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February 18, 1923 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-18

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SHI CJ11-91 PUNS N- ~Satiric Weapons I IIU
BANQUETMARCV N~l~ES /fFRlL~ff~AY%, Z1 O':For ParodCy Isu% D
60 QfiSUHENTRP1G ./S-WA/1 A//ID 6IAT!FI / Confirmation o curent rumors that.
- the Gargoyle was planning to issue a
Punrpose to houge Interin 11Ytorkibig publications numnber com~ as 'a '10
of S. C. A. and ( iuareh i xteflsIi result of a. beak in the silence~ which
(ommittee 1 has long pervaded the otie o the
<I;Ax s = campus humor miagaine The truth
I'R"1 I n:RSO feelH~' i ' 4+v ; Q' _has escaped that the staf are now WORK I
AS CHIIi' SPEAKER ., ,"tt , - laboring assiduously at the task of 0TH
fi~sye --S" / = writing a caustic parody'of all campus
Std"tC;isrn.a cuin-o publications. Even te Varsity BlotterI Prof.
ers nd embes o th vaiousUn!is scheduled to receive a scuTling at- public s
versity and church extension commit- Th Dailwn asad haera-Forete
tees .will hold a combined banquet ,TcDiywntasndheern-Inte
March G for the purpose of arousing I (l'k oneret r si obevr uc ies
local and state-wide interest in the ++i in evidence in this number. T h e 30 years
extension work tha.t'is being done at i TV/ usual weighty matters are discussed for the
the University Preparations are now~ with the customary intelligence in n- contests
being pushed ahneadl to make it the y Campus Opinion; while the Sports actively
biggest thing of its kind yet attempted ~ page featuring the thrilling basket- turn it
tn Anil Arbor the entire public being .k T /OUR rTe poz/CY O £Tft'/ I&9R ball game between Mather's Varsity of thisc
invited to attend. PE ORNET7L/lN'fW1711/T/-NY thqartet and the Redeys offers an ex- At th
; "' ,. - ;.Po.Prof. William D. (Henderson, director t -ra heart throb to those Of sportsman- last yea
of the University Extension depart-_________________ like instincts.t bates t
nient will be the principal speaker at JJWTS PFR/OD Of T 7 R 4? " -<~~ T/R/(-AdRXM~AW ,f 1 /4 G6/T&V/IN6' RMt RS UE4 t rST 'Chimes is portrayed as the Gargoyle !many d
work that thep University Is doing In 1 rv8oNONT/~9a P/V9NT ous alumni wrtites a very authritaive hed e
thsfedan h xeiecsa ed O jC.~a/4 R~fJJ Of /W/iV0 9/N'NHS article on himself, entitled, "Frot debates
of this deartnt. At lresent the BU-V* ~VOJ*j~O ~O V tt tetT Te-oey.Avr etr
University extension service is being - tl Y/iT ~ intimate and touching photograph of; ties nof 4
Cuse oeta t vrhsbej7';7V' QV the alumnus himself accOmplanic(; theI vania, C
calls for speakers received from many I 0,OSPE'L OR7//yarice Tesere fi geafsu-Universi
placed throughout the country as well UjR, , cess is solemnly divulged. :rn e
as in the state. iCOL "QY J) himnsi also sereceives e d u r o-(eae
The main purpose of the meeting is tHOU5E 7 siderainwtsoevr spr-Mhgi
to get all the various Organizations tional poems guaranteed to appeal to1 Northwe
doing this kind of work together for I tefnrapeitino h edr itre
bettr c-opeatin an aruse pulicThesefineer+ppreiahtonReoftruceadr. ices
and students interest in the extension I, / tget e+,withtheRecostrctd innsoc
se vi e M ch g n sfedieouaast''r S u n da y S u p p lem en t offer a l iera ry v a ia
sevc.Mcigni edngotft kG ASK / feast to thirse who are more rhetoric-' and five
lty and stutdent speakers as well ' FjNC - ally inclined. Almost anyone is apt In the
,every yftfn i aei h ietr- week who talk. at various occra- OTE cuet
sions in the- state and other places-',oKY. -Jsnt itntisame nutherirectoy-- contests
These men will all [be invited to the ' and Th -i connsiasoectisurpries o enh
Clarnquet, c uiaterl. -qIthe truthf4l, although somewhat tem- wn n1a
HryClark, 2, Tchtiara o tarrassing record of a few of our HryCak 2,chimno h ¢ernwo
S. C. A. etenson ommitee wilreleading publication men. Their Carl- econds.
jS._CA._etensi nco mitte ,_wil '_re catur, by James - ouse, are of a se
set tim
present this body and will act as *U <qaiy o elkon"trqiei h e
oatatrat tie-baquet, fllwigf els fpraise. The group picture ientheic
tohert I. Adams, '"L prsident of the .l fapomnetsooit mye on e;MW
S. C. A. who will give'ashrt spechuNLgL fIf Ifl Q r C ty iv en 1Jsa reinOn :lfIIofai eoin. titsm oriymbfoundMnns
Faculty UU; M enI II1flI IM F sI n hi scton tO n outfl.g ter
of wvrecn. Professor Henderson l.4,,wT2d 4A Of Ruhr S - Iwere n
gh eeigv ekers IrenchJInvas[InHAROf--- I$1,000 OFFERED IN 1time fol
Other studiant sekrtwill include, O T TOL RM- ." .,
J; K. Dunn, '24; Frank Vreeland, Gradt; - Prominent faculty members, when'of one of the partiestothle disPtp. - -",.,., ,. ,i= ,,,ga,
'2, ' il ( ?EN rAL R ~FE REN C E COTL EC- a kd o expxress an1oI questionsocthplicated, esjNoitt1.
Perry Hayden, '5,and A. B. 'nale . Pqtsion nomnm a oth nsoompia Ae wl NWDRFSRK LOIAS., " )0hsien- Nr
Jr.'2. hee enwil llspakon'I'I\ STE ETAR.TEIDBY ;xpediency aiid'pm'olahle consequences ly wheie mates of sentiment are al- WD~LF* SfA E A.OlJ1Sshlasi f$,0 asbe n bri
Various phase"1 of ext usioit work. (Atl~l'MM'S (ll1FT of France' .invasion of the Ruhr vail- lnost necessarily involed it di ricdb heUieslPcue
le etn wl ibal ed---Iy, evidenced a sharp divergence of i cult to fid a starting Point of agree-i corporation~to be paid to a student ofj Iowa
at the Methodist church. F . W. Stevens, '871.;;hasrcnl iw.I as thenly purpose oftemnt without which no discussion can Exetfrmn1rznwtrppsa~ olg nteUie ttsw~llni
Man Cals or tudnt peaer presented the University Library With Daily ih interviewing these men, all !produce rational results. Where ex, ,and frozen radiators on automobiles, is the winner in a scenario contest be- Minneso
There are now four or five commit- anopiotymesegseAnEngis-of homarvepeienedobererdo notslierSreohtBadwrylM.loycthosorewhchha vMiedyhi15ci.mgcoduteabythsiomanytht, hiag
testa edotsuet nsekChinese Dictionary of the Chinese" international affairs, to shed some I den and Mr. arthon so radically dlls-Prf 'lt em ohv asdn ra wl ls nMy1.I diin
tees hat end ut sudens onspea- . poke Lanuage, puagreedintheghtcautiousrtanwillatbe aboropertyth damiouge.atuecond b $rort00amaill sbendpaid0 wto btheiduni-e un- Profer
an r p throguigino916.the statenieallas which tie general reader is in com- little disposed to express a categorical Part of the tar -paper roof of the versity where the stdnt is in- school snother]+
aereceived for students to talk at beenllaced intheradnromef- plete ignorance. Most of the newsPa-{ judgment. Mcia untr o;45fut and the regular rates wl be pad frsni
Rotary clubs, churches; NY. M. C. As, per -inormation which has reached -ParaMSthiantFunirof:e .,40am urhagescnaiowaasp
ce collection, this le'Ser ty Ianonn. 1St, ., a b n f.Tedaaewsis n
Theboo cotais tchncalter..{Both British and French are agred lnt gret bt could'not-be repaired The contest and scholarship is bie- 1 nu
hieghsch andfeosotallafbanques, oan Tedoo cntisttcncltr ontry that s been soxbiaednld n nrdcdb h mto itr ogv
tegio an ueosohrafisadare not found inthe average itore hti a eneceigythat Germany has not fulfilled the re,' j faso.ortencld owng otss the u icmng inorderbytheatonptr e togie1
it is the work of these bodies to find dfiutt see clearly the issues in- ~as.wrmncudno sad~cmayi re htyougrper embe
dictionary as it is based on a diction- pdrftlisuot gtoionnifpacdbofththesonsmay beonteresedcinsorktan
spaesoch apu h r ut ry made by the late J. G. Stent, which I le.Th iw epesd(nteTreaty of ersalles. - Grat Bitai, Iroof.,3rhe .ee boneconmpanrpot their training started along definite ;ber'ofe
able for these'-occasions. Any men Iwas published -by the Maritime Curs- following amrticle 1epresent the con- Iho- he as undeake o- onidrIthat.; ," lzzrdhas cauLsed no e- .e~- ns. hywl ekona h ilsi
interested in going out on these trips' toms Service in China. It also con'-cuitso tdnswoaepaalioc edm-gt e, i izzf r o h oa
hebaqutcfrlsuinrofeude nsihoresprobaly tie(question of reparations as'a prat-cs f dm ete o h lclLaeinle scholarships, and if success-* i lecture1
are invited to attend thbaqefo tains many botanical terms and the a nrjdcdaddsneetda tical business matter. France hs'not. -rlong distance lines, ful may be a regular feature of tie
Which tick-ets will be laced on saleangruintewldtay names or conmodi ies which are ftle aygru)i h ol t a.IWth hr eaain,~oee m" nrhadsuhras edn iwr ftecmay
later. Muic and other frms of en- ;subject of trade and particularly of Prof. eve her~at, arepbsar'toher trf-ith A n orhdouth-ero adsreing okaftenopny l
totfie~ ilb fee hogotiprain noCia olq ial-rtaefar :. diarytocenarioras-aine AnnAbborhiwter, arnin a
wlbeofrdtruhuimotto inoCia olq ial rofessor J.S. Reeve of the polt- Igic security. Either 'psition .may be, a l t 'Impssable condition. T h e hescenyarosare to beswritteion,
tie program. isms used in conversation are also III- I(cal science department has outlined maintained with sound arguments I snow: in places. s drifted, across the1 have been placed as to the length.1
-- luded.thsiaio as follows: and, depending upon the point of view,- road in i banks from four to six feetl They should be written as simpgly and Billie
FORMIER MJNN ES TA lHEAl) The library has been trying, with the (testainete No more complicated question than ete position may be justified. The 1high. "On north and 'south. Main street Ias briefly as possible, for the arrange- I featured
(..EI1EBiJATES 90th B3IRTHDpAY jaid of President Burton and formael that which is involved by the Urea- fact remains that since the treaty w~as within a ;short distance of An Arbor m int and transference to 'working Were V
IPresident Hutchins to form a collec- cnt difficulties between Germany and signed it has been impossible to coni there -wiee eight autos parked all day Iscripts. Will be taken care of by the i Of thi'ls V
D.WlimWtsFlelp i- tion of modern Chinese and Japa<'nese iFi'ance in conmnect ion with the occuu Sider rpratis as a .prey fnanial sterday nal o e og ie cnro eatetoftefr.'t
Dr William Watts Fo.throghweelle ail depr-metIofthearrm.'It Fury

09 E W Ipervised Training of Stovt~
)rotors for Past Thity . r
Thomas S. Trueblood " of the
speaking department, who lt
last 39 year- years been en-
with the University an4d-n tW~
ipervised debating teams .f~
sand trained student' o
Northern leamgueo p Otis l
for 32 years gill- no jone
en gage in this work, btt 'wiU
over to the other fniem~bes
e end of the debatt 'a~o
tr Michigan had won-Lb.
o her opponmits d2 9~~Rt
States. The first.4 let owu,
re in .3893. :line t ~n
have been hel4n with1 Nrt i~
univer,;sity, and the U*~feri
Visconsin, Min nesot, ene$-
'hago, and Illinois. Witn 't#0
ity of Wisconsin, t~e W!v '
bating teams' h evq w i npe
and the Wseopsli6.L~ni w
ni has won. 11.d atc , !With'
xtern to Northwisst fai gi pai
. Michigan won <thee ,o
ita's One, -'three to -1Ayt
one, and 15 to Checoane$.h
to Illinois' one. oten eg of
which Megan in 1894
ld every year at o ze 9of 4
first places and i qr
rest compelto Iii. Nr -
has allio v, w1Q1 r"As"I 4 1
The; Unversiti Iatt+q
Ce w11oenter, a repretaj
tague are Michigan; idoihwemt
ta. The rankin4, a4 tez-
with Oberlin, and Chicapw~
iebers of the led'Kuw7 r;
low: jtp~~;
drt '; Sndt
y 1 '
ta..... .... .2
. . . . . ..Tru eb lo o d is se c r ta ry o f tf e
n oratorical league at thei pr
ie. lie says that over 30 yearg
rvising debatng andofta'Or
;h and hie feels th tt .it a tiNkI
his work over~ to t)lI eyouip
's of his departmnt Ilie *il
,continue with his iiuaJ lM1i
dlaises in,,the fln*i# situ 'r t
I have charge ai'the.; p~
Dove and Lon Charmy
Iplayers in "All The 3i$rot A
aliant,"' the openln& attL~c
week.- --

dene emritseomterUivesit preersnentedStrin umusnw eso- ptioeofth Rufr as veTprseneduiankeonoicenceyinishe necessauearyth -thats.Thehuekyaebe itneeserythatthyebntyewittn. rodct
Minnesota, attained his 9th birthzday. (ent in those countries for the use of i itself for discussion and any opinion, tees set up in the treaty for perform. sent -for several autos from Flint, btt-W o
yesterday. students from the Orient. The gift3 even if the result of intimate study, of~ ance by Germany were limited to teo hi ' ogtth aswr e raiticilazne e ofedes
Dr. F~wellfirstbecam presdento Mr. Stevens is the first book enter- i the various technical questions in- military occupation of, the left bank forced- to turn .back after proceeding Announcement has been made of aprec
of the University of Minnesota in the ing the library as the fruit of these I"ole is likely to be colored by the of the Rhine. At the time the treaty about ten mies.- new national college magazine, "The i timid s
1al of 1869 and ihoeld that position until'- efforts It is hoped that the collectioni predilections which one may have, was dlraftedl Marshal .Foch exptressed I~ atadws od r o nA~ercnSuet"itne oi. con
1884. H-o. was then made a Priofessor;Iwl vnulyemrc ag un consciously or umconscous ly, in favor himself to the effect that the military :Stich a serions condition, the wind be- I form newspapers, educators, and Stu- 1 even b
-oloiiaececeadrmie n1er of encyclopedias, ic~ionaries anid occupation so limited was utterly in-'i-ng from the west, andthe traffic on I dents of interesting developments in 1- b
thapotcaacieneuntid07weanedri- ; other reference works for the use of Colga.I~deqate t French scurity and im-w 1 ~~aperti IDrt
tiredl fromu active, university work. 1toeitrse n, ina agae.C plied that France must be in a psiio - capped. Th iteurbans and staM issue will apeatriayih.Te ond
tpnon o xet pessure uo erayIailrods ,re reported w~ running ap-aazie will be edited by Robert L. Lawhon t
bteenx a(devoted scholar of Minnesota ; - Amblassador Wan'e tep t"uriis j (Co flltP gfp5bymwomat
Shale BWarn,'9 frmr truhedRnto byparait; teaUnitesd ina nschedule. . TennispbsediWahntn
historyananduhashep blished vol-
hitryadhaulihdth e first vo- hre 1.Wre , 1 omram- -p inaeyoniadlve. T
tine of a comprehensive history of the bassador to Japan, will arrive home i ht(1 i inkaleutitArof -Sae adGetBrhi e touht -- -= - -- - --- - .Captain
state on which lie is at work.I Detroit tomorrow. leemm an rf lyo h ofrihteadtoa euiy. -- --- ---- tat rol
_____________________________________pholosophy -epartment when askedI which France ;failed to receie iu the + nA r o Hartigai
___ Itie question answered, "College men Treaty of Versailles.. The United [ n n Ar orCelebrates 99th I
_ _ _ _ - - . - As a
Iare a section of the whole community, I Staten not having ratified the separate - -"" / -I" with thi
I j TL i L and In proportion as tie community is3 treaty of guaranty with Germany this l- - A -nnversary Of, F oundation I Doctor:I
- vd y I 'hh r h sI vain so are the college men." additional security failed., One should -_____ ________
_ are. Why are there so many haber- France for her belief that her seurity' 'An Arbor observed its ninety-1nh efiscaeerwthRnsy u way an
y q~ries h firt cae hee wih Rusemanbua
Rabbi Samuel Schulman of Temnple at 9:30 clock this morning in St. dashery shops continually displaying - against Germnany is" utterry iade- niversary last Monday. It wa on 'it is known that -Alen with Rmsey! ion. D
-Beth-El, Newv York, will deliver the paul's Lutheran church. A sermon in I new neckties and clothes, and why are quite. ' -the twelfth day of F!ebruary 1824, that and Ruisey's wife built a tent and acolr
address at the fourth university sCe±Fnglish will be delivered. at 11:30idrug stores seling, great amounts of I (ermnan (a:alt-y to lay Lnee1* i., John Alnan lihyV use ml ror h nyhoete.nw I ytl
vice at 7:30 o'clock this evening in t'clock on, "Why Christians Succumb- powder and perfumery to the male - orne rnrh':i eri hc o oetm.tetr
suetTearapeintoteIThe Treaty of Versailles not fixing ? edaparneshPiDertwic for oetmtheater,
Hill auditorium. Ra19bbi Schul'maJni is'ing to Temptations Are"Without Ex- stdns hy1eapaxgt h a definite suns which 'Germany should iled to the purchase and settling of l Bth of the two women, Mrs. Aie im n
inlu ntili racticaillyr all probllits'case." Lenten services in English vanity anmd love of dress of the college' pay, that matter w as left to the Rtepar- plots of land on the Huron river out and Mrs. Rumsey, were surnamed Ann. il n
of which- this city grew. Ann Arbor The husbands, in hpnor of their wives, -vt h
of' public interest In that city. Other will be giveni at 7:30 o'clock on the man," says Amtes.atons commission.- The Allied premn- -
outside speakers are. Dr. Leroy Water- ; subject, The F irt W'ord Fromt tile! Arnold Z 1' Fei, '2, is another indi- I ers first tackled the question, fixing di o elbaeit.itdy etr ,mdtene.etemn An s t or the "
ian, who will spak this morning at' Cross." vidual interviewed who tik thinste col-a simwhich the Reparations commis- dybtoeruy12fnxteabr"whcnme aslercngd-ote1
time First Ba tist chutrch, and~ the Rev. First Bapti-st Chorch { lege man is vain. II°' says, "Young So eue.But even now no one a huge centennial celebration is plan- 1to the present one. Allen and Ruin-- effortsc
William Spoffoi'd who speaks this cv- i TDr. Leroy Waterman will speak this fellows with advantages and abilities knows how much Germany can pay, se-si oon Iee1cd a small log cabin on-
ening at St. Andrew's. muorning at the First Baptist church. 'are bound to be vain. There is no dan- I for this invoves not ,only the present According- to the story. of James the sot of the arbor, and in this hose
"Lent" will be lie subject of the ser- The students' Guild class meets at geros amount of conceit in tie aver- - but the future, not only productive ca Crawford Allen, son of one Ann Ar- 'of which Mrs. Rmsey was mistress,«
Sinby Dr. Stalker at 10)::IO o'clock 1nooin at Guild house. There will be imecleemihwvr"pct u blt oepr rpr-br's founders,-on the twelfth day of 'sie and her husband keptatvr The
this morning in the first Methodist a Students' Friendship f-oum at tie I "N, from personal observation, I tions being a form o export), the re- 'February, ner the end of a clea, coldt which became famous under the name vvdc
church. Bible cl1asses will meet at church at 6:00 o'clock aimd a Devotion-- do not believe that the majority of col- ;adjustment of German finances, and". winer these two men , arrived at whao1f ."The "Washteimaw Coffee H-ouse." life, ope
noo inWeseyball. There will be a al meting at the church at 6:30 o'clock. lege men are vain." Ted Sullivan, box-I the stabilization f the mark. Moe is now Ann Arbor. Visewing tie two- At that time Rumsey owned 10tdy
Wesleyan (guild muieci-ing at 6:30 c'- i1Rev. G. A. Neumann of time Bethle- ing coach, says. "1 have found morethan three years have elapsed since streams, known as Allen's Creek andaceoflnllilAen wed40aiy
clck MssJoepie uroi wllledhem Evangelical church will speaks vanityang college athletes than the Treaty of Versailles went into of- the Huron river, they decided that this' acres, all of which was deeded to them love ac
theedscusionssioivingupec"LivingtiiSpecimensii this, "heoLstiJorney",on"nghheLaeragestudnt-syThemanmocg adhevnayeetrareeisnoudenttns. Tasenmidallfaeet fortheevsetle-e-diretebythesoverment.Int123nA-4plyedg
of Pcssxls." he inusic this morning is in Geirmnan at 100 and in English at: who excels in any sport soon begins to Hof the amount of tihe German debt mnet. From "information gathered In ien constructed a block-house on the'; flirt an

on, begins' aive-clay run hero
cay. It is a highly dratic~
the sea, begins N ith the, :elc
s of "Boy Leyton," the- rather
ecohd, mate of a four-masted
r, who is considered a, cbid~a
his own father, the captaln.
bmy Gish is Barthelnues' lady,
ing the role of Minnie, th~e little
boarding. house sla~vey it'
he bashful young mate falls- i
yrone Power, has the pat of
Lt-yton and others in, import
les are Barry Msa.ollum, P41
n and Jessie Arniold.
special .feature in conection
is picture is the presentatQi oo
Einile Coue's personal 1 ea
the screen with his agetic~
I methods that have m~ad~e thiq
nineteen twenty-thrI'e -ne
each the public in no bte
in through the mnotion Picture
signed the contracA for!.)this
I declared' his intention to de-
money paid by the produers'
exclusive rights and servicei
building of a clinic whe~re h-i
could be worked out in dttaiP
Majesli '
Flirt", Booth Tarkrington'
"oss-section of AmeritaW hor~c
mns a five day eng~agem~ent h;er(
It is the story of the Madisor
vho are found with a surlu o
d a shortage of moey.Cora
by Eileen Percy, is anau:
dA has annexed every __gil

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