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April 05, 1924 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-04-05

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Op, 20 (Sc

Players Club
berry Hll A
given are "tPc
Fl'avin in the

This clai
April 9,; at
trated by lani
1 edtcul tei1
D~r. F'iie
of Berlin, wil

Senate Committee lT 111CS
in In' the Bulletin is constructive notice to all miebers o t11 ' I lFAIFROM WCBC TOIGHT
Copy CpyreeiedbytheAivtatdo hebrsienthte Assistant to the President..................................................
(11:30 a. in. Saturday).:__ Prof. B. F. Bailey, of the electrical
SATURDAY, APRIL 5,1 1921 atmfi' 140 (Continued from Page One) .*,..*, engineering department, will speak in
- -novelists statoned at various points ..\' *.* a special program to be broadcastedI
Oki: of observation between the two seas." . .. fosainWB t 'lc o
1having in their possession books drawn from theUivrstySeesIdeal Tpeigt roesr aly ildeie
Univrsiy ce wea short address on the electric meter
notified that all such books are due Monday, April 7th, on ac-' setn httesedn fmn .
Aserin tatth senin o mn-. c.,ourse to be given by the department
!impending Spring vacation.. ey "is a primary and tangible act of. ..t ;<:fr one week during spring vacation.
F. L. 1)G(oodrch, Associate Librarian, faith" the speaker prceedled to in- Letters have been set out to prospec-
quire what are the things in which !"tie entrants in the course to listen
t Sexless: the American people evidently believe~.~.. in tonight, and a description of the
concert in the Faculty Concert Series will be given Sunday af- He found them to be personal leanl- s: course will be given at that time. The
flit atl+!.15 by the University Symphony Orchestra under the dir- n tess, :health, becoming Intelligent i. wave-length of WCBC is 280 meters.
nuel P. Lockwood with Al bet Lockwood, pianit and Etily 4 swift mobility, athletic games and
ist,, as *soloists.E publicity or standling inspection, the I ;_'X..t.-.
raisa oow:Iethical implications of all of which e II;INOIS COU;CL AS
Qp,_3'(renky), Lge e, O 17 (Winiaski ;Mral pronounced immense. The tenor of
~s, p. 3 (renky) Le end, O 17 (Winia~'k) ,~ral hisremrkswasoptimstic in that het
iu1}tlng Scene" from "Bozzstti dal Vero" (Trenghi) Concerto, smaintained r m rk that swe could realize our fISI1S fI "aieA in ,S cenri d anfa dmrbento altp fO rrir'rn
twe would but follow logically the im-
plications of our present faith" i hdrbna 111. April 4-A comizttec
,for the next program to be given May 21, will be held in New-! The contemporary college students iteitlf'tiniycuclhsbe
ltditoriuni,"Tuesday, April 8, from 3-5P. M. 'The plays to be Professor Sherman declared, are 1oiner o onsider thei case of a . DP
'0 Bolers" by Gerstenberg and "Caleb Stone's Death Watch" by eager to be known as the flower of ;Il. S. auglery if~yer of the Champaign poi~e fo ce
Jan. 8, Drama magazine. Any one who is eligible for cam- their generation, the finest young men Sntr Welr!emca n and to make deicnite recomenai cfone
b a r u.RsiU.TyoPeiet and women of their, time, improved Meorselr emca n
'.ny ty ot.Rt~ ''L. ayorPreidet. successors in a modern democracy to Moes Republican have been sent byi to city officials that will result in the
the old-fashioned New England Pul- (tha senate Daugherty' inVestigating; cessation of hris actions against si-
Itan andl the old-fashioned lady and conmittee to conduct either open or dnshsdsmsatrm evIe~,o
es will meet in Room D, Alumni Memorial Ball, on 'edne:;da, gnlmno h 11Suh u hyeeuiessin noteafiso his protection from physical violence
p. mn., instead of room 30, Library, as the lecture will be illuis- rnaven't fully worked out the impi- Mdad ainljako Ws-etMmeheftecomtedtlr
tern slides. 1I. C. Rlods( n. cation of this ambition. They have- !ntonCutHusei:Opla-e that they~ have receivedl information
ingtn Cort HuseOhio rom 15 or 20 men stating that they!
11__________i t clearly recognized that the ttiain-' ed by M. S. Daugherty, a brother ofwerm wiig nyafaoal
op ent of their, ambition sincmptthe former attorney general, Iwere aaitinonc lyefvrbetp
elitein, Professor of the Diseases of Children in the lUiverity ible, for example, with their soft and.
1I leture to junior and senior medical students in the Surgical m nuddle-headed tolerance of loafing in,
, UlniVersity Hospital, today at eleven o'clock. their fraternities, cheating in 'theiri DRA M A hae; but Apple john's library can
I '.classrooms, thieving in the gymnas-; have no fault found wvith it.
iumsand..oaroowiesi* -- djA wise choice, both technically and
71checks at thy, bank and sundry other (Coninueld from Pge rurl from point o interest, was the play
;S IEpovemnt upon the extinct types of cretion; in fact the entire cast was smli efcl eeoe at all
N11HfW RS e.ew ,FEngh nd Purl~n n .datheI,, csutift ly' English. points. And the various roles allow
°=1 ClIWON it xma~ fo.. it -het.and robably te xfor muich orgiality. Prof. J.:. hel.
I1I11U ~"The whole upward movement of 1 lizabeth Pike, '24, in the role of has again proved himself an unques-
a r 1YQ;ceiet sUsing 1111s 1 our lter American ,culture," Pro- Anna Valeska. She was beautiful,. ~oal rita h ak
ldluh~ I hi lack (ye which has been aprplied fess".or Sherman concluded, "indicates too, a "wonderful woman", and her- _
a1ndl place. All notices to tan shots very nearly caused the; a type of athletic aseticismn as the( mastery of a strange and foreign ac- The class of '81 will meet as usual
dta wlill be dsregarded,.j eathi of George I3 Stanford, '261) necessary and inevitable corollary of cent was quite amazing. We would in their annual reunion and luncheon
-our civilization. I choose the word+ be her "friend" too, if she asked usj on renion day, June 13.
and A iih. ~'to ,_ I c U asceticism because~ it will be ioticed as she asked Ambrose.
SAUDYhope foi' Stanford's life, a~ w lo and challenged, under the impression; Phyllis Turnbul, '26. did the finestI
Glib meets for hike 1 0 transfusions were given iiim dring !that asceticism means somnething sour, work in the second and third acts.
k Farm," Congregational the night. His parents were sent fo, cliubbed thin and starved. B3ut aset-i Her hysterical excitment was so con- St fodU i rst
ant[ ar'rivedl Friday morning. Since icism, etymologically, does not mean! vincing as to -be contagious and hr
rd and Blade initiation the blood transfusions, Stanford has; that. Asceticism is a Greek word beaming grin we felt was reciprocated CALIFORNIA
nWon. been improving, and is well; on the! which means gymnastic. It means more than once.
Room Bible clay. ;iieet, ! way to recovery, according to Dr. XV, the rule and discipline of the athlete. All of the crooks were lovely, which SUMMER QUARTER, 1 924
aL E. Forsythe, of the Health service.i It is not the self-denial' and mortifi- ;includes, to be sre, nearly all the; Tuesday June 24th, to
adxien meet-in i onctemi. Investigation was conduct by Dr. cation of a morbid mind. It is the cast. ,Rea Schlaak, '24, was particul-
44 rc.4 {...} a eopn f iarlsi i r cSx; ' xaturd Au 1#gst3Q1
ITorsyth .and r .A e~i g~ r a s'l veopf ary sH l,&,ei.'
,.d '1 e, e a .a ty health tom n. Y issio ne,} d r : Al n.rid.' An d h ah r. g iorf y$eo d al ~ ~ ns y 2
' e#piV~osto "top ' -n4- Ire-Ge-rgeweW.nFlilerl94Lo reprmurder'- Oportunfli~s to work forthe
tJAY- 9e which had caused the trouble. Stu- I GereW ulr 9Irpe e-'d. We hope, sincerely, that his back A. B. and for higher degrees, or
$Ii k'ten's Bible claZs s sarewreginthvn a ed the University recently on the pro- isn't broken. to do special work, in the ocean-
rii tif. {~~-~os> grain held in connection with the Col- The p1s does nt call for anything ic climate of the San Francisco
*P Record of IDerolt treme atio inweaingsh es so ! bh 1ttti fil-
t c" .s._ s.h . tPocatotn erngsos s a, .Y what there. was' onf-such, was handled Courses In the -regular aca-
I ~ n l Raseif olor Pt, ,'~~adi iraNl, even to tegreen ghost of del ad-sinicbrch,
a 1 a :xoi Rse ,a, .,:Il - - Noroian ° April -4.-Ac 'dXe ic -tile- jorolslcy. etalls of roprty, wisely and in law. =-
r a~n tl1ot, Cngrega- Ithaca, April 4.=-Coach Carney,, ,fgraeswill'be awvarded 'to''575 studfents !- hen118; ii-ltre tiraking~ of te play; ! Inloratir fiom OfB1Ge7.
tC h,_z Cornell,, has selected ,17 players from In 5une 'by the 1hilVersif- o- f;:Okla= ! aid eaWhst-tin6 6f its significancei STANFOR) UNIVERSITY
lit Bile cuhss mesets At the baseball squad for the Southern hoiri. Tis is 2 mre su'oIIts than fir' latnigh's peformtance.- ~Te Clfornia
i. 'tiduigspring vacationi, the institutiot ngraduate last year. sd{6e'n fe hip'~k eabi,-was a tifle
)f~use' r r etliodist stu- a~' -- ~
etn-~ "The Moderni
r-C (~lddevotional meet-
l. if.' Sehiars speaks on i t
pel According Ato . Johnf


Quick Sales and Small
Profits, that Suits the
You can. Save fromp
10 to.20%
at Pierce's Stores


day, hiour,
banquet. U
7 :00-=Upper
in Lane- ha
700L -Crftoi
k tz 1 .





and plenty of it.


EGGS . .f.2 2c
Butter 43
3Cans PEAS, Home49
Grown 9c


ink, Wesi63
4 t--pref. '
"r h6 Gosp
T' - - 1 9T

Dewey-," ntarian cnurcn.
6:i4--"'Is the Son of God," b'y Li.
wod T~ft, presented by Wesleyan
Guild players.I
7 ;80-4ITfie Cricket on the Hearth, n'
motion -plicture, Congregational)
7:30 - Opfn forum, (ongregatlonal I
Alarge number of visitors attended
the open mneeting of the Cosniopolitan_
Club at Lane l-iall last evening. Sev-
eral speeches were given among
W[hic~h wre'those of Miss Yi Fang 'u,
plad" on "The Womien's Activities In
Chlina;"".t'Shool ife in Japan" b~y Y.
K(unmawa '2-6 and John D. Aker-
man's talk~ on "The Russian Immigrant
Since 1918.,,
Announcenment was also made at
this ineeting of an invitation by Pro-
fessor Roy Cowden of the Rhetoric
departmhent and. Mrs. Cowden to all
members of the club to an afternoon
tea to be given oan Sunday afternoonI
April 20th at their home at 1416 Oliv-
-Laplsin.g, -Mich., April 4.---M'~. E. Ntut-
tila was elected captain of the 1925
basketball team at M. A. C. yester- I
dq.Saevn: leters. were awarded to

New Spring Styles,--Plain back, overplaids, grey\-:s
ei. Gabardines, whipcords, etc. A Special grey\
overplaid at $19.95--boxs back.


1 Lb. Walnut


KNICKERS and DREECHES For Golfing, Riding, Hiking, Etc.

Fancy Boreadeaux Halves.











Tweeds, Herringbones, Worsteds,
All Sizes
Values to $7.50.......... $3.69
Values to $4.50.. ........ 2.49

In. one lot we have gathier ed both
breeches and knickers and sell all of
them at $1.98.

Moles'kin, CrdroGabardines,
Whipcords, 0. D. Wool, etc. Were
$6.00 and up, now $2.98 and up.

18c SWEET 15c
2 lbs. for 27c.-






members ,hebasketball team.,
"Jimerth dtaker" sells anything
-Anfo ncernzt was made yes-
terday afternoon o the tirst cut
of the season of the Varsity ten-
-nis squad. The following menI
f remnaiu -"on the squad and are

Rig-ht no~vw'when you need them for the April showers... We sell them at a reduc-
tion! Don't fail to " get in"on this! The prices are ridiculously low. Look theme
Slickers were $7.50, now..... r-. $5.98' R4~ncoats were $10.50, no....... 6.98
Slickers were $6.50, now . . ... _ .5.39 Ar~y coats were $12.50, now... . 7.75
Slickers were $5.50., now. . f . ; 4.48..A$8 ecial--Khakiy-rubber lining. 2.98.
(Sm all Sizes 6nr

Our Bake Goods
Going over Big!
Fresh Moat Department
WIIlSoon Be
Completed, then

asked to report for practice at
8:30 o'clock this morning: Brick,
Cranme, Goldsmith, Greiner, Gn-




. I




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