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March 25, 1924 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-03-25

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zr Takes Exception To Daily Editorial,511iKIFO
eReasons For Philippine Independence SLTIKSFO
rnflinrnvviri v n

I It

By 11a rlai C. Iianzar more indig nation to arsthe cuipritst:1,h I''gE3neralMoh1amml1edan re ligiUsr
I wwish t aeoatvtake< advantage ofP i thi; w3wethanT1the1i .ilipinontheFa -tEet, thlves.i ,cTh,,t cauelo th vil ikn thewa Fare t t, stindntheo :ir he aco
op portunit y to ase the edlitorial',
however, thle general1 economic up- ie agan >t their Christian brothers
whtich 'appeared il- The Michigan I he;:val caused lay the cessation of the that. for yea~rs and years have peace-'
Daily of Mlarch 2, entitled "The In- Great WVar. MJany people aive 1 or- fully lived as their friends andl neigh-
patient Fillinqs".- This action is rowed mvoney tf-ov.. the bank c <p'Cial- bor ,. Let uis remember that it is emn-
--.__--,1-- ,- . ---- a. - - I- !p mf-ar 11 rl ps ar1r t ir, e f bo ieud in the Mohammendan nhiloso-


J1 IY1/ hre itnhe sillyr'ch.tter e et li,,ilri -
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MA Sl it I l ~ly, 'are pepaing l acr e~- lI.~ xiyth v olthe ig tsr
itI 1( nte toorro v enting in Sarah again,.tel ~~ iiau h ea
Caswell Amnell Ball connsis;ting ofhtidiCS at;1hi l t
' tlna St.vinceuit Millay's odld fantasy", "l~htd- talma h
"Arvia da Capo" and Philip Moeller's I "l comegin1;0t ihiit
bruetoload t'At fburlesque, ".Helena IHusband,"

the cuntahi totrild oll abe
od 11 e I n 1t hI \AlIte -

I'ro i' Sats 11Iv e('r');4,n Fur
Au ii intl PI'44111 (tiI

w" ,




prormpted by only one reason to cor- te '1. a p °I5u., d q "' t uluu 3L# H'-iv--,.-- .---.- .-------w.
reet, If possible, the impression crest- tbo :_aden lowering of the pricep of phy that when a person is tired of
ed by such an editorial. :sugar were unable to pay their debt.% life, he can just- go ou t anld kill as
"The Impatient Filipinos" is a typ- Thle hank dd'not iinediately of-trn many Christians as he can until'bhe
Ral American newspaper editorial on cDsh ut got the property of Nohon Wsir gets killed. This they, say
the Phillppincs, seemingly full of peole. No0w, it i~; onl its fceet ,agai n. I w;ill be givinig sacrifice to their relig-
lwal~d g encr~lties, yet inostly if Did not other banks of the world suf- ion and will bring theni nearer heav-I
not wholly, u~iwupportedl by actual fer the sanme economnic upheaval ail- en.-
fz.ts or historhcal records. ter the weir? Has the early history I5n the P~hilippines, the Mloros op-
InQifrst plae, te editorial said: of the United Stats' ba~nks been al-;' pir-;e1 having thaeir'dlildren educatedj
"the natives w ere assured that tlwry1 ways prosperous lind have they J.- because they think that that is merely!
would be'-at-ed complete independ- ways- been so fort~unate as to hLia a strategy; to mlakle them Christians:
once as soon as the reins of govern- ' ey fect marnagers? yet, education among them is alvanco-
inent could .arfely be entrus ted t U. S. Blamned ,i~g despite difficulties. iM-,ny child-
them." That is not true. General Asagnrltte nto the eceon- re are now in schools. We even
AsuinagenrthesFilepino leader ofhave soule young imen in our collede
A ~ idthe viuion pginst lain In of mic question in the Phili ppines aside of agricalture, University of tha Phil-
1898 : lthoughl in exile in Hoangkong, entirely of the boan.., the Philin~e ippines. In this connection, it would
Chinawent bck hom to coperat islands and the Filipino people are' notnthemisosatathePlppe
with MAmral Dewey believing tViat th nsta hp terdn.'b overnmient gives to M1orui scholar
the l~nited States would free the 'Phil- 1Pliiiippine legislature. can p~ass laws more pension than they dlo to the rest
ippine islands as she went to war ftI as ttP tariff, public lands, currency,i of the Filipinos. 1 hope the Pubilic
the redemption of Cuba and to Apke~ bonds, etc., but such cannot .,e en-r will not he shoeked to hear that cx-
the world safe for democracy" as sheI forced unless consented to 5y the' senator's Nladi Blutte's son wvent homne
saidin er ltercrusdes , re udeint of the United States. in re- from c}ompleting his college work in
But Admiral D~ewey flatly deniedtcetyaspxiljsceademe-te ntdSaeswhanAlocn
that he made any promise to thle Fit- cy have bewi given to the Pl'ilippnas Ibride.
Ip)Ino p eopale about their freedoem. The, rtbcu-'lw aete g&Qi11'liiIi o izifn
Ihill inein uIraection, soclld o1I r ens lp1i iarily for the bxixe't o f ILa stly, are the Filipinos really sin~-
agis h nt~ tt s calloe, 1 lpioI',jebu ~Sm.1 patient an~d too imuch in a hurry for
out, just Unttheevo otate whic broke Lodge well expressed it: "The cardin- tindep~endenice? The United State,-
of the Treaty of Paris was 2a desper- il pa'liIIal of AIe(riCan St~itedaliard~- tgave as one- re.aso(n for entering the
ate figthton the part of the Filipino 51hip is to advocate policies whch World Wir her iden to free the small-r
people whien they were cvined l~twadGrt o theatnft ft 'eiatons and "to make the wmrl(l
their longed -fdr freedom was 'far jpeowle of the Usnited States-." What atodeo-ayFnnRom
aay. It took l''yasfrthe n-wHi l appen if the ineesso tetw nia and other .oi~ctti IPS haen been1
ted States to tre-er o peoples comes in, deadly conflict is acvnteridpnec.Terpi
costing her aitout half a baillion doll- I ouscntatmgtwl e se l(al and social cnrui~on5 cannot be
ars and thousands o: hevr loyal sons.LtisntfreththePh',iefaa
T',e Filii):Duos fought knowving even at ndararodt the P sIlcihi1%r"ines. liRelnd has beet:
the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~r beiiigta hy.wr on minterest of Ot nhed Stzites; and 2mitdhterl.Ptr h a
the eginingtha the swre gingthat she congress of the United Sates ?'th dhmerae fr h a olseaantsc o1eflniy e Un ted Sta.t 5sMwasb", given the
yet thoy fought barively an whole- isi a body comnposed of humaung~i's edit for leadingth world coloniz-f
heartedly to dshowl to the American i1moany, if not all, ruled by party inter-I in,? powers in democratic treatment
r~to h-.t-e ke temaigeats with absolute power over thte of their subiect peoples, but (can we
ronf whtt tteie h i n Philippine islands as is stipula -ed: say that shte still leadls them?. The
whtthey claimed freedlom and in the Treaty of Paris and admitted Piiuieilnshv ufle h
librt. '1wiao Gvrnet jad*cial interpretation. Ti c~ lone concltion given by the United States
Trueetht a prme was latnergiv-I tis ndenough mscause yfor a people ten ;for independence. they have a 'stable
en, in the formh of a p~reamble to the e huandmls wyt the West to i government. W'ill the United States
.Jne lw hchwa eate Agutden>ire complete independence,. fulfill her hart. of the promise? The
,, 9,196,and looking impartially at TIce people have not rea chledl a cardinal princple of Amrerican idea
29,t 1916,ei eal s ir o hgh enough plane of social develop- of -a government as enunciated in her
thatproiseit eall ismor ofa mnt to make a thoroughgoing 'heno-
mtoral one .than legal. For, certain- ",rrdtlrtno neednewe l'
ly he reaileis ot leal art~fcracy paciabesaid the editoral Idcaaino neednewe h
ly te pran le s nt a.lega pat ofi he--self a-i'tely felt the need of free-
alaw, yet it is always takna-teagain. Wthere does a "thoroughgoing arm and i lertv is that a democrati'
~~ y~~~f . '~Ademocracy" .exist is a 'question not. -~ ~ m- ~ ih~' o
Spirt, h 1.1, lawy and the expre-sion ,reven thenirt ' tib 'e m
of tie ,intent of, the la,lrivers in heentheI scholar of political science of the govern>ed. The Piinu
PliNt n~s of that law. Th-at, promi Iwould very assuredily gotnmit ins p. is noct, given 'a governrient '
ays htid n e , ~ ~rfte But large sectionsh of the Country atnre tl the4 c"'ieat of the. overned1.(ll
the Fi*i ;npeople "as son as Stbe linaptvestageeo iivill ne1nit~dSrte wo. luld- liv? tup to her
gnlvernnir IslI have been-esabhlish-Nto" otius heuwarntd hka}lsand priurclple iii dealing v ill'
- Ipp~1?. Taid~ ~ c sation. Out or the less than elever oPtii;p 1, ,nn4*gv H'
17iIfi- ~ tni ne tn million Filipinos ten and a half mail-I.I n. IQ ikffa-nhogvrmn,-t~0 1_l
tio g41wh- natp as far heack in 1I38in. his report to ~0 L~~ ctmpeA ~odtoa
liongIVy 1 "h~thoe wo encte . - l-Q i~,pn h fap.ily ofnain
t a vrmn iyp~ thpe governnment of this country sty : - eWipo r --lp t lc
th- 1rJ z C i3 , oen nint smp thatHMO he found theliFilipinos mO
naa~e a z~L. psorder withinthtlimorn te Filopins e K vi litcal:71'iX ecconmiehard-
educa~ted 'and mrftfo nr-'p 6i
ta I-ufl lld - ta'nd by the people. ; '- nr u i wveth iltr ,.n ~ouio hr wl Y~
.__ .-..... . . ... - - - (nt.t of ii neen; th n wie(I tni ... .,., ,11,'

e ycl b'for jer,,t I Pn1w Ida .I) ti
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William Itoeiser-, '215, 707, 0O1ord
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I r plicatiOnl.
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r .oXes' and First fdurttcen ro, ilain
floor, $2.50; the reimaining st t of thec
main floor, $2.00; the firs3t four r0 ws)

As time proceeds of the performance
are to be donated to the StudJent Wel-
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loose Caps}
will get ,
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throughout the state being Ii {eced
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"' a ( :,


I~h£'~ll l_,i~plds have had
;31fsJ L nVBi4l1Qt . r ' years. JmE -
Govrnor 'airr-on testified to that!
c heti his re-port to the Unitedl
Sltsgovernment. The late presi-
deont Wlilson tent a similar miessage tol
c~tz :T ho, rgI e ptthas been
ffilled byv the Filipino people; it is
V tiltedl St, tv, turn to) keep her' prom-
As. ill shefulfill it? The w hole
trouble of the matter is that there are
rnnwl people who try to require of the
PL-Ilippines an ideal government with
a stzandard no country in, the world
z+at present can boast of. The millen-
itmn is yet far distant.
The editoi'ial mentions the economic
condition in the Philipiines'as a hain-
dlzrance to the advisability of giving it
jfreedom today. There has, been, in
fact, only -tine 'greait failure in recent
yea-irs;that the Philippine government,
ha s tasted in this line, a failure which
the opponents of Philippines independ-
ence have made capital of in tbisl
country: and that is the failure Hof the
Philippine Natidnal hank. True, that'
we had a poor manager, brat where is
-L t+t nanagzer nowv and those c'on-
nected with im diiretly? 'Witiinl
prison. Nwalls convicted by Filipinol
'judgecs. 'No other .people- _haveferlt

Fuirthermiore, let tus just look tack
ito our history and we will see that
the Philippines was once a part of
the Javanese empir01e; and- that whenol
the Spaniards; went there in 1521 hew
people hadil heir own forms of gover--
' nent wvith thfeir own history anit trad-
itions. They even had their own {al-
phablet. 'fies, the great hulk of the
less than a half million non-Christian
tribes are the Moroa., or l'.Ohami-
medans. Thi-y are a group of people
whose history is entirely apart from
that of the Christian Filipinos as the
life of the American Indians are sep-
arate from the European Americans.
Mlohammuedan; Uplien vi
For three centuries the Spaniards
were unab~le actually to conquer them.
In twenty-five years they are ;gradlual-
ly made to feel that they are part and
parcel of the Filipino people,- they
are even given representation in the
legislature, and their representatives,
leave tine andl aain assuredl the rest
of the Filipinos that the Mloros are
1with them in their fight for N~depend-
ence. For 'several years under the
supervision of the Philippine' con-
stabulary, the Moros .were peaceful.
The recent iipheaval was caused I y

1? JeeO4tat the iirpTenIlleuce of the ;r
1 '1tl'ry rill he a'I real - dftg r" its
the ir ,we1-heno ar, (tepsil t o
nti-Phlilippine ideendenlce would
;andt desirf to make ther o«'n;,desiny1
as a. people'. Thlat desir" trail lnvy h''
,ratified by giving them whiet their
ii them'sleave wom'ked for, what, li We
United 'State s 1ha,;promised ,it lell.d1an"
what they for yewrs have peacrefully.
lei~ally.andt sinceei'ly striven for-- i
;Philippine indeopendence.
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March 26,27,928,29


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