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February 22, 1924 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-22

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(Continued from Page One)
>enevolent international clearing-
se, we may as well announce its
ral for no propagandist pulmot-
an possibly restore it."
he negative argument was basedi
n five contentions forcibly pre-
ed by Professor Hobbs as follows:
"The Covenant of the League of
ons is founded upon a sham-the
-ense that it has the power to pre-
war. (2) The fundamental idea;
article X, 'the heart of the League'
hat the status quo must be main-
ed inviolate. If our experienice1
:hes one thing more clearly than
ther it is that there is evolution
tin nations and that the political
s of today cannot be frozen into
rame and so guaranteed against'
uge. (3) It would be uxnwise for
nation to bind itself to a future.
rse of action based upon the rela-
s of things as they appear today
The League method of attempting
settlement of international dis-;
as is in direct opposition to that
he World Court and a reversion to
discarded hegemony which pre-i
led the treaty of Westphalia in
and which in reality spelled an-
iy. (5) The Lieague panacea for
is the pacifist program, the peace
mny price' doctrine which assumes
. war is never justifiable."
Denies League's Success
rofessor Hobbs drew a parallel be-
en the League of Nations and the,
y Alliance which he pronounced
"legitimate ancestor." He denied
success of the League thus far
rging that- in the Aaland islandsI
ute which the League successful-
djudicated, both contestants de- L
d peace, no major power was in-

'nchot FriendEXUI1 LBNflU Cups Offered For
Tipped Teapot"n bonFair Prizes
Rumor Declarest CI[W (F MISHAP BIMI vNine cups nave been offered by
- ~ various Ann Arbor business firms and,
Washington, Feb. 21.-Saving of the individuals to be awarded at the Un-
rigid airship Shenandoah against ac- ion fair, to be held March ' and 8 in
cident such as that which caused her the Yost field house. for the best ex-
.i..to break away from her mooring mast hibitions given in the different feat-
at Lakehurst N. J. would be insured ures of the fair.
by putting, "the weakest point in the To the most attractive booth will
link" of the mooring attachment out- go a cup offered by Sid Millard of the
--wside the airship, permitting her to Sid Millard printing company. Claude
take the air undamaged in the opin- Drake of the Quarry Drug company
ion of a board of officers which made has given a cup which will go to the
a supplementary inquiry into the ac- booth taking second place in point of
cident by direction of the Navy de- attractiveness. The concession mak-
partment. . ing the most money will win a cup
The report of the board made pul)- awarded by the Charles Graham book
lie today mtade a technical explanation store and the one with the second
of what hapepned when the rope broke highest amount one from Carl Bay,
-,.of what happened when the rope broke jeweler.
from her mooring mast and found that I For the best circus act to be given
all reasonable precautions for the at the one-ring circus in the center
safety of the ship had been taken by of the building another cup, donated
her commander and crew. by the Caulkins-Fletcher drug com-
I pany, will be awarded. The best
clown at the same circus will be giv-
-. MEXICAN REOLUTIN en a cup by Wahr's book store.
Two cups given by Hackley Butler
LTAMBEU-I .an hed the Larnard hardware store will
- ' ,-. be awarded┬░ to the best feature con-
Utributed by a fraternity to the parade
Harry Slafiry - I to be held before the fair. The Maj-
W ht it Is said that Harry Iexico City, Feb. 21.-The revolu- estic and Arcade theaters are conibin-
asconservation expert and tion in Mexico has virtually been ing to give a cup for some feature of
eag onseratiord ext and the stamped out, according to statements the fair which is yet to be decided up-
eague. of-Tifford-Pinchot ad,..hnade at the War denartment od on.

Paul Pettiot, professor of the
language, history and archaeology of
Central Asia, in the College de France
will speak Monday and Tuesday, Feb.
25 and 26, in Natural Science auditor-
ium under the auspices of the Uni-
versity lecture series.
Professor Pettiot is considered one
of the foremost authorities on his sub-
ject on the continent, and has chosen
for his address here the cultural and
religious contacts and exchanges of
Central Asia. The public is cordially
Mladison, Wis., Feb. 21.-"Plus-min-
us" examinations are in favor here
according to statistics collected by
Prof. C. J. Warden of the psychology
( All group fraternity pictures
( must be identified this week
at the Michiganensian office
in the Press Building any
( afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock. [
( No pictures can be identified af- T
ter Feb. 23.
Fraternity Editor '

Patronize The Daily Adertiser-

Patronize The Daily

":"' .


e y u







inTerted to 4
escreen as
Daringly Acted by
W ). (OLliER, J1.
And Big Cast

1 oiiedy Riot
ht, News and Orcbestra

late Theodore Roosevelt, was respon-'
sible for the lifting the lid off of the
Teapot and starting the tempest overI
the leasing of the naval reserve oil
lands. HIe has been, for more than
ten years, secretary of the National
Conservation Association.
the League?" He dismissed Profes-
sor Slosson's statement that equal-
ity prevailed among League members
by calling the Assembly "an exceed-
ingly unimportant part of the League."
He reiterated his prior claim that the

It was asserted that the Federals now !
having no important enemy forces tea
fight, will be engaged hereafter in,
the work of exterminating the guer-
rillas who are maurading in Feder-
al states.

Practically all the fraternities will
have entries in the parade and booths
at fair and indications are that the
competiton for the cups will be keen.
Berlin, Feb. 21-(By A.P.)-Local
Anzeiger says that the experts com-
mission hasdecided'upon Zui'ich as
headquarters for the proposed Ger-
man Gold Note Bank with capital sup-
plied by Swiss Dutch and British
bankers in addition to German funds
The bank will begin to function April
15, according to this newspaper.

yved, and the method of procedure League was put forth by pacifists, re-
as that of the World Court. Hejferringto La Follette and Villard as Apdhroximately 200 couples attend-
trther alleged that "ltaly and France I "rare exceptions." . te f Society last night atGran-
ave both refu-sed to submit to the Professor Hobbs concluded his re- 1ger's.
eague for settlement disputes which marks by attacking internationalism in e ssd
ere likely to lead to war. Mean- general and William H. Taft andc The program as arranged by C. K
hile, no one of them trusts it for Woodrow Wilson in particular for McCacken, 24E, contained a soleh
tch is building armaments -against their "intertwining" of the League dyreesIe selction and
(e other as though no League weie covenant with the Versailles treaty Tavaris, and a few songs by C. I.
existence." He was greeted with much applause :Bse,
Professor Slosson was brilliantly when he quoted Theodore Roosevelt ThelchapEr
tceessful in his rebuttal of ten min- to the effect that Americans can best The chaperones were Dean George
ee, receiving an ovation from the fulfill their duties by confiining them-WP W. atterson and Mrs. Patterson and
idience and a compliment from his selves to their own problems. Prof. H. _.King and Mrs. King.
lversary. He replied to the asper- The debate was arranged by the lo-
on of the Bok plan on the grounds cal branch of the League of Nations Playmakers Score
its monetary aspect by referring te Non-Partisan association, the organi-
.e Nobel prize for world peace which ization which was responsible for W th "AhWay Out"
,s long existed and commanded re- bringing George W. Wickersham here __
ect. last November. Officials of the asso- Robert Frost's "A Way Out" was
Taking Professor Hobbs' five argu- ciation announce that, in view of the the high light 'of the' Ann Arbor Play-
gents, the speaker proceeded to an- trendous interest manifested in makers prodtion lat night. As one
n er them one by one. He charged both events., attempts will be made to; wf for plays, whose effect was much
ponents of the League of Natibns ring other speakers of prominence lost by Ioig intervals. taken by scenej
ith inconsistency in asserting alter- to Ann Arbor in the near future and hanging; it made u for the poor m a-
ately that the League is a monstrouS to flrther intellfgent study of world.I terina of the others. It was very skil-
ierstate and that it is a feeroblems in- every way 'possible. fully done, du'e to the work of Mr
itution impotent in a crisis. He Ray Alekander, ad impressed the au
)Inted out the need for' a body which +
Antdealuwth nedfrabd hc ien S mashes dience vwith tho, occasionally marvelous
in deal with non-justiciable quest- uh ss
productions of aumateurs.'
;ns, i.e. those outside the sphere of Y r
Aion of tte World Court, and declar- 500 Yard Record The intimacy obtained in the litleI
i that the League meets this need. playhouse aided greatly in overcom-
"The reason we never hear of the N ing the technical defects of the four I
Se ee ha eork, Feb. 21.-Joseph Tierney productions. This was, undoubtedly
ars which the League has prevent- 'holy Cross middle distance star broke not a representative program of the
," the speaker decladie, "cis the world's indoor record for 500Playmakers. Generally their work is
t Upper Silesia problem which the' yards tonight when he captured the consistent throughowt the evening, and
eague has solved satisfactorily and Buermeyber special at this distance at of high quality. Lack of facilities in-
serted that no wars have occurred the N. Y. A. C. games. Tierney le a terfered with a most interesting, al-
tween League members since the trio of rivals all the way and broke though nt fhrst class, series thepay-
ivenant went into effect. the tape in 58 seconds flat eclipsing ers when they have surmounted this
Professor Slosson denied his oppon- by 2-5 of a second the former record,I difficulty.
it's allegation that Article X corn- made by J. W. Driscoll, of the Bost A.d
s the maintenance of the European A. in the same event two years ago. WB.
Btus quo, by referring to the lang-
ge of the section which forbids on- etMacky Mny Enroll in Engineering
wars of "external aggression." "Re- Offers Unique Course New registrations in the engineering
2llions are not recognized as sub- Lexington, Ky., Feb. 21.-"Confer- I school for the present semester total
et to League interference in any ar- ence on Life Interests" is the name 104, according to figures given out at
cle," he said. "Furthermore, boun- iof a new course offered by the Eng- the secretary's office yesterday. There
ries can also be altered by the lish department of the University of were 1733 enrolled the first semester
aceable methoads of arbitration.Kentuky to teach students lie art of and the list of graduations and dismis- l
rchase and plebiscite.,, serious and intelligent conversation, sals is undoubtedly greater than the
All Pdpes on Equalic.as well as to acquaint them with new enrollment. The number of stu-
Pr ss oes'on sua nt h real knowledge of modern life inter- dents actually in attendance has pro-
Professor Hobbs' statement that the rea
nall states in the Ieague are sub- ests. Present enrollment of 100 stu- bably d'ecreased to a lower figure than
dinated to major powers was con- dents indicates success for the course. it has been for several years.
overted by the assertion that in the---
tsembly, the nations are upon an raiy classified for rea4 results. Daily classified for real results.
uality, while in the Council, the min-
powers have a majority. Profes- ;
r Slosson concluded his rebuttal by
inting out that the pre-war paci-
ts were prominently aligned against
e League citing Senator LaFollette
d Oswald G. Villard as examples
d 'by quoting President Wilson's
tum that "The right is more pre-.ta"Bi eld
>us than peace."
In his rebuttal, Professor Hobbs de-
ed any parallel between the Bok Co.
d Nobel plans on the ground that
e latter was never used to influence
gislation. He criticized the LeagueI The Finest Tailoring Trade of Ann Arbor
Nations because its members are
t jurists but self-saeking diplomats". I.in
ie affirmative support of the eco- 'e are now 1n position
mic boycott proposed in Article XVI
rs repudiated "because, under con- to show the finest and
ions of modern warfare, it would b;
over but the shouting before any most seleCt line of woo'l-
ch project could make its influence
t." ens we have ever had.

Suggest Opera Exchange
Champaign, Ill., Feb. 21.-Paul D.
Wright, manager of the Ohio state
university opera, has 'suggested an
exchange of operas with the Univer-
siy of Illinois. By this arrangement
Illinois would take its opera to Col-
umbus after its performance in Cham-
pagin and the Ohio Opera would go
to Champaign.
Alter Woes First Lecture
Dr. Nicholas M, Alter of the Medi-
cal .school gave his first lecture last
night in the Medical building, the first
of a series of lectures on the "History'
of Medicine." His talk last: night
concerned the development of the
science of medicine.
Alpha Nu Holds Debate
The negative side of the question,
"Resolved, that the congress of the
United States should have the power
of removing cabinet members was
given a two-to-one decision. in the
Alpha Nu debate last night at Uni-
versity Hall.

\ /\
$ EE
\ I

Here's a Picture!
- -irom- win
Rex Beach's TUM MOOfRE
t aittmounlGidr

An Appropriate Program for Such an Occasion.

. ,




-'T -.-


~L ~ }


( l 1
Yj "
_ , .
1 "
(, .f 4 r
1 t
\ 5



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Fere's Proof T ha A eing Pp
Psious Wrigley D8,iling in Chicago Being Doubled io Sb.

Quotes Roosevelt
:essor Hobbs conceded the possi-
of internal warfare outside the
e's jurisdiction, but asked, "How'
>uld the United States have got-
the Revolution without France' ,
t thing absolutely forbidden by

S,. W. Corner Liberty and Fourth Ave.
Second Floor
Sam Burchfield and Co.

* The part of the Wrigley Build-
fag erected two years ago has filled
such a want that the north section,
nearly dou'ile the floor area of the
south section, is being added.
Thi north section, nearly com-
pleted, occupies the entire block,
immediately across North Water
Street, fronting on Michigan
Avenue and reaching to the height
of the main part of the first struc-
ture, with a connecting bridge.
n The space in the new section is

Here is a concrete (as weMd,
steel and glass) proof of the sy
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stand as a monitor over the activ-
ity of the Nation's second city-- -



IC El Imo:- Aa' stfl

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