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February 12, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-12

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______________THE MICHIGAN DAILYx


ig n the cause of interniationasl i~ecace i.,
ff r ia 21a"t agood example. Iaving; taken his ; "
_______________________stand as to a Parliament of the Wor'i
b ESAER O U e held it to the end w'ithout doubt a R
'EBSIY OFMICIMA.N to the ultimate outtcom.e. It was t1~sI () IV
EST OFfaith that stood the severe shoc~ks Oc-
d every morning except Monday, casioned by the intrigues and dlou )le NOT' ONE SO,
University y-ax by the Board in PES OS
Student Publications. crossing of the peace conference; it!
Eioilwas a faith that survivedl the hard!I COWLES BUSTLES IN
of Western ConferenceEdtra blows of European diplomats and Welkdisifyucldjtse
premiers, the militaristic and nation-; Uncle Jason now! Here he is, busy
sociated Press is exclusi'"ely en- alistic aims of European states; andasaltebeduin ofhity-
le M~e for republication of all newsasaltebeduin ofhsty-
credited to it or not Otherwise the bitter disappointment of a shutt- ;writer, clearing the papers off his
this paper and the local news pub-ftdiel nti at
tere idalIn hisfaihlapa gently desk-tossing cheery greetings to his
tthpsofceaAnArohe died.j confreres, inquiring geniailly as to
as second Olafs matter. Special rate e g.ets hner r o l eligibilities, in short, going through

only guy that' could get soie big
now-to get a. penny bank.
That's where we're, going right
FMr. Jasont Cowles



Diaries and Desk Calendars


To the Editor:




I note that several students, ex-
Ipelled for cheating in the recent ex-


egranted by Thirdt Asssitant P'ost-

-ition by carrier, $3.50; by mail,'
4:Anti Arbor Preds Building, May-
s: Ediferial, 2410 and 176.U~; Busi-

ways the cues who put tileir ieas all the preliminaries to his priestly . Aminations, are to be held t~ip to
into successful realization. (leniaus, task of enlivening the campus cof-' condemnation b~y the publication of
alas, is often ahead of its tivni.' . It i fee. !their names in the Daily when it
for futro e historians to judgte the Irrn .11,ir nmirrciwa wntl reappears.



I I "No-womm"




ed communications, not excceeding 300
.will bo published in The Daily at
iscretion of the Editor. Upon request,
de~itity of communicants will be re-
as confidential
1Tlephoues, .414 and 176-M
Editur - -,Julian E. Mazk
rh" Bloard Ch ir3mat. ..-R, C. Moria~ty
Editor........... (. [arlintihouseI
Ailes . ?. c <annable
rC. Clark Y. iil. Xvagner
si l'ditor.......... .. ...alpht N. Biers~
n'$ Editcr........... Wiv'una Hibb~ard
raph Edatm........... B. Ta.r
Ly Magazine T',diter.....F. 1L. Tilden
Editor.........Ruth A }iaoaeli
tat City Iitor.Kteth C. Kellar
Eiitorial BOardI
EInStein tolert Raisay
Andrew .Pro-peer
T3Acte°CIlh . ;i. Mansfield
l3~'rkmaF;. C .Iike
Ve; isMoran
e Citr:: ,c Regina Reichtnms
n I i s V. 15' oxemnanl
id ;iir Lc I i.R Stone
t~iiiteri K.:. Styer
t leury N. 1.. That
:hy Ikaw' 17 S. P,"Ttemblo
,h Krugi -! W J.Waitnour
bcil I iLcrr a _
Telephone 060
rilsing .................. E.. Dunnie
rlusing................ C. Purdyl
rsing ...W. Roeser
rtising ..... .. .W cee
uts ... .........A. S.' Mcrton
tation ................Perry L .Hayden
iahon...............Lawrei~ce fierce
N.. Campbell Edcw. P: Hoe'len akel
i~Caplan N. E. Holland .
'Champwion M4. L. Ireland
Conlin. Harold A. Mvarksa
s M. Dexter B3yron Parke.
). J. Firta It. M. Rockwell
d-A. Fox 11I. L. Rose
en H-aightt A. J. Seidman
L,. 'Hale Will Weise
Hawkinson C. V.. White

man; at the present Ltime, we can onlly
realize that America has. sustained a
great loss.

,r oUaii our aairersI, we wouUi
say" that we are now feeling 0 K,
we did very well' in our exams, we
were the joy' of 850 couples and 159~
at the Hop, and we are now 19 years

FIRE Incidentally we were the especial
With the openng 'of the second se-' Joy of two handsome Janitors, bedi-
mester over 2,000 freshmen are loosed'I zened in the regalia of the Polizeli
fro th retritio whch xcldes'!who stood for ten solid minutes' while (
fro th retritio whch xclde we prepared to light. a cigarette.
students in their first semester from These two fine fellows simply stood
participation in the extensive extra- gaping at us, their tongues hanging
clii ricular affairs of the University. from their mouths, waiting to grab
At the same moment several hundredsi us if we should light up.
will ask themselves in which particu- Bu edd'Iih p efie
lar field their prospects are brightest; themn.
where fate has decreed that they shall QUATRAIN
strive to fame and recognition? Ve are nsot sold
The spirit which the emancipated On Betty Beach :
yearling shows in throwing himself' Her sisters trayt
into the pool of student activities is She" ia great big peach.
the surest ear-mark of a Michigan***
man. His energy and enthusiasm of- "OH1 NINN."
ford him opportunity to contribute as They might have. been a bunch of
well as receive benefits from the in- swedes
stitution' which he has chosen to be! But they could fight to beat the
his Alma Mater. Not all however, are Dutch,
qualified to pursue subordinate inter- And give the Irish pointers, too.
e sts along' with their academic duties.
Physical and mental limitations are' The type is game, the Northland
such that not every man can throwl God save us from another such
himself into extra-curricular organ-; breeds;
Nations and still maintain his schol- Encounter as they, put us, through.
atic standing.
In spite of the recognized position 39 Minn, we doff our hats to you.
whlich athletics, publications, musical; Ecklund, et al, you scrappy; crew,
clubs, and other undergraduate activi- Le Jongleur
ties hold in the whirl of college life, **
their importance is never so great as Yesterday, (and we'll probably do,
to eclipse the essential function of aE the same thing today) we wvent to a
college education: -the absorption of! lot, of new courses. But nothing new
'knowledge. Many students, overly was said. Nothing. They all said if
"sincer e in their ambition to make a ; you haven't already hanudui in your
name for themselves in the annuals cards please (10 so. And they all said
of their school, allow the tidle of id's; please take the seats in the front ofj
andl E's to sweep their names from the room, because it will be easierl
among the enrolled students of the un- for my voice. And some of them had
iversity and pass from among the, a series of prepared-painfully pre-
mighty to the roll-call of the ignoble Spared-wisecracks, to, make the boys
failures.,land girls thinly they were going tc


- I know that this is pursuant to a
rule adopted by the University this
year; and while I 'doubt its wisdom,
I suppose the authority to colact itI
was possessed.'
However I am at a loss to know
why exceptions are made to this
rule; why some students who havet
been expelled for misconduct are not;
given this publicity, while others are.,
There is nothing in the rule itself'
that pQrm'its this discrimination. I
readi that the exception in the case
of Donahue. and his friends was
wade because the publication of~
their names, in accordance with the:
rule, would be of interest "only to
the prurient-minded." That seems'
to be a ludicrously weak excuse. Was
it impossible to frame a statement to
the fact of the expulsion of these
students for misconduct, in such a
manner as to give tno pleasure to
the prurient?
The, rule in question was frained,
ostensibly to serve as a deterrent.i
Is it only the less' culpable forms of
mnisconduct that the University wis~h-
es to prevent? Is it surely an ano-
maly to' impose a penalty for niis-'!
conduct, and to apply it only to the'
smaller and the many of the rest of
slighter kinds of wrong-doing. Any
purpose served~ by the ;.publication of
th e names of A, B. anti C, for cheat-
ing in examinations resulting in :c-
pulsion; surely is equally served by
the publication of the name, of DI
eal because o~f expul Sion for graver:
moral lapses. And any reason jursti-
fying the supjire. sion of such barej
statemnent, 'devod Of sensation,. as
would" satisfy; the letter of the rule,1
i n D 's c a s e , j u s t i f i e s t h e s u p p r e s s i on n h a e o h t e s r a e W
to assume that,.:Michigan is estab-
lishing an ethical code, where-byI
l one who cheats in an examination is,
'denounced as' inf'anous, 'while an-1
sother who is guilty of immorality ,
Is merely naughty. Such is the ef-
fect of putting. the heavier penalty
Lon the lighter-,offense.
George D. Haller, '24L
'I~CC~1?IIT U'7 71111 yV'~. IN,,'

Limiteds: 6 a. in., 9:10 a.,in. and
every two hours to 9:10 p. mn.
Express: 7 a. mn., 8 a mn. and every1
two hours to '8 p. mn.!
Locals: 7 a.:in., 8:55 a. mn. and°
every two hours to 8:565 p. , n.,
11 p. in. To Ypsilanti only, 11:46
p. mn., 12:26 a. mn. and 1:15 a. in.
Limiteds: 8:47 a. mn. and every two
hlours to 8: 47 p. in.
Express (making local istops) : 9:5oi
a. nm. and every two hours to 9:60
P. in.
I ocals: 7:50 a. mn., 12.111 a. n..

::i 11i 11ii~ tlllit! ii 'll!B!!ll 11111 1I 191 11111111 I11
for the
1~iIIQiilI1~iQIF R~t~1I~I1i1111111 '9 1~






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(Where D. U. R. Stotts at State)
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Lcave Chamber of Commerce
Week Days Sundays
6;:45 p.mn. 6:45 p.mi.
'?45 p. i.6:5Pin
JAS. H. ELLIOTT, Proprietor !
Phione 926-M Adrian. Mich.
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lat insurance. etc. Passport, vlaaes; clearance
Pp rs. readmission atffdar it~s eti~. information..
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Our legallized papers bring relatives and friends to
U. S. from foreign countries. INSURANCE.s Ali
kinds. Best Co's. for your buslnhsa. home, auto. ete.
E. G. KUEBL ER, 601 E. Huron St.
Phone 1384 ANN ARBOR, MICH.


I-11!1!S1!1!Ifl1l~ fIE1l11~l1Iff~lffflft11llffil lf
.o .
them frnish n ehl
wih rctca dvc
112EasoLier ty swit-

;ht Editor-A, B. CONNABLIE, JR.
Another Lincoln's birthday has

- -enjoy the course. Some of -them went
CRIMINAL CRITICISM; so far as 'to, pull the old one about
Well directed criticism is thei motor so, fa ras° to pull' the -old one abouti
behind true progress, but cr'iticism 1 how we were now men and women
without true foundation in fact is and didn't have to be treated like
harmful and criminal. An epidemic cif children anymore-this in connec-
such criticism, which might more; tion with a' description of a most
rightfully be termed fault-finding, is barbarous system of mnarkng absen-
floating around beneath the peacefu.ili tees.

During the
Second Semester

for Flowers


ase.Agi e aeha h'su ~rface of the campus at the rst All of them said they would only 1 VI U: i1'iI ' ' nr.THENMINATE.
beor oreys ituesofte rettime, its breeders seeking only open- detain us. for a few moments: some!(h e okTms
cfor ou eys p('tt'C5of he rea ings for the expression of their viewsI of them kept their word, others did: The Senate is now engaged in play-
emancpator, stories of his boyhood, Attacks on the Union, on the Studentj not. And then we'd buff out of a ing its part in what should be "aI
and 'heard the immortal lines of his:1 Christian association, and even on the class at ten' after dine and 'have' great sct. of public justice." With
Gettysburg'h address. His enviable # University administration itself are" nothing to do for fifty minutes ex-' how much dignity, 'with how muchI
chbracter is once more brought backs not unheard of among the student, cept walks from Tappan hall to thoughtfulness and impartiality, does
o life through the spirit of reverence body, attacks without any foundation Alumni Memorial ditto. And of, it conduct itself? The Republicans;
th c all citizens of the country bear except a vague, general dissaiisi'ac- Icoreykwyourselftht it' seem to be possessed with apai
oward the memory of "Honest .Abe." Ionuko.ousl ht t ai
tcon.on practically impossible to stretch that fear, the Democrats intoxicated with
Ihere stands the imperishable mlonu- Criticism of this nature iscomo walk fifty minutes -. .IIpartisan zeal. Even Senator Walsh
nent in Washington to glorify the but, in a community of student, * of Montana, who has shown such ad-'
nlodel of American manhood which where four years are spent in an of-' ih o mrbeauens.n1entaini
wvcry youth sets uip as his patron. for to learn to think straight and ac ,la~on: r the inquiry into the naval oil leases,
"But what has happened to the cui'ately, such immature and unfound-; Don't forget to mention that the and whose mind is essentially judic-
ideals which Lincoln would have ed attacks showv an appalling lack in 1325 J-Hop was Bigger and Better ial, has occasionally traveled beyondf
waintaireii in the political realms of the raw material with which the Uni- than ever.I the record.
oday. flow would he have dealt with ve rsity is dealing. Left The country will remember, if
he problemYs occupying the attentic~ft If such critics would take the !* fgieet;eulcn n eo
thell entire world at the preset: trouble to Investigate their ground be- f. A Small Boy-and Big Holley crats possessed by the "good enough
ine? The recurrence of February'fore making their charges public, the By B. L. Johnson Morgan for this election" sp~irit do
welfth emnphasises only, too Strongly,' criticism would never have been made.} From "Getting On," a Magazine for not, that Congress, including many:
he lack of Liaeolnian diplomacy in Without doubt, many doubts and ques- ~ the Ambitious of the statesmen now so hot against'I
he~ internatioua l ,affairs of the present., tions of this nature could be easily " Aw, elm on, Bill. It only costa Mr. Denby, gave the authority thel
i~ tos~i thit f te satemen st a ret b a itte prsoal n-couple o' pennies," and Joe held up use of which so horrifies them now.;
^t ~siu today ;, . eie the sincer-' vestigation. It is a good rule to. be-ahnsm abe Mr. Lodge and others are making
t y, honesty, al u: Ii ;h world-pat- i ege only half of all you hear, half "Don' t care if ttb costs o n il penny. spectacles of themselves by plead-,
riotin of Abih; 1 ivolU, the in-, of all you see, and none of what you 1'l'mnogigtobyi,"nd il ing nonage. When, less than four'
ernat:onal . ,; ,~ i wing out of think wthout personal investigation'turned resolutely awvay., years ago, they voted for an amend-Ij
Ahe 'war might !:t< W' ho far oil their and reliable author'ity. "4Better 'c 'm on," nIcinly) ,it ment that gave the Secretary of the
ray' o sail fa ,-ts"- '.i't~ awful good," Tommy mumbled, as he Navy that large scope of authority
The abovie dtr' appeared in thej '-°"''^" chewed a, gum drop for which he had the exercise of which now exasper-
Aouinns of e Daily one year ago, , ' p spent only one cent. e ata them against him, they didn't
nil. its time i nes5s is little diminishd iwenty-ive earIs 'Ten in disgust, Dale, a new ar- know what they were doing. San-
mlhch 'gh a yegar full of active f Tnrt ~rival, added his bit in a sneering ators, however excited and neurotic,
for r, permnent settlement of i r-!Ag At Mlichagan ! voice, "'0, don't be a tightwad, Bill 1 shouldn't make themselves ridicu-
natioual ( 161)te5 ,cunl problems ha"s t Aren't you ever goin',to spend' your ionus.
inter~~v , Thu .rm teemarlaboleteehicalDaIiole Thoney, and have a good time?", rmteflso h T f11 al,' o ie When political rancor or political:
;ens L~jiiciIncoln tllrough l FebruaIxy 12, 1899. "Srest' thing in the world," Bill cowardice makes Senator.; accept
ht ±C'Y?'Kti t 'vil Wr r and the great ____ an'swvered, with a grin. "That's why jsurmise and assumpt ion for fact andi
eg'i'F; o .,r-< iiiht'11a following I Mr. Herman Brown, chemistry in- I 'tn holding on to it now, and letting r proof; when reasuon, deliberation and
flit ~ ~ ~ i c-ranl b I!(~lstructop in qualitative analysis and ! Vou fellows call me !'tight.' Some day, justice are overriden by political
oavn asitnt to Professor Johnson, will; I'll have a lot to spend." hope and fear, the public sense of
-o iv~llleavethUnvriy ligosoac Seeing a gleam of interest in their' fair play is likely to be stirred. The
' Q)130 'iOW Wi~ii.0 ' cept. a position as chief chemist with; eyes, lie continued, "It's lots morel Senate can "resolute till the cows
Today the Amieri-an flag; stands atI a cement firm in Coldwater. These; fun-,just like a game, every penny 1 come home,". offer "advice" to Mvr.
I rle. mast, honioring the birth of this: are the largest cement works in the' I get, I put n my bank, and when< Coolidge; but all this heat is essent-
cuntry's first great war President world, and Mr. Brown is well known! I've got ten miy Mother gives me one. I ally as absurd as Senator Howell's
nil -mou rning the death of her second # about college on account of his of-; I heard a man, say once to my Dad, scheme of seizing the naval oil re-
-Woodrow Wilson. icient efforts in behalf of the Anti-' a little feller like him can't expect serves, by a force of marines,i,
There can be no doubt that Wilson Saloon League. This organization., to mlake big money, he ought to be necessary. Mr. Walsh reminded the1
ia ,one ofth world's gets Ameri-'wlclse a zealous worker. spending it.'.j Nebraska enthusiast of the constitu-
azs;a oete i gs rilat cap- l '"An' my Dad said, 'Well, mybtional provision that no person shall
~E x, thle int;.rest of the whole civilzed The students of Yale are com--lhe can't mnake big money, but he'sl be deprived of property without due
° w-h-1 was focused upon him; nations,' plaing of the ).ncreasing cost of saved enough little money to make process of law. Reputation is 'a
'ngministers and millionls of men room rent in the dormitories. Ten, a pretty fair sized bank account.'" species of property to which some
wxa ',=d with breathless interest his years ago the average price was $1.50 "Have you really got some money persons are much attached.
+- t.,.?A m ... l-....if a' .n.'.,,,. t31- ' f -,, ~'tlin m'.r,.nrAnonein in' th,. hank?1r" *I,. th,'AA hnvc ,n~,.ac 'dT'he Snateould,,'n't loCs it, hpa~d


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61 1 E. University Ave.


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S-u-adintr specrturit' o erigs.
be more than well pleased with y
will be the recipient ofyour offerf

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