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April 05, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-04-05

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ed every morning except Monday
e 'University year by the Board i"n
f Student Pub ications.
rs of Western Conference EditorialY

____ _a_. --

._ ___...
I __

rights, and coming to some definite
conglusions regarding them.
This committee may bring aboutI
some changes which will give Mich-
igan a system of student government
and the student body a degree of dis-









TI~ th d rin+

e Associated Press is exclusively en-
to the use for republication of all news
tches credited to it or not otherwise
ted in this paper and the local news pub-
I therein.
tered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor.
igan, as second class matter. Special rate
>state granted by Third Assistant Post-
r ideneral-
bscription by carrier, $3.50 ; by mail,
ices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May
coes: 4ditorial, 2414 ano 1i76-MI; Buisi.


ciplinary independence far ahead ofI o e E ito:
anything yet developed in American hAil H NE A The following is a quotation which
colleges. Consequently all advocates At ten o'clock this evening the de- needs but little explanation. Itj is
of student self-government and thekh taken from a letter addressed to radio
placing of more responsibility in the votees of the New Religion explained station WCeC by a prominent banker
undergraduates' hands are optimistic by Mr. Snerman yesterday morning of this state.
over the board's action. The subse- wilr assemble on the boulevard, there "I tuned in on your station at ap-
quent developments will be watched to intone the creed as rehearsed by proximately 12:15 a. m. and listened
.vith interest for .an issue has been the Founder yesterday morning, to your splendid program until 1
I believe in:
brought to ,a head-an issue that 1 bluen;o'clock a. m. enjoying your music
should concern many factors of Uni- 1. Plumbing
S octorsvery much.
versify life- in which the develop- "3.Schools "I am sure that all radio listeners in _
nents should ) definite and construe- .hMichigan are going to be interested in
4. Advertising.'I
tie. Automobi and good roads Our Station at Ann Arbor. I would be;
6. Intercollegiate football and stadia pleased to have you advise me when
THVSTUDENT FAVU/lT'Y MIXER therefor. you will broadcast again, whether you
Conspicuous efforts are now being Amen. will be on a regular schedule or not
made to bring about that spirit of All those who can repeat the creed and what wave lengths you usc."
cooperation, between faculty and stu- without a mistake at the service to- This letter is typical of hundreds
dent, and between the different depart- night may become members of the that have been received 'by the radio
ments of student activities, which has church by filling out a pink card, ad- station in response to the programs
been so noticeably absent during the dressing to Cowles, and dropping it g broadcast Thursday an Saturday
last few years. More and more groups in any mailbox. nights for several weeks.
have grown self-sufficient and have * * * A member of the Board of





,: 1

ned communications, not excding 300
s, will be published in The Daily at
discretion of the Editor. Upon request,
identity of communicant will be re-
ed as confidential.
Telephones, 2414 and 176-M
s Editor... .........Rcpt 1.Tart
.orial Board. Chairman.... R. C. Morarity
Editor.............J. C. Garlinghouse
Night Editors
1I. Ailes A. B. Connable, Jr.
y C. Clark T. E. Fiske
P. M. Wagner
ts Editor...........Ralph N. Bvers
hen's Editor...... .....Winona Hibbard
ic Editor...............Ruth A. Howell
ztant City Editor..Kenneth C. Kellar
ctor Michgan News Bureau. R. G. Ramsay
natics Editor.....Robert B. Henderson

. Berkman
ma Bicknell
nan Boxer
m Brown
iadette Cote'
W. Davis
oId Ehrlich
. Henry
ming Housewo
ly Hine
othy Kamin
s Kendall
ph Kruger
abeth Lieberm
S. Mansfield

E.nC. Mack
Verena Moran
Harold AMoore
Carl Ohlmacher
1 Hyde Purce
Andrew Pro pper
Regina Reichmann
Edmarie Scliraud.r
rth C. A. Stevens
W. 1Soeman
Marie ReedF
N. 11. Thal
v7r. J, Walthour
nann Herman Wise


Telephone 96)
dvertising................ ....s. L. Dnm e
4dvertismg................Perry M. Hayden
dvertisn..............W Roesser
dvetsirig.............H. E. Rose
Ccounts......................11. L. Hale
irculation .. ....................... Pud
ublicat ion.................Lawrence Pierce
_,e. Assistants
*:; W. Campbell N. V. Holland
lhnie Caplan AkL.sIreland
ous M; Dexter A.l Seid ka e
I c i- Y'Vfin eo.A.Stracke
/ r Ft x ,-. PES4wK. . ^Y- -W i ster'
y n
T Y R 24
t Eva1 GB . AMSAY
ore and more in modern journal-
tfere is a tendency toward stand-
Saton; each year more material is
fdigat d- io f lal talent is eli-
eaedi4and n e act similarity in
lg newspapers of the country is in-~
duced. This same change is evi-
eut in almost every business and with
he growth of the newspaper system,
Ich a step is inevitable.
In a way, of course, it is a step for-
vard, for material far beyond the abil-
y of the small-town writer may now
e found in every local newspaper.
et the same article may be printed
be same day in a thousand papers,
s individuality no virtue? Is it bet-
er to edit a poor paper, entirely ori-
inal and local, or a good newspaper,
41f of which is written in New York?
hat is the question facing the editors
) today and most of them are striv-
Ig for the happy medium on the prpb-
ft. Yet the tendency toward syndi-
ated material is pronounced.
Cartoons were among the first syn-
icate material. They were followed
y special articles, humor columns,
port features, domestic news, styles,
ealth talks. Today whole pages are
irnished intact to country newspap-
rs, such as a woman's page, literary
age, comic pages. The Hickville Gaz-
tte and the Punktown Times-News,
rith the exception of the front page
nd small "local" columns are exactly
Where are the journalists, the real
dlitors, of the next generation, to come
rom if they have no chance for train-
ig now? Practice is a large factor
n successful writing, and young fea-
ire writers have no chance against
he syndicated work of the best men
n the country, sent broadcast from
Sew York.
Automobile production has gradu-
lty led to standardization, until fliv-
ers are 'produced by the thousand,
ach exactly like the next. Of course,
he are good automobiles, and may
e Justified on that ground. But publi-
t ons are not automobiles and should
ot be treated as such. The flivverized
q!wSpaper is not the acme of journal
tI; perfection.

drawn back into themselves so far as ,VR BOYS VENGEANCE NO. 16. Regents has been quoted as saying
to almost completely lose sight of the Prof. Snodgrass chuckled. that the University cannot afford to
University itself of which all these a, we have the man eating na- operate a radio station. In my opinion
groups are, after all, only a part, and foxed" hAn fhewith eg ex- the University cannot alfort not to op-
Sthe betterment of hich these foxed. And forewith he exe- erate a station. Here are the facts of
for the betterment of which,, these cuted a ferocious grimace, at which
groups, alone, exist. h idmngoeldi etfa. the situation now. The present sta-
gropsaloe, xis. Ithe wild men grovelled, in abject fear. tion was designed b~y a member of
Several steps of this character are Prof. Snodgrass thrilled with a sense the fa ngineering eprt
simultaneously achieved in the com- of new-found power. "At last I am ac- the faculty of the engineering depart-
bination of the Student Christian as- corded my lust dues," he reflected, ient and built by students under dis
sociation and the Union ix the pro- "Even though it is by an aboriginal direction. The expenses were de-
posed Student-Faculty mixer. For community." frayed by the electrical engineering
years these two organizations, each '~C " i tl iae department and the station was entire-
years ly-inotheirohans.sAndestimateaoiett
with a very similiar purpose, have Dick to the complacent Professor, cos ofttheir hands. An estimate of the
worked apart and individually with "let us get away from this low at- cost of the set recently made was
the result that the activities of both, mosphere."$1,600.
overlapping ina great many instances, The natives were roused by the The department paid for the set
were completely dissipated. They sound of his voice, and resumed their so as to have a station for the use
have been brought together now, how- advance to capture the boys. of students of radio engineering, as
ever, in the one common purpose to "Arrumph" rumbled Prof. Snod- a laboratory for experimental work.
which all student and faculty organi- grass, accompanied by a terrific There was no special provision for
nations are bending their efforts-clos- twitch of his proboscis. The startled regular programs.
er student-faculty understanding and natives quailed again at this pheno- Realizing the need of a station to
cooperation. menon. the Unversity of Michigan,The Daily
"You have saved our lives," breath- immediately offered to prepare news
Wonder what a cabinet member ed -the boys earnestly, "with your in- programs in order that a regular
thinks about? teresting facial skill But we mus twice-a-week program might be as-
, erstig aia sill Bu wemust sured, to secure other matter for
jescape immediately before your re-s
pertoire, extensive though it may be, broadcasting, and to defray all cx-
is exhausted." Professor Snodgrass penses of getting the play by details
Twenty-Five Years, winked. of basketball games to the station to
4nns i T.,*~ I he subjected natives had by this be broadcasted to the country.n Ofi-
go At, Mi.LcZ jfan ie <pltly srouddvh ials of the station agreed upon the
( threatened lads, and obviously any at- "desirability of such a plan and author-
From the Files of te U. .tempt t.esyape Would be frustrated. zed The Daily to gorahead. Between
Frca~ te ,Te ef l~e1J o 1i.llxiySo, under guidance of the braves, they WCBC and the efforts of Thle Daily
April 4; 1899 paddled leisury toward the local In- programs were sent out every week
n of the Qhatoieal dian metropolis. and hundreds of people wrote in com-
association, the Laws succeeded in "What a stench" muttered the four plimenting the station, the University
in unisonastheir craftdrew nghte~nd The Lait~y,
getting one of their number lin :every lunon tirra re he dT ai
office except thatof treasurer. This j ngle vi lge. sadrt trne ago a comnutt wan
ofilce was won by-C. D. HErrey, 00Lit. eing foul is in the ve iit b he facty to
put in f ing oulis rtepresibl ontheradio tmioiamuha
Althought- the bitterness that is usual- gu nin loving , irrpcesibse O the stuation nasmud as
ly manifested at this election was ab- eyen in dare danger.
sent, the vote was so close that every For indeed, the atnosphere was re- tracted so much attention. We are
dolent with unpleasant odors. The informed upon good authority that
ontest was hard fought and enthus- huge village of twenty teepees hove in- recommendations were made for a
to sight around the bend, and the wild station even bigger and better than
One of the -rs o: hbraves let out a savage whoop that the present one, to be under the con-
feaurs o' hepro gramn
tendered to the members' of the visit- swelled in strength to a high wal trol of the University. The subject
ing state legislature will be a huge by way of announcing their return. was discussed at the last meeting of
mei f t rWhen about a hundred yards from - the Board of Regents a few days ago
te University. oAll delpartmnts will tie shore, a large flotilla of approxi- but that body failed to make any ap-.
meet Frhay afternoon at 3 :30 in their mately ten boats put out to meet them, propriation for the station.
own Building under their dean. The making bows of obeisance at the ver- Station WCBC found itself, as It is
legislature will then go from build-'satile Professor. They landed. now, so short of funds that a single
ins to buildinl to inspect each bu "Who is this person" remonstrated accident to the apparatus would put
g tudnggroup the Professor as a stout squaw em- the set permanently out of commis-
of students.
braced him heartily. "Son tequyati" sion. Because the set was built pri-
F answered the chief, which means marily for laboratory work, it. was
for ihe staging of the comedy, "A "your wife." thought that no more risk than nec-
Night off." Rehearsals have been "lHaw" broke out the irrespressible essary should be incurred. Therefore
held daily for the last two weeks and Sam. regular prograins were discontinued.
Mr. Duane Wagar, director of the pro- -Wasilngton. But the University of Michigan can-
-- ,, - - . Does sly Prof.TSndgrass submit? not afford to let another month pass


Limiteds: 6 a. M., 9:19 a. M. and'
every two hours to 9:10 p. m.
Express: 7 a. m., 8 a, m. and evry
two hours to 8 p. m.
Locals: 7 a. m., 8:55 a. m. and
every two hours to 8:66 p. .,
11 V. in. To Ypsilanti only, 11:46
p. m., 12:26 a. m. and 1:15 a. m.
Limiteds 8:47 a. m. and every two
hours to 8:47 p. m.
Express (making local stops): 9:50
a. m. and every two hours to 9:50
p. Ia.
Locals: 7:50 a. m., 12:19 a. m.
Read the Want Ads

_ _
''1. ;
? ,
t '
_ '
l ,

!'. .

Whitney Theatre
TAR Nrsday, April 10

/ Risk An ything Rather Th
/ -' Risk Missing This Wond



a: )
" .
-_ _
. r
. {

S. AI. T. 1 '.._ T. 1F. S.
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13 14 14 16 17 18 19
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High Class Work in Cleaning
and Reblocking
617 Packard St. Phone 1792
(Where D. T1. R. Stops at State)

h. r

fu Play.



This much discussed attraction will play a return engage-
ment for the entire spring and summer season at the La Salle
Theatre, Chicago.
Price $1.10, $1.65, $2.20, $2.75. Mail Now.
All Seats Reserved

li ; co a e. e. I co-vaocce. la el. 0.0e. e. 0 ce. e. e. et. O.M.








Grea LivingReciter

.0 1 J

ILA nwg v EK T H S
WVhitney Theatre, 8:15 Mondiay, Apri 1
ts $2.00 $.150nd $1-00
Sund mail orders to Mrs. SundcIea!.d, 1510 Cambridge Road, including self-


duction, is confident that the play will
be a success.
First outdoor practice was held yes-
terday by the baseba'll men. The Ath-
letic field was completely submerged
and so the Fair Grounds were used
for practice. Even the Fair Grounds
were so wet that only the outfield
could get any practice. If the weather
improves any within the next week,
the first game of the series with the
Toledo association will be played.
At a meeting of the Athletic board
last night, it was resolved that a peti-
tion be placed before the Athletic as-
sociation prohibiting any active ath-
lete from becoming a director of the
The Third Annual Inter-scholastic
Track meet will be held at Ann Ar-
bor May 26 and 27. It has been de-
cited that these meets shall be held
at Ann Arbor every year instead of
rotating among the various home
towns of the contestants as has been
the custom heretofore.
Cyrano de Bergrac, the famous
play of the year, will be presented at
the Athens Theater tonight.

(_ ' I

Tal vez, as they say in the Spanish.
* * *


All Denizens who plan to order
canes will please notify the Ex
Post Facto, who has been ap-
pointed chairman of a committee
of one to take care of this mat-
By order of the Id Est.

without establishing a regular broad-
casting station with sufficient funds
to carry on a work comparable to that
of lowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio,
Michigan Agricultural college or any
other of the scores of institutions large
and small who have their own sets.
-E. c.
by Ruth Howell.

* * *


Whoever stole my overcoat
From off the hook where it hung down
I hope a pin- sticks through your
And blood from it drips on the ground.
I nope the blood will make a bog

A reddish mire o' generous size, "Captain Applejack", Comedy club'.
Wher yo wil stck lke at'soldi annual production, concluded its short
Where you will stick like Pat's old and popular run at the Whitney theat-
hog re last night with a highly successful
And struggle, squealing, till ye dies, and entertaining performance. Its at-
And when the bloody ooze will close tmosphere throughout is decidedly pro-
Over your hair and in your eyes fessional, yet it has that freshness on-

And through your teeth and up your
Peter'll watch you with, surprize:
"What do you want here, lookin' so?"
The Saint will ask in solemn tone;
You can't come in, you'd better go;
These gates are for the blest alone.
And all your childer from inside
Will laugh at you before the gate
And with their shrilling mouths deride
Your whining and your mucky fate.
* * * ~

"The Dial," an old periodical first
published in 1840, has been procured
by the General Library. The paper
was edited by Ralph Waldo Emerson
and contains what are now considered
to be some of the finest pieces of lit-
erature. Some of the contributers

ly possible in a play but recently fam-
iliar to the actors, and with actors
pleasantly familiar to the audience.
But one criticism of the play as a
whole can be made: that- the opening
scene is a bit slow to awaken the sus-
pense of expectation at which it aims.
After Ambrose Applejohn has been in
the room for a fewminutes, any lag-
ging is a part of the past, and from
then on the audience is in continuous
gales of laughter. Amborse, under-
neath tire paint John Hassberger, '25,
fits and carries his part with an abil-
ity and understanding that is admir-
I able. He is not so timid that we do I

hat the faculty is really earnest in
ri a.n f nn Y irf th ty

Now we are going to the Whtney.,
We have no ticket, but we are going


! 4

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