rlho also made a good running catcli.
Witt up. Doubled to left, scoring I Ward lined out to Frisch. No runs,
Scott. D~ugan up. Grounded to third. n-lo hits, no errors. This was the first
Wiltout t tiI~(. Tugan9n I inning the Yankis failed to mnake a hit.
Ruith up. Ruth Walked. It. BMeisel Gihants: Young got a Texas leaguer
up. Tripled to left, scoring Dugan (continued on Page Seven)
and Ruth. Ryan taken out. McQuil-
len 1)itching. Pipp out. F~ly'to center. F "
H alf of the imning. Six runs, 5 hits, 1I ,
(h.1ts uip: Stengel up and walkedSaisFrnhGemGekny
Kelley singled to righrt. Stengel goes tii o ie ooamae l
to second. Snyde'r Up and out on, fot'l foreign language keyboards. 84 or 90
fly' to catcher. McQuillan up. Out, characeter models--the latter equipped
first to pitcher whot covered first. 'Sten- '\vitii keys for accents. Reverse~ move-
gel on third, Kelley on secihd, Dan- melnt carriage for languages like Yid-
croft up and out by fly to left. End dish and Arabic.
of inning. No runs, one hit, no errors.
Third I umling -O. DI. 1IlRRIL4
yanks Up: Ward up and, walked, .Dei 17 ickel'us At. . smll.
Schiang up. Cut on sacrifice, pitcher, to ' peealer:r
first. Ward on second. Scott upy. Sin- I. .. ..'ewitr... .....


'-c p
.es a re1 built for
~~n rahrthan'
$451 911n,9.r ---$6

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