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February 13, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-13

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%-um , the winners

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KX olverines teet at Evanston onl tilrnwinners
Monday, has aready~ swampeQ-, idi- Intr mu al tII A high gr
LUIBIT ITS SMI MINI TE 1 ~n b a4. t 2ount. The Hosiers ILERPOSTPONES FIRST 0B9____
appearweak i the fee stye andFi i tcna thlet mntagers31011
toTIIaIVstrokein et e ntandr , fa ilyss I TI; sed ini the ientries for the coining icess by prae
UIiIIII h scholastic u-bar is too much H TIE TI FRY 9 TE N O Ih ndba11 tourna ment, aS~id the sw dicat epothatro
n9O O~ lch resent in the final sumini p the, .Wing met. These events will bhold uliatl thet
Lea4 tTw taV ylrs of Tank Siflid on a rangeens" r fncet should be a toss-ip. -i Delays Call Because of Canigc il Iht( at times the pitching; staf will be i' t ;wth inthwe next few week . ilage
has fud ht atngmnt er in,# elas e
WIVIl Be 'Lost for COM'oue ally pssible and returned to Ar! Against Northwetern, however, i j o icnsin Ba%kelalat
tition This YeaAboryseray ! wl (irc tewill be a different story, ''itePurple, (Contest Liveranc4i; i est e~ ~j xetdta ag ubre'd
% -Abo yeteda. fie will fircthe i It is exthe tstrtntht a cortenderberor g
=W ;ApRANrnc fr he eminerofth yperap te-stone contende for Itiv. ~to Liverance that sher looksof students will compete for the large Follotwing
k RAGMNS E kI 'season,.heBiT'en title, should down Coach j Ty CANDIDATES WIL[ JST for the lion's sare of the wtork as is trolphy cup wich is to be given to; first round:
BROWN'TO RETU'RN AS ('OAVIT oe ' an ~dnBrown's en without any, great (diffi-; l 5'1to TA R W')~u ,. , al)U etrnhabena aityof ite winerof tis yar's foul shoting a N vs
.. iLuslty,'4but there will - be certain:I events, Iben amaista of it~fd,. r.teaiunv5
Whatever the- final- examinations Inehil,:ility, however, las been lknotablytheep1 >tun e, back1strokei - t t ntrua ice a kie eta ht
noal ~epugs re, andidates for battery positions on shold rak among the leadning bhav h nrmrlcuea h ~eet(ourt 3, la
Ill have left of the Varsity Swi- quite severe as far as 7ichigan'u (ibreast stroke, and fancy diving, where"i
fng team will dive into action for htopes, are concerned. What was Ite prey- Wleie the 1923 Varsity baseball team will x(;-lt's)o the Bll Ten ths year Fisher tonme Cli Apha;
fihttie gintrrCnerncngedl thei s:;ne'i tm lstag heshul keete vae fr '? rci" a i' -ha aragd hesceulvsstatsho v. c
we first time boiling trouiid the Evanston spee ( pod 1a the frpraie t i o'cl Liverance will be able to work eight Tit(,. elimination series of the fra- 7, Pi Mu i
,gregation on Saturdlay afternoo~ IgrEgations inthe Confrce hasbleent, imerchants. In the free style, hows-!Friday in WfAterman gyn1)i iitead of the 7+. Conference amoes w ith ent ~sel orametwil2, i l elti
tad invades Ann Arbor ocre 'squad. Among thse who ar' ior anything any other Iig 'en ag-!
Godnesa wl a a hsfll nowvn to have fallen by the wayside v, o anofr.canei fln wsneesta--tie' V~rsity smehat: of an edge,. hen sIx aites will Ibe held between Contin
todn w s ela ankh a rss ac ack(w fee syle star, cll vher, The c a g npa s wa e stt! In addition to these three men the
thel lot olf the local__tankartistsarc,__ack___ow,__freestylesta_,_______
nd aturday 01tenw Iig Tcn 'Compretition ed Iby the postponement of the W1iscon-; coach is experimenting with Jack_______________________________
duing the edamnnatioUn period. p- t 1will be impossible to replace, andi ________aiefo__s__tr" ltt achronteVasty4. - --- --
3ther th thle information that sev-; Jack John,' a good plunger. it is The meet Saturday afternoon will i aktalgaefo at.ao lotcthronIi ast
atsaswowr-xetdt eepce htmr ilb mn o nyb Micianr's lpremier in ; cay 'night to tomorrow nigt, accord- I'pring and center om Yost ' gridiroi
sthe eligible lists will not he among these niising when all ,gradesa ar(,, the Cnference, but it will be the frst ii oCahRyFse. ftebs-ta'atfll tsFse' lnt
080 cholstiallypreent omestheknow. Iball nets, had been hung in the gymna ' alternate Blott a~th eme end of tieir-
loe chlatialy reen cinr:th kowi ntercollegiate duaal nmet ver staged nu:m tomorrowteywul avInter.- lng line if the big fellow develop iv
-trn ofCahW try Bow(Een ihnl the ieiiiiy local pool, the first opportunity 1*Y re with the cout game to such ani thing in the pitching line which will±
oim~r Wahntnuiest.CahMcia hud eetees a for M~ichigan istudents to see the'exitent that it would have slowod(1 up give Michigani her first interchange
Lwn, whose release' had previously 50-ail chance with thre Hoosiers. tank nl in action. Spectators are it r play of both tans so Eisher de--table battery man in year. lltt has
;en refused by XWasington officials Northwestern'swater len, xwhomi the asudofamipyeeteptehele trinhimn.-'lwrulhoigar adte
factt~ht bth tams~i'' 1O li tie Acordng o amostcomlet is- ! stmength to stand up under heavy workI
Big en atig. loi'S eery embr o the1112 dn- ad wth ishe's astknowedg ~ ERE is a tie that appeals
Coach lBrown is not pessaimistic o+ci noi -t~cia and "'I of tie na ex;' ica pthing may develop. -'
wlteprobable outcome of the Indiana V.hoi Coach Fisher has been i au-,u;! (111, %laris Gek: Atetion to young men, as lovers $
If y o u w a nt ed a 1 in~~- ect. le has little lpowerful materA I -ilwill e scolastcally ehil hh . his Other pitchers who \wily ccnn and 7ofattractive Cneckw ear. Itto w rwih b c u e finlg iit .1 n a hiralb tt od p r m n sofIs er p calte tonor ie
th deto h eodse- 'the te am, pitching and second base, will 'w ( ays ar'e O'Haa, ti Wa'n wohu elgnti itncie n
FIR T C ASS CLEANING mes ~ ~ jter has i~definitely cut several I ( ;ijed j i : o ami d t tic , i vseen considerale serviceer 1 w the long life of good wear 11
-names from the list of candidates it W111 be several biliiaut Prx)' ' e amd on the Vamsty ithoug h h that it will give is as~ued '-
1 ~has, at least, assured 'tthe appear'anice te ';a: n positions when Iractic has never beeCn a regular, and Ne .c a to the wearer-for the
YO oud121tUr o hapceaig '''O1' : f ewwo aebeen conted(I s~t'rts- left hander whoam tie cach as
W M Ainr i oe anwhomut-e itching will be Fisher's big pmobleri brought to light fromi the ranks of ann.- name "Cheney Cravats"
Yo C~lt~~i wold't YUWat hebetreckoned with, and his appearance ir'and one that presents innnema~loimowis. A large Urnout o clt(r('"41S Stamped on the neck-
the breast stroke will greatly improve diffiulties. Three veterans, Liverance,I is exected Friday sasie &e jth of and as the absolute guar-
Eegn Cla inggies you the best possible cleaning. ,m Michigan's possible showings. flub- (Stryker, and .Mudd, remain from the (regu lars on the Varsity frnshes an alteofnleckcwear efect-
bard has yet to take an excamination, 192 2 squad but with the exception of usa1ootimiyfrnw en ll. unntdyad
_:owing to a conflict, but his probable Liveranec they are somewhat of rn minability todbreakain
laiiyt ra n eligibility, while it will not mean the !olcn question as. Stryker and Mudd. Behind the bat there ic0 but twO k lt usS NsOW you tihe new
wpower that Cow would give, will adds have nt been consistent performer,, 1 p 5PL t5 at the present time au d ot ti pattrns.
-tremendous strength to the 200 free !in the past. Both have turned in a foi whve been here long einough - o th1,11
209 I ~style and back stroke events. H-yde, I good games and if they round imto he Fisher has a od l.- n h ir capa-.
. .- (Continued on Page Seven) I formn that they have showed flashes ofbiti.lit s1sreh frmt
________________South______________ of the receiving duty and shouild i-
South I prove 18,a gead(eal over his form of lst
., " IlFourth , - Year when a; uder study tE1rne \'ic
11 25 : i he didn't get t ca nc to break into tie-
25O -- Ave. N._ dtlarhi m i y timnes. Swanson .
'T J K R ON'IP.A.' and aa la~tr on the All-fEtch tw ;
CrSegne i5utitt~rettilayears ago andl is a capbl e iclsto. SOLD BY
~re cni f ~l~n Suh taeStet tWilamSretCanulits for tie other position W0AI)IAiS & (AO.
II will not repot until Monday as5Ithe - B h IA-('{PL1N & (0Q.
, etrn coach wants to iave several ay, th UI1'I & '
. SW~-ISS rIIZED AMENTS STAY CLEA LONGER Announce teopn ing1flthe battery incnialone. TheFveteras e XV (>USS
-,+r 'il not be askc,. to trn Touit n' I
Feb. 6 as theim' WomkV"1 d.inssi
.fSp in im ore' ching mome thanm getting into laig I AK&
'Ind d m e tiooo e n .d 'tI 'n.ll____________________________________________________________l~lit @tiPliil ll
InIl V 111111!li Il~~hl 1111HIII I VI 1111lii liil 11111111111HEI Iii111 nddo esicWoles._______________________________

of the different leaguecs.
'ade of b)asketball should
Ifor some of the teams
,ge of the examination re-'
cticing in the gymnasium.
.ithe different house(,s in-
all of the teams have-
results of their games in
andeave remedied the
amumlayvtha<t xm're (iscOV-
is the- scheduile for the
at 6 o'clock,, coum't 1, Sg
Theta Delta Ciii; court 2
Ili vs. Pi!Sigma Kahlpa;
uo ID7alPhi vs. .Lambd)Ia
court 4, Sigma t.Alph !,'Ip-
aCli;:at 6:45i;'WclocL, cour-t
kAplma vs. Theta \i: court
.:a Epsilo i's. lp~hatlia)
vated on Page Seven)

. .. , t. . a s a a

." is e. , , .'

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