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May 28, 1924 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-05-28

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volumes of important
relating to the colonial
ie United States'have re-
received by the. William
library. They are re-
e governors of all the
Iles in America to a ques-
nt out in July, 1773, by
uth, the British secretary
colonial affairs.
onnaire was designed to
e economic and political'
the colonies and the re-
'rm every one of the pro-




Announce Date OfI
Senior Banquet.

noon between 2 and 5 o'clock at Uni-
versity hall and tomorrow afternoon,
same hours, at the desk of the Union,
according to E. C. Stark, '24, chairman
of the hanauet committee The nrice

states that an agreement has been I
reached whereby Russia transfers to;G
Japan the Russian rights in East
Siberia and North Saghalien. Japan
agrees to cancel all old debts against
Russia and recognize the soviet, and
also to withdraw the troops from Sag-I

Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members of
the University. Copy received by the Aasihtaut to the President until
8:30 p. m. (11:30 a. m. Saturdays
Volume I WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1921 Number 177
To The Deans:
There will be no conference of the Deans on Wednesday, May 28, 1924.
3. L. Burton.

Arrangements have been completedLL "LLl!z 't..........
for the annual senior banquet which of the tickets is $1
will be held on June 12. at the Un- Japan and Russia Reach Agreement
ion. Honolulu, May 27.-A cable from
Tickets will be on sale this after- Tokio to a local Japanese newspaper,

TIlE *
A'IV1"-"l-'P THlE LA


Patronize Daily Advertisers.---Adv

on the south, Including Nova Scotia,
Quebec, the original 13 colonies, east
and west Florida, Jamaica, Barba-
does, and the Virgin islands.
The importance of the documents
lies in the fact that they gave a com-
plete and authenic account of the
state of the colonies on the eve of
the revolution and the' conditions at
the end of that epoch n Amerian his-
tory marked by the' year 1775. An
additional reason for their iportancc
is the great amount of valuable iate-
rial they contain which has never
been ublished.
Although the papers were really
part of : the records of ord Dart-
mouth's office they were never in the
possession of the Dartmouth family
and so were not published at the time
of the publication of the other Dart-
mouth manuscripts. They have been
in private hands since 1774 and as
they were placed on the market this
year they were offered to the Cem-
ents libraryh, a a valuable supple
wnent to the ,Shelb4urne collection onf
colonial affairs already in the library.
Why Not Be Farir?
(Continued from Page Four)
sent administer the government of
the greatest city on the, continent
and whose member governs the stat.
in which this city is :located, .a man
who Is. mentioned as .a presdential
possibility. Protestants are disturbed
when they note what they spppose to
be a representation of an ecclesias-
tical cross on the paper currency of
this country, evep.when they are not
1sitive 4that it Issuh nd re .not
poitive that a'pictureof Bendict
does adorn one corner of . the bill.
It suffices that these thins are coil-
strue4 as a cross and "a Pope. The
Protestants believe that they must
combat Catholicism or be doiinat
by it. What man- can say their fear
is groundless when he notes the de-
potic power of the Pope's represent-
atives over their congregations, when
the things mentioned above are
shown to hin'.
This piec 'f .writing praises the
idea of a Protestant organIzation that
is active and watchful for the in-
terests of .its imembers It praises
any body of men that is mtiitai t
against a.power Chey sncerely befltv
injuriouswto theiti.sIt des.nt pris,
the Kin 'In tote si tweit'
nor does it. condone tb~glI',h.'rng
things that theiflan iy hayeeidoe-
Neveritheles , the'}aBln iss Yt alee -
cent, has not 'yet fnnd It~f9? ait ia' e.t-
deuces of dogrnagtic aiullity.Nok
not be ju9gsdany, mnihstlia *y;than.
the evidences o dogmtlc 'sinioity
which characterisze Catllc 'protices'
which, y theay are centurieg. 914r.
What wold tyo? "h Cthli a sg-
grate, themselves and help oe an-
other and themselves. .Woul you
deny the same privilege 'to Protest-
ants? Are the pr6jA d s& jpronnunpe-
mnte Af. atrobed Kleagle more dis-
gusting in their intolerance than the
sing-song, mis-pronounced Latin'of' a
robed priest, or the dogmatic, narrow-
minded sermon of a prbest? They are
not, and he who reads these words
knows it. The Catholic' derides the
Klansman for his fiery croes while
he fumbles his rosary, laughs at the
Klan orator and then listens sm-
pathetically to the dogma of the priest,
sneers at the white-robed' assembly
and gazes with rapture at .the 'gor-
geous costumes of the shephetd"s of
his soul.
There is intolerance on both sides.
That is the way of life; Which is no-
thing *but a struggle, after' all. ''It
has been thus since-the first Nea nder-

thal was blackjacked by a Cro-Mag-
non. So,. let the. best mn win. Let
us have done with this short-sighted,
narrow balderdash that has character-
ized the Daily lately. Somebody needs
a spanking for being silly and it is
reasonable to suppose that he peeks
a Daily typewriter.
'~L.S. '24.

Student- from South and Central America:
All students from South and Central America are cordially invited to
assist in extending a welcome to the Pan-American Highway Commission,
consisting of representatives from twenty countries, and accompany the Com-
mission on its tour of inspection of the University which will start from the
Michigan Union at 9:30 A. M. on Saturday, June 21st. F. E. Robblus.
Graduation Fee:
Some June Seniors who have paid the graduation fee to the Treasurer
have not filed the No. 1 coupon with the Secretary of their School or College
as required. It will be assumed that all who have not filed this coupon as dir-
ected this week have not paid the fee and are to be stricken from the list
ot June Graduates. Arthur G. Halt, Registrar.
Presence At Commencement:
Only those seniors present in person on Commencement Day may grad-
uate then, unless excused by their Deans. Unless such written excuses are
presented to the Secretary of their School or College thf' week, these stu-
dents will not receive their degrees until September, and their names will
not appear on the Commencement programs. Arthur G. Hall, Registrar.
. Messrs. Ground and Marshall, of the Muscle Shoals Real Estate Com-
pany, Penobscot Building, Detroit, would like to interview students interested
in opportunities for summer employment. They will be in the Office of the
Dean of Students on Thursday of this week, May 29, from 3:00 to 5:00 P.
M. to explain their proposition. J. A. Bursley.
Loaji CnommIttee Meeting:
There will be a meeting of the Loan Committee Wednesday, May 28,
in Room 2, University Hall. Students who have pending applications should
appear before the Committee at the following hours: School of Education,
1:45; College of Literature, Science and the Arts, 2:00; Law School, 2:30;
Medical School, 2:45 and College of Engineering, 3:00.
J. A. Bursley.
instructors of Freshman Rhetoric:
In'structors of Freshman Rhetoric will meet in loom 100 U. H1. S., at four
o'clock, Thursday, May 29. T. E. Rankin.
Honor Guard:
Seniors of the various schools and colleges who have been selected by
their Class Presidents, respectively, are requested to meet with Dr. May
at the gymnasium at 7:00 P. M. Wednesday, May 28.
L. l. Crum, Chief Marshall.
Summer Secs'mn Hours of Registration:
For the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, including Hygiene
and Public Health, Public Health Nursing, Library Methods, Biological Sta-
tion, Embalming and Sanitary Science,-in the Registrar's Office, University
Hall. June 20, 21, 23, 24, 9 to 12 a. m. and 2 to 5 p. m. Thereafter 10 to 12
a. m. daily.
For the Colleges of Engineering and Architecture,-in the" Engineer-
ing Building. June 20,, 21, 23,.24, 8 to 12 a. m. and 2 to 5 p. m. -Monday,
June 23, Classification.
(Continued on Page Eight)


The Reule-Conin


Store for M'en

_. ..

Jain at Washington

d m -

M ;;

,, r /
+ '
,. ! i
r ' l .' ..
'O . /'
, +"
' .
r .,,...
, .,
. r .
., , , .


Wear a New Hart Schaffner &
Marx Suit Decoration Day


arpeggios were always a tempo with
the orchestra, her fermatas were de-
lightfully vivace. It is also highly




(Continued from Page Four) significant to notice that many of the
been our collective and very preju- middle passages were played down at
diced opinion that so-called technical the frosch.
musical criticism is about as inter- "In the Se portions of the addagio
esting as a minute description of Mine. I
Duse's breath control or the precise cantabile her vital jnaestoso, quite
action of Mrs. Fbake's larynx, it is lacking the conventional marcato, was
highly important, on the other hand, nothing less than striking. It should,
to please the indignant public. With nevertheless, be emphatically assErted
this in mind; we submit a second effort that the -schnell passages were un isu-
concerning ti 'latest violinist for their ,ally largo, and that slie did not play
approval;con'sordim in the simorzando, of the re-
S'Miss'Lent is unquestionably a, capitulation in the- third movement,
genius.. .1e execution of the double as well as in her picchiettato tech-
stops Bruch Concerto showed a nique.
facility in eveh tremulo and the major "Concerning i9me. Dux, the best
portion, of her coll'arco. While it that can be said is that she triumphed
fan scareely' be said that her legato in her upper register."
Chicago, Illinois
Begins Monday, June 23 Ends Saturday, August 23
Summer Faculty

There's no surer way of being'
well dressed than by choosing a.
suit by these famous makers.'
Most of them follow the English
lines. Loungy, Comfortabe,

The finest tailoring, the -richest
fabrics have gone into all these


While prices aren't the

lowest you'll find, it's not pos-
sible to purchase better values.

Accessories for Decoration Day

,a ' -
" "v. _..

Judge Clarence L. Botts
Supreme Court of Mexico
dudge Homer B.. Ibell
'Supreme Court of Minnesota
Judge Henry b. Ross
Supreme Court of Arizona
Professor A. L. Green
Law School University of Texas
Dean John.I. Wigmore
Faculty of Law

Andrew A. Bruce
Faculty of Law
Robert W. Millar
Faculty of Law
Herbert L. Harley
Faculty of Law
Elmer M. Leesman
Faculty of Law
Charles 11. Watson
Faculty of Lary


Courses offered during the Summer will be commenced
and completed during this period. Students may begin
the. study of Law durlng the Summer Term.
For Bulletin of information, address the Secretary of the Law School,
Northwestern University BuIlding, 31 W. Lake Sreet, Chicago, Illinois.

Straw hats
-lots of them here.
Smartest shapes; newest.
straws. They're $2 to
SIlk socks
are plain, clocked,
and fancy this summer.
As low as 50c others
to $1.50.

White shirts
-with collars attached
are best for Decoration
Day outings: $2.50 to
-that's light in ,weight
will help you keep cool
on the hottest day. $1
to $3.

Gray flannel
trousers with wide
bottoms are exceptional-
ly smart. Only $10
and $12.
wrting suits
-in newest styles are
here. Get one and be
ready for the first day
of swimming. $2 to
-for golf are of linen,
r" _a _ 1 _ _t _-J _.__

Newest ties
-for summer are in col-
ors that are almost with-
out limit. They're
priced 75c to $2.
-for Decoration Day
travelers. Traveling
bags, $12 to $25. Suit-
cases, $2 to $15.
New belts
-for summer wear are


, ..




; 4
' + a
' {

Ref resh


What do you think
all the red signs are


Golf hose
-of camel's hair are M

Smart caps
-for Decoration Day




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