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October 07, 1923 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-07

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" tiful old folk songs, the bringing into solute self-control of the individual
he llu c4' nd fix d Ivogue of old national country dances and at the same time a new freedom
growing literature. In this last field,i Movement combats false shame as
M arri ge"coe writer puts it, " close alliance
lies between he Jugedewegung and well as prostitution, and stands -for
IGermany's younger novelists and the removal of all barriers to uit and
ROBER BAR RON pots. The Movemsent acts as an ac- equal paicipation 'of bothe sexes in
RO E T A TR Nceerator for the yong German all activities:'
m'incd I youewant tobut i As previosly and- 5 etteti Ita. 13.
There are always colored rumors person shons every audence invaria- cny test'sfee the Yoats Movementa Dy ir n an articten e it-re"on tiss
about . . . about anything. Several bly forgets, the director. Wiliama Mc hokstoreei the lce to strt A su,, , ' Cnur aaie
days testesthe appearance of thes Conell, at one time thse asistat 51 sew eature o tcc vmetiesnen' tistilot'ng 1 iofi tutrlt
Michigan Repertory Theatre, for x- Sans Hum, and nes connectet i thI eisis cters' itc ┬░itiss deitwand rio rilal-dluvte.isew's tree 'ois
ample, I was ilet this and that aned the ClevelandclPlayihouse, was sisk ~Ifiytlesti-tYotuggirs occi trc ts eai mst"'ine'Cant
the ther thineg cncerning it, that ngly aparent in boils produtionsyen eih cifalty frts at0. ixo alaunt no tys se-i
thec plays wesre unfortunate, that tlne despite ties fact Ilac he did ret ap- er roml ilagetovi e nd cl .ri 1( yar '" los poii" 110e
actors iere disinterestedl, that tiespear in the casts. The correct eat la<ten ti s1t-sc tt'te"'rouccnt t "" ~cs ii i" verrsrelftiptv- t
whoeteaffair was a frost, litisnftsel etet ii, the tigltieii =unde i s s r i c tbrite' .Ay(,_,is, ,iagnai
Buet nteaehlat te rganizationts listeiedtrameatic si a te n-,the cate Iiit lit itth v g
tine ltdecd its ititial AnnetAritrer en- tat ccetression ot tii3 .acting. l5h apyt~~ acsswt(i~",atei1'rant
gagemetandaateveryon eas itbeen toldlrt stem It'se r ssttofNIt-s ut 1l '. o t' ''', r hecwtit 'etofa
loeeslrtnti. tie-dc evsstcncs ri-y iren.Sly it te iit o lp let ritel 'czis t a riier eloitdept - i' tl'. besi tc
see', is ststitrcvary fl e t' tto d i e le t . csatoer t cs anitiet s ai . i strtt getIs Lt,_ar-
is- lie riise r d eoste ercclst' 'it._itthscetri cn' o ,,- lv -' v, e o cc l.s-1 nee to lithit
pan'snivt dua irtlu lLe vsi t t ceisi sit' ciso .1he r tic" ry mnarhts.o
Latty atec certain naisets thecat 't!is i atilqeto.Lk hi < an a, fee a r otisinls ritti6tto 90
centainedt no stars. Tisin itslf is ja hororof rciterieeutI t -al" c" Cn 'it ' o th Grmnsttent hal-
particularly signiicant tr it sabas irttcxprecstio-s treotglyrv r 3 c- '1' "ie r-s_ i"r iscool age,
Iliacthey Iave areatdy leacitetdth e rt ilcth ticti cciifi tte s~ ~~ . r,.- ri , ril ttis. gtoup isi
firt leetten' toasart ttsiiid art.'II tiax stll te (rly tii't Ii r..u c. ' ueT stirctmpo-"ed at
alsa lead to a toleranet cooersation eis -ethells b vrycitca'i isfo ' ' alr:.1 tis
ttvsen ie various ttmiees of thi' tiullitel. - tiI title i>-issnfit sociii it -- - -' rr5,
company anidsundiubtedly cnsdilut"i '-c shousil ciiiI it elclhsatssl teio u ria,,o ?: nu rt
thteir greatest forte. tee additione tier sr. 5'tl5itseehcop-isesis'sretrsist scn-eean crsi gr cilwi t Ieir w: i"uh
settinge swere tateul -- though .l-!le it every statceoftithe e snisity o a nm~iti.(nu-reu n.
vietialye econotesical - andcarried t tt5t iate liii. ie litrlit t'it fa .sSet -es is f r c ro i a t'"'tie
wvi tnebtrusiv'e artistry. Thes light- sa"atien, the sselee traci', 'etoil tsi 's- ~t t Iei ctrli;s' moi'siarchy,'
ing, i h a ai3r caa t te, was euite exceptional, ant- ofel ca ofatits tale streets en ic us uri tper 3r ente tieoiietrlt tiei
sods detais as tie etuning anti ti'at.es' t-i ofSoil-t'ttt-' r t-t in r ,ro~:>ce
sake-up sere caefollyiorked out 'jPIEYOU'TH M3OVI3ENT ---- raully igroes ingisnerta s ie ttse or-tse Yoth.titThi agroup,
And do not laughs at esly neeinOntioncedf'enPn G eoIs"ftst is wh-siiiirht tsupnatslt-i"ttorclainm
thee make-up, for, like the tiepany eli Ye ontiMvnen isrorPaeen utaOetpttne r atrhenath' onitre tetalhssut iegetelaso hsec
an orchestra, one does not appreciates' t loeeti urhrn u-fo egoa elh nue a fi- is-Is soty h eyloeyiel raaie m
its importance until it ielbady does. der recreationefleeall cases. Their tint rom.sial)cetaic'si tak elv'"iIeyloteyogase' n
Inees nth rgnztin hs-jornels, literature, and speeches are llac. Tree istlehessand prit, -s isti tde aen 1nperar
lneetite orin ifuuaatier ow- phasisieg pride of body addsythoughe eoedpriggshly spoten of is 5ttcaiii.othe hasv inroadsuontesits
eenwof healths" tee this ppularizinsg of hese tess, are thse qaheeeeaiIseiti teeigssaehyteeees store
than its past. The acting was good.eoutdoer recreation antI sports, they reonspcoetsy stught fr. Dec Neoc 'secntioned extemnist parties.
ihepfyins llei isoreconiehu the dtisa-are aided by the abolition of cnscrip- Mlenschs("tiesnewv nan") is thi somte il. Dyac sunso up the political as-
pofint nosyl tisshatcwillitedalltameition i. . uniesal eiitary service)swhat atmbhiguotus teenswhch thoe.ppst and outlook of the Gernan Youth
pontno i watwil t llam a- wislet it is clained eft a big void in 1she stand in the Mohvemeent motfie losseent as folosws: "The situation
to. Geman life into which ahletics east- quenly apply he themselves By it, of the German Youth Movenent of to-
Someone asked nsa the other ay ly caene as a subtitute. For instance they msean a man or wonan absoluteI day ie one of itter hostiity bietween
to estimate the effect of the Repe- before the War there were in the va ly loyal taswilingly adopt presepit o powerftl extremes. A strong in-
tory Theatre on the student body. O- rnoun organized athletic asociatins of personal cnidct. In practce thee clnain tosard cvl war s man-
viously this person sas hornbiowing and clubs "of Germany sene 400,00 invove for mtost of hees total ab- est, fec there is no" strong center
because anyone save a thousand per- members; today the numsber is over stention leans alcohol and also of nic- whihs couls reconcile and pacify the
center would know at once that they 3 1-2 millions and it is still on the! otine in any frn." I differences bets-een "Nationalism" and
hardly hear of it. The campus as a increase. It is claimed that in the problens "tnternationalism," . --ice reality
whole cares nothing about the artistic The artistic gains of the Youth of sex relations the ethics of the Jlbeteen chauvinismssauth sane nation-
whether it be mussic or literature or movenent (or Jugendbesegung) cn- Mlovement ae nmost distincive. There Iaisn. The elenents in favor o a
drama. They are even those who say sit chiefly of the revival of hV beau- is "no monkish -ascetisus. . but ab- (Continued on Page Four) a tltcatmbls n h
fair ones form the student's sole rea-
son of being, and that any other en-
deavor is beyond him.
The faculty and townspeople really
furnish the support for sucs an or-
ganizationt and in the present ase 1ID r s e
The theatre, on the nights I attended, a IO llC J Ct IIs.nlyirese scules
was almost entirely of the professors frcleg en
and their wives, and in this lies a! of Poret Twills, Serges and Wool Crepesfocleg wear areben shown
vera alsoaeatractUne, the borgniza- large variety a $5.5 o$50.Yo'lfn th mdesarcivadte
ery gso rarl.Uesthe urghz-ina$1s,,t Yo'lfdthmdestrciv adue
tion will evolve into the f ad of a' e prices reasonable. Next week we shall show an unusual line of the latest
clique, and then of course the project r'esyDese mseil designedfo college women. These come in al the
is surely doomed. And the doubleJesyDsesepcay foam
tragedy is that, in Ann Arbor at least, popular colors, are exquisitely tailored and designed and made by one of the
there is no apparent remedy. best houses in the country, one which has a reputation for quality, style and-
A einor question lies in the names Vy tailoring. The prices range from-
of the conpany, why it is called aI
repertory theatre when it is not one. 3 " (
Repertory, you see, implies a con-; -J ~t~
gramns, as well as the same change
in the casts. Outside of gams Mume'sj
six weeks' season in Detroit ieee
years ago I have yet to learn of the I G o w n s
ica. The present organizatian is real-I
ly an At Theatre, that is, a conmpany for both formal and informal wear will always be found here in the season
preseneting the lhighest type of playslaetpdutosanawysm ereypic.-
with carefully prepared, starlesslaetpoutosanawysmdreypic .
casts. Of course, I realize that this
name would scare away all sane
thinking Americans, but surely the I ~ 1( . 1 T
word Repertory is as bad for it con- uses thI L.
fue ohse whin do not knew its U.C 'I'' ' I2 1I' t
meaning and puzzles those who do. JJ I C . k)L2.
In concusion~and it should be a

longconluson-et e mntin tatiOf course you are acquainted with these superior hose. Many of you have
Mr. William Franklin writes that sent to New York for them. Here in all colors at $2 and $2.75.
several statements accredited to him
in last week's interview were erron- ,TT C 1 (1( , ~ TI
eons. HLli L~'Uv~1
It isthe cpolicy of theft magazin o'.tc -18 A N S R E
pealis On 'des - of opinisom by bots 1 A N S R E
stuent 'mad faculmeber's if, im
the judg'mint of the editsr these ari
cles are of intminsiscvaleead inteest.
Thc ost'esi 15 mstit Thle Shop of Satisfaction
soliiedodrevoluareily offeed aree
necessriitinmacornd withediorial
opinion either in prnciple erfm's-.

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