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April 04, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-04-04

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1 1 choices predicted the choosing of any ----h--The way he knew (he said) was that
number of men who were not even he had carved his initials in it at
considered in the offering of the naval the time.
TUE portfolio. Surprise was apparent but %oi . - f ww The Colonel:thought up that one
N it, too, like a great many other mo- YESTERDAY WAS about the Rapids, too, if you want real
Monday mentary sensations was soon forgot- TOO ICE A IAY integrity in the col. .
oard in ten in the heat of further research in TO UET OUT A COL -Mr. Jason Cowles.
reference to the, Teapot affair.Tt
Editorial Now however the surprise has again The business up in the big top is
not an excuse for yesterday's short I -
come to life in an even more vividco,>ut aboast thatedays sol
ely en- manner. With Mr. Daugherty's oblig- col, bt a Hoas ts toy colex- frCAMPUS OPINION
au "ws ing resignation in the hands of the
2esidentranIyesterday's col.
w u-President,, competition ran high among Wesatdheartin atfv
well-wishers of the government as to W'cok shar. the darn thi ather e To the Editor:
Arbor, who would be offered the post of the o'p Chicago sewage prollhpas may be
cial rate tAgagement at 5:30, before which we had
t Post. Attorney-Generalship. In this caslanti-so we wrote the solved in a very simple manner ac-
" there were no such assertions made and ll t cording e roe h
y mail, h w of tiensecade first inch of the cot, and then thougn cording to those who cheerfully re-
as in the pre-choice of the navy sec-


Ift or







g, May- rotary, but rather a more subduedi
attempt to point out the winning can-
didate prevailed. And well that it was
gn 30U so, for ha'd it not been as it was there
Daiy at, would. only have resulted a few more#
reuese.. ardent disappointments.
The choice of Mr. Harlan Fiske
Stone as Attorney-General of the Unit-
ed States is a most promising choice.
It is a promising choice for several
reasons at least. Mr. Stone is a man
without attachments, that is, lie is
not a man who has sworn to stand by
i. Tarr party politics right or wrong; he is
lingise not a man who owes to anyone or to
any group the return of favors which
le, Jr. seem to play such an important part
in politics; and finally, he is not a
N. liyers man who is indebted to others for
Hibbard his yiews, possessing what is a funda-
Io ell ,
C. Kellar mental requirement for such a posi-
enderson tion; an independency of mind and ac-
tioan.For these reasons, and because
he has had excellent cxperilce in
r the Law both as attorney, and teac1er,


E. C. Mack
Verena Moran
Harold Moore
Car1 Ohlmachl
e ltyde Perce
Andrew Propf
Regina Reichr
Edmarie Schra
:worth C. A. Stevens-
\W. ll.Stoneri
~, d
Wn.nr. Waitls
ermnann Berman Wise


it is a delightful tonic in the face of
fmiVnia - fl t such aman as M .


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. .Perry 1. Hayden
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on ...............Lawrence lirce
ampbell N. V. Holland
aplan M. L. Ireland
iampion Harold A. Marks
ndin B~yron Parker
Dexter A .J. Seid man
FinneQ. A. :Sf-rac-e
Fox R. C. Winter
F'RIDAY, APRIL 4, 1924
Uniersity of Michigan 'today
e rar-e privilege of welcoming
s init Dr. Robert. Bridges,
aureate of England, the first
of that eminent title ever to
nerica. In his person, the Eng-
.erary world finds one of its
distinguished representatives
rnsicious of that fact, we are
of the opportunity to do him

Stone has been selected.
The British Empire, at the presentt
time, is facing the crucial period of
its history. It is torn by internal
strife, the root of the evil being the
serious unemployment situation, which
has defied solution for a number of
years and is becoming more acute1
each month. According to Professor
Turner, of the history department, a
gradual decadence of the Brit sh Em-
pire is inevitable, if pi'esent economic
conditions continue. And in spite of
the recent change of the government
to the Labor party, they do cpntinue.
The whole. trouble dates ,back to
the latter part of the 18th century, at.
the time of the 1ndustrial
when manufacturing was speeded up;
rapid, transportation became a reality
and the domestic method of produc-
ing goods gave way to the factory
method. With these advantages, Eng
land outstripped the rest of the world

up the clever business about losmng commend a change to a new system.
the rubbers for the last inch, and It is claimed that Mr. S.anehon, for-
handed it to our .pan.Washington, nerly an engineer of the district ad-
with the request that he find some of miitted that Chicago could use modern
these jolly fables aid mill up the blank sewage disposal methods. What lie
space, with fables, rover boys, and as-I did say was that "other methods of
sorted stale contribs. sewage disposal are available to
But he, the simple benny, not con- large cities." He went on to say that
tent with pretending he was Cowles, if Chicago had been placed where Mil-
and putting words into the mouth of waukee is she would have adopted a
his mentor, neglected to figure out with different system. No doubt this is true.
mathematical accuracy the length of Perhaps it is possible to provide some
the total junk he had collected. We other system for Chicago, but we must
never do either, but we seem to have not over look the question of practi-.
more of an instinct for it than he has. cability. We believe it would be pos-
And then Caligula gets off this sour sble to rebuild Chicago in her own
one: image if enough time, money and ef-
Fi Waffle.fort were used in doing so. The argu-
This Cowles says that he wants this ments referred to have not shown that
waffle done long long In free verse modern sewage disposal systems could
(so here it is, done long, long, in ree be used at Chicago under existing con-
verse.) ditions. The alleged losses to navi-.
Dear Cowles: You ask me how I find gation due to lowering of l'ake levels
your column. I consider this request would be adequately provided for if
solemnly and reply that I find it NOW- I the bills relating to the project, now
ADAYS with difficulty! being considered by congress were
-Caligula. passed, through the construction of
- compensating works.
Ile really did write it up in free - The second editorial alleges that
verse, but we found w didn't have we stated in the debate that a lower-
room for it that way. lie's a liar when ing of lake levels of six inches would
t he says we asked for his opinion about not effect shipping. This statement
the col * was not made in the debate. The evid-
ence relating to this matter was hand-
LETTER WRITTEN WITH A led by Mr. Wigle. While he gave his
IrtOWN TYPEWR'IIT Ie RIBH speech I followed the written manu-
Dear Jason: script so that if any part of the speech I
In regards to those rubbers. One {were omitted or changed the correc-
pair of number nines has been afflict- tion could be made in rebuttal. r.
ing our office for the last few months. igle followed the manuscript word
-We would have worn them ourselves for word and the alleged statement
f but being small and dainty we could does not appear in the manuscript. Itt
I not p9ssibly bring ourselves to stoo) was claimed hever that navigators
so lw as to put those ltt hy l ng ondo not estima the draft of their
I The schoopers are t(b bf4ud nea. ' to within t
-h -~ships t wti if~ nhesof the hot-
the raditor. We hope tbat you will toin of the waterway. Vessels are so
tha ip4us for this. designed that their bottous> will not
Y s a g c ata ny time come closer to the hot-
~ tom of the waterway tian a certain
distance considered adequate for safe-
Thaph you fiery much. We dont,
Tai ur sty ,often the ships are three feet or
wear )Rurnber nines either.
* * ~ moire from the bottom where the chan-
GREt MEN FL- nels are deep.
TO DENIZEN FEAST We are indebted to Gardner S. Wil-
liamns of fie Engineeing departnwnzt,
Jolly good humored razzing ws iam fteEgnem eate
the gnoeo hmorerazzing Gd Eugene E. Haskeell of the U. S. lake
the k ~note of the Irsa igua Grid-
it s -survey, Frederick P. Stearns of the
iron- 1 nquet-heldl lDnizxns MiCh- Harvard Engineering school and soin
igan's° Humor Society, last night at
the assemnbly hall of time Union. 1ore forty other engineers of national iuul
'than rne hundred an: lUnty ntables Intenational reputation for data on
Trai aziou prtsofthestte~ tend :sewage disposal ard lowering of lake
from #arious parts of the'state-attend-
- ed th affair, and telegrams of regret levels.
were read from many more, some of Elmer Salzman,
them men of national prominence.
Edwin Dumby, of Atlantic City, Har-
ry Doggerty, a former government of-
icial, Henry ,B. Smith, of Colorado,I
and Frank B. Jones, of Oswego, Calif., T
were among those who sent telegrams -
I regret.
Among the big men who attended
the affair were the following: Wolf-
gang Katzeujammer, Grand Rapids; "THE DOLL'S HOUSE," by Henrik
Heinrich Spitzbub, Big Rapids; Erich Ibsen will he presented by the Play
Hasenfusse, Little Rapids; Wilhelm Production classes Wednesday even-
Kartoffel, Practically No Rapids at ing, April 9 in University hall w the
All; L. E. Weiss, J. R. Schwarz, G. M. second, number in the piee:eit series.
- Gelb, P. O. Blau, J. L. Rot, and R. H. The production. along with "The Pu-
Braun, all of Muskegon; Albert K. lars of Society" given by Prfemsjr
Hasenpfeffer, editor of the Wayne - Hollister some seven years, marks the
County Clarion; Edelbert Rosen- second performance of Ibcn' works
crantz', assistant mayor of Ishpeming; on the campus. It is more than an
t and Eriedrick ELisenbahn; city clerk ambitious undertaking: it is a signal
of Iron Mountain., ' step towards progressive dramatics.
All'of the distinguished guests were To some, this performance repre-
expected to stand upon their chairs sents the most foolhardy, daring on
after the conclusion of the banquet the part of the director, and no one
- and read the epitaphs that had been can deny that it requires a great deal
s prepared for them by the members of of confidence to attempt it. Yet the
Denizens. point should also be made that as a
One of the many clever epitaphs was matter of difficult direction it is often
that read by Ludwig Gross of Petos- harder to produce a subtle plotles
{ Ikey: English comedy than a powerful mas-

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every two hours to 8:55 p. M.,
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p. m., 12:25 a. m. and 1:15 a. m.
Limiteds: 8:47 a. m. and every two
hours to 8:47 p. m.
Express (making local stops): 9:51)
a. m. and every two hours to 9;50
p. in.
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k ' ( C.1
{ _ i


Read The Daily "C'assifed" Columns

i ; ' -- I

The Green,,Tree Inn
ll make special prpparations for
visitors at Lunch and Dinner
I hurslay, Friday and Saturday

and soon was doing the manufactur-
ing of balf the couintries of Europe
and engaged in trade in every corner
of the globe.
Such a condition attracted an in,-
mense population. The number of in-
habitants sof the island jumped from
10,500,000 to 40,000,000, twice the num-
ber she is able to support under or-
dinary conditions.
But at present, the rest of the world
has caught up. Each country is doing
much of its own manufacturing. Each
country has its own merchant marine
pnd carries its own goods. What is
to be done with the twenty million
people in England devoted to that pur-

At Last-


That Most Ehticient of all Motors-the Four
Attains its Highest Development

advent of Dr. Bridges is but an-3
evidence of the University ad-
ration's consistent policy of
ng to the students the very1
advantages of coltact with the
A Hodson and the assured visit'
culture of English unive'rsities.
aul Vinogradoff's lectures- here
itumn, the presence here now of
ofessor Carritt of Oxford next
all illustrate this praiseworthy
on. It is things such as these
dignify and broaden an in-
on of higher learning and con-
ations are due those who have
them possible.
coming of these notable Eng-
n to the University, however,o
ses a significance even greater
this. Through their presence
there is given an enormous in-
to the movement for bringing
closer and more harmonious
ins between the two great Eng-
peaking nations. The mutual un-
nding which must inevitably re-
ronm the association with these
It and intelligent visitors is,
to assist materially the realiza-
f Cecil Rhodes' dream-an in-i
ion which all thoughtful men
desire to make an actuality.
le from these considerations, the
rsity is glad to welcome Dr.
s simply because he is an ad-I
le poet, a great literary scholar
fine gentleman and because, as
versity, it is our proper func-
id pleasant duty to do so.
ppreciation of all this, we ex-
g England's Poet Laureate, our
cordial and respectful greetings
enture to hope that his tenure
fellowship of creative art in the
rsity will prove as agreeable to'


suit? That is the problem that the
present government of Great Britian
is facing.
A nation is bound to have trouble
if the people are allowed to get hun-
gry, as France and Russia found at
the time of their respective revolu-
tions. And people without work are
quite apt to go hungry-most of the
time. So unemployment attacks the
very vitals of governments, and must
be remedied if the government is tc
The new l abor ministry is doing its
best with the problem of what to do
with England's 20,000,000 extra work
ers. On its success or failure rests
the fate, of the - British Empire.


Rollin White, one of the in-
dustry's most distinguished
engineers spent several years
and a king's ransom on experi-
mental work, studying foreign
motor design, to find the secret
of the perfect Four.
Now his new car is ready.
In his presentation of the
Rollin be gives to the: world a
new Four in its most highly
dev-eloped form.
As a matter of fact, Mr.
White went the best of the
European engineers one better.
For not only did he design a
most efficient, small displace-
ment, high compression mo-
tored car, but he coupled quan-
tity production with it, which
makes possible a very attractive
The Rollin has 4-wheel brakes
of the internal type. No other
car in America selling under
$1000 has this type of brake.
The Rollin has Firestone Bal-
loon Tires. This is one of the

greatest advances of the year.
The Rollin has force feed
lubrication to all rotating mo-
tor bearings.
A 4-bearing crankshaft-a
new type of spring suspension
-a stiffer and deeper frame-
and ability to deliver 25 miles
or better to the galon of gaso-
line-are a few more Rollin
We have samples now all
ready for your demonstration.
But be prepared to handle
the smartest and most respon-
sive motor you ever had your
experienced hands on.
Touring Car De Luxe, $975*;
Three Seated Coupe Roadster,
$1175; Five Passenger Sedan,
*This same model with wood
wheels, cord tires and 4-wheel
brakes, but without De Luxe
equipment, $895. Prices f. o.b.


Twenty-Five Years iMly name is Ludwig Cross, terpiece.
Ago At Michigan Of city hall janitor I once held t Plays by Shakespeare and Ilsen,
the post; ' O'Neil and Sh.aw, and the rest of' the
E ,_ _ _ _ I used to be a famous man, figureheads, while they may offer
From the Files of the U. of M. Daily, Till the Republicans won, and then, technical complications, are so thor-
April 4, 1899 wham! ; oughly dramatic and so absolutely ac-
As the climax of the brilliant eve- tor-proof that they fairly carry them-
Friday, April 14, is the (late set for ning, the traditional grease cup was selves by their own inertia. Without a
the departure of the mechanical en- presented for the first time, to the in- doubt it is often the gripping, "diflicult"
gineers on their annual eastern trip. dividual among the' guests who was tragedy that is the easiest and most'
Their trip includes visits to the largest worthy of the title of "the worst sure-fire vehicle for amateurs. The
power plants and factories in Nigara greece-spreader." The prize was myth of the "easy" drawing-room comn-
Falls, Pittseburg, Holmstead, Penn., laughingly accepted by Prof. George edy, at any rate, has long been ex-
Cleveland, and Detroit. Strumpf of the Health Service. ploded by courageous directors.
* * * "The Doll's House," surely, is one

,- .
S t

Trre annual election or officers in NORM of the most purely theatrical pieces
the Athletic Association will be held sends us word that one of the pro- ever written. It utilizes every stage
tomorrow in University hall. An un- fessors put this sign "on the board" trick from mother-love and the das-
usual condition exists this year in for his class a few days agone: tardly villain to the famous tarantel-
that only one man is in the running EXAM-NEXT TUES. la. It almost shamelessly. revolves
for the presidency. There is a scar- ALL BOOKS ON THE ROSTRUM everything about Nora so that she may
city of men for all the positions and NO COMMUNICATION be elevated to a striking star position.

t is certain to be for us.


C0 F.Bless






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