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May 04, 1924 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-05-04

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F, A

uxieder Singer and Opera Ii~eia~iaenj;ii I The CampusAnd The Theatre alhc fart
Str o A p a tF sia~a student of Mr. Hamilton in Chicago --h fc
I3 a1i.1 nd has come here to continue his II.Th omiiiitte :a Camipus Or.I practically amounts to the producti on,, ;cett nunb
fwork. He has a fin basso voice and 11 h
Moie lux tecxt thyoug charsmioramnglueyounga br his programon, y aletincludesuner hedseveralfPr brilliantate ,lzl#
lcndinaavian soprano, who appeared Wertli numbers, both dramatic and lyric, The Committee on Dramatic Organi- Irunim and Nelson. 1 «1o~a(ice
ere~ton a Choral 'Union, program. two among them two of Handel'& and the zations, with Prof. Oscar d. Campbell Ths twudsewol es o noi , to ill
T~io screen presentation of Robert at ItsThia,,itaswouldpseehe. woeld h eal t fan
«o a o is comintoagain at W. (1hl bere' "The Com m on Law:' song of the Volga Boatm en. atnitseheadrbateaccomplshed one ver the orgiiii
Cie T us a v ni g c n et o h h a d e1 de I(lfinite result this year. Itt hs ~a n v n r atr sp arton oc h if- cu in cre
iubera'-sing basts ofadoe famous artists. Tire Ms umighsalobe regulated the dates of the various feient >organizations than exists at!rnumbero
ho' vBigcnetorteY.1Production does not rely upon a sin- dent of Mr. Hamilton for some time. pricin htteeha rsn ati h
Lay Feltival, May 22. Miss Dux has yl sars:eronliy utrahe uo She will sing a soprano aria from "La campus poutosta hr a rsn.!ati h
R ?p ile ta's ersnaltybutrater po been an accurate schedule which wasistot
~en a popular ember of the Chicago y h obndidviulte fCn Toca" and several other numbers It habetharntopofm y;
th obndiniiulteso o-Iquite fair to the several organizaions, a enteadnthp fiuy'hesc prfc
peora comxpany during kthepat sea-ip way earle. C'orrinne riffth, Elliott 1 Mrs. Anna Hinshaw-Shiidler, a and did awaywihtemncofcs interested in thte drama on this canm-'a eryl
anx andi3sn between times has ap *" Dexter, Hobart lBosworth, Bryant graduate student of Mr. Wheeler, will and discussions i ash to m dates whnfichs ,taifscabulngcrbiitc qni
rearedI in concerts in the East with I ashburn, Doris May, Miss Du Pont, give a recital of songs at 8:.'30 o'clock were formerly -one of the chief causes lIt would e the means of the uniica- to dvde thi
lt .foremost orcheistras. Phyllis Ilaver, Harry Myers and Wal- t on Tuesday in the School, folloing o oryt h emesoltedf ion of the various groups, tow ard a a rh
f1.ul, a inaditiondtosale hseau-ly Van. The locale of "Thpe Common the Choral Union rehearsal. This re- ferent groups higher standard of producion gei - hB e resut
issntiDu diiountaln l theseu- rLaw" is the Art Colony in New York's cital was postponed from last Friday..iTi uh edl ok l o-erally. All the worthwhile 1produc.- ; se hoit
larnmsstthe h a amost exquisite 'lyric !Greenwich Village and the theme re- She will sing a group of Brahm's and ° Tined xneete rkchidle isnwdons which have tecn achieved by the to give the
,prano voice, of conisidrable piower " vlves about the Bohemian lives of R2achmnaninff's songs, andl a number tknednex yer, thedulreseis variouxs clubs have been achieved in zatis WlI
d remnarkable rantge. Shie has,, too s the villagers, of others. big~oe ~~ spite of the existing conditions, rathr; sake It l
I ~of the next season. Other than this,4
u artistic discernmenit whitch bringss Stan Laurel in "Smithy," "Fun Snirs graduating from the School Professor Campbell states, tre cor- «than because of them. meon
ithe surface of her work thngs r From the Press," and Pathe news con- of Music this semester will give the ir'nitewl aen tp o~r h That such an organization as the (eni lus dra
c~ue te Iuetliproramstrtig gadutin rcitl o Wdnedayat' 1Comedy Club, now in its fottieth ye-r, lyIerne
s.ic arifesidnfo us-dd h urbpoga triggato reitl nWeneda f aliau ~~~~of campus drgatcs in the ~ o
In.Sei impeweehrs~-tdy Iti'iooii in Hill auditorium, instead of imediate future. ilno osessa ingle pe'c c ;prdn loi s
ct might- betry her into extrava- ( the regular twilight organ recital. the. . scenery of its oawn, andl that in il cue t te nupni
nce, and she has the, aluable abil- A rcdie, This will be a recital of well-known ! edni ~n t'omite, any years of its existence hs accu- avia ble.'
r of making suggsinsrei fNt' ae"Icnets wOig Sch~uann, Men- ac.ordig to Professor Campbell is mulrate d less than a handful of stray' rfe teor
race orf demonstration. "h ucbc fNteDm, delssohn, Sriabin, and Miacall. ~te erction of a campus theatre to ;pi~l-erties would seem to show rhe mtcie
Festival with eagerness do not expect the filmr production of Victor Hug'sjThgrdaeaeEterithki house the various organizations, which nedo nfe raiainfr the ayislns
Grad oerahasfoud ~ cosidr-or ant to' bear her sing ramatic story masterpiece, will tbe given its Gacmih JonaEse" tn adat present are working under the de-'prpoeo sebigavr uhMcia
Ie pa frMsDx.Ythropera arias, the cry of the Valkyrie,.,local showing a. the Arcade theatre !Ii , ~ "t Bi paissad ~oececded hndcap of lack of adequate needed cotm lir, rts aniecopsUonhrpe-'olteImlain-scn rmstethsoe.roe-neFnstfr cl wouldpanss ndFoenemak4etad pc orotin irry n i hr oudmk
etatiast f pr co lies uo n h=r e r r- or t e Im oaongcnsf, Di hs e k ou C a cyvres o-Welde x, violinist. q i m n n p c o e e ra, ro o l the sets used by the diT- ver sity Thle
ntn iokofaorog am of ri so gs ;O tt rdmSn ru g."m aionnwwilFranza.'P ts -th-iler re theent__ __groups,_ _ 111 wehonsru t w ouflsen ry. No fer nt gr upsiwich wo ld e voi-lion on th
)rso cuet cuan rn.leave to Madame Kruger. But we dio stars. For further information on classroom work in dramatics is toe be
rauss, MI~zart and Beethoaven. of look forward to earing Miss D~ux do thits picture see Column one.; Br utn 'l's A/nswver carried on in this theatre, hoever, ______________
rman Liedr she is a distinguished the famous "Deb Veni" from Mozart's -- 'as' a special auditorium is to be 'lo-
trpirter. The spirit of such mnu- "Marriage of Figaro," and perhaps tta.estic 10o i Ch alenge 10 (atedl in the new wing of the Literary
wappeals to'her instinct and she Strauss' "Morgen." plyn ieli1rleB ta d]1v1 uilding, n the present site of the
.s the voice to give It expression; R A H Mae Muray, pUniversityduMuseumBefor tyeh use6,of
e ,thinks ini vain, of anyone who ________ of a coquette in the court of Napoleon ___Piofessor Holister's classes in Play
iages lieder better than she. - I111i and of a modern Mexican senorita,j Proutnadsc ehrclss
Her vicefs of eicettiirriia I Tome othe Majestic today in "Ma- Young playwrights usually hegIn outoadsc te lse
ie vie s fexetina uaiy ~ PLMIS~ vtr dnoiselle Midnight." their work from the wrong end,' sad as may be added by the public speak-1
tcularly in its upper reaches'; the flU Prof. John L. .Bruunm, dir ector of ing department.!a
don thread of per lric soPrano, s nuam~ Heading an unusually attractivecoreinoualsurgadiu- AsteMmslohaehirwn
oveiyl ting. We who wat fr r the I ' I M U l flD vaudeville featre, Roscoe Ails, the c usion Jhsown l aym , whc wil b tea e, hs wll eve he uldn
____________________[L CU IIILIIU THATRI Aiding dancing comedian and his or-
hesra f sncoaton ithKat Pul-produced .t the -Whitney Theater. May$ for the use of Comedy Club, Masques,'
man and Charles Calvert will present 16. This play was written partly asE the Junior and Senior Girls' Plays,I
NationAwideglbseraance of NatodonaldAithe answer to a challenge. An ama- Players' Club, and Mummers; which
° ~~~ Music week from May 4 to 1, is antic- ConglomterMaetinthosMelodyTheand teur playwright, who had submiktted
Fam uatcdr bytoeiPhre ftepe ae peatothelMajesctisAweek.bTheis efforts to Prof. Brumm for rti- STUDENTS-SUMMIER WORK DO Y O U W A N T
IrY ptdb hsei hr e h r-sm esne oe oAnAbri cism, was finally stung into sayingi
P1, Start ~ ~~~ paations for such "observanc~. Re- as appeared a h aaetetei'I
__________ _______ pots ro may itis vidnc da- ewYork this saea son for thereweeks "Well, why don't you write a play y etroit's West Side is enjoying theI
____________yourself, since you know so much greatest industrial development tht
Thet planshandkiofiNotreecDam t"at ramer d 's soy F i W e , b u t? a n eto f te w rd h s ee
niaey morehbacaller Noomeunitiesrwilldwith incident and action,; has "h einrsmstk, adPo.goe through.XewiltanafwIT ncoeoth Poy
tmassve and widely-heralded film maymr malrc .x tswl resulted in a picture one hundred er "ruice eners ike toexain hisf U. of M. men to sll our propertieshe oet [l ol
d.9tiol o Vitorhug's rea prticipate in the, production, in one *'eit comedy. Constance Wlson, te comm entshike fitofxpans ries hMchianan mloe t$5,00sahere
Qdek,-oleor msi tanoasevr°iserofLostilsnplysoposteShp.Delicious Light Lune'
ve hih on fame vright i ek fmr ui hnhsee ise f;oinlopasopst cmmni otikfrto asre ~reMcia a nie$,0 eefD
SYor'k, wll be gi venits local pre- "been .heard at one time in Aerica. alrHesinFirW k.Kioofvnt. hnhe asmgndalstuminer. Write giving telephone! during the cday.
eke at' the, Arcade ~theater, today The aoim of such observance is-to makerais and a special stage :feature, !themie shl whichl seems to have dramaticlnumberadade~ o ilb n
irx i Bgin avvei* e eert.'nb~mrernisi lstnig, utmuicenact. it. The result is that the char-1 position and methoidof training thor- 4 O L IT L E
Never before, it Is claimed, -has there partiipatlqn; not mopre louses for, etic program for ,the last half of the 4 Pcter are usallylnaredpuppts." 1ghly LpIained
theBordweek.re eThe thirdh editiont ofcncet D ra "Along.The thidONitonJf Alo g !:serAare usOll meeHupp tsAU
m fee .pcuetersnug tnpteto ocr or, But oadway" wih, Harry Keesler an d Prof. B3run's method in writing A. J. 'UMAS CO.ONTAERBC OF IL l
tupenoidous a cost s1,500,000, for -the ninety percent who now de- f .npany will bring to Ann Arbor leis own play was to begin wth the 012. Petiotl avings Bantk
er a flmn presentation so exact in pond on the phonograph, the radio and theatregoers the outstanding hits from characters, a set of modern American Deot, M~lcIg
detils soartsti initsconep-themoves. Ithe 'best musical shows a1 thire and people of harked individuality, yvet
, ~s Inspiration for, other music week last season. ina nuht nvra tpst ei -

w use<' of (anly ol
that there re no
iCr1 of :tuden lts ha1
Ity of a. calibe r
wr-thy of fitbi
111 themay casts
:'bioll,at prese(n-
asing-ly notlceabl
;,tudents; who ar
p~resentatfi )ns of
th Ireoeogrups :alt
rm1Iunces ,are oft
(lays of each o 1 vaco".I
lerl inteorest, a1)(di
re I,"1o1 D r d. This is neit'I'
ire conltinually ca]
ii' timle, norI'tO tll
aos e r( putations.
hasi been pointed
general organi
ma :tics til: woldX
ie:d, in that 1the n
could be varied
herl of "tudentsc
Ca mpbell gavea
1a tralvelling st(
labor'ationl of the
l ow rtory Thoati
e t hceadqlarters
a)tre alnd take eaul
road throughou(lit
Little Tea
-ies sel-ved

a l

to riniplsw'-sue-r nlpis nncelebrations is expected to be. fur-
a mob of nearly 3000, I nished by the announcement of ar-.
Lou Chaney, one of the fines;t intecr- rangements for the week in Boston
preters of unusual character roles on 'called "the cradle of music in Amnerl-
the stage or screen, plh the star part ca,." IBoston's nmusical history sup-)
of "Quasimodo,' the- deformed bell- pie- a prolific background of mi~tcal
ringr of. Notre Dane, with Ernest' events, fromn 16 3 to the presenrt,.upon
Torrence a "Clopin" the .u'nder-world 1 vwhich to build ,_n elabora te celebra-
king and Patsy Ruth Miller as "E:,- 'tion. The Boston Music Week Coin-
meralda." mittee has formed an organization that
In constructing the cathedral of will- cause melody "to. resound fromt
Notre Dame at universal City an army every nook and cranny of old Boston."
of carpenters, nmasons and other me-_ throughout the Week leginning today.1
cl anics were employed. Thme building News that the American, Sociey of-
is -,n exact replica of the cathedral as Composers. Auithors and Publishers
itl~le n18 n scniee nhsgatdt racsig'ttosarchitectural and technical triumph, under the auspices of the National
Other' historical sets include reproduc- Music Woeek committee, right publicity
tions of the Court of Miracles. Place jto perform during the week, musical
du_ Pa rvis, Palace de ,Justice, the in- composition controlled by the society,
tenior of the Bastille and the seven ' has been received with delight by ra-
Noble Mlansions. Wallace AWorsley di- 1 dio " tans" the country over, accord-
rectel the picture for the Universal ing, to the secretary of the commnittee.,
Film company. I The broadcasting of any progra-m con-
Owing to the grmeat lenth of thei taining works included in the reper-
picture the Arcaide imanagemient an-! tory of thq society shall be preceded
nounces that, it will be necessary to by the spoken announcement of the
omit the usual third show wic or- f permission granted.
dinanily starts at 4:30 o'clock Sundlay The National Music Week commiittee
afternoon. The schedule of perform- : believes that not less than 300 com-- 1
ances is as fallow,,: 1:45 o'clock, '";45 lImunities' will participate in time first
o'clock, 7 o'clock and 8:40 o'clock. ' observance of National Music Week.
The doors w ill be openedl ear-ly. ;deg-, President. Coolidge has accepted the
ular p)rices, are 50 cents, 75 cents and: chairmanships of the honorary Music
$1.10, with all seats at 7:5 cents onj Week committee which is made up of
Sunday. Loges rmay he reserved for the governors of forty states and ter-'
the first show every night. ritories.
............. ___________ll.-. y _________________Y1.....__________________........ IC
Colonial Tufted Bed Spreads
Hand Woven Counterpane
Embroidered & Tufted Kimono's.

.._______ recognized from almiost any spec'tatr1's
t Stjdfir Qpereice. Given these chiaracter-,.
A rtist Stud ntst hiile act~ronof, the p y "won c i;ts elff
out, Thepiece sups re-wi tten s ny-
To iveR e ital Peal times. however, and the final yen-
.Il o ive e' o t iihashad the benefit of exhautiv
" ;iitic=irm. which the author has beon
Frid y E etw-1,1 as ready to receive a-s to give.
Artist students of Jamles Hamliton DAILY CILASSIFIE ), BRING
of the vocal faculty of the School of I ~~~' .
Music, Julius Neihaus and ,kis Isa- Jl ElJT-
belle Cumming, will give. an interest- i ON Il'tLE VES'tMl'ENT yr

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