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February 15, 1924 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-15

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_ _

In the Bulletin is constructive noticiĀ« to all members of
ity. Copy received by tNN Aswdst aut to~ the d~'eist until1
(11:30 a. m.' Sati'axv.-

Blind, But Works Court Ostracizes Count, Author
OfMemoirs Baring Hoheuzollernsi

Intramural Items .


4 FRIDAY, FE.BRUARY1<}, 1924

'Number 97

slcal Examlnation:
16 is the last dlay for physical examination at Barbour Gym-
Dr* Bell.


silty of the Colleges of Engineering and Ar"clgtecture:
There will be a meeting of the Faculty of these colleges on Monday,
ruary 18, at 4:15 p. m. in Room 411 West Engineering Building.
ti Louis A. Htopkins, Secretary.
ui~mttee on Extra Hours:
Petitions for Extra Hours will not be received by the Com~mittee after
close of this week. Petitions should be handed in either when making
t*6ns or changes in elections.' J. W. Scholl, Chairman.
dents Desiring Business Positions:
Mr. Guy C. Smith of Libby,.McNeil and Libby (Food Products) of Clhi-
o will be in Ann Arbor today to interview students who might be inter-
d in obtaining positions with this company. Students wishing to confer
zMr. Smith should report, between 2:30 and 3:30 this afternoon at R~oom
Economics Building. Edmund E. Day.
eign Students:
And others interested in the' work of the Cosmopolitan Club are cordl-
invited to the Club's social being given this Friday evening, February,
kt P. M. In Lane Hall. Special music and entertainment; a chance to
t. t*1nds from other lands ; refreshments. Fred Hedlger, Pres.
ri#ty Lecture.
OldVilla Gardens of Italy by Mr. Robert N. Cram of Harvard University.
This lecture will be given in Alumni Memorial Hall, Friday, February
t 8 p. mn. It will be illustrated by autochrome slides.
Aubrey .Tealdi.
Oaifte Reserve Officers:
Iniformation of special interest to members of the faculty who hold comn-
dions in the Ordnance Section of the Officers' Reserve Corps has Just
n received from the Chief' of Ordna nce. A complete list is not available
,, ind all men who now hold commissions, or are interested in securing
mlnisions, are requested to communicate with me as, early as practicable.
JTohn A. Brooks, Jr. Major, Ordnance.
onautical Engineerlnpg:
Hereafter the following cuasses in Aero will meet in the East Engineer-
Buildlug as follows:
Nero 1. Tu. & Th. at 8 a. in. Room 2049.
Aero,2~. Tu. & 'Th. -at 9 a. m. Room 2201.
Aero 3. Wed. at 4 p. mn. Room 1300.
Aero 4. Mon. at 2 p. mn. Room 2040.
*Aero 6. Wed at 1 p. mn. Room 2040.
Dign and drawing in connection with all the Aero' courses will be con-
ted in the same building, Room 306-314. F. W. Pawlowski.
tivg 3:1114 a:
_J~ st.dents in ethler these coursers:ic~e',, {, n Friday, February 15th,
conieto class that day provided with ,I.' , l:boa -d, instruments, 12x20
c,ing 'paper, and specification and io('c ccupc ns, ready to start work.
two couipons must be secured from C-ie T'ea:urer's office, University
. H. W. Miller.
mi 34--Persouial Admninisration:
Assignment for week ending Feb. 21' is Scott and Clothier, chs. 8, 9, and
[nstead of chs. 9, 10 and 11 as announced. I. G. Dickinson.
1ch i3a-11onday and Friday:
French 13a which meets Monday and Friday at 9:00 o'clock in Room.. 301

Dlr. IDaniel a'llses Eisk (a picvture made,
Shortly before ke be~camne toff~y
Although he has totally lost his eye-
sight, Dr. Daniel Moses hisk is contin-
uing all his work in the classroom as
professor of sociology in Washburn
college, at Topeka. Kan. Ile refus~ed
to be retired on .pension.{
Col. Hodson Loans
Book To Library

Berlin, Feb. 14.-Count Robert Zed-
litz-Trutzschler, whose memoirs lay-,
ing bare the inner history of the lie-
henzollern court for the 12 years lie
served William 11I as court marshall,
will probably go into history as one
Iof the world's greatest diarists.
His family and friends have ostra-
cized the Count and the denunciation
heaped upon him by the officer's un-
ions and other societies connected
Iwith the old court has inspired demo-
cratic Germany to -read his book and
send its circulation up to a point
1which may well make William II and
the former crown prince extremely
envious. Their memoirs were forgot-
ten a few, weeks after they had left
1 the press. But Count Zedlitz has been
far more frank and has given a pict-
ure of the childish antics, selfishness
and egotism of the imperial family,
especially of the ex-kaiser, which isj
regarded here as probably true. At
least the democratic masses 'of cen-
tral Europe believe it is true, and the
royalists must read the book to find
out how they and their friend,,, and
relatives have fared at the hands of
the unusual diarist.
Count Zedlitz shows the ex-kaiser to
have been about as stupid as the' late
emperor of Russia, whose published
diary caused all the world to gasp and
wonder whether he and the late em-
press ever thought of the welfare of
Russia and the Russian people. Wil-
liam's own memoirs which hisa pub-
lishers insist he wrote himself, threw
little light on the domestic life of the
court. Count Zedlitz has filled in the
gaps and supplemented the ex-kalser's
work in a way that hays delighted the
exiled emperor's enemies.
But in a measure one may foagive
the former emperor some of his rude--
ness and eccentricity after reading!
Count Zedlitz' pictures of the (lull lire
of the Potsdam imperial family and
the awful monotony with which the
Hlohenzollerns attempted from lay to
lay to stage their pomp and grandeur.
The late empress was a faithful moth-

er and doubt less had many womanly
virt ues, but one caiinnot' possib)ly glean,
from Count ZedIlitz' book that she was
comp~anionable or ent~ertaining in the
slightest degree. Pictures he gives 1
of evenings in the great palace at
Potsdam show tbem to have been so
(lull that apologists for William 11 willt
find much material to use in his de-

(Continued Ironi Pagje Six)
linal s as ite lrelilninaiis, -aDelthe
total aggregaltescore of both divisionr
will be accepted as the final. score
the fraternity garnering the must to,
be consideredl as the winner.l
As in former ;years the all-caxnmu
tournament will be individual, as many
men as want to from each class being
allowved to participate.
The entries for the fraternity tour-
namnent will close at 5 o'clock, Toues-
day, February 19, while the all-campus
contest will be held open until 5





All1(cand id ates for iass itatt
b~isFeball managers w I report
any (lay this week at 3 o'clock,
at the Youst field house.

12 :0--- History departmeint lunich,
room 321, Union.
12:00--Law faculy lunch, Union.
4:00-F rciieh play rehearsals in Ger-'
c Francais rooms.
.:3U-brie v'al)uli stacker, roomti 319, Un-
7 :130--Poloula Literary cifrcle meets In
Lane hail.
7 :830----Clese Studcat:)' club mencts 1in
Lane- hall.
7 :+34-Soph Medic snmoker In Unionl
reading room;.
S :00-St. Paul's Lutheran Young Peo.
pie's society Valentine party, 420 W.
Liberty street.
8:0--New York Cuib social, Harris,
8 e-90-CoI~uol~olitIa clb social lin Lane

o'clock, F~ebruary 25
Men interested in the all-campus
track meet are signing up for the event
every. day at the Intramural office,
Most of them are already in training
for their favorite events in which they
expect to prove the best of the field of
competitors. Suitable rewards in the
form of a sweater and numerals for
those making live points will be awa rd-
ed after the meet. Entries for the
fraternity track meet are being; au-
cepted also at this time.
In keeping; pace with the constant
I demand for attractive events on the
annual winter sp~ort program of the iii)-
tramural department, an eight Lip re"-
lay event has been added as a special
event for the class: trackmen. Biesidest
t~his, the annual fraternity relay rice
will also be heil. Entries for the two
contests are nov, being acceptedt at thle
office in Watermat-n gynas;ium. lhe
dates of the mieets wvill be announced
+ later.

Football practice was re-
sumed at 4 o'clock Wednesday in
the Yost field house. All foot-
ball candidates not participating
in ba'seball, basketball, or track
are requested to report at 4
o'clock every afternoon for in-
door practice.
Assistant Coach.







Arcade - James Cruze's
The Ladles."


M1ajestfic - "Little


"Chinese Paintings" a valuable
book containing a collection of works
by the noted artist, Madame Wu
H:sing-~fen, has been temporarily loan-
ed to the library by Colonel T. C. H'od-
son of Londlon who is visiting the
University to give a series of lectures
on anthropology.' The book, which
contains 41 reproductions of picturesj
with dIescrip~tions both in English and
in' Chinese, is one which Colonel Hod-
son will present. to Camnbridge Uni-
versity on his return to England.
Madame Wu i'lsing-fen, whose works1
are reproduced, in this volume, is the
foreinost living woman artist in mod-
er"I' China and her paintings .repres-
sent all forms of Chinese pictorial art.I
Many of the paintings in the clet
colc-ion are (lone in the manner of noted
muasters of the older Chinese, schools
and embrace a great variety of. sub-
jcoi tin]cluding flower studies, land-
L;,apes, portraits and religious fig-

112:10-)-AlaanaaocouiwV lunch9 rooms I ur ion u s
'319-321, 1Union. iojognlat 100 In 10 Flat
:200--OuTtii'l l, 0{g~n at, _
tif Till nd livia+ ;treet.. New York, Feb. 14.-Loren :Ilurehi-
I;:)0 - llililzary lwI IIommlittle meet-a ison, of the Newark Athaletic Club
1 lug, roomn 3063, nion. Am zerica's premier indoor Sprinter
6 :311-Alloba PllI dinnler, V1101iis 19 Clllod the world's recordl by r1-111
321, Union. ( ning 100 yards lust night in 10 scc-
6 :30-Beta illi Ieltl im liuer, roomis 1,on,, s in the Sahaclar game1s inl the
323-325, Union. 22nd Regiment Armory. Murclisow
7 :00--6 ra d irnie II ist ~wy-choiri meeting, (defeatedl Bob McAllister, former iVIet-l
room 3003, Union. r'opolitan chaif~on, and B~ennie 11e-
' .,,01 ---Vri f'in meet1ing -itthIle Mtax - *fors, Jr. JobiRa y, Illinois Athletic
oli . temp~le. Club, won the 1,500 meters rac, in
S:{3 1-Phla i aa diinner, rooms 1318-:i 4:04 4-5, with his teammate, IRay \"at-
120, Union. i ion, second.

Wuert~ - "The Leavenworth
C"ase"-with Bert Lytell andi
M\artha Mansfield.
orphieuni--" ankee Duoodle, Jr."

Stige -. s 'Week


Garrick :_.('Annming Poliock'i
Patronire The Daily Adv'ertisers.


Blind Men Crowd
Public Off Walks,

nres. Students may obtain the book
at the reference desk in the uipper
readling room of the library during
the next two weeks.

Berlin, Feb. 14.-Blind inen havel
become so numerous in the streets
that the p~ublic his begun to dloubt t
their affliction and is putting themi
to a test. One "blind man" re'cently
was mobbed in the west end of the
city. the man was labelled with
signs saying he was "entirely blind
as the result of war wounds." .
He had collected miarks with gtreat
success for' many (lays before a.
j(doubting contrib~utor sutddenly shout-
ed into the man's ear that he was not
blind and the man started after his
accuser with a, cane, wide-eyed find






Sofia, Feb. 14.-it is repiorted a Ger-
Iman airplane concern, the Junker Co..
haso a pact with Kenial's government
by which the Germans get a practical
mIOnop ly of comumercial flying in. Tur-




-.yhould report to this same; room on Friday.
Layfayette F. Dow.
, ialsm 32:
The class in newspaper editing will meet in Room 2, Econonmiics Build-E
E. G. Burrows.
Meets. Wednesday, February 20, at 4:30. Room B173, N. S. Building. 'I
br byr 0. S., Raber,-The permeability of the cell.
B. M. Davis.
r znStudents 'conclude the evening, group gamnes will
0etn be held.I
To M et T onight Anyone interested is invited to at-,
tend the ,gathering. Refreshments will:
be served,
tiubers bf the Cosmopolitan club__________________
gath~er for' their first social meet- -__________________
of the semester at 8 o'clock to- I REHANTACIOTC
in Lane hall auditorium. f
'of. H. P. Scott, of the rhetoric de- j Freshman track practice will
ment, will give a number of orig- I be held every afternoon in the
writings, some humorous, and Al- Yost field house.
.der Strauss will play several se- Freshman Coach. I
ons on the ?violin. 'In addition, I CHARLES B. HOYT,
e will be a singing program. To 1


alert. Policemen interfered and the E
imposter escaped into a cigar storeE
where he treated himself to an ex-
pensive cigar. But the indignant pub-;
lic pursued him, dragged him from
the shop and gave him a sound beat-
iing while the policemen looked on.




Do You Know H~n


0o Mn



Read The Daily "Classified" Columns

i f

You are getting from
your auto-strop razor-
blades ?

Engineers' and Architects' Materials
Stationery, Fountain Pens, Loose Leaf Books
Cameras and Supplies
Candies, Laundry Agency, Tobaccos

Written with a Parker by
H. P. ("Brick") Muller,
California's great football captain

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for every blades or you
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your face or pocket-

Williams' "aflo
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an ingredient w~hichacu"totesnlecf
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This is the new Hinged Cap on Williams' Shaving
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this convenience feature. We want you to tell us
how the cap appeals to you. So we make this offer:

Takea ook at This.
cANew Banded Black Fen
c4Special WPen for Students
Has, large ring that links it to your note- back
or a pocket-clip--Free
'TrHE idea of a super-smooth mediumi
.priced pen with good ink-capacity
and a large ring-end Ito link to the ring of
your note-book originated with students
j; themselves. We acknowledge our indebt-
edness, and we know their idea is a winner
for wherever this new Parker. D. Q. has
been introduced it has stepped right off in
the lead of the medium-priced class.,
a Moreover, this Parker D. Q. is produced
by the makers of the Parker Duofold-
everywhere acknowledged as the fountain.,
pen classic. Not only in craftsmanship, but
a in all mechanical features save the color
and point, it is like the Parker Duofold.Yet
even the point of this $3 Parker D.Q. is 1 4k
gold, tipped with NATIVE Iridium and
polished to the super-smoothness of a
j P costly jewel bearing. The cap is reinforced
by a strong metal girdle -- the only pen
we know of, of equal size, at less than $5
with a banded cap.
Try this new Parker D. Q. at any near-by pen
counter. It is your idea of a pen - made to the
students' own specifications.


Ask us to show yr u at

G. Claude


jiili:( iM) IPiREM({1'tIIAW
C'rnter Northii I'uiversily 181141
State treet

Form, the Time-saving Habit Now
The use of the typewriter is a tremendous time-savinlg
help to anyone in any walk of life-business or profession..
Use the handy Remington Portable for your themes.
Typewrite your lecture notes and assignments. See how
quickly it lightens and lessens all your writing tasks.
The Remington Portable is easy to operate; light,
compact, and can b~e used anywhere. Full, four-row key-
board like the big machines, and many other big viachzine
features. Yet it fits in a case only four inches high.
Price, complete with case, $60. Easy payment terms if desired

For the best sentence of ten words or less on the value
of the Williams' Hinged Cap, we offer the following
prizes: 1st prize $100; 2nd prize $50; two 3rd prizes,
$25 each; two 4th prizes, $10 each; six 5th prizes, $5
each. Any undergraduate or graduate student is eli-
gible. If two or more persons submit identical slog~ans

Manufacturers also of Parker "Lucky Lock" Pencila

PiO"NE : x.30

k e VaWr De'0,4




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